School Shootings Euphemisms

From: Popess Lilith von Fraumench <>

I could've sworn that I got an e-mail from lamprey on 5/24/98 6:02 AM that said this:

>Anyway, here are the euphemisms we have so far:

>* "Pistol Prom"
>* "Ruger Recess"
>* "Smith & Lesson"
>* "Hooked On Ballistics"
>* "Learning The Metric System, 9 Millimeters At A Time" * "Graduate With Extreme Prejudice"
>* "Making The Drill Team"

Great, now you have ME doing it. I take full responsibility for these, however....

--Malthusian School Reform

--High-Caliber Hall Pass

--Playground Potshots

--Mind-Opening Education

--School Graze (bad aim)


--Lock & Load High School (no apologies to Joey Ramone)

--Permanent Detention

"See Jack kill. Kill, Jack, kill!"

Jeez, these look like bad splatter movie titles. Anyone want to write a script?


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