XXX-Day Salute Revealed!


Date: Mon, 05 Jul 1999 18:38:24 -0700
From: Popess Lilith von Fraumench <>

I introduced our new salute this morning:

Cross your index and middle fingers on both hands. Raise your hands, palms forward and thumbs somewhat extended. Cross your thumbs at the knuckles. This creates three Xs as well as symbolizing the promise of our new motto, "Three Times Lucky." It also works quite well for flirting with SubGenii across a room--simply frame the god/goddess of your prurient interest between your fingers and do what comes "natural."

The Prophet Lilith

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DIAGRAM BY IMBJR Further demonstrations below:



Demonstrated by Onan Canobite.


Diagram by IMBJR


"L" for LEMURIA, Demon'ed by Onan

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