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"Encyclopaedia of Science Fiction"

STANG, [Reverend] IVAN (1949- ) US writer given the title "Reverend" by
the Church of the SubGenius. He ed. _The Book of the SubGenius_ (anth 1983), a satire on other religions and cults in the form of densely packed clip art relating the teachings of J.R. "Bob" Dobbs, a former encyclopaedia
salesman. The crackpot literature that inspired the book is reviewed in the nonfiction _High Weirdness by Mail: A Directory of the Fringe-Made Prophets, Crackpots & True Visionaries_ (1988). IS also ed. _Three-Fisted Tales of "Bob": Short Stories in the SubGenius Mythos_ * (coll 1990), much of whose content is sf.

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