Folks, the giant clock in the solar system is ticking and I have a PACKED SCHEDULE from now until XX-Day -- ironically enough. I know, you'd think that, what with the world ending, we could all literally just stop behaving even human-LIKE, and just start shitting all over ourselves at our desks at work, OR WHATEVER, just because, hey, what are they gonna do? That desk will be unmann'd in 2 weeks anyway.

BUT, Jesus and I, and the other "crew," since we're working for the organization that is sorta helping to DESTROY the world, in our small way, still have a LOAD o' work to do... last minute SubSITE, Memberships mail-out, and radio show spiff-ups, in case we can save a last few million souls in these final days, and, of course, preparing for the Brushwood gathering where many SubGeniuses will Rupture together. To make sure all the COOL SHIT is in place. To SERVE "BOB"!

And one thing I'd like to do -- just for the heck of it -- now that I've got a CD burner, PRAISE REVDRJACK!!! -- is to try to assemble a:



At least a limited edition I can sell at XX-Day for coffee money and medicine for Vertiginous Inner Ear Canal of Stang.

So... those of you who actually HAVE the Bobsongs and/or more recent "Ears" and "Earwax" etc. series of cassettes, or listen to Hour of Slack much:


I'm way too close to the material to make this kind of pick by myself. I'm not going to print the list of Bobsongs because... I can't FIND it... and also because that would just screw you up. I know there are only a FEW REALLY MEMORABLE ONES and you'll remember their titles or at least the main refrain. (And which tape it's on?)

I still have the masters, or the closest things to masters (often cassettes but sometimes 4 track quarter inch tape). Now that I got my feet wet, copying those to digital will be FUN.

There are many NEW songs by ESO and also Bill T. Miller that are not on any of those older collections: "Wilderness of "Bob," "SubGenius Lullaby," the "Earth-- We Must-Get-Off" loops, etc., "X-Day's A-Comin'", but which have been heard in a dozen different versions on Hour of Slack.

Feel free to email me your suggestions.

What else would ya'll like to see FIRST on audio CD or CD ROM?

SubSITE does not FIT on one CD-ROM. The collected Art Mines MIGHT, but I fear the royalty squabbles that such an endeavor might provoke. That Steve Jackson Game was harrowing enough, bookkeeping-wise.

I was thinking a chopped-down-to-74-minutes sans-Oingo-Boingo-etc. Media Barrage #10, 'cause it was our tape classic. Also the Starwood 98 devival because I already have a digital, half-tweaked copy of that, and the recording quality and music are both ultra top notch.

I suppose we could do TWO audio song best-ofs to start, one that was all "Bob"-praising or "generic SubG" and one that was all X-Day oriented.

MAC USER SUPER GEEKS (all others are excused now): I NEED ADVICE: I removed the CD ROM player from my 7500 and replaced it with the new internal CD ROM burner. Now I need that other CD ROM player BACK in my scsi chain, to make CD-to-CD copies. BUT, instead of regular SCSI II jacks, it has that weird spread out internal-ribbon scsi connector, AND it derives its POWER from this dinky little wire and plug (now going into the new burner) that disappears back into the bowels of the Mac. My question, which I ask after perusing catalogs: is there an adapter to go from that insane internal scsi ribbon port to the sane external normal scsi ports on my Zip, Jazz, scanner etc.... AND, is there any KNOWN way to adapt that internal CD ROM player's dinky power plug to household current (and-or any other power outlet inside the Mac)? OFFHAND? Has anybody else been through this rigamarole? Should I donate the old internal CD ROM player to a needy SubGenius and beg up a cheapie 4x external? (It HAS to be capable of "audio extraction," it says here.)

I can tell that I am being very swiftly forced to the point that ALL SubG audio, including the radio show, will go out on CD and the cassettes will be the rarity. Which is for the best.

OK OK Slack Slack. I am now going to attack SubSITE and try to get the NEW XX-DAY NEWS, THREATS and especially GRAPHICS up. If you have anything you think I might have missed, SEND IT NOW. (I did a sweep through both main newsgroups the other day, but it wasn't super thorough. NOTHING is anymore, with time running by so damned FAST these days!

Jesus, GGG and I plan to be at Brushwood by Wednesday night June 30, with a RENTED MINI-VAN full of swag, pulpits and Dobbsheads. (Muleskinner-III, my venerable Mazda, was deemed "CRIPPLED!" HARRUMPH!) Magdalen, Nickie, other Foundation employees and Slak Squad will arrive later.

We will need a non-$30-paying dumbass to return the rented truck for us after we're Ruptured. You can keep anything of ours that's in it. We'll be able to materialize copies on the Saucers if we need anything. Actually, I suppose we could have MWOWM return the rented van, driverlessly. That would be a good joke on Christians after XX-Day, unmanned vehicles all over the highways with "Bob" bumper stickers, MAGICALLY DRIVING THEMSELVES DOWN THE HIGHWAY, doing stunts, etc The CHRISTIANS were just gonna let THEIRS CRASH -- as if THEIR "Rapture" was ever gonna get around to HAPPENING!! (What naive, trusting, superstitious morons! Thank Dobbs we're not like that!)

Funny how even with the Unsaved -- such as the van rental company -- about to be wiped out, I still don't want to "burn" 'em on a contract! Burn 'em with laser beams, sure. We SAID we'd do that. But we also said we'd return the van, fair and square. Some might call that an odd form of conscience...

"See ya 'round the fire," to borrow Chas's closing line.

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