SUNDAY NIGHT SUB-IRC CHAT DEVIVAL 6-29 (weekend before the Drill)

#subgenius: Stang CarterUSM Friday-j EyeRend ChrisLee MMidget PeeKat Modemac pastcraig Dave DokV TheCharli K0der kodogr DynaSoar notaw Annna ABSENT RevDick
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*** Topic for #subgenius: No - Stang won't be here tonight. PARTY!!!
Dave: Jimmy Carter!
*** Mode is +
Dave: Say "Yes"!
TheCharli: better not tell her..
Friday-j looks as Modemac's stalk, swoons
Modemac: My driving companion is going after Susie, but I want Friday.
DynaSoar: Told ya he'd be here
Friday-j: OH NOOOOO!
RevDick: i'll try to get george clinton to come, but don't get yer hopes up
PeeKat shoots Stang JUST IN CASE it's a fake.
CarterUSM: Yes!
Stang: GOOD LORD! Big crowd.
TheCharli: Shoot the Stangie!
DynaSoar: Hi
ChrisLee: i'm just gonna get nekkid and wait for the girls to go after me
RevDick: yes
Friday-j: Praise "Bob" it's Ivan
Modemac: Stang: That's because we thought you weren't going to be here!
kodogr: Stang showed up after all, neat.
PeeKat: Is this gonna be one of those nights were Stang doesn't talk, then he just signs off cuz his ISP's not working?
Dave: He _said_ he'd be here!
ABSENT: Hey Friday...Bill introduced us last year..I remember now.
Friday-j: Hi Absent
PeeKat: Oh wait. He talked. Nevermind!
Dave: Maybe later he'll get on his wife's computer.
Dave: We're all keyed up for X-day, it is.
*** notaw has set the topic on channel #subgenius to Stang is on, Praise "BOB"!!
ABSENT: Ill introduce3 myself again at wouldnt remember.
DynaSoar: Is anyone brining Clavister?
Stang: We've been busy as hell packing for the Drill. Still a-packin'! I just hope my VAN is out of the shop by... TONIGHT.
RevDick: stang.....real quick, could you email me those bryce movs?
Friday-j watches Stang "get it on" with his wife's computer
pastcraig: Stang, is a Halo Called Fred coming to the drill?
*** RevLiz ( has joined channel #subgenius
Friday-j: RevDick _NO, he's BUSY packing all sorts of goodies for ME to play with!
Stang: Rev. Dick, no, 'cause it ain't quick.
Dave: You're not MEG, are you?
*** Eppy ( has joined channel #subgenius
RevDick: fine thas ok
RevDick: just wonderin
PeeKat: Eppy Lady
Stang: What's the big deal? I'm here almost every Sunday like a clockwork orangutang.
Dave: Eppy? Liz? I get all CONFUSIBLE!
RevLiz: eh?
Eppy: What? Huh? I am...what? Identity unsure...
ABSENT: nice metaphor Stang
PeeKat: Rips hair out by the roots, so you look all natural...
Dave: SOME ill-informed malcontents was saying you wouldn't BE here.
Friday-j: Stang - We appreciate you making time for us at this BUSY TIME
Stang: I just ate the Warhead POP that Lou sent me.... the GUM in the middle has mixed with the citric acid... I'm trippin.
PeeKat: Some communist TRAITORS....
Dave: I lose track of the peoples, is what! Eppy and Liz I don't KNOW!
pastcraig: Eppy, RevLiz, who the hell are yous?
Dave: (thrusts forth hand) Hi! I'm Dave!
Eppy: This is actually my first time, so to speak. I don't think you know me.
RevLiz: who the hell do you want me to be?
PeeKat: BE SHATNER!!!!!
Eppy: But hi. Oh. Ignore the marmelade.
Friday-j: Hi Eppy, hi Liz - coming to the Drill this year?
RevLiz: eyeieieieieieie
*Modemac* Stang: I know how busy you are, so I hope you don't mind my asking one question...
PeeKat LOVES shatner!!!
Dave: You would be good, for a start.
-notaw- Rumours about the Book of the SubGenius, third edition...true?
Dave: Shatner's nothing but a goddamned communist.
*** Dr_Zach ( has joined channel #subgenius
Dave: "Marmalade, I like marmalade"- Alan Stiles
PeeKat: But he's a TALENTED communist.
Annna: Pee: You hear THE TRANSFORMED MAN is out on CD? It's TRUE!
PeeKat: Zach...whasup?
RevLiz: Drill, in Austin, keyrect?
Eppy: Right near me, but I got mono. Now I can infect everyone in the valley through my con job at KFC!
Dr_Zach: sorry I'm late. Had to pee on the dog.
Stang: UH?
Friday-j: Drill in Sherman NY this weekend!
pastcraig: William Shatner
PeeKat: Did not know that...does he do Rocket Man on that one?
Dave: OK, folks, I got bread things to do. I'll be back in a few minutes.
TheCharli: you mean they released it AGAIN? on PURPOSE?????!!!!!???
CarterUSM: Picard could kick Kirk's butt.
DokV has Transformed Man...only CD i've bought in the last 3 years...
Dr_Zach: so has everyone gone to the Drill yet?
Dave: PK: I think it's a bonus track.
PeeKat has peed on many a dog.
Friday-j: I'm still at the Drill
Dr_Zach: I mean is everyone there now?
Annna: I only have "Mr Spock's Music from outer Space." transformed man's on back order.
RevLiz: <--- has been back sliding so bad you wouldn't drill yet
EyeRend: wfmu's been selling the TFM on cd for years now
PeeKat: The drill's over. I'm going home now.
Stang: Modemac -- I can't answer by private message cause I DON'T KNOW HOW!!!! And it's too confusing. ASK ANYTHING ABOUT THE DRILL NOW!!!
kodogr: Fuck Star Trek, Fuck Star Wars, I watch Marsian Headhunters.
DokV: annna: it is SO worth it
DynaSoar: lag
Stang: I'm getting a sugar rush from this Warhead Pop
DynaSoar: lag
DynaSoar: lag
DynaSoar: YoZachish
Dave: False alarm. I got 12 minutes.
PeeKat: Dyna: 1 second
PeeKat: (ping, that is)
Friday-j: Modemac - It was a great Drill. Too bad about you ... oh can't tell you that YET.
Stang: Wandarer -- did you get the mail I sent you via AOL?
Dave: Stang: You answer by private message with /msg.
Eppy: I'm gonna loogie on them chickens good.
RevLiz: I know I'm suppose to be confused? right? hope so.
ABSENT: CarterUSM...are you C. Fruitbat Bowie?
Modemac: Stang: It's not about the Drill. It's about Negativland.
DynaSoar: PK: Not when I typed it.
Dr_Zach: I promised my wife I'd let her have the computer after this is over, so don't nobody leave till at least 2am.
*** Signoff: Eppy (WinSock error 10054: Connection reset by peer)
PeeKat: Stang's just lying...he KNOWS how, he just doesn't WANT to....
*** Sean ( has joined channel #subgenius
Friday-j: Hi Sean!
Stang: Ask away.
CarterUSM: ABSENT: no, just a wannabe.
EyeRend: I got a couple hundred emails waiting for me when I got back - haven't read 'em yet - BUT I WILL!
Sean: howdy...
Dave: Liz: You're supposed to be VERY confused. I've been doing this for months and I'm still confused.
DynaSoar: Who the hell are all these people?
Dr_Zach: Everyone keeps sending him privatemessages like he was special or sumphin.
PeeKat: Dunno....clones?
Dave: Hey, Sean! Why we get all these newcomers allofasudden?
ChrisLee: who the hell am I?
*** notaw is now known as Drider
DynaSoar: WHO AM I?
RevLiz: confusion is bliss..confusion IS slack.
Sean is happy to finally work IRC
*** N_X_K ( has joined channel #subgenius
Dave: You're the DEATH CHEESE, Dynasoar.
pastcraig: I'm talking for free, I can't stop myself, it's a new religion
Friday-j: Stang - Will there be free condoms handed out at the orgy or do we have to buy them like last year?
DynaSoar: Oh yeah, thanks
Modemac: Stang: If anyone would know this, you would. WHERE might one be able to acquire a tape of the infamous Negativland U2 single?
Dave: Confusion is confusing.
TheCharli: Friday... that case should be enough.
Stang: Friday -- we're just gonna use chuildren's balloons for rubbers this time.
RevLiz: I need you Dave!!
-Drider- I have a small organizatorial question.. Do you take overseas payment by international cheque?
pastcraig: Modemac, I can bring you a tape
Dave: Modemac: you can get a digital copy on
Dr_Zach: Bob sells condoms by the gross. if you want a hole in it it will cost you extra.
EyeRend: so IS anyone coming back from the drill sunday that can give me a ride back to bayonne nj????
Dave: You need me for WHAT, exactly?
ChrisLee: is the Drill more like a religious retreat or more like an orgy? is there a difference?
Sean: in my case, it's 90% beer
Friday-j wants some gross children's condoms
TheCharli: Stang.. I'm NOT doing anythjing with that inflated dachshund again..
PeeKat: I need a steel belted radial rubber....latex just doesn't 'hold up', if ya know what I mean...
*** Eppy ( has joined channel #subgenius
Stang: Modemac, everybody else knew better than me...
Modemac: Say WHAT?!? Negativland put the song onto the Web?!?
RevLiz: where is the drill this year??
ChrisLee: coming back fromt he Drill? is the Drill gonna end?!?
Dave: Chris: Your last question is the TRUE INSIGHT.
Sean gives friday-j some condoms
Dave: Modemac: HELL, YEAH!
DokV: Kids condoms are the best, nun of that stinky useless lubricant
N_X_K: Whatever that means, I don't speak Norwegian
kodogr: Garwali
EyeRend: chris - it'll move on out wit us.
Friday-j: RevLiz - Drill in Sherman New York, at nudist pagan campground
Dave: Liz: It's in Brushwood, New York.
Sean: hehehe
*** Gothmog ( has joined channel #subgenius
Modemac: JEEZUS, I'm behind the times. I thought they still weren't allowed to release that song because of Casey Kasem.
Annna: I have the Devolutionary Oath in Norwegian.
Friday-j: Thanks Sean!
Eppy: Monkey says I YI YI YI and piddles on himself.
Dr_Zach: the drill lives in our hearts and in our scrotum
ChrisLee: join the SLACK NATIONS!
PeeKat: Who ARE these new people????
RevLiz: dang!! too far for my personal self.
Stang: Remember to bring warm clothes for night. Bring a flashlight. I bought a Coleman lantern today.
Drider: NXK, it means 'everyone has got a hindu'.. And besides, it's danish :)
Dave: Liz: Check the RIDE BOARD...
EyeRend: dave: you're so deep
Sean: where is ragin' pope angus?
K0der: PKat: We're your worst nightmare...
Friday-j: Stang - Bought my lantern already!
DynaSoar: LIZ: *I* am the ride board. Whatcha need?
Modemac: I have a mini-MagLite. Will that do?
N_X_K: Whatever it is, it's said in conjunction with poorly-drawn sheep jumping off a cliff
RevLiz: Hey!! I may be new to the IRC devival, but I ain't new to BOB.
DokV: modemac: that's what i've got :)
Dr_Zach: I gave all my camping equiptment away when I stopped going to ren faires.
PeeKat: Vee don't need no steenking flashlights...Uni opens her legs and the Light of All comes streaming out...
Dave: They got made at me on the Pink Floyd group just because I responded with the Snuggles quote to someone's post about their dog dying.
pastcraig: Eyerend, There might be room in "Bob's" big black car on Sunday
K0der: Dern tootin'!
Stang: Modemac,. they don't distribute that tape just like we tell people not to spraypaint Dobbs heads on houses.
TheCharli: I don't need no stinkin lantern.. I'm bringing a glow inthe dark condom.
Friday-j: Modemac - Bring EXTRA SHOES because the ground is very WET
Eppy: Actually, I just graduated. Now I'm going to be as much of a leech on American society as possible.
PeeKat: K0der: You're my mom, naked?
RevLiz: Ok, let's see..a ride that will have me back by SUnday night
kodogr: Ron Popeil Is JR "Bob" Dobbs.
RevLiz: is that a possibility?
Dave: What about LISA POPEIL?
Sean: ron popiel RULES
RevLiz: out of Arlington perhaps?
EyeRend: pastcraig - can I count on that?
DokV sooperglues minimag to right temple
DynaSoar: Liz: Back WHERE?
ChrisLee: fire ants killed L. Ron Hubbard
kodogr: The precious bodily fluids
Drider: Stang, Do you accept overseas payment by international cheque? Please answer me, or my $30 _can't_ be in the mail..
Dave: All things are possible with "Bob".
K0der: PKat: Yes.... actually... now clean your fucking room, kid!
Eppy: What about Cindy Lauper?
RevLiz: Mighty Arlington..
Dave: Metronet- I'm guessin' 'round Dallas.
DynaSoar: VA?
RevLiz: Uh..Texas
Sean killed L. Ron Hubbard
PeeKat: Stang: Hey, will you be selling INWO: SubGenius at the drill??
DynaSoar: oh
RevLiz: keyrect, Dave
Stang: Jesus and I just learned that the Command Trailer, where we are staying this time, will be without electricity or water... so we're camping too.
Sean: hehehe
*** Mirjen ( has joined channel #subgenius
kodogr: fire ants rule
DynaSoar: Liz: Near what city?
Dave: L. Ron Hubbard was killed by FIRE ANTS! I saw it on King of the Hill.
Gothmog: hey mirjen
ChrisLee: hey- anyone wanna play a round of INWO at the Drill? for Slack?
kodogr: I'm related to L. Ron Hubbard
PeeKat: Stang: You mean you aren't gonna hang out with us in the woods???
Sean thinks the FBI killed him
EyeRend: that sounds really nice. can i count on a ride?
Stang: Drider -- International POSTAL MONEY ORDER, yes. Not foreign checks.
*** kurt ( has joined channel #subgenius
RevLiz: Arlington is inbetween Dallas, and Ft Worth..south of Irving Texas
PeeKat will play Strip INWO with any takers!
Sean: ?me thinks the CIA was in on it
Dave: The New World Order is NUDE?
Friday-j: Stang - OOPS! No need for that hot glue gun I guess ...
ChrisLee: PK- bring a deck or two
K0der: The CIA is a joke... puppets.
PeeKat is still working the bugs out of a high-laerious UFOs deck...
PeeKat: You're on, CL...
ABSENT: will the Hot TUb Be Up?
Dave: I want to see the CIA PUPPET SHOW!
ChrisLee: everybody bring a deck or two. or a dick or two
Stang: That ain't the Rev. Liz that I know is it? That was in the MTV SubG video?
Annna: I want to join the CIA if they have PUPPETS!
Sean: yeah...but they're scary puppets
PeeKat: Uni'll play too...she's damn good.
Drider: stang, Not a foreign check, an international check in us dollars cashable in america
RevLiz: Oh hey, last week I was at Chitzen Itza..left a blood sacrifice at the pyramids..
DynaSoar: LIZ: Try
Dave: I have only a walkman.
Friday-j: We'll all be UP in the Hot Tub
Eppy: What is...AHHH! MY GLAMING PANTS...sorry. What?
Dave: Is KING FRIDAY in the CIA?
K0der: People in black pulling the strings... with glasses and no expression.
RevLiz: wyes the very one stang!
DynaSoar: He's in Houston
RevLiz: I worked hard on that video !!
kodogr: I'm still trying to decompile that trinary memory core that was rocovered from that OTHER "saucer" ship.
PeeKat: STANG: You gonna be selling INWO: SUbGenius at the drill???
Modemac: Or as Janor sez: MY LEGS ARE ON FIRE!!!
TheCharli makes a note: Burn Zach in effigy. WHere the hell is effigy?
*** Signoff: N_X_K (ping Timeout)
Friday-j: Praise RevLiz and her mighty video!
Stang: Drider -- use International Postal Money order.
Dave: I think it's somewhere near Cleveland.
Dr_Zach: If you buy the ticket to get my ass at the drill sure. you can burn me in effigy.
ChrisLee: Effigy? that in Kansas?
*** N_X_K ( has joined channel #subgenius
Friday-j: PeeKat - It ain't DONE YET - finish it and sell it yourself!
RevLiz: I feel my part was fully actualized, and Im now ready to direct!
N_X_K: GRR...
Drider: k, stang.. Do I get that at the post office or at the bank?
Dr_Zach: I don't even know what the word means just DO IT! BURN ME IN EFFIGY AT THE DRILL!
*** Revrock ( has joined channel #subgenius
PeeKat can't finish it himself or he'll get sued enstuph....
Dave: I think I'm probably the most in-demand Subgenius director.
Friday-j: Drider - Bank.
Stang: There's a pic of RevLiz in Revelation X, just barely visible, the crowd scene from the MTV thang we did.
K0der: Revrock... welcome.
RevLiz: Im the blonde behind Will's left ear..
*** Signoff: Annna (I'm gonna go go play Foozball!)
*** Signoff: CarterUSM (WinSock error 10054: Connection reset by peer)
kodogr: Hi Revrock
Drider: thanks, friday
Revrock: hello
Friday-j: Hello RevRock!
RevLiz: ok..I've lost track..did anyone find me aride?
Revrock: hello
Sean: wassup, revrock
N_X_K: This jury-rigged TCP connection sucks Connie's fifty-three lovers
Dave: OK, give us page numbers!
Stang: Rev. Matt, Jesus, Rev. Nickie will be PLAYING the new game at the Drill, and others may WATCH.
Dr_Zach: I have like thirty fucked up dobbsheads for a.b.s. waiting for the fifth of july.
Stang: Only I have seen the ART for the game.
RevDick: rocky
Dave: Liz: Dynasoar gave you an email address.
EyeRend: gerry-rigged
RevDick: ello
Revrock: hehehe.. terorizing pinks at dragoncon this weekend
Friday-j: Stang - Your "M" suit is ALL SET - final assembly tomorrow. It's BEE-YOU-TEE-FULL!
kurt: Anyone got The Day After Roswell?
PeeKat: Stang's afraid we'll beat their butts at it....
Sean: what program do you use to make the DobbsHeads?
ChrisLee: fuck that. i'll just play the old game. well, not the old one, but the middle one
Stang: I have never seen so many people on this channel. Won't it topple over, or something?
RevLiz: did he now?? missed it.. repeatavous?
Revrock: i hope so
Dr_Zach: Will the Subgenius role playing game be FILMED ON VIDEO???
Dave: No, it can hold MANY PEOPLE.
Friday-j props the channel between her breasts
Dave: But when it reaches a certain CRITICAL MASS people STOP TALKING.
PeeKat: Uni sez she'll steal Nickie's deck and swat her aside like the dwarf bitch she is. :)
Stang: Friday, I'm so excited my dicks are standing up on end.
ChrisLee: isn't THIS the SubG RPG?
TheCharli: I'm bring a camcorder and a shitload of tapes.. so I would say YES
Drider: Does anyone know of any danish ministers? (Besides rev. Gutzilla Bloat, who by the way sucks seriously)
Friday-j admires the waving sea of dicks
RevLiz: hehe.. I gotta semi myself!
kodogr: Hari Har Har Hari Har har
PeeKat: INWO ain't no RPG....
K0der stands ready to support Friday-j's breasts if anything should happen...
Dr_Zach: No but you can roll to get access to the IRC channel. Roll double ones and your computer blows up.
Sean wants to know what program(s) are used to make the DobbsHeads
Dave: I've been to channels with 200 members, and all that happens is that nobody talksin public, but just says "does anyone wanna talk about pearl jam msg me".
Eppy throw my extra testicle into the mix. It bounces merrily.
N_X_K , once again, will NOT BE AT THE DRILL.
ABSENT: ill be tyin shit to the hood and roof of my car..
Stang: Drider -- what did Gutzilla do to you? That guy did a kick-ass SubGenius video recut.
Friday-j: We'll miss you NXK
Modemac: I intend to take one picture of Friday and one picture of Friday's breasts.
PeeKat: WHY THE HELL NOT, nxk?
Dr_Zach: duz anyone wanna talk about the drill msg me.
Eppy: Woo-hoo! Look at that thing go!
*** Signoff: N_X_K (Changing servers)
ChrisLee: anyone wanna talk about Godzilla msg me
ChrisLee: har har
*** N_X_K ( has joined channel #subgenius
RevLiz: Ok, I will pay attention! I promise! Please repeat my rides email address..
Friday-j: Stang will probly do a private PHOTO layout with me and the WHIP
Dave: anyone wanna talk about war of the gargantuas DO IT RIGHT OUT FUCKING HERE!
Dave: Dynasoar, give Liz that Juno guy's address!
Eppy: Actually, the site disconnected me a few minutes ago.
Drider: stang: He is out of business, called him a few month ago. Got seriously ill and stopped his productions
PeeKat: anyone wanna msg me msg me
RevLiz: juno guy..
RevLiz: ok..that explains everthang
kurt: You folks all have fun at the x-day drill :(
ChrisLee: i did not care for War of the Gargantuas... did it have Russ Tamblyn in it?
Dave: He sucks because he got SICK? What the hell is THAT?
kodogr: Everything went totally to shit just in the nick of time, praise "BOB"
PeeKat: Oh, we will, kurt!
Dave: Yes, I believe it DID have Russ Tamblyn!
Friday-j: You want some msg on this chicken?
Modemac: Friday: So at last Stang will have a nude picture of you that you WON'T be upset about being distributed all over the place!
Stang: In war of the Gargantuas, I could swear that both those monsters repeatedly holler the word "SHIT" through an effects box.
ChrisLee: i like Russ Tamblyn
N_X_K: OK, Nhee Ghee, come out, I know you're behind this lag
K0der: And now, a poem...
Eppy: Looks like it did it again.
*** Eppy has left channel #subgenius
Friday-j: Modemac - Just so long as it's a GOOD nude picture
*** Signoff: N_X_K (Changing servers)
Revrock: read it!!!
Stang: Kurt, which kurt?
Dave: I had a dream about War of the Gargantuas where there was a spaceship that lit on fire and it turned out to be a wood block model and then it crash landed in a glass of milk!
*** N_X_K ( has joined channel #subgenius
ChrisLee: i finished #2 of my alleged zine Quijibo this week
*** Eppy ( has joined channel #subgenius
Dr_Zach: It vas Nhee Ghee vhat made me loos my cunneckshun
K0der: Kill Dobbs... Bob sucks my cock.
DynaSoar: HEY UFO FREAKS: I just found out that Rovert E L Shell, "photographic consultant" for the Fox video of the Roswell "bodies" is a neighbor of mine.
DynaSoar: LIZ: Try
DynaSoar: WATCH a game? Get serious.
DynaSoar: Nothing is more boring. than watching a game.
ChrisLee: huzzah for me
Friday-j: I like the Japanese original gory cut of "War of the Gargantuas"
Stang: I had that dream too!
K0der: And before hand he put, on it, a sock.
*** Signoff: kurt (WinSock error 10054: Connection reset by peer)
K0der: Praise Bob!
Modemac: Geez - War of the Gargantuas. All I remember about that one is the scene where the bad monster picks up a woman and eats her.
*Sean* what do you use to make the dobbsheads?
PeeKat: Dyna is lagged again
Stang: Praise Rovert Shell!
Dave: I don't get the Japanese original cuts of nothing!
Drider: dave: Well he acted pretty stupid to me, and didn't want to talk with me at all. I was willing to pay the dude(real money!!!)
Friday-j drinks the milk, spits out the spaceship
Revrock: k0der- that was beautiful...
pastcraig: Oops Kurt killed himself AGAIN!
K0der: Modemac: I think that's why women are repressed in society.
RevLiz: ok!! Im going to try the Juno email address..
PeeKat will not watch a game idly...he will make up his OWN DAMNED RULES and run his OWN GAME and it will be BETTER than your game so THERE....NYAH!!!
K0der: Revrock: Thanks... I thought so.
Stang: Sean, we use phots of "Bob" Dobbs to make dobbsheads! Don't private message me! No offense but I can't keep up as it is... pant -pant
MMidget: Hey, is anyone currently at work on a SubG Mating Service for the SubSite? I'm thinking about learning Java just so I can do that.
Dave: Drider: Sick is sick. Sometimes people just get too fuckin BUSY to be all poltie and responsive and shit.
ChrisLee: i liked Godzilla vs. Destroyer
Eppy: I tried to talk to my hand puppet, but he rejected me. Kept biting my finger. Silly bitch. So I used him for toilot paper.
Friday-j: Praise PeeKat!
ABSENT: Battle of the gargantuas had that cool song..."the words get stuck in my throat"
RevLiz: thanks!
N_X_K: My connection keeps going out here. The Space Bankers must disapprove of "ALLE HAR EN HINDU"
Friday-j: MMidget - DO IT!
Dave: YES! The DEVO version of it RULES!
RevLiz: Going to be quite a right from Texas eh?
DynaSoar: PK: Lets make up a game with LIVE PIECES made of Church Hierarchy
RevLiz: how long is that trip?
Dave: I know I've fucked people over unintentionally way too many times.
ChrisLee: my favorite monster song is "King Ceasar" from... uh...
ABSENT: DEVO does it...wait Deja vu...Ive had this conversation.
Friday-j: Let's make up a game with pieces of the Church Hierarchy
DynaSoar: Liz: Long damn trip. Long
ChrisLee: Godzilla vs...
Dr_Zach: If you wanna talk about dobbsheads msg me.
PeeKat: Yes...we'll need either (A) volunteers, or (B) a tranquilizer gun....
EyeRend: unintentionally?
ChrisLee: uh...
Stang: MMidget -- many have said they were ABOUT to.
RevLiz: Yea, DynaSoar will be BUTTsoar
Friday-j: Godzilla vs MechaStang!
RevLiz: we all will
kodogr: N_X_K, what in space does ALLE HAR EN HINDU mean?
Dave: War of the Gargantuas has two guys in monster suits wrestle themselves for about an hour! It's GREAT!
Modemac: BTW, Stang: Those magazine and book covers I've been posting are all scanned from postcards. I THINK they're public domain; though there's a 1995 copyright date on the back.
RevLiz: So most are comming back by Sunday night..right?
ChrisLee: SWMSubG seeks SFSubG
N_X_K: Godzilla vs. Biollante is one I want to see, never had the time to find
*** klem ( has joined channel #subgenius
DokV: stang: did you do the Dobbs renderings on the website? anyway they're fantastic... i stared at them in the browser for hours, until I felt like I was being browsed...
Drider: Dave: Busy is one thing. Saying that he won't sell his videos is another. He was simply uninterested (in the church?) and unpolite. And being polite costs nothing, especially when you get paid for it.
DynaSoar: uh Klem
MMidget: Friday: All righty then! I'll ask alt.slack what kind of questions they'd like to see included, and then I'll write the thing, and then in six months my chances of getting laid will slightly improve...
klem: uh yeah?
RevLiz: I still say the best pic on the SubSite is MEEEEE!!!
ChrisLee: Biollantre? giant flower!
Friday-j: MMidget - Good luck!
*** Signoff: Sean (brb)
Stang: DokV: the art on SubSITE is by many artists.
N_X_K: kodogr:No idea. It's norwegian, an utterance from rECTUM cAUDA's multimedia demonstration known as SAND III.
TheCharli: which one are you Liz?
Dr_Zach: I don't have a pic at the subsite yet do I?
Modemac: I saw Godzilla vs Biollante. Badfilm - but not as badfilm as CLASSIC Godzilla!
Dave: Drider, being polite isn't as easy as it seems.
PeeKat has the kewlest pic... (YES, I finally sent one in, believe it or not....)
RevLiz: Im in the MTV video clips
Dave: My pic on Subsite is INSUFFERABLY LAME.
Friday-j has some teeny bits of art on SubSITE
Drider: I disagree, dave
ChrisLee: Space Godzilla is funny
PeeKat: Yeah, it's sufferable....
Stang: No Zach. I got your self portrait off a.b.s. today. Just hold yer horses.
Eppy: So I am a fringe element? Or just annoying?
*** booger (Nubie@ has joined channel #subgenius
K0der: My pic of Subsite is EXTREMELY NONEXISTANT.
booger: NIPPLES!
TheCharli: Dave... look me up at the Drill and I'll take a STUNNING photo of you to make women drop their panties in awe.
Drider: It is, of course, possible that he was just bitter.(due to his disease?)
Dr_Zach: I don't ahve any horses I live in DALLAS
*** Sean ( has joined channel #subgenius
Dave: Eppy: In many respects there's no difference.
PeeKat hands booger some nipples
N_X_K: Modemac:Godzilla vs. Megalon takes the cake...With the Seatopians being rented Gaijin...
Dave: Charlie: Will do!
kodogr: Eppy, keep wupin out those oddites
klem: You folks all have fun at the x-day drill :(
ChrisLee: Mecha Nipples!
kodogr: When we decide that we hate you well let you know.
PeeKat: Oh, we will, klem.
Dr_Zach: cheer up klem
Eppy: My nipples are detachable.
Stang: Pussy... nipples. Hmmm.
Friday-j blesses Stang's van that it may be HEALED!
Eppy: They are VELCRO!
Dave: Yes, indeed. No need to be insecure about US!
*** away ( has joined channel #subgenius
ChrisLee: King Ceasar is one tough monster.
Eppy: I have a laptop inside them!
booger: i like to fuckpussy with my 5 foot long nipples
Friday-j: CockZilla vs PussyNipples!
Revrock: heheh
PeeKat: kelm: C'mon up...
DynaSoar: So GO
Mirjen: i'm not going either...there's a few...
Eppy: I access no smut, though.
Dr_Zach: Stang I thought you couldn't save anything off abs till ya got back from the drill like on teh fifteenth or something.
Revrock: but mirjen is close
Modemac: Again: Get the new XXXenophile volume, where it shows a girl doing herself with her boyfriend's detatchable dick.
pastcraig: Okay, how old is everyone here? I'm 39.
klem: family duties, or is it doodies
TheCharli: Eppy.. hooter censors?
Mirjen: i am close...too close.
K0der: 102
Stang: We're in a bit of suspense as to just HOW we're getting to the Drill ourselves. My van's been "being worked on" for 5 days.
DynaSoar: 13
booger: porno? gimme!
Revrock: your all ancient
Dr_Zach: Q102
RevLiz: In regular years? Or Dobbs years?
PeeKat is i
Friday-j: Old ... so old and tired ...
Eppy: No, I think they would just explode.
ChrisLee: Yeti years
Eppy: It's a personal choice.
RevDick: 69
Sean is 18
Modemac: I don't remember when I was born - I was pretty young then.
ABSENT: what is the URL for the pics of subs,again?
RevDick: hehehahah....ughghghh
Dr_Zach: In Yeti years we're all 69
Drider: 72
booger: ..still waiting for jesus to reply to my mail about not getting my 30 $ package...
Eppy: I am ageless, or else 18.
N_X_K: kodogr:See, "ALLE HAR EN HINDU" is chanted in SAND3 while sheep("Rau") junp off a cliff, land in a bloody mess, are reincarnated, and jump off a cliff again, over and over
DynaSoar: In Yeti years I'm 69.
klem: Anyone need a stop in Albany, let me know
DokV: revliz: which is your subsite pic?
RevLiz: You would need a magnifying glass, Dok
ABSENT: revliz:yes, what is the URL
ChrisLee: Make my SLACK the Bob-Slack! I want to get Slacked up!
EyeRend: Stang> I got 2 emails from aol - is that right?
RevLiz: I was in the crowd seen..
Dr_Zach: DokV: the onethat has REVLIZ on it.
Dave: Liz: The photo's in the beginning of Appendix A of RevX, right?
Stang: RevLiz is not seen on SubSITE I don't think, unless you go deep into the EYES of "Bob" where the MTV SubGenius coproduction is shown frame by frame.
*** Modemac has set the topic on channel #subgenius to Stang is dead, Praise "BOB"!!
K0der: The Slackship Connection...
Friday-j: Stang - Hopefully the mechanics will hurry up and fix the Van before going off for the holiday weekend, eh?
ABSENT: I want the SLak, I wants the SUB slack...I want my frapo uncuty!
RevLiz: yea, look behind Will's left ear.. Im the blonde
Dave: I don't know what Will looks like.
ChrisLee: Froplight
DokV: dr_zach: yer asking me to read...
Stang: No no no no, I'm on the inside, looking out.
*** booger has set the topic on channel #subgenius to Stang is dead, modemac's raping him, Praise "BOB"!!
ChrisLee: Dr. Slackenstein
pastcraig: RevLiz are you a vagablonde?
Sean: x
*** Drider has set the topic on channel #subgenius to "Bob" is dead, praise Stang!
Dave: Is Will in the front row?
DynaSoar: "Everyone looks for the Slackship connection"
Dr_Zach: nonononono DokV I wouldn't think of that.
RevLiz: I think I have it saved..
Friday-j hands Modemac an Old Man Condom
DynaSoar: "the X-ists, the Yeti, and me."
*** Drider has set the topic on channel #subgenius to "Bob" is dead, and so is Stang!
RevLiz: Not sure of the exact url with all my splendor on it..
ChrisLee: Paint the White House SLACK!
Stang: Friday, my van is in my cousin' in law's driveway, what can I say. We had HOPED to leave tomorrow morning. I dunno...
RevLiz: vagablonde??
ABSENT: Im the guy playin giuitar behind Legume in the Interim fist..and proud of it.
RevLiz: splain!
booger: what? you dont like the thought of mode raping a dead stang drider?
Friday-j: Stang will soon be posting on the X-Day Drill Ride Board I think.
N_X_K isn't going to the Drill, he's waiting for the authentic experience. 'sides, he's busy drilling on his own
pastcraig: Colors don't clash, pink boys do
Eppy: I am occasianally erect. But more sort of stiffly limp.
RevDick: yeh...a funky theme for x-day....
Dave: Yes indeed, I think there is a grainy video-still obscured photo of Liz in RevX indeed!
EyeRend: I was just at the white house this week. met pete wilson. what a load.
ChrisLee: i'm the guy getting shot... and proud of it
Modemac: You do need a condom for necrophilia...purtefaction contains all sorts of nasty things.
RevLiz: good, Friday!! I wanna go!
Stang: Dyna, I'm about to pack up all the "X DAY SONG" tapes and lists and CDs. I will DJ an X Day Dance Party. Bring any of yours.
ChrisLee: a funky theme for every day!
*** speedo ( has joined channel #subgenius
booger: Modemac: living in california is great, no laws against necrophillia!
Drider: booger: Nope, I'd rather make that a _live_ stang!
Dave: Hey, hate to leave this fertile clime, but I got bread shit to take care of.
RevLiz: hI'll go hunt it down and tell yas.. brb
DokV: yeah, vagablonde, don't say it out loud, or half-a-dozen 'alternative' bands will use it
RevDick: just remember....rock out with yer cock out and play like ya got a big dick
Dave: Be back in a few!
Friday-j: bye Dave
ChrisLee: can i bring a klezmer cd?
DynaSoar: Stang: Gotcha: I'm bringing you the Dr. Octagon CD too
PeeKat: by Dave
Modemac: booger: Heh, I remember that.
*** Dave is now known as DaveAway
TheCharli: I want to build a huge SubGenius chess set. Who should be the black king and queen?
booger: i was charged with only breaking into a mourge!
Friday-j: Stang - I should be there by Thursday early afternoon I HOPE
N_X_K: X-DAY! hotelandcasinoLasVegas
speedo: a don king BOB
Revrock: oj simpson and betty shabazz
DokV will be both black king and queen
RevLiz: ahh..changed my mind..Im at 14.4 today.. sucks
ABSENT: Thecharli...Weird I was thinkin of that today
PeeKat: BRB
pastcraig: DokV, it's already been used by a porno movie
Modemac: Black King - Jehovah-1.
Modemac: Black Queen - Eris.
Drider: stang, when did you get Gutzilla's videos?
TheCharli: ABSENT that's because I WANTED you to think of that today.
Stang: Rev.Susie will be at the Drill. Rev. Groovy G called today, said he's got a hellfire rant to deliver. Legume is building a BIG cross this time.
DynaSoar: STANG: To consdider: A Dallas based Drill Minus One Month, Memorial Day next year.
Friday-j: White Pawn - Stang
DokV: i'm a few years behind on my porn, too :(
kodogr: I'm at 9600
pastcraig: The Black King: RUDY RAY MOORE!
*** Sean has set the topic on channel #subgenius to "slack is bendable!!!"
kodogr: Its all I fucking need for IRC
Revrock: dolomite!!!
ABSENT: heh...My plans slowly come to fruition without my pawns knowledge...soon, the cortex bomb shall...but I digress.
RevLiz: so the ride board will be posted on the mighty SubSite?
booger: dolemite!!
K0der: Dolomite rules.
Friday-j hopes the bonfire of books & American flags will be GOOD this year
DokV: kodogr: 9600 rules!
ChrisLee: i tried to summon and bind a Dark Young of Shub-Niggaruth for the Drill, but it just didn't take
*** Drider has set the topic on channel #subgenius to Reverse Slack tends to increase
Stang: Drider -- years ago, he sent SOMETHING NEW TO DIE FOR, which I thought an excellent recut and condensation of 4 SubGenius videos that I had put together.
pastcraig: The Black Queen: little Richard
Dr_Zach: The southern baptists would rake us over hot coals if we had a drill in Dallas.
K0der: Berkeley people "in the house" tonight?
Friday-j: RevLiz - Linked through SubSITE; go to the New Devivals section
N_X_K: White King - Yog Sothoth. White Queen - Vye-VYEWTRAEuhR the Unspoken. White Bishop - William T. Gates
RevLiz: that's fuckin right kodogr!
DokV: data just tastes better at 9600, you savor it
*** Sean has set the topic on channel #subgenius to the DobbsHead collects slack from space
MMidget: I LIKE being raked over hot coals. Especially genitals-first.
Stang: Right, RevLiz, new devivals, then X Day Drill, then it links to the rides board, which Dynasoar does.
RevLiz: thank you ..I sure hope to Bob there's a ride in my area..
EyeRend: well i'm splittin'. Stang I'll let you know what I got by email. later.
Friday-j: Bye Eye Rend
*** booger has set the topic on channel #subgenius to necrophillia is legeal in california, and oj simpson is happy praise bob!
Dr_Zach: I didn't say it was a bad thing midget. just that theyd' do it.
TheCharli: EYE.. email..
DynaSoar: Lateron Eye
Modemac: Damn. Among the things we need are at least two people wearing SS uniforms and carrying machine guns, to guard the stage. (Even if they're toy machine guns, they'd look good on film.)
pastcraig: Bye EyeRend
Stang: EyeRend -- Are you gonna make the Drill?
N_X_K: Black Knight- G'Broag'Fran. White Knight - G'BroagFran.
booger: hey chrislee!
EyeRend: will do all ----
ABSENT: coffee?
booger: you awake?
EyeRend: Stang> arranging to yes
ChrisLee: kinda
Sean: that sounds just like a PUBLIC ENEMY concert
Stang: I won't be back on email until July 9.
ChrisLee: did i miss something?
RevLiz: I can help drive! Im an excellent driver..excellent driver.
EyeRend: this subgenius NEEDS SLACK NOW!!!
*** Signoff: Mirjen (Leaving)
ABSENT: Dont forget the coffee...
booger: im sending your meet the feebles tape off tomorrow
Dr_Zach: All the chess pieces should look like bob.
EyeRend: later all
Stang: Modemac -- we had those sorts of people last year. More than two. The guns were real.
*** Signoff: EyeRend (EyeRend)
Friday-j: RevLiz - Rent a van and give the Church clan a ride!
*** tenebras (tenebras@tsa-32.UCSC.EDU) has joined channel #subgenius
klem: rainman speaks
ChrisLee: oh yeah- groooooovy!
*** Mirjen ( has joined channel #subgenius
ABSENT: Looks like this cult needs a FLEET!
Sean: all of the pieces should have the FACE of "Bob"
Friday-j: Tenebras!
RevLiz: now that would suck the slack right outta everthang.
Revrock: an enema??
RevLiz: for me that is..
N_X_K: Zach:Then every piece should be taken and burned
kodogr: We need the saucers NOW
booger: a butterscotch enema!
ABSENT: Dammit. We need a recovered saucer Taxi service.
Friday-j: Tenebras - the female Dario Argento!
Dr_Zach: no that would make them look like me
pastcraig: Straight outta Philly
*** Signoff: speedo (thankstocoffeesleepisnowoptional)
ChrisLee: booger- you liked the Primus?
Modemac: ABSENT: Hell, Scientology has one flagship - the Apollo. I don't know how many ships the CotSG has in its fleet...
DokV: there'll be netvictims with notebooklashups at drill, no doubt
tenebras: I'm not female and I didn't get my nick from some obscure italian gore flick
N_X_K: "Bob" is but an ICON, a devious ICON. Slaughter Dobbs and all else follows in its wake.
Modemac: ...though I daresay SOME people have probably christened their yachts or canoes in "Bob's" name,
*** Sean has set the topic on channel #subgenius to oj simpson is happy praise bob!
RevLiz: WEll this is the last year for the drill.. next year it's the real thang.
Friday-j: Teenbras - Just a pun. Geez, Slack off!
Stang: Modemac, there's a little rowboat in brushwood, used to get to pastor Craig Island. That's the flagship.
booger: the primus was great.
kodogr: We have hundreds of thousdands of Hugeneese GunStar Death Saucers.
RevLiz: And I don't know where ANY of the saucer stops are.
tenebras: I'm just being a bitch ;P
pastcraig: tenebras, if you're not a female then why do you have so many bras?
ABSENT: WE should rob the mstinky hippies of the deadhead must live for a higher cause than following Phish
MMidget: "Bob" is AN answer--and so is EVERYTHING ELSE!
Modemac: Oh good. So we DO have a flagship.
Drider: The X-day drill next year where does it takes place?
ChrisLee: "Bob" is a question- but nothing else is!
Drider: ehh
K0der: Everywhere... at once...
Drider: not drill
Friday-j: Drider - Next year IS X-Day!
Modemac: And if you're read those Scientology horror stories, then the SubGenius flagship is probably CLEANER than the Scientology one.
RevLiz: next year is 98!! they come dont they?
Stang: Drider, next year it ain't no fucking DRILL, pal!!
booger: every day i CUM
RevLiz: better fuckin' come.
Friday-j: They come, we come
kodogr: The 98 drill will be at Cydonia, Mars
N_X_K: Drider:There will be NO "DRILL" next year. Next year is THE END.
Drider: they'll be here 5 hours before you
DynaSoar: Drider: I'm thinking about setting one up for -1 month in Dallas
Drider: haaha
Drider: we will get the windows seats
Drider: ha
pastcraig: This is the LAST drill
booger spooges his bloody wad into Stang's cocoa puffs
Stang: There will never be another July 6 after THIS July 6.
RevLiz: suits me..
RevLiz: sooner the better..
DokV: kodogr: and it'll really be cold at night that time
TheCharli: I don't plan to be LOOKING out the window.
ChrisLee: test run for the poccy-lypse
K0der: I want an isle seat...
Friday-j: The last Halloween Devival in Boston
DynaSoar: Not necessarily Craig. This is the Last Annual.
K0der: I think I'll just lay on the isle floor and look up skirts...
RevLiz: Not me!! Im a window gal.
Stang: Dyna -- what? A Dallas SubCon a month before X-Day?? Hmmmm.
booger: girls? were
TheCharli: I want the hammock with the locking stirrups..
booger spews a fewmore wads
ABSENT: Operation EARLY BIRD SPECIAL is "In Effect"
DynaSoar: Stang: Yes. I have many good reasons. Want to hear?
*** Geiger ( has joined channel #subgenius
N_X_K: Even if The Saucers don't come on 7/5/98, even if the Xists don't give a shit, even if the Con overruns the Church, THERE WILL BE AN X-DAY ON THAT DAY, like it or not
pastcraig: RevLiz, do you have a PC?
Stang: Dyna, whip it out!
Geiger: whoa, Stang.
RevLiz: yes, pastcraig
K0der ducks for cover.
Drider: ha.....5 hours before YOU!
ABSENT: first...the saucers taxi everyone to Brushwood to party... then we LEAVE EARTH THE BILL!
DynaSoar: Stang: Memorial Day 1998 in Dallas for the non-campers and those who can't make NY. NOT at the same time, because that would cut into both's draw.
Sean throws a cum-stained cocoa puff at booger
booger: lets watch 'disco godfather'
pastcraig: Okay, I was wondering why you was praising windows (waa waa waa waah)
RevLiz: boooo!!!
Dr_Zach: I'm going to set my freeagent to download EVERYTHING from abs and see if it kills me.
Stang: Dyna, makes perfect $en$e to me.
booger spooges all over sean's face "quit it"
DynaSoar: Minus One Month Drill
K0der: We need a West-Coast half-drill...
DynaSoar: Thought $o.
Geiger: of curse, everything does.
ABSENT: PETEY Wheatstraw...THe Devil's son in law
RevLiz: I'll just have to disturb everyone when I have to go pee..
Sean throws a rubber used by "Bob" at booger
Drider: I'll get a better view of the destruction of all the normals and pinks
K0der: Something in Northern California.
Stang: Hell I'd only have to drive down to the Hyatt recency. That's where it SHOULD be. The one that gets clobbered in that TV movie ASTEROID part two.
*** tenebras has set the topic on channel #subgenius to THE DEVIL'S OWN X-DAY DRILL
PeeKat sits back down at the keyboard and becomes total lost...
booger: whoa! is this real
MMidget is in awe of booger's ability to write out words in his spooge.
tenebras: Yea something in North CA
kodogr: " A man with a sexual disfunction who has a pizza butt and can't get a woman.
PeeKat: I just cut something off my face...ouch...
tenebras: like at the Resort again
DynaSoar: Stang: It'd have to be upscale for our saintly patron Rob Not Bob
pastcraig: Peekat is BFR and GG coming to the drill?
Stang: Dr. Zach, I download everything on alt.binaries.slack once a week and it doesn't kill me.
RevLiz: no beer belly?
*** Signoff: ABSENT (WinSock error 10054: Connection reset by peer)
Sean: gotta go...
DynaSoar: But with other accomodation around
klem: I just got poked in the eye with a sharp stick
Friday-j: Bye Sean
booger shoots a 2 liter wad into a jug and offers it to dynasoar
*** Signoff: Sean (Leaving)
*** ICEKNIFE ( has joined channel #subgenius
RevLiz: by bob?
booger: anyone want a drink?
K0der: I want to see LA wiped clear of pink influence in 2 minutes...
DynaSoar: ICE
pastcraig: Knife
Stang: Dyna, Dallas is Hotel City. That's all it's HERE for, is ghotels for conventions.
Friday-j: Dyna - Contact the hotel NOW if you're serious
K0der: Can anyone arange that for me?
Gothmog: dr. zach: agent is remarkably stable; you should have no problem...
*** Signoff: Revrock (fucking neighbors..they will now DIE)
*** ABSENT ( has joined channel #subgenius
N_X_K might visit Dallas as a "tourist" on July 3rd-5th, just to see the city
RevDick: ice
kodogr: with peers like that who needs fucking grownups
ABSENT: GAAH! timeouts
RevLiz: NOOOO just had a week in Mexico with mega booze please!!
DynaSoar: Stang: Then we'll discuss it Thursday night.
Gothmog: dr. zach: just make sure you have lots of free space on the destination & temp drives
K0der: The fabled Iceknife...
MMidget: grownups? Most people need to GROW DOWN...
Stang: I'm sure THAT hotel is booked actually. I have a buddy that ran all the huge Fantasy Fair sf cons here, he'd know what's best.
Friday-j: msg Modemac No, you can do that if you want to. You can be yourself, no matter how horrible your Self is
Modemac: Heh.
Stang: Yeah, Dyna, we can plot world takeover Thursday.
RevLiz: oohhh this trip is starting to sound expensive..
Modemac: Yikes!
Friday-j: Oops
*** ONAN ( has joined channel #subgenius
ONAN: hail
ABSENT: Has anyone developed a Subgenius Char Class for AD&D? I still get forced to play sometimes(a secret vice)
DynaSoar: YONAN
kodogr: ONAN!
RevLiz: Yeieiee Onan
pastcraig: 29 people!
N_X_K: Doktor Canobite
PeeKat: Hey Ice...
Modemac: At least you didn't give away the exact time of the sacrifice, Friday...
RevLiz: can you dig that?
Drider: stang: I have tracked the place down from where Gutzilla have produced his videos...I might be able to make a deal with them...
MMidget: craig: people?
K0der: I can dig it.
Stang: RevLiz, the camping is only $10 a night and we only charge you $25 to SEEE THE HRRROR, but GETTING TO NY, well, that's not easy from here in Dallas.
PeeKat: Craig: Yah, I'm bringing both of 'em. It'll be all four of us...
Modemac: Absent: Yes. ALL of them.
ONAN: absent: AD&D is, in itself, a SubGenius class.
booger: anyone going to the gwar show in las vegas?
RevLiz: you said it, Stang.. I may get my hands on a tent then
pastcraig: Peekat, the clenched clench
PeeKat: ONAN!
PeeKat: Didn't see ya get here....praise Onan.
ABSENT: True, the Gamjers are mutants too
Stang: Drider, email me about that , but wait a week to send it. We're leaving on a big trip in a few hours.
tenebras: Gwar is gonna play in san jose!
ONAN: Praise PreeKrat
K0der: Mutants and deviants, all... good people.
N_X_K: Stang:My copy of Amapi, incidentally, can't convert your .TXT thang to .3DS...Need backup on that, but don't mail me yet, my provider's down
ABSENT: "Save The Gamers"
RevLiz: Superior mutants at that..
K0der: Anyone got good pink-boy recipies?
ONAN: I'll _still_ go to X-Drill IF someone will come and take me there, now.
booger: im seeing them in california. they came online last night
Stang: NXK -- but I used Amapi to SAVE it!!
Drider: k Stang
ABSENT: HRrm...I wish I could make Bumperstickers
RevLiz: bring the crock pot, Koder
ONAN: k0der: don't even bother - they're pink inside too
pastcraig: My janor card beats your legume card
Drider: will do
MMidget: K0der: Who would want to eat pink boy?
K0der: No sustinance whatsoever?
RevLiz: me!
K0der: Damn... what a shame.
Stang: Onan, mah car is broke, I dunno how I'm gonna get there. The other car and a U-haul perhaps.
PeeKat: Pinks are a delicacy...
booger: my bob card rapes all your measly cards. then uses the cards to smoke up some frop
pastcraig: Myrkury and I are bringing MEAT!
PeeKat: (i.e., nasty and gross, but you eat them cuz it's fun)
kodogr: Praise "Bob" for good old black eye pea eatin Dungeons And Dragons!
Friday-j: Stang - Will someone else be bringing her sexy skimpy outfits?
PeeKat: (see, they SCREAM.....)
Stang: Craig, there really is a Janor card and a Legume card.
ONAN: Stang: now is that "fair," I ask you?
MMidget: Pinks burn well, though... interesting colors
ABSENT: MY Greg "Freak" Khin Card ties your "janor" card
PeeKat: Stang: Make a Pee Kitty card and I'll buy a set.
RevLiz: but they're pyroflatulence leave much to be desired.
ABSENT: NOT greg"jeaporady" Khinn
K0der: Well... it is getting cold... we'll start a nice bonfire.
Drider: stang: I'll do just that!
Dr_Zach: Okay how does the SubGenius Role Playing Game work exactly?
N_X_K: Stang:Mine's an earlier version and can't read the newer. Can't get a copy for Linux either, because my ISP's down. I'm here via a jury-rigged AOL TCP link on the Mac down the hall
Drider: Praise JESUS
ChrisLee: make a "Head of John the Baptist" card
ONAN: I requested he Onan card be removed - too scandalous
Stang: Friday, my wife has been primping all day. AActually she started last WEEK. She's skimpier than all git-out.
PeeKat: It's *NOT* a roleplaying's a CARD game.
DokV can't eat red or pink meat.. watching them writhe on the grill is filling enough.
klem: will there be an online devival next week for the lost?
booger: well my "ricardo montalbon" card beats the "freak" and "janor" card
DaveAway: Hah! Back!
ICEKNIFE: the Templars and Sphinx Drummond are going to destroy Japan with the help of the Boy Sprouts
*** DaveAway is now known as Dave
Friday-j ogles someone else - "Yowza!"
pastcraig: Stang, wasn't that a joke two years ago at dragon con?
Dr_Zach: Can we have a Bleeding head of arnold palmer card?
ABSENT: Time ta weork see ya all wedsneday-sat
DokV: will Ricardo be on the saucers?
RevLiz: work??did he say WORK?
Dr_Zach: You mean it ain't an RPG? That sucks.
kodogr: Fuck You All You Bastards, My MWOWM card beats all of that shit!
Gothmog: iceknife: not if dave thomas (of wendy's) and the freemasons can help it...
ChrisLee: THIS is a RPG
ONAN: DokV: Ricardo M. will not b on the saucers but Kahn WILL
K0der gets some ideas for a SubG RPG...
PeeKat: Zach: Have you ever seen/played the Illuminati: New World Order collectable card game?
Stang: Craig, huh, what?
booger: ricardo and his fake plastic chest will be on the saucer
DokV: yesssss
Geiger: RPG? Where?
Dr_Zach: It's like MAGIC THE GATHERING with Dobbsheads? This is the end of the world.
klem: Better yet, run an irc channel at the x-day drill
ABSENT: We should start Infiltrating the masons...
Drider: klem: Good idea
Dave: Absent: We already _have_...
booger: Infiltrating the mansons?
Dr_Zach: I played Illuminati ages go. It was a card game sorta, wouldn't call it a collectible card game.
PeeKat: Zach: Uh, who the fuck said anything about M:TG???
ABSENT: them too
ONAN: SubGenius is a rpg - REAL PLAYING, GUYS/GALS
Friday-j drops bricks on the masons
PeeKat: Zach: It's been REDONE as a CCG's actually better (IMO)
ABSENT: gnite all!
Dave: This _is_ my role.
Geiger: WHOA
Geiger: WHOa
DokV: nite absent
Friday-j: bye abs
Gothmog: wendy's is a mason-run eatery... avoid at all costs
pastcraig: Stang, two years ago at dragon con, you, flooz, janor and papajo were ranting agianst gamers. Was the card thing on at that time?
K0der: IS it really?
Dr_Zach: well I'm just out of touch.
ICEKNIFE: reality hacking requires lottsa real props and blood and newts and shit
Geiger: I found a book on masonics!!!!!
ChrisLee: I rolled up a "ChrisLee" class character
Geiger: !!!1
ONAN: The local mason temple IS run by SubG - no kidding! Rev. Louie
Geiger: !!!
Drider: klem: register this special drill channel on anothernet
RevDick: bye
Dave: Yeah, well, we rant against MTV too, Craig.
MMidget: Wendy's burgers are square. SQUARE, for chrissakes!
ONAN: pastcraig: beware of believing the wrong lies
klem: I have an 1897 master mason diploma
N_X_K: Stang:Not enough space for amapi here, either. Well, it's too early...Make the .3DS file and I'll mail you about it when I switch ISPs to the new location
N_X_K: Stang:But 3DS SHOULD work. It had better work, damn IT, or...
Dave: So are WHITE CASTLES! And they're the BURGERS OF SLACK!
*** Signoff: N_X_K (WinSock error 10054: Connection reset by peer)
ABSENT: I live next to a temple. I spy on them. ABSENT OUT!
booger: the "RevJohn" card beats the shit out of the evil mason card.
Stang: This SubGenius game is either PART of INWO or a stand-alone. Steve Jackson wrote it using our two books to pull lines from. I am selecting the art for it, mostly from alt.binaries.slack artists, plus Nenslo.
K0der: Square burgers have more meet.
*** N_X_K ( has joined channel #subgenius
tenebras: I used to hang out with masons, wierd freaks
kodogr: Masons.. Some Good, some Bad... Not suprising.
K0der: White castles are dripping with slack!
N_X_K: Here we are again.
tenebras: they wanted me to go to these youth groups
RevLiz: but all pink..
PeeKat: Stang: Be honest. Is it GOOD?
booger: White castles are dripping with slack and onions!
kodogr: The Miracle Of Connies Panties... AAAAAAAAAAAAA How sweet she is!
Dave: He probably took all the lines OUT OF CONTEXT. Or he took out ALL THE WRONG LINES. Or BOTH.
*** bansheEEe ( has joined channel #subgenius
ONAN: if Onan still ate meat he'd be eatin' them white castles now, i tell ya
RevLiz: shiny squeaky piggy pink
ChrisLee: anybody see "Face/Off"?
PeeKat: Nell ho.
N_X_K: Stang:Not enough space for amapi here, either. Well, it's too early...Make the .3DS file and I'll mail you about it when I switch ISPs to the new location
Gothmog: chrislee: yeah, nice flick
*** Signoff: ABSENT (WinSock error 10054: Connection reset by peer)
Dave: I wanted to. I went and saw some stupid New Zealand film instead.
RevDick: hey stang....whats going to be used for?
MMidget: Connie's Panties are also dripping with slack and onions, coincidentally
ChrisLee: Nell! NO!
Friday-j: ChrisLee - Dr. A said it was GREAT
pastcraig: I just think it would be funny if stang makes $$ from something he used to make fun of
tenebras: we don't go to conspiracy films
N_X_K: Shit, sorry, screwup with the lastlog on this ircle thing
booger: i like FELLATIO
RevLiz: stick apples in their mouths..
booger: somone fellate me!
ICEKNIFE: shutup geeker
ONAN: I'm not sure SubG txt can be 'out of context' - it covers everything, so...
Gothmog: chrislee: i particularly liked the slow-mo shootout to 'somewhere over the rainbow'
*** Eppy has left channel #subgenius
ONAN: fellationan
RevLiz: yea, he's a cool dude, Booger.
bansheEEe: say, does anyone know where I can get a good face fucking?
Modemac: YOWZA! Thanks for the Negativland suggestions, one and all.
ChrisLee: groovy. i'm looking forward to Face?off
booger: bansheEEe: stang offer's great ones for 3 cents
Friday-j hands BansheEEe a bat
Stang: Dave, we just got the script of the game last Monday. Jesus and the crew here have been play-testing it as has Jackson. We're hurriedly trying to iron out the kinks.
pastcraig: Dr_Zach, right here! usually called uglyking
Dave: Negativland recs? Uh, a Big 10-8 Place.
ONAN: modemac: mark h is a friend of mine, yes
Dave: I haven't heard their latest.
MMidget: FACE/OFF reduces to ACE/OF. Meaning?
N_X_K: Sorry? Did I say "SORRY?" Must need more caffiene
DynaSoar: Free face Fucking Bats on #subgenius
Mirjen: I'm going to see that wednesday, try not to give anymore plot away.
ICEKNIFE: Try New: FOOD - It's what's for Lunch!
ONAN: Stang: nah, iron IN the kinks
Dave: I thought we were SUPPOSED to be kinky.
DokV torques up his FellatioMaster(TM) 1998 for booger.
bansheEEe: Dr_Zach: don't just fuck that face, fuck the HELL out of it
Dave: Ace of Base, MMidget.
Dr_Zach: Well the church makes fun of everything especially if it makes the church money.
Gothmog: stang: what will the card back graphic be? hopefully something cool...
ChrisLee: Operation Condor will be out July 18th!
PeeKat: Stang: Hey, yer gonna have 100 potential playtestes at the Drill, man...
Stang: I'll have a copy of the caard text at the Drill. Matt and Jesus and them will ALLOW you to watch them play test.
Modemac: Friday: Were there any side effects of your bat attack at the last Devival?
booger: ACE/OFf, isnt that the new KISS vechile?
RevLiz: Jesus loves me , but Bob gives better head..
PeeKat: Goth: Well, if it's supposed to be mixable with original INWO, the card back can't change, ya know?
ICEKNIFE: There won't be a streeeetchy penis card, so it will SUCK
ONAN: I went to the Portland zoo for teh first time the other day, and in teh bat exhibit there were a bunch of bats fucking (or at least peeing into) their own faces - DAMN!
klem: The card back should be the tree of life
Gothmog: stang: gotcha...
Friday-j: Modemac - Besides the spots, and the hypersensitive clitorii, and the other thing, no, nothing bad
Drider: stang: If we sent our $30 today how long will it take before we will get our minister cards? (Denmark)
Dave: "Bob" is a lousy lay. "Connie" is much better.
PeeKat: Stang: That's damned BORING. What for we can no play test, man???
Dave: It's one of those Robert Fripp/Toyah Wilcox things.
Drider: if you know, that is
ICEKNIFE: no CRUNT card either I bet
bansheEEe: hey stang: did you ever hear from those bbc bozos that did the filming when you flew into Resort in santa cruz?
Dr_Zach: As I type these words I am downloading over two hundred files from abs to my computer and my wife is gonna piss on my grave when she sees it.
RevLiz: I've been meaning to try her..
booger: connie opens EVER orafice on that bod of hers!
booger: CONT CARD!
booger: CUNT CARD!
Stang: I honestly do not give a flying flipping Phobosian fuckeroo whether the game is any GOOD or not, as long as it makes MONEY. If it happens ALSO to be good then that might be Dobbs' will too.
Dave: Liz: You'll get plenty of opportunity, believe me...
PeeKat: Hmf.
Friday-j: Stang - Well said! (applause)
ICEKNIFE: there better be a fucking CRACKED CHURCH AIR CANISTER...
Dr_Zach: Is there a Zach card? If there's no Zach card I ain't playin,.
DokV: Drider: too long....for sure -- i lost/(had stolen) my card, i don't i can replace it before Drill
kodogr: Stang, I'll give it a chance
booger: hell i even have a card zach, you must have a card
Dr_Zach: There should be a BURN ZACH IN EFFIGY card.
Friday-j: If there's a card you want just PRINT IT UP YOURSELF and GIVE IT AWAY WHYDON'CHA?
ICEKNIFE: and a PONE card
pastcraig: Hey, I saw the tyson vs hollyfield last night it went to an ear-ly decision.
kodogr: I ain't got no damn card for me.
Dave: Phone card? Subgenius phone cards?
booger: dont worry
ONAN: i heard teh new negativland cd, not released yet - get it fast, possibly more trouble
Gothmog: pastcraig: lol, me too...
Dave: You said that already, Craig.
Friday-j hopes the Stang card is cute
ICEKNIFE: there are MANY kinds of PONE
kodogr: I'll just make up my own damn card I guess.
Gothmog: pastcraig: that fight was crazy as hell
Stang: The game is heavy on the BASICS and the older, ultra-trivia BoSG stuff, not very heavy on modern day inside jokes, unless you call, say, Jesus a modern day inside joke.
Dave: Yeah, when's the release date on that one?
booger: holyfeild will just buy tyson a hooker and then everything will be OKAY
ONAN: my subg phone card never ran out - still calling, after 2 months!
Modemac: Who did they piss off THIS time, Onan?
pastcraig: Dave, but there are more people here now
K0der: Jesus is exactly that.
Dave: Well, like, will there be a Wei R. Doe card?
ONAN: modemac: PEPSI
Dr_Zach: Are there plans to ADD MORE CARDS if this puppy flies?
ICEKNIFE: considering there's a catholic cardinal named Bevilaqua...
Modemac: COOL!
RevLiz: we're jazzed... xday drill got me jazzed.
booger: besides holyfeild has MILLIONS he could BUY A NEW goddam EAR
*** moof999 (MX-3@1Cust9.Max49.Chicago.IL.MS.UU.NET) has joined channel #subgenius
Dr_Zach: I better get another job so I can buy all these damn cards.
Stang: Onan, I am bringing your Confession Video and a monitor and VCR so I will make everyone watch it, even if they have to line up and watch it in groups of 5 or so.
Friday-j: SubG Card Booster Packs?
DynaSoar: reMoof
Modemac: I was just reading that 'Brought To Light' comic book which ties Pepsi in with the Iran-Contra thing.
ICEKNIFE: is the a Bill Gates card?
klem: make bubble gum cards for the liddle'uns
moof999: whoooa? what was that, EMP?
TheCharli: Thee should be a TheCharlie card. There definitely should. I don't play any games if they don't have a TheCharlie card.
N_X_K is leaving.
ONAN: "All puppies fly" - J. R. "Bob" Dobbs, Onan's Little Helper Vol. 24
ICEKNIFE: after what Gates tried, it's only fair
Dr_Zach: yeah! Booster packs!
Friday-j: bye nxk
ChrisLee: we can rebuild his ear. we can make it better
booger: does anyone else have the "ivan stang posable action figure" ?
Modemac: Though the CD will probably be banned before it ever makes it here...
Dave: I want to see Negativland take on MICROSOFT!
klem: I found all my old batman cards 1966, sigh...
Dave: Modemac: Can we mail-order ear?|I|ly?
Dr_Zach: WAIT! STANG! IS THERE A BOBBIE CARD??? A card that represents the Bobbies of the world?
pastcraig: All I can say was Myrkury and I watched it with a boxing fan who was putting down prowrassling. He was eating serious crow.
RevLiz: Let's send him an ear..
*** Signoff: N_X_K (WinSock error 10054: Connection reset by peer)
Modemac: Dave: I don't know, ask Onan.
Stang: Booger, I have a posable Stang, "Bob" and Legume inside my computer, but they're all pretty fucked up looking, even worse than real life.
klem: yeah the bobbie card is a mirror
*** Signoff: DokV (WinSock error 10054: Connection reset by peer)
Friday-j: Klem - Good idea!
Stang: Zach Yes there is a Bobbies card.
Dave: OK. Onan, where can I get this quick as possible?
kodogr: Will I be able to draw Tarot with these cards so to speak?
ONAN: dave: get what?
Dr_Zach: NYES!!!! There's my Zach card okay I'm in.
pastcraig: Tyson Hollyfield II was so fakey that wrestling fans would have walked out.
Drider: kodo, you can do that with ANYTHING card-shaped
K0der: Does possession of these cards tilt the luck plane in your directin?
Dave: Onan: New Negativland.
Modemac: Dave: I suspect you can get it fast by ordering it directly from Seeland...
TheCharli: I don't play poker either. there's no TheCharlie card in poker.
MMidget: Tyson is hardcore! HE'S HARDCORE!!!!!
Stang: Koder, only if you have the Luck Plane resource card.
booger: my action figure has the pull string in the ass and when ipull it it yells at me.. its like you are here stang! i sleep with it next to my bed and and insert it into body cavitys sexually
ICEKNIFE: and what about a Zoogz Rift card???
PeeKat: Charlie: So change you name to Jack.
RevLiz: Ok.. RevLiz is gone.. hope to see ya'll at tha drill...
K0der: Damn...
DynaSoar: Lateron Liz
RevLiz: I'll be checkin' the board..
moof999: bye Rev
Dave: Have fun!~
Stang: Booger, that would explain those headaches I've been having lately.
PeeKat: Is ther at LEAST an ICEKNIFE card??
*** Signoff: RevLiz (Leaving)
Dr_Zach: I will take it upon myselvis to write the book on how to play Tarot with SubGenius cards. I'll use my wife's library for reference material. It will be thirty posts to alt.slack, sent biweekly.
Friday-j: bye liz
ONAN: dave: any record store will have the 7" already, just advance order "The new negativland" (SECRET TITLE NOT LISTD HERE) from Moredam Records
PeeKat wants an ICEKNIFE card...
TheCharli: but PK .. there STILL wouldn't be a TheCharlie card even if my name was Jack.
K0der: stang: Are the cards going to be sharp enough to give papercuts with them?
PeeKat: Oh.
MMidget: I think most Pinks FLOW as GLASS...
Dave: Isn't it called "Dispepsi" or something?
ICEKNIFE: no iceknife cards... those go in your COMPUTER...
MMidget: The Liquid MWOWM-o, baby
Drider: cards that kill...coll
pastcraig: Tyson sucks. He's luck hollyfield didn't kick him in the nuts and give him a DDT
booger: damn.. i guess ill leave your doll alone and start using my posable sivet action figure (heh heh heh)
Stang: The cards are not heavy on Internet SubGenii. They revolve around doctrine, gods, demons, monsters and messiahs, plus Janor. And me of course. There ISS a Stang card. Nenslo did it.
klem: I don't know about these crazy kid card games, but if you sell a regular deck I'll buy it
PeeKat: ICEKNIFE: Gives +6 on any attack to destroy. Alignments: Weird, Fanatic...
Dave: I tried to put an ICEKNIFE card in my computer but it fused with my MWOWM socket! I had to replace the motherboard!
tenebras: who gives a fuck about two doods beating the fuck out of each other?
Dave: _~??
Friday-j plonks her money down for the Stang card
DynaSoar: Two doods do.
Stang: We played a sneak preview from Dyspepsi on Hour of Slack the other show.
MMidget: "Don't just eat your opponent's ear, EAT THE HELL OUT OF IT!" -M. Tyson
ICEKNIFE: so we went to court
bansheEEe: if tyson was 38DD with 8 functional inches I would have paid to see that fucking match
ONAN: There's a 9-inch worm card, of course
ChrisLee: there should be a "Race Card" in INWO
Modemac: Friday: But I don;t think there's a Sivet card.
K0der: A very large number of pinks, unfortunately...
ICEKNIFE: our lawyer looked a lot like "Bob"
Dr_Zach: Well after this project sells you'll have to make booster packs. Call it the AltSlackivonia Arcana.
Dave: I'm gonna try the bread thing again. BRB.
PeeKat: booger: Betsy Fuckin Ross will bring a doll for you to play with...
ICEKNIFE: we didn't win
ICEKNIFE: we didn't lose
Friday-j: Modemac - I'll make my own
ONAN: and a squeeter card too
pastcraig: Now no Wrassling federation is going to want tyson
Stang: Onan, no, but you'd be surprised what odd off the wall half-forgotten bits Jackson pulled for card subjects.
DynaSoar: NO
Dr_Zach: Just how many cards are there?
booger inserts along needle into his PeeKat doll
tenebras: banshee: I wouldn't have paid what they asked, regardless
booger: doyou feel anything PeeKat?
ChrisLee: i got my Godzilla hood ornament today! i'm so happy!
Stang: 100 cards.
PeeKat is a squeeter...
moof999: squeeter?
Dr_Zach: Dammit I gotta pee. Where's my catheter?
Dr_Zach: BRB
PeeKat: That's NOT a PeeKat doll, booger...sorry.
ICEKNIFE: that's not funny
ONAN: The whole deck is 9" if you lay out the cards just right - honest!
DynaSoar: PK: Don;t mess with the powers you can't understand
moof999: i know not of this squeeter
PeeKat: no, it's not...but what the hell?
pastcraig: Booger, you might think twice on the Betsy doll ;>
MMidget: All pro sports are fixed, anyway...
moof999: whoops, who am I?
Stang: Last week I narrowed 3,000 pieces of Sub art down to 400 -- 4 choices for each card, except that there are a whole bunch I want to do JUSt for the game.
*** moof999 is now known as DokV
MMidget is a squirter...
booger: damnit, this is the bob denver doll
booger: what the hell?
kodogr: Stang, so you don't have to keep buying packs , like some movie fanboy card deal? Its just 100 cards in 1 set?
bansheEEe: stang: pick a good set and then do booster packs
Friday-j: Stang - What poor suckers are doing the custom art?
PeeKat: Dyna: I understand, and I laugh in the face of the videotapemaking squeeter deathboys....
pastcraig: brb
Stang: Hey, I posted my first computer animation on alt.binaries.slack tonight. 4 4 second scenes. The new Bryce lets you do animation.
K0der: Get it up to 333 cards...
bansheEEe: stang: people will pay extra to have the yeti sodomy card
Dave: z_p!v?q^\?
K0der: stang: Are the cards numbered?
ICEKNIFE: yeah, but thanks to crap they sent to my landlord, I have to move next week.
Dave: ARRRRGH.. Goddamned LINE NOISE..
Dave: I'm back.
*** booger has set the topic on channel #subgenius to Jaques Cousteau is dead. Long live that sloppy bitch!
ONAN: each card has a little slit in the side so they can lock together and make a Dobbsmaxion Dome, just like I live in here except a model
PeeKat: What?
PeeKat: ICE: Thanks to stuff the SQUEETERS sent to your landlord, you have to move????
*** ONAN has set the topic on channel #subgenius to All Puppies Fly - J. R. "Bob" Dobbs
TheCharli: Stang.. I saw one of them.. spider something? looked pretty good.. but I don't know if I'd be able to wait that long for it to render..
Stang: Friday, Nenslo and I have reserved ALL necessary custom art for OURSELVES. Your Before and After brain pics are in the running for "You'll pay to Know What You Really Think" or "Attitude Mutation."
DynaSoar: Dave: z_p!v?q\?
pastcraig: back
Friday-j: Stang - GOOD. Less work for me.
Dave: Dynasoar: Line noise.
Stang: The cards fall into different categories, like Persons, Resources, Places, Plots.
DynaSoar: I like it
Drider: is Mavrides doing some art too the game too?
booger: who wants some fresh nutreinet rich Chism?
PeeKat: ICE...I'm confused. Why would they mail your landlord stuff?
DokV: dave: an 'event' just took down the lectricity here *except the computer* -and- took out the phone/modem
pastcraig: Disciples of the Apocolypse rule
ICEKNIFE: same reason they mailed my boss
Stang: Friday, you already did your work. Although I do have MORE jobs PLANNED for you, EH EH EH!!!
PeeKat: Why is that? Why are they mailing YOU?
Friday-j: gotta go get a drink, don't talk about me while I'm away OK?
Dr_Zach: Is there a Dallas Texas card?
Dave: I was writing a message about "Bob" to someone today and the POWER went out. It's NHGH's fault.
PeeKat: Last I heard, this was just some anonymous thing Onan got...what have I missed since then???
Stang: Drider, we're using some previously unseen Vreedeez art.
K0der: A frop card?
Dr_Zach: Friday is such a drinker.
pastcraig: And I know why the two bald dudes will never take their vests off
DokV: i knewi t
Dave: "eh eh eh" is his way of saying HAW HAW HAW.
Stang: Zach -- a DALLAS CATACOMBS card actually.
RevDick: Stang: the binary wasnt posted
*** Geiger has set the topic on channel #subgenius to Jaques Cousteau is dead. Long live that sloppy bitch!
*** stella ( has joined channel #subgenius
Dave: Is Nando still around?
Stang: The RevDick -- it sure made it to Zippo and AOL.
TheCharli: stella! Stellaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
Dave: Tag, Stella!
Friday-j: back
pastcraig: Stella, I'm home!
Dr_Zach: Any cards in reference to JFK's assassination?
booger: you could at least be original geiger
stella: Hi again:)
ONAN: geiger & booger: that's a dull topic.
DynaSoar: Hi again again
Dr_Zach: the 'grassy knoll' card.
kodogr: The inverted head of JFK card
stella: Hi Craig..thats good
Stang: FROP FARM card, which I will do in 3D.
Dave: Yeah! Enough of this "New and Improved" geiger!
Dr_Zach: The 'zapruder film' card
DynaSoar: Yeah
booger: okay how bout this
klem: The magic bullet card
RevDick: hmmm....i used YA newswatcher and it didnt show up
Stang: Bleed-over with INWO takes care of all the specific conspiracies like JFK.
Friday-j: Eyeglasses card
Dave: I'd think some of these conspiracies would overlaps with INWO classic.
RevDick: lemme check again
DokV: man... i shoulda been a -chick-
ONAN: the scissors of sight card has a little hole in it
*** booger has set the topic on channel #subgenius to JIZM SPILLED BY BOB, THE VIRGIN MARY CRIES!
Dave: Dok: Why?
Stang: You won't have to buy any more SUBGENIUS cards, but you might need the INWO set... which of course NEVER ENDS.
Dr_Zach: The 'Warren Commision' card. Hell jfk could have his own deck
ICEKNIFE: any cards refereing to the similarities between Bergman's depiction of death personafied and Ernest Borgnine in Posidon Adventure?
Friday-j: Stang wears glasses, Janor wears glasses - we _need_ an Eyeglasses Card
pastcraig: I have always depended on the kindeness of Dobbs for my slack
Modemac: "Bob" spills his jizm, and another prairie squid dies.
klem: Does Corso rate a card yet
Dave: Stang: Are these gonna be available as a set, or do we have to buy endless packs like with baseball cards?
Stang: Iceknife, we do have a card almost exactly like that, which Nickie is illustrating.
tenebras: we need a "Stang's big white suit that doesn't fit" card
Dr_Zach: ENDLESS PACKS go for curtain number two!
DynaSoar: yep
Friday-j: Endless packs I trust - more $$$ for Dobbs
Stang: All in one box of 100.
DokV: tenebras: hehe YES
Dave: Stang: Cool.
pastcraig: Does eat oats and Mare eat oats
Modemac: Bergman's Death is right there on SubSite.
ICEKNIFE: hope you're not planning on violating my copyright
Drider: what is it gonna cost?
klem: You can sell add ons, which have nothing to do with the game
Friday-j takes an Oat Bran tablet
ONAN: the anabuse card got removed
Stang: Don't worry , uh... Oh, I can't say your name, I forgot.
Dr_Zach: And then the internet set is coming out in boosters, right? You gotta milk this stanger!
kodogr: Stang, 100 box set good
Modemac: Make it a suppository, Friday.
Stang: I think the game will be like $16.
K0der: $16 for 100 cards?
ONAN: MILK THE STRANGER - A Quinn Martin Production
klem: Sounds like the perfect stocking stuffer
ICEKNIFE: not in print you can't
Stang: Onan -- the Antabuse card is in SOME of the boxes.
Dave: K0der: You don't know card games too well, do you?
Friday-j hands Modemac a suppository of Stang's - "Only used once! Or maybe twice ..."
K0der: Dave: Nope... can't say I do.
Modemac: Suppository 'frop!
ONAN: The Antabuse card is only in the boxes of those who'll _need_ it
Modemac: That's probably what Renton was using in Trainspotting.
ICEKNIFE: Vanderwalker and I are doing an ICEKNIFE comic
Dr_Zach: There should be a SMOKING STANG card and a NICOTENE PATCH STANG card.
tenebras: I'm doing a comic illustrated with snot
ONAN: i have a squeeter card and i'll sell it for $50.00 - no less
tenebras: it's called GREEN
DynaSoar: You can KEEP your squeeter card.
Friday-j: Nicotene Patch card should BE a Nicotene Patch!
kodogr: If I had slack, I would write a "BoB" Videogame for the PC, Mac, Atari, and Arcade!
Dave: I'd think that'd be difficult to do in mass quantities.
DynaSoar: In a SAFE
Stang: The art is mostly (so far) looking to be by Fernandinande, Poindexter, Funway, Sterno, Nenslo, some Mavrides and Hal, some cuthulu probably, and I'm gonna FORCE some of myine into it, somehow.
K0der: So... what kind of SubG program do you want to see?
TheCharli: Stang.. are these scratch and sniff cards?
Stang: Oh yeah and Vandewalker. He'll probably have a lot in there.
RevDick: tryin to do just that
ONAN: Me & Philo did a "Bob"-WAD for Doom2, but he never knew about it and I only wanted to & never did.
kodogr: RevDick, neeto!
Dave: So _is_ there a "Bob" wad for Doom2?
Dr_Zach: I still wanna see a subg rpg before xday
K0der: You will get a SubG RPG.
Dave: I used to have a pirate beta. But I lost it.
PeeKat: Zach: We're living it!
tenebras: I'd like to see "Bob"'s wad
MMidget: I have a "Bob" wad, but not for Doom2...
ONAN: Say "windshield wipers"
Stang: Onan, there is a Dobbs Doom wad.
K0der: RevDick: What are you working on, and need any help?
Dr_Zach: yeahyeah but I still want one.
Drider: onan: Where can I get this wad? (since it is not on subsite)
PeeKat: Where? (the doom wad)
Modemac: Zach: GURPS Illuminati.
ONAN: Stang: I dinna do it, lad
kodogr: Bobs Wad For Doom 2
Stang: It may still be on fernandinande's wedsite -- he had the Dobbs doom wad.
Dr_Zach: No it needs to be a strictly subg game. Everyone is bob.
kodogr: Shoot Your Wad
Drider: what is the url?
ICEKNIFE: Rob made one
Stang: I had the wad on Subsite but it was 7 megs and didn't work after passing through so many platforms so i yanked it.
PeeKat does not know this fernandinande nor does he know his website...anyone go a URL?
klem: Make it like XCOM, only you shoot the pinks, and help the aliens
PeeKat: got a URL even?
ONAN: "BOB"'S PROMISE RINGS TRUE - any sufficiently advanced lie is indistinguishable from a paycheck
Dave: Ferdinande posts a lot of stuff to ABS.
Friday-j: Fernandinande will finally be REWARDED for all his amazing art spew
DynaSoar: PK: There's a link from the Art Mines.
PeeKat: Hokay. Thankee Dyna!
PeeKat: Wait....DOOM I or DOOM II?
PeeKat deleted DOOM I....
Dave: DOOM I, I think.
Dr_Zach: I think fernandinande is linked to my Slackful Linkage Compendium too, but I haven't checked the urls in a coons age.
PeeKat: ARGH.
kodogr: If I was going to make a "BOB" videogame, I would have a "BOB" vs NHGH stange in it.
PeeKat: Ah well.
ONAN: Saw an announcement for Quake 2, but haven't seen it yet
ChrisLee: how long is a coon's age anyways?
kodogr: I mean stage in it.
Dave: I never even played Quake 1.
PeeKat played that KILLBOB (for Win3.1) game he found a while ago........ boring.
Dr_Zach: In the Bob vs nhgh stage the screen would blink and you'd lose your quarter.
*** Signoff: booger (WinSock error 10054: Connection reset by peer)
tenebras: If I made a "Bob" video game it would be like Mario Bros-get pipes to save the alians
klem: fraudulent slip, stange=stang?
Dave: My computer's too SLOW for games nowadays.. it can only do SERIOUS things like post to alt.slack..
Stang: I JUST GOT A CALL on the other line. My car looks like it will be ready, praise "Bob." That means I still have to pack tonight however.
PeeKat: Woohoo!
Dave: Have (hey!) a good time, Stang..
Stang: I will be going very soon, so as to get my Van and fill it with SHIT TO SELL YOU.
Friday-j: Praise the Van of Stang!
PeeKat isn't even gonna get to pack...he's just gonna throw it all together and go...
ONAN: Stang: now, is that"fair," I ask you?
Modemac: Fernandinande:
Friday-j: Stang - Bring HOS 582!
Dr_Zach: Is there a STANGS VAN CARD?
PeeKat: Praise Modemac! Thank you.
ChrisLee: i'm gonna fill my van with homebrew...
MMidget: Anyone a fan of Nickelodeon's Pete and Pete?
kodogr: Stang, I prayed for you.
Stang: Friday, huh?
kodogr: Look, like I made more work for you perhaps
PeeKat: Zach: Yeah, but it only works half the time, so they dropped it.
DynaSoar: OK, my head's full. It has to go puke now.
bansheEEe: ok slackers, I'll see you all on Xday
PeeKat: okay...
bansheEEe: keep your saucer tickets hot
*** Signoff: bansheEEe (Leaving)
DynaSoar: last call for rides board action: mail me
PeeKat is going too....TIRED....up all day and las tnight....
Friday-j: Bring the Atlanta Hour of Slack whatever it is!
Dr_Zach: Don't forget to BURN ME IN EFFIGY
Friday-j: bye pk
K0der: Dyna: Does that include needed rides?
ChrisLee: oh, here's another good band name- SLACKAHOLIC
Stang: Eeeh, uh, Friday, ok I'll try to dub it, uh..
*** Signoff: DynaSoar (Leaving)
Dave: K0der: Yes.
Friday-j: Stang - OH NEVER MIND GO PACK!
PeeKat: I will see you all at the Drill. Just look for the guy dressed all weird wearing pigtails in his hair and escorting one of the cutest yetichyx in the world.....
klem: Have fun
*** Signoff: ICEKNIFE (Leaving)
*** Signoff: stella (Leaving)
Friday-j: WE WILL
Mirjen: hey, now, be bitter quietly, like me.
Dave: Um, look for the guy who looks like Herve Villechaize. But taller.
PeeKat: BYE BYE YA FUX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
klem: dropping like flies they are
Dr_Zach: Don't forget to video tape EVERYTHING.
RevDick: ok
Dave: Hell, look for the guy who looks like Herve Villechaize ANYWAY.
pastcraig: bye peekat
RevDick: quiet like
TheCharli: time to go.. does anyone have a ZIP drive that theyare bringing to the drill?
Friday-j: Pack VIDEO CAMERA Stang! Don't forget!
Dave: He won't be me, but I bet he'll be DAMN COOL.
Stang: I do not expect to have "fun". I hope to get good recordings. I hope to train a few more Bobbies, to toughen them up.
ONAN: no video or audio allowed at the drill this time, unfortunatley
PeeKat: (BTW, if anyone wants to see Uni's clit, just ask her...she loves showing that thing off. Seriously...)
klem: IRC at the drill... thats the ticket
*** Signoff: PeeKat (Off to shoot the wizard....)
Stang: Friday, I can't believe it, but Ydnax is letting me use HIS HIGH 8 CAMERA.
TheCharli: ONAN ..wahtchoo talking about?????
Dave: Onan, yer trolling, royt?
Modemac: ANOTHER IMPORTANT BRUSHWOOD QUESTION: What time does it close at night? I.E. you can't get in at 10 PM (probably), so when do you need to be there?
DokV: my PXL-2000 died :~( ... can't tape nuttin'
ONAN: Is there anything I can say that won't be believed?
Friday-j: Stang - Praise Ydnax! What a sweetie ... must be genetic ...
Dr_Zach: did onan say something?
kodogr: Stang, are you going to ram steal rods through their foreheads?
Dave: I can't FIND my PXL-2000.
K0der: PXL-2000 rules!
kodogr: That would strengthen them I think!
DokV: Dave: *gasp*
Friday-j: Modemac - 1 AM or you'll have to wait at the gate!
Dave: Anyone know where you can get replacement parts for it? Hookup wires, etc.?
pastcraig: Modemac, good question.
Dave: I could tape, but I couldn't play stuff back on TV.
Stang: Modemac -- There's usually nobody manning the gate after 10, so ... be there by 10! Actually I was meeting people at the gate myself at 2 am but they were lucky... last year.
Stang: Is that right? 1 am? Friday knows better than me.
Stang: You can call Brushwood and ask.
Friday-j: Or visit!
DokV: Dave: i dunno, i've been forgetting to try to track down old fisherprice enginners... i'm afraid to mess with it, seems nontrivial to get it apart and back together
Dave: I don't think I have to mess with it, just get the wire that hooks it up to the TV replaced...
tenebras: isn't there a newsgroup for pixel cams?
ONAN: there will be a laptop --> station --> dish transmit thing at X-Drill, so we'll be able to RealAudio the whole thing
kodogr: ONAN, no shit?>
klem: I'll look for you on the news
pastcraig: pxl-2000 info 1800262pxl2
Stang: I am going to go now and work for many more hours. Aieee. See ya there. Incidentally, for NY listeners and NJ, WFMU hopes to broadcast live from X Day Drill at 6 or 16:15 Friday.
Modemac: Okay, I'll do that when I finish downloading this file.
TheCharli: ONAN ..seriously.. I'm bringing a digital camera, but will need to store on Zip too. I have no laptop right now.
klem: COPS-Brushwood
ONAN: anyone into the pxlcam search for "Dead Media Project"
DokV: Dave: mine gives off that TYCO slot-car electrical burning smell...
kodogr: Bye Stang-a-roo!

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