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From: (Onan Canobite)
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Subject: Mutant Prom 1999 Set List
Date: 7 Jul 1999 02:22:33 GMT
Organization: Church of the SubGenius

This is the full set list and lyrics for my crooning at the 1999
SubGenius Mutant Prom. Tracks by "Glen Miller" may well be by others,
but that's where I learned them from. Spelling and punctuation errors
caused by computer, not me. If some of these songs don't appear on your
tapes, you haven't donated enough to "Bob," P. O. Box 140306, Dallas TX
75214 USA.

SubGenius Hit Parade for 1999 / SubGenius Mutant Prom / X-Day 1999

Wishing Will Make It So (Glenn Miller)
Blue Moonlight (Glenn Miller)
My Prayer (Glenn Miller)
The Day We Meet Again (Glenn Miller)
Why Couldn't It Last Last Night (Glenn Miller)
Melancholy Lullaby (Glenn Miller)
Twilight Interlude (Glenn Miller)
Blue Evening (Glenn Miller)
Stardust (Hoagy Carmichael)
Who's Sorry Now (Glenn Miller)
Cinderella (Glenn Miller)
We Can Live on Love (Glenn Miller)
Romance Runs in the Family (Glenn Miller)
The Cuckoo in the Clock (Glenn Miller)
Baby Me (Glenn Miller)
Love with a Capital You (Glenn Miller)
Susie (after "Judy" by Hoagy Carmichael)


Who's sorry now, who's sorry now
Who's heart is aching for breaking each vow
Who's sad and blue
Who's crying too
Just like I cried over you
Just like a friend
Right OEtill the end
I tried to warn you somehow
You had your way
Now you must pay
I'm glad that you're sorry now


Sometimes I wonder why I spend the lonely night
Dreaming of a song
The melody haunts my memory
And I am once again with you
When our love was new and each kiss an inspiration
Oh but that was long ago, now my consolation
Is in the stardust of a song
Beside a garden wall when stars are bright
You are in my arms
The nighting gale tells his fairy tale
Of paradise where roses bloom
OEThough I dream in vain
In my heart it will remain
My stardust melody
The memory of love's refrain


Blue evening
After a lonely day
Blue evening
Spent in the same old way
My future looks as grey as the skies above me
There must be someone here in this world to love me
A sweet love song would be so grand to know
But my love songs are all on the radio
Another dawn is waiting for me
Another day and then
Another blue evening again


You may spell love with a capital L
But I spell love with a capital you
Through the day you're away
And I mope and mope and mope
And you do too I hope I hope I hope
All night through love with a capital you
Would just suit me to a capital T
I can spell just as well as the dictionaries do
But I spell love with a capital you


Baby me
Come on and pet me honey
Baby me
You know when you get me
When you give me that affectionate talk
Like darling cutie precious pretty
I could go for itty bitty
Baby me
Because I love it when you
Baby me
The beauty of it is that
I love you and you love me too
So baby won't you baby me


When twilight slowly lets her curtain downs
And pins it with a single star
The sleeping memory awakes insde of me
And takes my heart to where you are
In meditation you are mine again
I kiss your lips and softly pray
This magic moonlit mood
This twilight interlude
Will bring you back to me to stay


My prayer is to linger with you
At the end of the day
In a dream that's divine
My prayer is a rapture in blue
With the world far away
And your lips close to mine
Tonight while our hearts are aglow
Oh tell me the words that I'm longing to know
My prayer and the answer you give
May they still be the same
For as long as we live
Let you always be there
At the end of my prayer


Blue moonlight enfolds the night
And you are my arms delight
Sweet are the secrets to tell
Here in the spell of
Blue moonlight that fills the sky
There's some of it in your eyes
Or is it what I'm dreaming of
Whisper and say it's love
The world could stand still I'd never know
I'm lost in the thrill of loving you so
Here in the glow of
Blue moonlight that seems to shine
Right into this heart of mine
Tell me this heaven is true
Tell me you love me too


Melancholy lullaby
Coming from a troubled sky
Winging through the clinging vine
Right into this heart of mine
Melancholy lullaby
Listen to the night wind sigh
How can I expect to sleep
When I lay me down to weep
Your love has cooled from flame to ice
And I've been fooled into a fool's paradise
Hear the music of the rain
Beating on my window pane
Wish that I could say goodbye
To my melancholy lullaby


Last night I touched your fingertips
And when I touched your lips
I fell in love last night
Last night I felt your heart beat fast
Swiftly the moment passed
Why couldn't it last last night
Tonight here I am all alone
My lovely dream has flown
Why must I be alone
Last night why did we say goodbye
My heart keeps asking why
Why couldn't it last last night


Love here in the starlit hour
All heaven is in your eyes
While the winds is sobbing underneath the stars
Both our hearts are throbbing like two guitars
love here in startlit hour
Night whispering lullaby
Let me dream forever underneath the silvery skies
Will it be just as sweet again
The glamor the glory that we know
Will I find when we meet again
The glamor the glory's still aglow
But tonight let us forget tomorrow
Here under the midnight blue
Love will bloom and flower in the starlit hour with you


The day we meet again
Though it may not be tomorrow
We will soon forget our sorrow
On the day we meet again
Life will be sweet again
We'll be wondering why we parted
We'll be back to where we started
On the day we meet again
While there's a star to shine
My heart has told you
No other arms but mine
Will ever hold you
The day we meet again
All our troubles will be ended
When two broken hearts are mended
On the day we meet again


There they were there they were he was baby talking her
And the cuckoo in the clock went cuckoo
Every fifteen minutes he blew
Cuckoo cuckoo
Be a pal be a pal said the fellow to the gal
And the cuckoo in the clock went cuckoo
I believe they're starting to woo
Woo woo woo woo
They didn't know that everything they said was overheard
They didn't hear that little birdy giving them the word
So he said with a sigh who's your little peachie pie
And the cucko in the clock went cuckoo
Though I'm just a little cuckoo
I'm not as cuckoo as you
So he closed the door and we're through
Cuckoo cuckoo


Romance runs in the family
So honey what can I do
My ma's romanic my pa's romantic and i'm that way about you
Romance runs in the family
It always played a big part
For generations we've been sensations in all afairs of the heart
Every one of our dependents down through the centuries
Gave away their independence for moments like these and that's the
Romance runs in the family
So honey what do you say
My folks would like it if we could strike it the same sweet way


Wishing will make it so
Just keep on wishing and cares will go
Dreamers tell us dreams come true - it's no mistake
And wishes are the dreams we dream when we're awake
The curtain of night will part
If you are certain within your heart
So if you wish long enough wish strong enough you will come to know
Wishing will make it so


We haven't got a pot to cook in
No looking glass to look in
But our dreams are sweet we seldom eat
We can live on love
We haven't got a bed to sleep in
To count our little sheep in
But our hopes are great and we can wait while we live on love
Though you may feel we ought to deal in such realities
No house no lot no car so what- they're trivialities
We haven't got a check to cash in
No pot to put our hash in
But we've got that thing that comes in spring
We can live on love


Stay in my arms Cinderella
While the clock is striking I'll hold you
At the stroke of twelve don't run away
Oh can't you hear my heart it begs you to
Stay in my arms Cinderella
Maybe I'm that fellow Prince Charming
Since I met you I've had one desire
Your wedding shoes placed next to mine
Midnight of midnights and soul divine
Cinderella stay in my arms

SUSIE (after "Judy" by Hoagy Carmichael)

If her voice can bring every hope of the spring
That's Susie, my susie
If her eyes say yes but you're wrong in your guess
That's Susie, my Susie
And if you hear her call in a soft Southern drawl OEhi stranger' that
means danger
If you're smart watch your heart
OECause she'll upset most anybody's apple cart
In a hundred ways you'll be shouting her praise
She'll let you, she'll get you
And when she sees you fall, she will tell you that's all you wretch you,
you betch'you
Then you'll know all the heartache of a fool
Just like me, just like me
If she seems a saint but you find that the ain't that's Susie, sure as
you're born

- O.

Rev. Dr. Onan Canobite <> The SubGenius Answer Man
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From: (Rev. Ivan Stang)

In article <>, wrote:

> Onan Canobite wrote:
> >
> > This is the full set list and lyrics for my crooning at the 1999
> > SubGenius Mutant Prom.
> Well, I'm not gonna say that the Mutant Prom, with songmaster Onan, was
> the very very best thing about the XX-Day weekend, but.... it was
> prolly pretty close to the top of the list.

It was SO SWEET! Never let it be said that we do our Proms with anything
less than TOTAL ADHERENCE TO TRADITION. If course it was wonderful to see
all those SubGenii dressed to the Nines, looking so happy with their dates
and/or their right hands, and my favorite part was after Onan ran out of
Glen Miller type songs, and the SubGenius amateur songsters at large kept
coming up to sing. Rev. What's-his-name's rendition of Tom Lehrer's Irish
cannibal song, and Modemac-and-Rev.-Aaron's "MODEMAC GRADUATION RAP" stand
out especially. And then when Jesus got drunk on two beers and started
singing the Overman song, why, I broke my vows to Sing No More Forever,
and why I went up and did it too. It was just like New Years. If I'd have
thought to pull out my Hendrix CD with Auld Ang Syne on it, the whole
crowd would have been reduced to tears.

My very VERY fave part of the prom was watching Nickie and Rev. Angela
dance, though. Uh uh uh ka-PLOW!!!! Eyiyiyiyi


From: (X M)

Onan was beautiful, I wanted to cry...

Rev. Carter LeBlanc

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