THE XISTS HAVE LANDED Buck Naked (former SubGenius pastor)


Zoogz Rift, "When My Ship Rolls In"?

HENDRIX: "Hey Baby (Land of the New Rising Sun)" Earth Blues, 3rd Stone from the Sun

THRILL KILL KULT: "Apollo 69," Universal Luxury

GWAR: Ragnarok; Crush Kill Destroy



DEVO -- Gates of Steel, Race of Doom

Drule/Steve Slack: Missiles Destroy Civilization

"Convoy". It's pretty apocalyptic.

The Stones' "Gimme Shelter"

Indian Rope Burn: "Strike"

Parliament/Funkadelic -- Mothership Connection; Landing of the Holy Mothership;

Swing Low, Sweet Chariot; etc.

"Beat the Reaper" and "Waffenspiel" from Frank Zappa's
Civilization Phase III.

Wagner's "Ride of the Valkyrie."

1812 Overture.

Ramones: Blitkrieg Bop

"It's The End Of The World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)", R.E.M.

The Clash: Stop The World, Armagideon Time

"Doomsday", Mephiskapheles

"Having A Blast", Green Day

Fishbone's "Party at Ground Zero" Ska is good for you.

Talking Heads: Life During Wartime

David Byrne: Two Soldiers, The Red House, both from The Catherine Wheel
and both instrumentals.

Meat Puppets: We're Here

The The: Red Cinders in the Sand

Big Audio Dynamite II: When The Time Comes

The Residents: Selections from Mark of the Mole

The Dukes of Stratosphere: 25 O'Clock

Ministry's Psalm69 record of a few years back... one song toward the end
sounds like crashing commercial jet airliners and powersaws with this
disembodied voice booming "Armegeddon ...Doomsday ...Apocalypse..." over
and over ... maybe itd be a good program closer.

Pastor Craig wrote:
> I've always thought that Blondie's song "Rapture" caught the spirit
> of X-day just right.

"Christmas At Ground Zero" by Weird Al Yankovic.

"Soskotome" (sp?) - Diamanda Galas

"Amused to Death", I remembered The Final Cut, the last Pink Floyd record w/Roger Waters, which ends with "Two Suns in the Sunset", a charming little ditty about nuclear apocalypse.

"Black Leather" by Nightmares in Wax

"Let's Have a War" by Fear.

Columbus Devival tapes: "Coming To Columbus" (this is NOT recorded well)

Mambo Macabre by Prez Prado

Jeff Wayne's Musical Version of The War of the Worlds?



I was just writing some new verses for that the other day in fact. The
chorus is really supposed to go

Take me off to space
Take me off to space
Turn your laser beams on earth
and burn the human race
Take me off to space
Take me off to space
Come on down you etc.

The original version was recorded incorrectly. In the kitchen. Featuring
Ahmed Fishmonger, JHVH-10, pre-Mrs. Nenslo, Pagan Kennedy and others.
Your free bonus verse:

From UMMO or Reticuli or Alpha Centauri
Heaven, Hell, Dimension L, it's all the same to me
This world is not my fucking home
I'm just a passin thru
So come on down you saucer men
And take me off with you

-- Nenslo

From: Rev. paul

Dear Rev. stang,

I read on alt.slack that you are looking for ideas for songs about X-day.
I have some lyrics I have been playing around with. No word yet on getting other musicans involved but I get back to you if you like the basic lyics.

X- Day song ( working title)

Clestria ships are coming to save the Subgenius race,
We will Laugh,dance & sing in the safty of outer space
Shed not a tear for the humans left behind to die
For they already where detroying themselves, and now they must fry

Ahhh to be with you all on X-day
Ahhh the true spirit of love will find a way
to sail beyond our sun,
to find we all shine in one
all on the beautiful X-day

Dobbs made the deal with the biengs from planet x
He sold the planet to save us from the pinks' evil hex
Many of us are tired of seeing what they have done
soon we will be beyond this place on a planet of endless fun

ahh to be with all on X-day
Ahh celestrial travelers please take us away
We shall sail beyond our earth
to see the endless slack of our rebirth
all on the glorious X-day

Come celebrate with us if your not of the conspiracy join in our party and have sex with the goddess of erotic harmony

Please my child don't shed a tear for the humans left behind
they sealed their fate long ago with their barbaric pink sheep minds

Wel that's all I got so far if you like what you see let me know and I'll see what I can do about laying down some music. Take care and get back to me on this. Also I want to stick it in real deep with a sheep!

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