Minneapolis Devival -- from one who hated it

It was a nicer day that day February 6th, 1996 it was a hell of a lot warmer than least week which was -30 below, but I had to ruin my day by going to what some call a show. Now some might say it was an outstanding show, and others(like myself) a piece of shit. Maybe it was because Rev. Ivan Stang was on too many drugs that he couldn't think right, or maybe because the show didn't have enough props. The Circus Apoclypse was worth the six dollars to get in, but thats about it. I wish I could have seen "Bob" slaughtered and maimed up on stage. Because who gives a fuck! I also wanted to see the bleeding head. Instead I heard a bunch PINK rant and rave about some stupid x-day that is never gonna come because it is just a ploy to steal money from the unsuspecting audience. It makes want to join the fucking conspiracy!!!

((Didn't sign his name.))

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