XX-Day in Haikus

From: decadence@subgenius.com (Sister Decadence)
Date: Thu, 08 Jul 1999 17:02:49 GMT

Inspiration for haikus by Rev. Dr. Onan Canobite and Dr. K'taden
Legume, haiku writers extraordinaire!

I want to say first that I wrote all this rather hastily in our car
on the way home. They flew out of my head without any editing or
concern that they were "funny" or "entertaining". Just thoughts and
mentions of events is al I intended.

I want to thank EVERY DAMN YETI I know for the fun and Slack that
was had. I got to meet new folks and visit with old friends. I love
you all.


It's only Thursday;
wandering around just sucks!
Where are the Yetis?

I finally meet
Miss Friday Jones, face to face-
The Hive Queen herself!

Other people met:
Reverend Amph, both the Geddons
and lustful space folk.

I rejoice to see
Wei, St. Mykal and Chris Li,
Susi and Legume.

If I've left you out,
Don't feel neglected my friends,
you're still in my heart.

The following day
We all wonder, "Where's Onan?"
Astro Babe is HOT!

The trial of PapaJoe
True justice or fucking joke?
I found it funny.

More stuff on Friday:
ESO and Lust in Space-
Theremin breast tunes.

Saturday: Onan,
mutant prom, blazing heat and
maybe tornados!

"Bob"tized with Suzie,
quite frankly, I think I came!
At least, I was WET.

The dome was put up;
we managed to drink too much
and go too damned far!

Little Fyodor!
More repression in one place
I've not seen ever.

Sunday was ROCKETS!
Chas is my ShorDurPerSav.
Build your own rocket...

PapaJoe got punished
but no one "gets" it except
a few hierarchs.

On Monday they all leave,
my beautiful Yeti-kin!
Not ruptured, but blissed.

Praise "Bob" and Hail Connie!
Next year, TRIPLE X-Day....
get fucked or get off!

"Mangez ma merde."

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