Post rupture chat with the Bobbies

From: (Reverend Imposter Eliot)
Date: Mon, 05 Jul 1999 07:46:11 GMT

Straight from the rupture + 15 min with no editing.


*** Now talking in #subgenius
*** Topic is 'Satan will crush Bob and rule all'
*** Set by Havoc on Sun Jul 04 08:15:19
<Rev_Ef> Hallo.
<Rev_Ef> I am Goku.
<Xist> its my Xday and i'll die if i want to
<Rev_Ef> What do you come for?
<Psych> Goku is god
<RevHavok> hey tem whats up
<Rev_Ef> Goku is also good hors douerves for cocktail parties.
<temujin9> I have been RUPTURED, my friends!
<Psych> tem is probably the most awake!
<Rev_Ef> And so on.
<temujin9> PRAZE "BOB"!
<Rev_Ef> Yup.
<Psych> tell us of the rupture!
<temujin9> tem has been up all night, and he's RILLY WIRED thanks to
<Rev_Ef> I suggest anyone who never got 'frop eat their membership
<Rev_Ef> It's a secret. They put 'frop in the paper.
<Psych> what adventures..what miracles has ten seem?
<temujin9> I partook of the holy FROP tonight, transmogrified from
simple weed by Slack and my faith in "Bob".
<Rev_Ef> Whoa.
<Psych> Pra Frop!
<Rev_Ef> I thought you could only grow the stuff on Holy Shit.
<temujin9> I ate of the holy fount of food that some call the
"fridje", for the Frop did awaken the hungering beast inside of me!
<Rev_Ef> Ah!
<Rev_Ef> That would explain it.
<temujin9> Ef: I'm into transubstantiating it. It's cheaper.
* Psych chaws his ordination
<Rev_Ef> Cheaper, but those damn turtles?
<Rev_Ef> I just give them $30.
<Psych> and that is all they ask
<Rev_Ef> Or are there turtles.
<temujin9> I walked and smoked, and was drawn into the graveyard,
wherin deep understanding of what my faith required of me was laid out
to me.
<Psych> then you get stark fists
<Rev_Ef> NMy punctuation is Wrong!?
<Rev_Ef> Stark Fists are laced with phrane.
<temujin9> I rushed (as only a subgenius can rush, using Time Control)
back to my computer, and spouted incoherent truths onto alt.slack,
that all may know my last testiment err the Rupture hit!
<Rev_Ef> And "devil dust". And the extract of the shroom amanita
<temujin9> Then once again I was drawn to the graveyard, and "Bob"
came, not with the chorus of angels as promised, but alone.
<temujin9> (hold on, the Spawn is asking for attention)
<Rev_Ef> Did he ask you to marry him?
<Psych> bastards!\
*** Pukka has joined #subgenius
<Rev_Ef> I bet he had a big ol' gun to give you, too.
<RevHavok> hey pukka whats up
<Rev_Ef> Yeah, we are. SO WHAT?
<Xist> follow the bellowing cloud
<Xist> follow the bellowing cloud
<Pukka> hmmmm all in spanish
*** Pukka has left #subgenius
<Psych> trailing bellowing clouds of glory
<Xist> bellowing cloud musta went thaddaway
<Rev_Ef> Aren't we the most coherent folks in the wide world?
<Psych> can somebody say....
<Xist> snaushges
<Psych> at the moment...probably
<Rev_Ef> Yeah, what with the spaceships and all.
<temujin9> And lo, "Bob" spoke to me, saying, "Sorry, Nate, not this
year. Financing problems, you know."
<Psych> Fuck ..oBo..
<temujin9> And he did awake the ife of Genghis Khan within me, as a
consolation prize.
<Rev_Ef> Hopefully, you friendlily killed him at that point in the
intrest of helpful criticism.
<Rev_Ef> Oop.
<Xist> nudging you to the true light of the .net where everythign is
free as long as you hang out and continue to back in the glow of true
<Xist> 'er bask even
<Rev_Ef> You shall be a great rival on the fields of next year's X-Day
<temujin9> And I did kill him, and blow up his ship "King of Terror",
to boot. Financing problems, my ass; he spent it all on faygo, the
<Xist> follow me now.. breathe....
<Xist> out wit the false slack in with the true
<Psych> people...we have to get over this salvation thing
<Rev_Ef> Nay, Back into the glow of true slack, as you would back your
car into a garage when drunk.
<Psych> the kingdom is within~
<Xist> sniff sniff
<Xist> i think i smell yours
<Rev_Ef> Yeah.
<Rev_Ef> It is, Psych, but what the hell.
<Psych> calm down RIGHT NOW!
<Rev_Ef> This is FUN!
<Xist> theres good news and bad news.. your alive.. but we replaced
your heart with a baked potatoe and you have 3 seconds to live
<Rev_Ef> Yeah.
<Psych> I, and I think I speak for Bob when I say, No Sniffles
<Rev_Ef> At least I'll be able to see the South Park Movie.
<Xist> me shuftles off to the time out seat
<Psych> OK
<temujin9> Anyway, I'm ruptured. How'd your XX-day go?

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