20 Most Sinister Subgenius Cinema

Papa Joe Mama

(Exposing the rotting gut strewn system from within the belly of The Beast!)

1. They Live: This is what the Z-ist pig masters look like once you see them through pink-polarized sun glasses. MONSTERS! But most normals either don't notice or don't care. Hey, their making a profit, so don't worry. Be happy.

2. Repo Man: Everything about this movie is Subgenius, except of course, the star (Martin Sheen's little brat). Life at the bottom of the food chain is recreated brilliantly here. And the UFO theme is another sure-fire Subgenius reference. Keep looking up!

3. The Matrix: The symbolism is all too apparent in this film. The Conspiracy (i.e. "artificial intelligence") saps humans of their energy and provides them an illusion to live their imaginary lives in. (At first, they tried providing a Utopian world, but the normals wouldn't accept it as real. So they added plenty of pain and suffering to make it more like home. Figures.) Only the computer geeks and other subgenius outcasts dare to face reality and fight The Con- at great personal risk! They wait for the Messiah. He's played by "Ted" of "Bill &Ted's Excellent Adventure" fame. Most Excellent.

4. Invaders from Mars: They "drill" their ways into us, making us monsters, taking our slack and stealing our freedoms. They're Invaders, and the only way to deal with them is to KILL them. But don't expect the military to solve this crises in real life. They're part of the problem, not the solution! We need a Final Solution to normalcy!

5. Catch 22: Are we insane or is it just the system? Answer: Both, because we obey the system. It makes us an accessory to murder of the soul.

6. The Truman Show: We're all born and raised in a phoney society, being used to buy and sell TV sets and other products, running around in a circle and thinking we're free. This movie shows how easily we're fooled. It's a sobering realization, all the more since it's billed as a comedy. But that's why it's scary. While we laugh at Truman, the Conspiracy is laughing at us...

7. Buckaroo Bonsai in the 5th Dimension: This flick is so "hip", it's almost disgusting! But they sure have the dream world of the Subgenius down pat. Who wouldn't want to race cas, dissect human brains, and play rock music day in and out? But then there's a small matter of the 5th Dimension... and the Insane Conspiracy Fascists out to rob us of our slack (not to mention, planet). It's wild and weird- just like The Subgenius Church.

8. The Invasion of the Body Snatchers: Liberals like to claim this is a film about the Red Scare, but the producers and cast laugh that interpretation right off the lot. Try asking them about "Bob" though, and they become strangely quiet! He is, after all, the basis for the film's hero (played by Kevin McCarthy). He's a typical 50's guy, looking for a pretty girl and a dry matinee. But then the Conspiracy starts planting the seed of normalcy in everyone. Pretty soon, everyone is bland and pink acting. No emotions, no love, no HATE. It's a hell on Earth all right. Try to slack off just for a minute and get some rest, and The Con replaces you with their Conspiracy Clone. A horrifying concept, all to REAL.

9. Total Recall: You think you know who you are, but nothing is for certain. We've all been programed to act the way we act, do the things we do, think the things we think. Even the bad guys are just pretending. The Conspiracy will concoct many schemes to track down and destroy our Mutant leader ("Bob") and no doubt, they infest the rebel forces with double agents PRETENDING to be subgenius. "Bob" may even be fooled by these agent provocateurs. But he's too lucky to be defeated by them. Because it ain't over until it's over. And that ain't 'till July 5th!

10. Slaughter House Five: Try watching this movie and thinking of the hero as "Bob", his girl friend as "Connie", his enemy as the "anti-Bob" and the aliens as, well, the aliens! You'll become unstuck in time yourself!

11. Bladerunner: Give the Conspiracy free reign to make a profit on anything, and before long, they're trying to manufacture fake slack and even fake humans! Many of these poor little pinks don't even KNOW they're fabricated, let alone PROGRAMED by The Con (do you?). The subgenius race (trapped in overpopulated and polluted cities along with the mud races) have the never ending responsibility of tracking down and terminating the "skins". (Yeah, it's a dirty job, but someone's gotta do it.)

12. THX-1138: It's the glorious future, filmed in color yet still black & white! Everyone has a number, a job, and plenty of anti-slack. Plus there's more Conspiracy pills, Conspiracy cops, and Conspiracy oppression than you can shake a baton at! If only George Lucas had stuck to films like this, what a better world it would be.

13. The Thing: The original is a splendid movie, but John Carpenter's remake has the most to say about The Conspiracy. Just like "The Con", The "Thing" can appear as anyone, even your best friend. But under the disguise, it's a hideous monster, ready to drink your blood and munch your bones. Unlike the movie, the real THING survived and lives within our society. It continues to breed at an exponential rate. This evil menace came from the heavens, but fear not- so shall our salvation via the X-ist Saucers. Watch the skies!

14. A Clockwork Orange: Alex is just a typical Subgenius trying to get some slack, but The Conspiracy has to "reprogram" him and life goes down hill fast. The scary thing is, most people watch this movie and side with The Con! (Is there no hope?)

15. Dark City: The Z-ist experiment on us with impunity, manipulating our society, or cities, our memories. We live the same life over and over, in a variety of different shells. Like a gerbil on a spin wheel, we never get anywhere. We just exercise for their edification. Unless of course, a "Mutant" among us learns their secrets... (Do I hear a "Praise 'Bob'"?)

16. Curse of the Demon: Was this film ahead of its time or what? Professor Karswell (i.e. Stang) uses supernatural powers (i.e. "Bob") to control his cult (e.g.the Subgenius Church). The authorities don't believe in "Bob", and try to prove it's all a "joke". But by the time they realize their mistake, SOMEONE has to pay for such blasphemy with their life!

17. Pleasentville: This is what society would be like today if "Bob" hadn't come along... We'd still be stuck living the life of a 1950s sit com. Everything would be bland black & white. No sex, no drugs, no rock & role. Just bowling for the guys, and cooking for the gals, always with plenty of canned laughter in the background. No color to contaminate the "pure" conspiracy lifestyle. But "Bob" has a way of screwing things up so bad, they're good! God bless his plain dumb luck!

18. The Time Machine: Rod Taylor plays the "Bob" character in this one. He's a nice guy who invents "time control" and zips back and forth from the future to provide us hope. If not for "Bob", our future would be grim indeed. We'd be destined for the same fate as the Eloi- A moron majority herded around like cattle and kept alive by the mechanized Conspiracy Morlocks for purposed of cannibalistic consumption! They may crack their whips as us, but "Bob" is the fire, nay, the very LIGHT that DRIVES THEM BACK!

19. Terminatior 2-Judgement Day: Time control is once again the theme here, only this time, the "Bob" character converts one of the conspiracy robots to work against the conspiracy machine itself! (Sarcastically referring to it at one point as "Uncle 'Bob'"). Meanwhile The Conspiracy (symbolically dressed as a Cop) doesn't give up easy. It wants EVERYONE to live, breath and THINK like a machine. Will "Bob" succeed? Only the future will tell.

20. 1984: Regrettably, this film needs no explanation as to why it is on this list...

That's the current list (in random order) of great Subgenius Films. Rest assured that our agents are working hard to create more propaganda from within the very system bent on destroying us. It's getting tough though. Tipper Gore & Company are doing their damnedist to end our "outsider" influence. Next thing you know, the "powers that be" will censor these film classic "for the children". So if you haven't already seen them, don't wait! And if you HAVE seen them, see them again! You'll be amazed what you notice (now that you know what to look for).
Below is Best of Subgenius TV!

Most Subgenius TV Episode- To Serve Man (from The Twilight Zone): The single most allegorical TV/Subgenius episode of all time. The Conspiracy arrives on Earth promising all sorts of "help" for humans. Only there's a "catch" they conveniently forget to mention. Pinks and normals discover the trade off too late!

Most Subgenius TV Series- The Invaders: The Conspiracy is everywhere, replacing real people with fake people. They won't be content until EVERYONE is one of THEM. But you can tell the pinks from the Subgenius. They have no heart, and the pink's "pinky" is crooked (just like the rest of them). The message of this series is clear: Trust no one! Especially the heartless pinks!

Most Subgenius TV Mini-series- The Prisoner: For understanding how The Conspiracy tries to "break us", few movies or TV programs can demonstrate it better than "The Prisoner". Worse than trying to destroy us, The Conspiracy attempts to "win us over". It uses the stick but also the carrot. Money, status, peer pressure- and of course, threats, torture, and mind control. These are but a few of the weapons in The Village arsenal. Like Number Six, the Subgenius promise not only to escape the Village, but to destroy it. Yet to defeat the powers backing the Village, the Prisoner must first confront himself. (After all, Society may design the weapons of conformity, but the incredible damage they cause is usually self inflicted.) These are 17 of the most prophetic hours ever aired on TV.

You are couch potato # to view these shows.

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Rev. Stang adds:

THE TRIAL -- Orson Welles' INTENSE, hallucinatory take on the Franz Kafka story. With Anthony Perkins as the SubGenius.

8 1/2 -- Federico Fellini's masterpiece, ripped off by ALL the best filmmakers. About an Emergentile SubGenius bonobo film director with serious hangups, surrounded by a bunch of freaks, trying to make a movie about an Emergentile SubGenius bonobo film director with too many girlfriends, trying to make a movie about an Emergentile SubGenius bonobo film director with too much imagination, trying to make a movie etc.


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I didn't see _The Devils_ in there, did you? You know... Kirk Russell's
story about a subgenius mayor falsely accused by a nun of having commerce
with the devil?


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> >> If you've seen THE NIGHT OF THE HUNTER, your salvation is guaranteed.
> >> Almost as much as if you sent $30 to "Bob."
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> >
> > You mean the old Robert Mitchum film noir? I wouldn't say salvation,
> >but I *would* go so far as to say that if it isn't in the Pleasure
> >Saucers' video library, then it ain't worth the trip.

If the Foundation wills it, I would be more than happy to compile the
Rupture Cinema list of films that should be preserved on the Saucers. My
own video collection will do for a seed.
Of course, in reality, we'll just DOWNLOAD every movie every SubGenius ever
saw directly from their brainpans and make it available to ALL.

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