"Doomsday Cultists Vanish"

Date: 8 Jul 1999 09:40:28 GMT
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BBC News, July 8, 1999

:===Begin Quote===
Up to 60 members of a Colombian doomsday cult have gone missing in the
mountains of the Sierra Nevada in Northern Colombia.
They were due for an alleged rendezvous with a spaceship, and nothing has
been heard of them since the weekend, despite a continuing police search.

The members of the Stella Maris Gnostic church were hoping to be carried
off by extraterrestrial beings before what they believe will be the
imminent end of the world at the turn of the Millennium.

Police checked the sect's half-finished temple in the Caribbean city of
Cartagena, but found no clue as to where the cult has gone or what their
intentions were.

Alien contact 'assured'

Mariela Tovar, whose 23-year-old daughter Patricia is among the
disappeared, said the group's failure to return prompted worried relatives
to contact the police.

The head of the sect apparently assured followers that the Sierra Nevada -
a sacred territory to indigenous Indians - was where they could contact a

According to their interpretation of the Bible, the sect believes that
extraterrestrials will take 140,000 people from the earth before the end
of the world - a sort of second Noah's Ark.

The authorities have not discounted any theory about the disappearances
and are exploring the possibilities of a mass suicide, mass kidnapping or
a lift from a passing UFO.
:===End Quote===

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From: geoff.bronner@dartmouth.edu (Geoffrey V. Bronner)

Hmmm... did the X-ists cut a deal with someone else?


From: i.stang@subgenius.com (Rev. Ivan Stang)

From: i.stang@subgenius.com (Rev. Ivan Stang)

Don't remind me.


From: okmr905@aol.com90.5FM (OrKillMeRadio90.5FMShermanNY)

Ill be pissed if they found those friggin Xist's! What's their big



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