Pudding Shots!

Pudding Shots!

From: sfloozie@vivid.net

Reverend Susie the Floozie sez:

BATVICTIMS: The Face-Fucking Bats Take Their Dread Toll! Witness bizarre light phenomena as Brother EZ Mark, Rev. Friday Jones, and Vox Mutantis thrash, their esophageal penetrations spurring them to greater convulsive heights!

PUDDINGTITS: Pictured just before I rammed the vial between my tits and administered Extreme Uggghnction to poor Brother Ximo of "Ensemble for Plastic." Tragically, it was too late...his bat-ravaged body had to be doused in gasoline and burned in the parking lot afterwards. Just don't ask "After WHAT?"

LAUNCH 1: *Lest any doubters scoff!* The Head is glimpsed actually hurtling from the volcanic bowels of the earth, a split second after the tumultuous eruption.

HEADECSTASY: I'm not sure where in the sequence this one came up--did I catch the erupted Head, and somehow forgot it? At any rate, it has an apocalyptic feel, that's for sure.

LAUNCH 3: A seemingly lucky seeker makes the Catch of the Day. His exposed areas (head, hands, legs, genitals) had to be buried in lead cannisters beneath the CRC Club's private bunker--but it didn't stop him from partying on into the night, cramming pils and burning wads of frop down his neckhole.

3 JERKS: Ah, this one is lovely, but GEE,Stang! Thanks for holding your stupid tapedeck over my tits. You just lost the Church another million from the wealthy titfreaks on the 'Net. Ah, hell--just Photoshop 'em in. And make 'em even BIGGER.

FLOOZE: I really thought it was safe to keep little Puggsley, my favorite of the face-fucking bats, with me in the dressing room if I had him leashed. I mean, it seemed so harmless, so Zsa Zsa-by-way-of-Elvira! How could I have known--? Too bad about Dr. Dynasoar. (See photo)

DR. DYNASOAR: Puggsley sure took a likin' to the Ol' Dok. Luckily, the full-throatal reaming didn't slow down his singin' later that night. But we had to pump him so fulla' antidote pudding that it was drippin' out of every orifice. Tasted pretty good, too. At least, uh, that's what I *heard*...

ACROPERVS: Gene splicing fun! Just for kicks, the Doktors created several new forms of inconvenient mutations, including this daring genito-spinal Siamese bonding! (I later had to drive these guys home because they couldn't fit in their Honda Civic.)

Well, that's all I did on Spring Break, Dad. So you can stop worrying about me now.

All my love,

JonBenet Rammed-me

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