Atlanta Devival


Did I mention the Face Fucking Bats at the Atlanta Devival? Susie the Floozie had a shipment of REAL FACE FUCKING BATS... at one point she had a dozen victims spazzing on the floor, bats on their faces, and she was doling out sips of Antidote Pudding from a TEST TUBE HELD BETWEEN HER AMPLE BREASTS!! GOD what a woman. Her HAIR!!!! Her BUST!!! Her... her... what's that smell??

Susie also constructed a HAIL "BOB" COMET out of foam core and glitter; she made a Pulpit from an OIL DRUM on which she painted the logo, "DOBBSTOWN HELLTON"; she provided TIKI STATUES, FAKE PALM TREES, a WORKING VOLCANO courtesy of Rev. Rock In Hand, AND A SILLY RUBBER LOBSTER COSTUME!! And the contortionists did a hula dance. I'm telling you, the Flooze does NOTHING halfway. All this for the theme, "KRAKATOA EAST OF DOBBSTOWN".

Not to mention the MUSIC TAPES she compiled for this show. Those familiar with her radio show know that Susie is a connoiseeur of weird flaky old musical bulldada. You might call her The Mastress of Space Age Bachelor Pad music. So the SOUNDTRACK of the devival was cool.

The band, PEE DOG NIGHT, 3 local WREK guys, was GREAT! Sounded like a cross between Quicksilver Messenger Service and Negativland. I told 'em that and got a blank look regarding Quicksilver, but they were happy to be compared to Negativland. Might be described as "Ugly Psychedelic Style" -- guitars and a sampler, plus the inevitable Theramin. I have seen more Theramins this year. This one made some great sci fi sounds when Susie waved her chest around it.

We have had GREAT local doktor bands at the last few shows! What a REFRESHING CHANGE!!

GOOD NEWS regarding the ATLANTA DEVIVAL -- we'll get a decent audio copy. One of the band guys had a video camera on the stage itself, getting sound off the monitors. The video PICTURE sucks -- it's just the backs of heads -- but the audio on it is good. That was a concern... the DAT recorder broke. There's at least one other video of the show, shot by robocam from the sound booth up high, but that probably has abysmal audio, as Jesus and the other engineers were in the booth with it, muttering and cussing about their technical problems.

Papa Joe Mama will be very glad to hear this news. He has no recording gear of his own and hasn't had access lately to anybody else's, and this Atlanta devival was his ONE CHANCE to get his new rants recorded. Legume did all-new stuff off the top of his head, so did Susie the Floozie, so did Dynosaor, so did Rev. Rock-In-Hand, and so did I for that matter, and it looks like we'll have a decent copy for the radio show. I wish it was better than decent.

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