Will the Real "Stang" Please Stand Up?

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Philo Drummond wrote in message <3566D682.214C0697@subgenius.com>...

>Yah, me too!
>(First, you gotta recall the appropriate voice inflection)

Hey man, won't it be hilarious when everyone that shows up at the Brushwood
"X-Day" realizes that all along the "Stang", "Legume", "Jesus", "Swingin'
Love Corpses", et al that they met are not really who they think they are?

I mean, think about it: the "regular" SubG hierarchy, old hierarchy, and
everyone else in it from way back had almost as much slack as Dobbs himself
before this Bobbie-Troller thing someone decided to call the "Internet" ever
had a SubG presence. And suddenly, a few years back, all these people show
up and start posting in this "newsgroup" and the Con is on them like stink
on shit. I split my sides every time I think about it.

The whole thing has been set up and carefully manipulated all along by the
real "Stang" to keep Bobbies away from the real X-Day congregation. Oh
sure, that person they think is "Stang" will (most likely) be at Brushwood,
and they will go through the motions, and maybe even burn Dobbs on the cross
again, but the real party will be at, well, uh, somewhere else (wink - nod).

It makes perfect sense - what better way to troll a pack of potentially
party-crashing Bobbies than to put up a "web site" and infiltrate a
newsgroup where these people hang out? Excuse me, the tears are starting to
roll again....

And it is a good thing that the cranky old bastard Philo Drummond himself
realized this back in '79 before bobbie.net ever existed. Go get out your
copy of Arise! (you did pay for it, didn't you?) and check the scene where
Philo is being interviewed with the mask on. Even then, Philo knew he
should protect his real identity. And the "Stang" in that film - guess
what? He may be the "Stang" that you fly first class to your devivals. He
may be the "Stang" you send the limousine for. He may be the "Stang"
collecting the big bucks by ranting at your fuctions. But he ain't the real
Stang. Truth is, almost no one lurking around this NG has ever seen the
real "Stang".

Anyway, I think it should have worked perfectly except Stang pissed me off.

And to "Stang": sorry for blowing your cover, but you returned my extension
cord with some kind of goo on it. Now I think we are even.

See you at, well, at the X-Day party. The Real One, that is... I know
what you _really_ look like.

your pal


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From: gggor@io.com (G. G. Gordon)

On Sat, 23 May 1998 12:20:52 -0400, "Lafe" <lafe@dot.com> wrote:

You be smirkin' when the liquid, fiery yacatizma jiz hits the back of
your throat fanboy!

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