From: okmr905@aol.com90.5FM (OrKillMeRadio90.5FMShermanNY)
Subject: "OrKillMeRadio90.5FMSherman"
Date: 19 Jun 1999 07:05:48 GMT

Hey guess what, OrKillMeRadio90.5FMSherman is back again this year to ruin the
local airwaves from Brushwood all the way to "downtown" Sherman again just to
make those beer runs a little funnier then they would normally be! More
horrorifing programming in full rich stereo being pumped in all directions with
vertical polarization is to occur with random breakins from the stage with our
unique "Stench Transfer Device" linking the main stage to our battleside studio
location, all for no particular reason at all. No reason is given for those
stage rantings being spewed omnidirectionally across the Chautauqua Region of
far, far southwestern New York. No reason at all. None. Yet, dammit, it still happens! Programming in the middle of nowhere for bob! Bob!! BOB!!!

The station is in competition with such hot programming like "Rocket 101" and
"The Point 102.3" OrKillMeRadio is also blown away by the existance of this
translator station:


They were there last year, but only DJ Shaver's radio got them as they are way
way out in the distance and hardly come in at all. However, were were thinking
of going off the air from time to time to see if they come in at all. Only 4
watts from Erie, PA!

OrKillMeRadio is also heard here: http://www.netsync.net/users/gbhfest/

I have been going to the Great Blue Heron Music Festival in Sherman, NY during
"Beer runs" and have heard OKMR as well as WBOB 91.9FM!!! I am considering
paying their $20 festival day pass to put up OKMR Flyers at that festival
telling them to tune into Sherman's own 90.5FM, OR KILL ME!!! That festival is
only about 4 miles away. Just take a right out of B-Wood and go straight for 4
miles, up and down hills. Slack ouzes across the Chautauqua countryside!!!!!

Very interesing, random, and planned programming, as well as total chaos
will again be on the air praise Connie & Bob & The hottub maintance
people............................................................... Or Kill

"Or Kill Me Radio" 90.5FM

"Or Kill Me Radio" 90.5FM

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