From: (VT)
Date: Wed, 07 Jul 1999 04:22:42 GMT

Well, I said it before, and I'll say it again, X-Day Y2K. Yes volks,
it makes perfect sense to me that the Xist wouldn't come this year.

1. Why let that snotty bastard Nostie-duramis get this digs in.

2. After what happened at X-Day, I'm sure THEY wanted to see what
happened to Stang this year.

3. "Bob" surely rides high with all the crap that happened this year
to let the Xist cut it short.

4. Tampabay devival is coming, if you thought Boston was bad, wait for
this one.

5. I am going to BurningMan '99 Damn-it!

6. Will Legume really learn to eat pussy?

7. What more trouble can PJM get in? Oh yea, he's supposed to be
coming to Tampabay Devival (refer to 4).

8. What more trouble can the squishy Pink Humans get into.

9. Did I mention Tampabay Devival?

10. What better time to sneak up on the CON then when they are
weakest. X-Day Y2K!!

Reverend Brother VT

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