Dobbs Sighting

From: "Bob Richburg" <>
Newsgroups: alt.slack
Subject: Dobbs Sighting
Date: Thu, 8 Jul 1999 16:10:28 -0400

Just thought I might share a "Dobbs Sighting" or "Hearing", rather. I was
in Atlanta over this past weekend attending concerts by the band Phish.
After the show on Saturday night, we drove around aimlessly listening to the
"Hour of Slack" on WREK. Being on I-75 South, near Stockbridge GA, we
decided to stop at a Waffle House for a traditional American meal of burgers
and hashbrowns. The meal was great and as we left the restaurant, I heard
one of the payphones next to it ringing. In my "enlightened" state of mind
expansion, instinct told me to answer it. The following is that exchange:

Me: Bob Dobb's Pizzeria. May I help you?

Voice (older man with country-ish accent, slightly slurred, may be drunk):
[long pause].....the what?

Me: Bob Dobb's Pizzeria. How can I help you this evening?

Voice: [confused now]....the Bob.....Dobbs.....pizzeria?

Me: Yes sir. How can I help you?

Voice: Well.....I know a Bob Dobbs, but he don't own no pizzeria.

At this point I lost control, phone receiver began to melt, I told him
I know him too and think he's a genius and hung up. Surreal absurdity at
its finest, me thinks.

My $0.02,

Bob R

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