Triumph Of The Lil

From: Lilith von Fraumench <>

I'll write at length later. For now, I'm exhausted and very, very happy.

Sure, the world didn't end as prophesied, again. Sure, I'll have to deal with certain ugly facts, such as the need to find work ASAP. But that doesn't really matter, right now. What does matter is this simple fact:

I have achieved Greatness.

I'm not talking about fake ego boosting that leaves one puffed up like a toad and just as ugly. I'm talking about that form of Greatness which is as humbling as it is ennobling--the kind where you realize just how wonderful things really are. It's the kind of Greatness that I've coveted all along, mainly because that Greatness was already THERE, but buried under years of Conspiracy soul-sapping programming and a bad sense of self-worth. In other words, it was the good shit.

In all seriousness, this XX-Day celebration was the best experience I've ever had in my life. My eyes are starting to water up again from the (mostly) pure joy in which I've basked over the past few days. The stage management went extremely smoothly, with few problems of serious import. (PRAISE Rev. Modemac, who served as my right-nipple man during the stage management!) Earth's Last Party, which I'd conceived and organized, was a smashing success judging from the happy drunken SubGenii I saw last night. I was hit upon, flirted with, and ravished by three incredible and beautiful SubGenius women, hail "Connie!" I was given incredibly touching presents out of the blue. I was made King and Queen of the prom we threw Saturday afternoon, and got so many compliments on my appearance I was aglow. And, most importantly, I had the same epiphany that Suzie The Floozie had last year at X-Day--standing under the stars with ecstatic tears flowing down my cheeks, silently praising and cherishing my wonderful SubGenius sisters and brothers, and welcoming all of them as part of my family.

I guess you *might* say I had a really good time.

There's so much to talk about and share that I may as well wait until Stang releases an XX-Day Long Cut video, or at least get my photos developed. Don't worry, you'll probably get supersaturated with all this soon enough. For now, I hope this gives you an idea of what sort of incredible "drill" we had, and how profound an experience it was on me. And I hope I see you all next year for XXX-Day!

With all my love,

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