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nabob (NAY-bob) noun

1. A governor in India under the Mogul Empire. Also called nawab.

2. A person of wealth and prominence.

[Hindi nawab, nabab, from Arabic nuwwab, pl. of na'ib, deputy.]

American History since 1865: Spiro Agnew (SPEER-oh AG-nooh, AG-nyooh),
The Dictionary of Cultural Literacy, 1 Jan 1988.
"Agnew was elected vice president in 1968 and 1972 as the running mate of
Richard Nixon. He attacked opponents of the involvement of the United
States in the Vietnam War, calling them `an effete corps of impudent
snobs' and `nattering nabobs of negativism.' In 1973 Agnew pleaded nolo
contendere to charges of income tax evasion, and resigned from office."

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