transmission from LUST in SPACE

From: "J. Krause" <>
Date: Wed, 07 Jul 1999 21:32:18 -0500

... Greetings, Subgenii -

- On behalf of my fellow members in Lust In Space, I'd just like to thank
those who attended XX-DAY this year and gave us a surprising amount of
support. After playing numerous shows across the American midwest, I must
say it was nice being cheered on instead of having a bunch of angry humans
toss us off stage.

- Though it saddens us that your planet wasn't destroyed Monday morning, at
least our return to Brushwood in July of 2000 is inevitable.

- Z-MA.
- drums and orgone accumulation


From: "J. Krause" <>

- One more thing.

- Slippy, unknowledgable in the operation of ancient Earth technology,
forgot to load film into his camera. Thus, we have no pictures of the
weekend's festivities. If anyone has any photos of LUST in SPACE on the
web, could you please transmit the URL to me...?

- Z-MA
- drums and orgone accumulation

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