The Events of XX-Day


XX-Day. Was it truly the End of the World, again? Or simply part of "Bob's" Get Rich Quick scheme? If you were there, you may already know. If you weren't, all we can offer is a few snapshots of the events of the weekend.

The Doktors Geddyn, at least, had more fun this year than last, and we're sure pages and pages will be written analyzing every difference and nuance of the two July 5ths. Will the Ministry be at XXX-Day? You bet! Will the Xists? Well, of course, but just how they manifest is between them and "Bob."

At any rate, these are the events that make the X-Day Celebration more than just a bunch of dippy hippie pagans. These shots, we hope, capture the spirit of not only the most revered SubGenius holiday / letdown , but the soul of the SubGenius Church itself.

"Sure, it's be a joke. But it's a joke you can BELIVE IN."

The Meeting of the Meat
Geddyn & Frederick
Uniting B4B and MoT
Dkr. Armand Geddyn (Pittsburgh), and Rev. Aaron Frederick (Atlanta), met for the first time, on the Internet,in April, 1 A.X. Here, after months of e-mail, they press the flesh for the first time in Brushwood.

Dkr. Barbie Geddyn, utilizing her subtle feminine wiles and powerful psychic fortitude, set herself immediately to recruiting the rest of the Bikers for BoB.

Shown in the group shot is 75% of the MiniTru/Bikers camp. Clockwise from the left: Rev. Bunny, Rev. Aaron Frederick, Rev. Skirt, Bozowolf, Dkr. Armand Geddyn, and Rev. Ho Ling Lo Ping Bastard. Not pictured are Dkr. Barbie Geddyn (holding the camera), and Toast (who's super cool, but somehow managed to avoid our paparazzi all weekend).

Of course, there was the fated meeting of some of the key M.A.S.C. players -- Dkr. Geddyn, Pastor Pressure, and Dr. Pissoff, who, in the "real" world, span PA from Philly, through Harrisburg, to Pitt.

Death rides a pale horse, but Sex rides yellow.
Most of the B4B and MoT

The Most Holy "Bob"tism!
Rejecting the Conspiracy
A whole bunch of naked SubGs.
Look. They're wet.
Peeping Aaron
The Creature from the Black Legume (top left) returns to his watery environs once a year to wash away the taint of the Conspiracy, while Lord Jesus Christ excuses any and all sins to make room for new ones. And, of course, there's a whole lot of semi-stealthy frotteurism going on.

As for the rest, it's a chance to gaze upon yards and yards of exposed mutant flesh, take pictures, shoot video, and masturbate for the rest of the year.

Peeping Stang

The Other Red Meat
Assuming the position
Rasslin' Beauty Queen
Sistah Jones.
It is important to note, for the sake of the unbelievers, that these depraved souls are actually wrestling in actual blood of slain Pinks and Dupes. (And the Catholics really, honestly drink the blood of Christ.)

The SubGenius Prom
Cortez's Blue Suede Suit with Barbie.
The King and Queen of the Prom, and Friday Jones.
The Ministry of Truth Group Date
Mr. and Mrs. Legume

Mutant Parade and Rocket Attack
The Mutant Parade
"Stay on target,
stay on target!"
As X-Day draws near, it's important to guard against any imposter aliens, ranging from the mostly harmless Greys, to the Nazi Deros, to the truly terrifying Yacatizma. Thus, the highly symbolic and highly dangerous Rocket Attack.

The Wedding of Brushwood
And the Lord spaketh unto the crowd, "Let he who is without sin, get this stoned first."
Rev. Aaron went cannibal and ate at least three Bobbies that night. When asked for comment, he replied, "Death... by UNGA-BUNGA!!!"
Dkr. Geddyn consummating her ShorDurMarriage to Popess Lilith von Fraumench. Slut.
Upon reflection, Earth's Last Party was startingly similar to the fabled Wedding of Canaan. Jesus and his entourage showed up, they drank all our liquor, and everyone got married for the rest of the night.

XX-DAY: A New Hope
"Don't go into the light, Carol Anne! Run, run away from the light!"
Well, it would appear that the World Without Slack did not come to and end that fateful Monday. To be honest, I don't think anyone really expected it would. Don't get me wrong -- I had, and still have, faith in my Deal with Dobbs (totally unrelated to the fact that I burned my copy of the Book of the SubGenius in the bonfire).In '98, I was convinced that I'd be seeing saucers and bathing in the blood of the Normals.

This year? Well, I approached X-Day with a little more wisdom, a little more decorum, and a whole lot more booze. After all, the Church of the SubGenius does not come with pat, simplistic answers to complex problems like the end of the world or why God hates you. All we can offer is

Eternal Salvation or Triple Your Money Back

One Sick Bastard
(what is it with Sherman and insulin imbalances?)
Popess Lilith, Post-XX-Day.
Mr. and Mrs. Christ, Post-XX-Day

Pull the Wool Over Your Own Eyes.
Build Your Own Fucking Ship.

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