Happy Overkill for All Subgenii

From: Rev CEO CJ Venture <zulu69@hotmail.com>
Organization: Satanized for your protection
Date: Sun, 03 May 1998 18:09:54 GMT

I hope this has not already been discussed:

I was reviewing my overkill blacklist the other day, adding to it the
guy who designed the kiddy section of the official CIA web page and the
exact way in wich I was going to make him suffer, when it occured to me
that even though some of the names in there were of people that pissed
me off personally, it also had a whole bunch of well known people that I
would really like to slowly skin alive. Then I thought: hey wait a
minute what if fellow yetis want part of that guy too, WHAT WILL HAPPEN

Will it be a group efforts? and if so:

Will there be a precise schedual and be like: o.k today's Monday,
12:00h, that means we're killing....George Bush
or will it be more general (o.k today's Monday and it's Moon day
or like Jeopardy (Monday the categorie is "People involved in S.A.I.C.")

or will the overkill work on a "first come-first served" basis?

It saddens me to think that when i get around to...say... Rush Limbaugh,
he will already have been given permanent diareha after his mouth has
been surgically replaced by his anus, or worst he could already be dead
by the hand of a Yeti, thus robbing me of the pleasure of taking a whack
at the motherfucker. So what gives?

My suggestion is, returning to the concept of a Precision Overkill where
the Pinks would have a colored glowing aura that would facilitate
identification, that we choose a color for the aura of well-known people
we all hate (like green) and follow this one rule:

Anybody that crosses paths with a green one can do whatever he/she
pleases as long as that Normal keeps breathing and is conscious when
he/she's done with him. Then, when everybody has had their turn, we have
a party where the green one is killed in a humiliating way in front of
everybody, so all can enjoy.

Let's kill democratically so that everYeti has a fun and fullfilling
X-day overkill!

Rev. CEO CJ Venture

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