Modemac's "Four Days in the Woods Pt 2 (Or how I spent the end of the world)"

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Date: 8 Jul 1999 01:54:48 GMT
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Well, perhaps this may or not *really* be OT for alt.gothic, but well,
a few of us are SubGenii, and there were a few goths there, so I guess
it fits...

Over the July 4th week-end I traveled to New York state to attend the
four to five day long end of the world party known as X-Day... well
now it's XX-Day since the saucers didn't show at last years X-Day
(long story- really). But for those who wanted to go, here's a run
down of what you missed...

We arrived around 4pm after a quick 8 hour trip. We staked out ground
set up camp and then the skies opened up with rain. I hid in my tent.
After several hours, the rain let up. I donned my heavy gear and
struck out to meet the others.

It was a sparse night, as few had shown up. At that moment, I was able
to meet several people I had corresponded with through email- namely
one Sister Decadence, who quickly fired off several complements about
me which made me blush to no end.

The night ended with a majority of us sitting around a huge campfire
swaping EMT horror stories and homebrew.

We got eviceted from our spot by a season camper. It was their spot.
We moved twenty feet over and things were good. More people showed up
and old acquaintences were reunited, inlcuding the Florida goth crew
under the guidance of one Pee-Kitty.

I had a chance to spend several hours playing music on one of the on
site radio stations, which I enjoyed thouroughly. Round one of the
blood wrestling went by smoothly enough and the evening came on

That night I saw the coolest band in the world! They were called Lust
in Space, and were dressed in costumes straight out 1950s pulp SF
comics. They rocked to an interstellar surf/space rock, with a go-go
dancer clad in the same attire. I loved them so much, I did an
interview with them for the zine I work on. If you ever get a chance-
go see them!

Early morning shower and breakfast at the campgrounds cantina. Many
pagans were showing up for the week-end and drumming could be heard
through out the campgrounds. Round two of the blood wrestling ended
with a free for all match wrestled on a gigantic american flag. It was

I did my radio schtick again, and had the unfortunate pleasure to
announce that a tornado was spotted only two hours away from the
campgrounds. Well, when you declare war on god, these things happen.

I hung out at the campsite, whist many people sweated in their formal
attire at the SubGenius Prom. I then conducted my interview with Lust
In Space poolside and rejoiced in being able to see Astro Babe of Lust
In Space in a bikini.

Later, I watched as a drunken friend was pulled off the stage as he
tried to crash the performance of a wiccan rock group! They were all
under the age of 13. It was odd.

The evening brought the trial of Pappa Joe Mamma, where upon he was
found guilty. ESO played a rockin set, introducing a new guitar
player. Later still, a last minute group called Global Village Idiots
charmed a late night audience with only five songs and left us
clammoring for more.

Multiple rocketes were launched in an effort to prove to the X-ists
that if they weren't coming for us, we were coming for THEM! No one
was hurt amazingly enough.

Soon after we packed up and left, but not before getting many a
lipstick kiss on the cheek from Sister Decadence and Suzie the Floozy
('Such nice SubGenius boys' Suzie was heard to say) and also dropping
off Indiana State Tax books to be burned at the bonfire later that

It was a fantastic week-end, filled with pleasant weather and warm
nights - which is a first for this event- usually it rauins and is
cold in the night. Much more happened, but that's the skinny, and
that's where I've been:)

m d'a
'Jesus may love you, but Satan will do you favors.'

First Online Church of "Bob"

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