Holocaustals! What are you prepared to do?

Some principles of conflict

by Dr.Legume

Date: Tue, 05 May 1998 12:16:00 -0700
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What are you prepared to do?



Some years ago, I saw a movie called The Untouchables. It was based (I'm sure very loosely) on the life and work of Elliot Ness, a prohibition-era federal agent responsible for some serious damage to the illicit liquor distributors -- notably Al "Scarface" Capone of Chicago.

In the movie, an Irish cop who was working with Ness, played by Sean Connery, lay dying in Ness's arms after the bootleggers shot him up and others of Ness's crew have been attacked. He sees that Ness is considering giving up the fight and asks what he had asked Ness in the peaceful moments before they began their fight against the rumrunners, "What are you prepared to do?" In other words, How far are you willing to go to accomplish the goal?

Jesus illuminates a similar principal when He says to "count the cost" of building a tower or waging a war before getting involved.

I hear a lot of Holocaustal talk on various sites on the web. I have addressed some issues before, but I often wonder if those Holocaustal would- bes have considered the realities of their "war." Number One: You are vastly outnumbered. Number Two: You cannot expect much help from "the Yacatizma."

So, I would like to comment on the realities "what you should be prepared to do" for the sake of all of you who believe Dobbs has truly led them into the Holocaustals and for all the Ivangelical whores out there listening in on the conversation. It is up to the individual to "count the cost" and determine if Dobbs is really demanding this or if you are just basking in the reflected glories of the "idea" of being a revolutionary.

Being outnumbered is not necessarily a sign that Dobbs is not with you. Consider Gideon and others -- including our own Minutemen at Concord. But the outnumbering here requires a true guerrilla war. Small units which cannot be compromised and who speak to NO ONE of their doings. The Shining Path guerrillas in Chile could successfully shut the country down because they formed this way. A few men were the "public face" of the group and would make public statements about what the Shining Path might do, and the teams just did it without any actual contact between the two. This requires a lot of trust for the visible leaders and virtually no squabbling by the action leaders with the directions of the "public face" leaders. (Not a likely outcome of our fiercely independent Holocaustals .)

But Michael Collins, leader of the most effective Irish Republican Army campaign (read about him), propounded two principles of any successful guerrilla campaign. First, take the battle directly to the oppressors -- personally. And, second, all traitors or collaborators are executed.

Collins had the Brits who worked out of The Castle -- the British regime's headquarters of police state oppression of the Irish -- killed. The Brits' success until this time was based on two things: 1) All prior engagements against the IRA were head-on battlefield engagements which the Irish had no chance of winning, and 2) they always knew what the IRA was going to do in advance because of the intelligence network they had in place in the countryside. The killing of British agents and collaborators "drove the enemy back inside The Castle walls" and cut them off from the intelligence that always defeated the Irish before. The Brits upped the ante, including carrying out the Bloody Sunday Massacre, but Collins had counted the cost and pressed on. In the end, the Brits negotiated recognition of a significant amount of Irish sovereignty. (Some argue, as do I, that he could have had the whole thing if he had pressed on, but that's another discussion.)

Not many people have the stomach for such things, but in a situation where the outnumbering is so drastic, it would be necessary.

So, all of you yearning to join the Holocaustals, including those who say they subscribe to the recently touted "Code of Conduct for Soldiers in the Holocaustals," I ask, "What are you prepared to do?"
Dr.K'taden Legume
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