SUNDAY NIGHT SUB-IRC CHAT DEVIVAL 7-13(weekend after the Drill)

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BBQ_Skin: No, actually, my skin is maybe less wan than usual but still really white.
TheCharlie: Lynch.. I LIKE you haircut!
ChrisLee: ahoy
IgnrntBls: Stang, you're the devil
Friday-j: cuthulu - But Jesus is so CUTE it's hard not to fuck him
EyeRend looks for a picture of jack lalane with carlos gambini for Fry
alt_slack: stangy wangy
Annna: He looks Scottish, Dave does.
BBQ_Skin: Charlie- Thanks! But, err, you haven't seen it.
EyeRend: gambino that is
Drider: ehy stang
EyeRend: STANG!!!!
IgnrntBls: Only not so cool
BBQ_Skin: Annna- must be the plaid.
TheCharlie: Lynch... er.. YOU HAVEN'T SEEN IT. check a.b.s again...
Friday-j: Blessed be he of the Video Cameras and the Audio Clips!
IgnrntBls: more like the devil's plumber
Revrock: lol
BBQ_Skin: The doctored picture, or what?
alt_slack: hail STANG!
Friday-j gives Stang a hug since Modemac isn't here to be made jealous
RevDick: stngi
Annna: Nope, it's the nose and mouth, Dave. You look like a Scot. Say "begorrah" a lot.
Revrock: fixing the devil's pipes, huh???
TheCharlie: or what is more like it..
Stang: Testing testing... whew...
BBQ_Skin: Begorrah. A lot.
Friday-j: Stang - We were just launching Doug's head into low earth orbit
IgnrntBls: Begorrah is IRISH. . lets get it right
Revrock: so...Stang fixes the devils's pipes....
EyeRend: AND got it interviewed on TV!
BBQ_Skin: Hey, Cuthulu, did you check out the EWTN troll?
Friday-j: Revrock - Yeah, he BLOWS on them (snicker)
BBQ_Skin: That's OK, I'm Irish. Kiss me.
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Revrock: lol
alt_slack: yeah i saw the ewtn
Stang: Who's Doug? Where's the devil? Huh? I just, JUST finished mixing the first Drill Hour of Slack...
IgnrntBls kisses BBQ skin
alt_slack: i thought it was a parody
EyeRend: It was an EXPLOSIVE iron that launched the doug head into orbit.
Friday-j: Stang - Praise the hard-working Stang!
alt_slack: it only turned into a troll after the stupid people saw it
BBQ_Skin: It was. But everyone took it SERIOUSLY.
Stang: I'm spaced out. Must... reach... oxygen switch.
Annna: I can't tell the difference between ANY ethnic groups. Except the Sons of Norway.
EyeRend: Stang hang kewl blut
Friday-j hands Stang the oxygen tank and a unlit Fropstick
Friday-j: Here's a match Stang!
*** Signoff: Desmond (Into the Zone)
EyeRend: lol
EyeRend: he has a trolley at the marketplace
BBQ_Skin: We have Corn!
Revrock: I need some frop..pass some this way...
BBQ_Skin: Watch out for the Belgians.
IgnrntBls: Praise The Fixer of the Infernal Crapper!!!!!
Friday-j: I'll just wait over here while you lighjt up Stangums
Friday-j passes the Frop by without taking a taste
EyeRend throws obscene portion of rasta frop in a pile & burns it in a bonfire
Revrock: hell..let's smoke friday....
Friday-j: Praise He Of The Smoking Frame Grabber!
Stang: Ah, a fropstick, an oxygen tank and a match. Where have I seen THAT trick before, EH FRIDAY??
RevDick: eh?
Friday-j: Stang - You fell for it last time, and you certainly aren't any SMARTER since then
RevUni: Back :)
BBQ_Skin: No, smoke today!
Stang: Rev.Eyere -- I've been a-choppin' and a-dubbin'. The video stereo sound is GREAT!
RevUni: Hey Stang! :)
BBQ_Skin: OK, who here was _not_ fropped to the gills at the drill?
BBQ_Skin raises hand
EyeRend: THANX!!
Friday-j: Let's smoke the X-DAY DRILL ITSELF!
Revrock: ok
IgnrntBls raises his hand
ChrisLee: erm... uh...
Friday-j was fropless as always
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TheCharlie unfropped
IgnrntBls: I was no where near the Drill
BBQ_Skin: Smoke the past!
Friday-j unzipped
Annna: I wasn't there.
RevUni: no frop no frop
Stang: Hi Uni. Hey Chris Lee -- did you grow hair and a beard since last X Day drill?
ChrisLee: Smoke the future!
Annna: But I wasn't stoned, eithger.
ircleuser: The more things change, the more AnotherNet remains fucked.
*** ircleuser is now known as P-Lil
P-Lil: Ick.
IgnrntBls: P-Lil!!!
Stang: I have many naked pictures of many of you.
Friday-j: Ircleuser - Too too true!
TheCharlie: P-LIL!!!
EyeRend: I may have smokeed the most frop
RevDick: heh
Friday-j: P-LIL!
IgnrntBls: My love
RevUni: LIL!!!!!! :)
EyeRend: Llil!
Stang: I copped frame grabs off all my dirty videos from the Drill.
ChrisLee: erm... actually, i've had my hair cut since last X-Drill
Revrock: JHVA-1 IS GONNA SMITE ME......
Revrock: oh well
BBQ_Skin: Stang: Is that a good thing or a bad thing?
EyeRend: Stang> Where is now?
Stang: I haven't turned 'em into jpegs or uploaded 'em yet. WHO DOESN'T WANT TO BE NAKED ON THE WEB?
Friday-j: Stang - Any good pics of the Morlock/Eloi sex?
ChrisLee: and i've always had me goatee thingie
P-Lil: There, that's better.
Friday-j: I am willing to be naked - for "BOB"
IgnrntBls: There is no good or bad, only Me.
Revrock: i'll bet
EyeRend: yea the time machine titty bit
IgnrntBls: It's all me.
RevUni hugs the holy heck outta lil!
IgnrntBls: me me me
P-Lil: Friday: I think I got one or two snapshots of that. Tits and all.
Friday-j hugs P-Lil hello
DokV: looks like i'll have to bring my undeveloped drill/trip film to Alaska with me :( i'm a little concerned about whichever CON-monitored photo-hut i end up using...
ChrisLee: heya Lil
Friday-j: Praise P-Lil!
RevDick: Hey P-Lil and Stang: get the hotline client at and visit the official CoS hotline site..
BBQ_Skin: Um, sure.. I'll be naked.. as if there was any DEMAND for it..
Stang: Friday, I KNEW that YOU were an exhibitionist. YEAH, the morlocks-eloi sex pics came out pretty good.
RevUni: Stang: I believe PeeKitty sent you nekkid pics of me. Did you get em?
ChrisLee: yeah, praise p-lil!
Stang: I'll send you the naughtiest and grossest ones.
P-Lil: And I mean the "friends" bit. This is an awesome crowd.
TheCharlie: DocV ... send them here
Friday-j: Stang - YOU were the guy running around in nothing but body paint and a skimpy skirt! At least my KNEES were covered!
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BBQ_Skin: Dok: People 'round here are developing them for free..
dr_zach: what the hell do you think you're doing??
RevUni: Zach! :)
P-Lil: Regretably the facial waxing lasted a week and a day. I'm stubbly again. :(
Friday-j: Stang - Thanks dear Reverend.
Friday-j: ZACH!
dr_zach: What's wrong with rlabs?
TheCharlie: Zachums!
IgnrntBls: Alas, I must go.
RevUni: Lil, you are beauteous no mattah what darlin. :)
EyeRend: bye
P-Lil: Friday: Don't forget Stang's fuzzy Morloch slippers.
Revrock: se ya
IgnrntBls: But I shall return!!!!
Friday-j: Bye Ign!
Stang: P-Lil -- you were doing some SPOOKY VOCALS late Saturday night during the Wotan jam.
EyeRend: too fast now
Drider: can't take no more than 9 users, zach
Friday-j: P-Lil - Those booties were a pain to keep on, but awfully cute.
IgnrntBls: I love each and everyone one of you, as a ten year old boy loves amphibians. . .
Revrock: lol
alt_slack: i don't like ice cream
dr_zach: The SubPalace is coming along nicely. We got some bugs and snags in the scripting, but otherwise it looks great.
Friday-j loves mollusks
alt_slack: fucking hate ice cream
DokV: amazing... i wish i'd a dropped it === though i'm afraid there may be "other" stuff on it :)
P-Lil: Stang: You mean the Friday night jam, right? The Gyoto Monks bit?
IgnrntBls: Wiederseance. . .
EyeRend loves the monkees
BBQ_Skin: Lil: Repeated waxings inhibit growth more.
Stang: Do you people realize that Rev.Eyre Rend has posted 9 HOURS OF DRILL RECORDINGS on SubSITE in RealAudio?
*** Signoff: IgnrntBls (Leaving)
Annna: I'll be right back...gotta go get a CD. Don't talk about me when I'm gone.
P-Lil: P-Lil likes mollusks that love back
RevUni thinks IgnrntBls is almost as much of a flirt as she is. Scary.
alt_slack: yeah, stang, i heard it already
Friday-j: Stang - It was very graciuous of him
dr_zach: already heard the first two hours, Stanger.
BBQ_Skin: So, uh, how about that Annnna, eh?
alt_slack: save it for the bobbies :) see smiley face you can't get pissed
Revrock: yee haw!!! lets talk about annna
DokV: what about that Annna anyway? what's HER problem?
Friday-j: Annna is an annnimal!
dr_zach: I have to save it to my pooter though before it will work.
ChrisLee: yeah, that Annnnnnna is... uh...
RevUni: Well, I must flee. PK and I are *finally* going to see "Men In Black."
P-Lil: BBQ: I know. But if you felt a tenth of the PAIN, you wouldn't want to wish it on anyone. Except maybe "Bob".
EyeRend: ahhh....guess the sounds didn't go over, boss
Friday-j: RevUni - Good flick - enjoy the squid jokes!
P-Lil: I *like* Annnnnnnnnnnna.
alt_slack: annna is a sexual deviant of the first water
alt_slack: she's into bladder sex
BBQ_Skin: Pee! I mean, uh, Flee!
P-Lil: Bye Uni--enjoy the Conspiracy propaganda!
Revrock: I like annnna, also
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P-Lil: It's Franz!
ChrisLee: i wanna see MIB just to see the Godzilla trailer
Friday-j: EyeRend - I can't get sounds I think. Puter too stupid.
P-Lil looks for Hanz
BBQ_Skin: Annna is.. uh.. a pretty nice person.
ChrisLee: did anyone see my Godzilla hood ornament at the Drill?
Nully: MIB - ugh
BBQ_Skin: Lil: Well, yeah, there's drawbacks, of course..
RevUni: okay, i go now. good night y'all. Love and hugs and kisses. :)
Stang: Wandarer -- I haven't really linked that stuff in yet. I keep trying to get a whole mini-site up. You know how it is.
*** alt_slack is now known as cuthulu
P-Lil: Bye Uni!
BBQ_Skin: Have fun, Uni!
Friday-j: The new "Starship Troopers" trailer is GREAT! Bugs! Bugs! Bugs!
RevUni: and slaps and punches and vomiting
DokV: Annna, Annna, OH Annna
Annna: I'm back.
cuthulu: there's a starship troopers movie? krad
Revrock: oops
RevUni waves
BBQ_Skin: Gregor Samsa?
Revrock: we were talking about ya, anna
Friday-j: EyeRend - That's right, there's no direct link to the sounds now I think. Once it goes up I'm sure everyone will rave and drool about it.
ChrisLee: what sis Roger Dean ever do to you?
ChrisLee: did, that is
Stang: Friday, it's time for you to get to work on a Bug Suit. A two-person bug suit.
BBQ_Skin: He did the covers to those crappy Yes albums.
dr_zach: I just got here and people start leavin?
RevUni: Give andrew and Phred wet noozles from me when they show up :)
Friday-j: Cuthulu - Directed by Verhoeven!
EyeRend: Stang> I left it available just through the two usenet posts on it, just to see what traffic it would generate. It's making the top url lists.
TheCharlie: be right back.. (laundry again)
*** Signoff: RevUni (she sings from somewhere you cant see, she sits in the top of the greenest tree, she sends out an aroma of undefined lust, it drips on down in a mist from above, she's just the girl u want)
BBQ_Skin: Didn't Verhoeven do that really crap Dick movie?
*** TheCharlie is now known as ChasAway
Annna: Oh, great. Hey, Dave, I'm listening to that Fortran 5 album right now.
Stang: Actually we'll need at least TWO two-man bug suits. Actually the suits would have to hold one man and one woman.
DokV: revuni: i've got a wet noodle, will that do?
Friday-j: Stang - How many walking-legs and how many arms?
BBQ_Skin: Annna: How's the Sid James singes Syd Barrett track?
EyeRend: Fry> Thanx sensible comment as usual (bows)
P-Lil: Stang: I will *always* be able to imitate the Gyoto Monks on queue. Although now my bronchitis is easing up I should start sounding like a woman again soon.
dr_zach: why use the suits?
BBQ_Skin: queue? cue?
Annna: I'm not there yet, I'll skip ahead.
Friday-j: Stang - Mobile or stationary?
P-Lil: Right now I sound like a drag queen who's smoked unfiltered Camels for 30 years.
Friday-j: And how may dicks and cloacae should the Bugs have?
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EyeRend: as many as they can git
BBQ_Skin: Hey, Absent!
P-Lil: Absent!
Annna: It starts with them saying "Sid" in a lot of weird voices. Now there are drums.
Friday-j: I suppose Stang wants Bug brains that SQUIRT LIQUID FROP when eaten TOO
BBQ_Skin: I completely missed you at the drill, y'know.
Revrock: I missed everyone
Absent: HEllo(yawn)all...just crawled outta bed
Revrock: damnit
P-Lil: Friday: You gotta milk them.
Annna: I suppose it would help if I knew who either Sid James or Syd Barret were.
Friday-j: Stang just wants to dress up as a Bug and ravage lots of strong men
dr_zach: dammit stanger where's the url i lost it again. For the real audio xday drill
Stang: Friday, this bug suit would have to hold two people engaged in SOME kind of sex, WHILE walking with all four limbs out, AND with orifices for sexualk connection with OTHER couples wearing similar bug suits. Can you have it ready by WorldCon?
BBQ_Skin: Sid James is that guy Pete Hipwell keeps talking about.
BBQ_Skin: You know, ahahahahahaha. That one.
Revrock: syd barret was with pink floyd
EyeRend: SYD!
Friday-j: Stang - No. Not unless you pay me in advance.
BBQ_Skin: Syd Barrett was the founder of Pink Floyd. He did too much acid and went insane.
P-Lil: I want Cyd Charisse to dance to Sid James performing Syd Barret.
Revrock: yep
Stang: Friday. Hmmmm.
P-Lil: While Sid Ceasar recites from El Cid.
Nully: Syd Barret was half of Sid & Nancy. Killed themsleves in the Chelsea hotel (or something
EyeRend: Astronomy Domine eeeiiiieeeeeiiiioooooo
Absent: bbq..yup, I noticed.
Annna: Oh. It sounds like an old British guy's voice sampled, word by word.
Friday-j: Define which forms of sexual contanct they will need to have through the suits. Pussy to pussy through fiberglass is a BITCH
BBQ_Skin: I want a dub of that. I'd like to hear that thing.
Annna: It's an odd effect.
BBQ_Skin: Annna: That's Sid James.
*** ChasAway is now known as TheCharlie
BBQ_Skin: I want to hear Sid James saying "I've got a Bike, you can ride it if you like".
Friday-j: Stang - And the payment will have to be more than just money and swag
BBQ_Skin: Absent: I was fairly prominent, but I didn't know which one you were..
EyeRend: Stang> Did u get the X Day Drill Flu?
Stang: Friday -- the only REALLY necessary opening in the suits would be the one that allowed a prairie squid BETWEEN the intersecting couples. This is all based on some mathematical thing that Dobbs left us on a cocktail napkin.
Absent: Actually, syd's reaction was acombination of a lot of acid and a lot of Mandrax, an ovewr the counter sleeping pil(taht also killed Hendrix) combined with latent mental problems
ChrisLee: i was gonna give the church MY WALLET, but the Sales Table didn't open until well after we had to bug out on Sunday
TheCharlie: Stang knows better. HE takes penicillin before meeting SubG's
BBQ_Skin: Yeah, the mandies and the latent insanity didn't help none.
Stang: Lynch, you gave me the tape, it's Sun Ra, right?
Friday-j: Stang - OK, pelvic chitinous ridges it is. You got a color scheme in mind?
BBQ_Skin: "Wanna buy some mandies, 'Bob'?"
BBQ_Skin: Stang, one of them has Sun Ra on it.
BBQ_Skin: The other has Magma.
P-Lil: Friday: Can't those things overlap and interlock?
*** shinpath ( has joined channel #subgenius
P-Lil: Sven!!!
Friday-j: Stang - I'm gonna need a full-body cast on the people in the suits,. plus two weeks training them to walk and fuck in the suit.
EyeRend: hey sp!
Stang: TheCharlie -- we've all been enjoying the photos you posted to a.b.s., here at the skyscraper.
shinpath: Back
TheCharlie: Re Sven!
Nully: From one who missed it - how many were at the driil?
P-Lil: This is a Drill Drill!
shinpath: Ahhhh Frauenmensch!
Stang: TWO WEEKS!!! Friday, you're a pirate.
Absent: bbbq-I didnt catch you either...I was the guy with a million keyboards.
Friday-j: I was at the Drill
ChrisLee: i feel Drilly
Friday-j: Shin - is your roof still smoking?
Annna: Oh, there's a remix.
cuthulu: what if there were a chocolate-hazelnut spreadable snack?
TheCharlie: Stang.. they are 1/4 size.. you want the full sized ones for SubSite?
EyeRend: Charlie did a DAMN GOOD JOB!
BBQ_Skin: The Sun Ra tape isn't too well organized; the one that struck me particularly was the one with the insane vocalist who repeats every word (takes a minute to say "Hi" because he repeats it forever)
dr_zach: anyone know the url for the xday drill real audio thingy?
shinpath: Back in Japan as of yesterday, the roof is fine now
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Stang: Lordy it's the Shining Path Man!
BBQ_Skin: and talks about outer space.
Friday-j: Stang - And I get to fuck them whenever I want to as well
ChrisLee: om, a good ol' fashioned roof hosing
shinpath: Howdy Stang
BBQ_Skin: Absent- I was the guy with the plaid hat and jacket and the million neckties.
EyeRend: Zach I THINK i do.......
cuthulu: whoa! it's like tomoroow afternoon in japan
BBQ_Skin: Actually, I think I _did_ talk to you.
BBQ_Skin: Sven! You ruled at the drill, man.
TheCharlie: Eye: I THINK I do??? HAH!
shinpath: 11:15 to be exact am
P-Lil: I just got through editing together four hours of ranting and music, with two all-music supplements to follow.
P-Lil: And I have double prints.
shinpath: BBQ, you are much too kind
ChrisLee: *I* was the guy with the corduroys... not that any of the ladies noticed. sniff sniff
Friday-j: Stang - Are these SubGenii wearing the suits? I'll need multiple DICK apertures in them then
Stang: Charlie -- is there anywhere I could FTP those bigger photos from?
dr_zach: I got it off altslack the other day but didn't bookmark it cuz i figgered one could eventually find it off the sounds section.
cuthulu: you should be working for your nip masters!
cuthulu: slave american swine! slave away!
Friday-j sniffs the corduroys
dr_zach: cool thankya.
P-Lil: I was the one with the fucked up voice.
BBQ_Skin: Ahhhhh, Judas deserved it.
ChrisLee: oooh la la
BBQ_Skin: I noticed you, Lil.
Friday-j: I sat at Jesus' right hand
dr_zach: EyeRend Dobbs bless ya!
EyeRend: Dr_Zach - i was performing an experiment - see how many would find it without a link
Stang: P-Lil -- I just did the first of many Drill Hour of Slacks. WHOAZ!!! I gotta go flip that tape.
BBQ_Skin: Actually, I was surprised at how much you and Pee Kitty looked alike.
shinpath: That will teach Jo Mama to take a dump at the wrong time
TheCharlie: Stang.. I don't think so.. it's 12 meg. Can I FTP them to Sunsite/incoming/subgenius?
EyeRend: SO far, it's a hit with hits
P-Lil: Chris: It is with regret that I must say I noticed your beer far more than the cords.
cuthulu: speaking of which Stang, I have a tape to send you
ChrisLee: ol' Rev. Pickles joins the Church on friday- sits at the Last Supper on Saturday!!!
P-Lil: I think EVERYONE noticed me. A few recognized me. And some of them even said "hi".
shinpath: Hi Chris!
Friday-j says "hi" again
Stang: TheCharlie -- YES!!! Send it to the uploads file... do you have that address?
BBQ_Skin: I said "hi". I think.
ChrisLee: hiya Sven, how's it hanging>
BBQ_Skin: I was probably not one of the "lurkers" at the event.
TheCharlie: Stang I have it.. I stumbled across it this week by accident
P-Lil: Charlie: Twelve? Does that include scanned film?
shinpath: Your mags made it to Japan, the locals are deciphering them
cuthulu: and i have to send dave a modem
BBQ_Skin: Oh, yeah! PPP, here I come!
TheCharlie: Lil.. roughly 2 meg x 6 disks..
BBQ_Skin: What speed is it, BTW?
Stang: TheCharlie -- "By Accident," YEAH, SURE!!!
TheCharlie: Some are a little less though..
EyeRend: Dave> You're not PPP now?
BBQ_Skin: No, I'm dial-up shell all the way.
P-Lil: Charlie: I know I didn't upload 12 Mb. *Maybe* 10, probably less.
shinpath: I rode to the airport with a X day drill lurker, he seemed disappointed
TheCharlie: Stang.. actually.. it WAS by accident. I got a new copy of wsFTP and went browsing
BBQ_Skin: If you lurk, of _course_ you're going to be disappointed!
ChrisLee: how could you be disappointed?!?
BBQ_Skin: The apocalypse is not a spectator sport!
EyeRend: Shin> Do tell
Stang: Cuthulu. Whip them tapes this way. St. Andrew probably has the best tapes... I'm guessing.
P-Lil: Sven: Disappointed? Why, because nobody noticed him enough to fuck him?
Friday-j: Shin - Disappointed with WHAT? Was he that no-squid dude?
ChrisLee: rather, the lurker
Annna: Dave is Abbie Hoffman.
P-Lil: BBQ: Right ON.
BBQ_Skin: Abbie Hoffman? Does this mean I'm going to kill myself?
TheCharlie: Lil.. you could be right.. I have some scanned film too though.
P-Lil: Dave: No, you gotta be bitter first.
shinpath: His name was Avery, just a guy without a life, I guess
Annna: Not necessarily, Dave. Not until AFTER the plastic surgery.
EyeRend: BBQ> We need a buy lynch a new processor campaign
Stang: I've been slowly piecing together who was who, as I go through the videotapes. I've been dubbing nonstop.
BBQ_Skin: I'm bitter! I'm just a very idealistic bitter guy.
EyeRend: No you just have to keep the beard dave
Friday-j: Stang - I'm the one with the glasses
shinpath: Stang, the nameless mission on the coast says hi
BBQ_Skin: Rend, too late.. It's gone.
ChrisLee: i'm the one in the nifty hat
TheCharlie: Eye.. check a.b.s to see what Lynch looks like shaved
dr_zach: well that narrows it down.
P-Lil: BBQ: It's the bitter of unsugared tea. We need the bitter of a mouthful of raw nettles.
BBQ_Skin: Hey, if someone wants to take up a processor campaign on my behalf, I have no objections whatsoever.
dr_zach: I'm the one who isn't anywhere on the tapes.
EyeRend: I musta missed that guys!
TheCharlie: Zach is the one we burned in effigy
Friday-j: I'm the PINK blur
BBQ_Skin: Oh, OK. I'll work on the nettles. I can do scornful, I think...
dr_zach: DID YOU GET IT ON FILM???
EyeRend: Skin needs to be really on the net
MMidget: I wasn't at the Drill, but my Nental Ife was...
Absent: Did anyone besides the Ohioans encounter The Thai(?)(so Im Told) Subgenius that was there?
TheCharlie: Zach.. I have it here somewhere.. on one of these disks. We burned it in the gas stove
Friday-j: That effigy of Zach was pretty good ... nice bends at the knees and elbows
BBQ_Skin: I _am_ really on the net. Just because I don't do the web doesn't make me less here..
P-Lil: "You see the large round things bouncing up and down a lot? That's Friday. The ones swaying back and forth are probably Susie's...."
shinpath: He was Indonesian!!!
Absent: "St.Giuswalde(sp)
Stang: I'm the one with the gorgeous babe that looked different every time you saw us.
Friday-j: Absent - Yes, he was at the BBQ on Saturday asking if I was married.
cuthulu: you know, i never realized i was a god until i went to brushwood for x day
EyeRend: BBQ> No it doesn't, truly, but the web is a world of its own.
P-Lil: "The ones that get snared up in all the brush are Tay's, and I think Dave has Siouxsie's...."
BBQ_Skin: Bwahahahahaha.
Absent: AHHHHH!!!!!thanks, SHine. anyway, thatb guy was cool as heell...
P-Lil: "Mine are right here, though I forgot them once...."
Friday-j: Stang - Babe I saw you with always had the same pink SNOUT
BBQ_Skin: I never realized how many people wanted to kill me until I went to X-day.
Stang: Cuthulu -- I'm glad you felt like a god. That's my favorite part too. Being a GOD.
TheCharlie: well, you BARELY made it out alive after that weather shit on Friday..
cuthulu: it was the rain dave, they wanted to kill you because of the rain and cold
dr_zach: I'm trying to figure out where to put the pics of the X-Day drill in the SubPalace.
Nully: If nobody wants to kill you, you're not doing your job right
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Friday-j: TheCharlie - That weather shit wasn't MY fault, even if it was on me!
P-Lil: Dave: Yeah, it was the rain and cold. I didn't bring a JACKET.
TheCharlie: Zach.. you need the originals for that?
shinpath Cuz I enjoy being a GOD!!
Friday-j: Zach - Put them EVERYWHERE!
BBQ_Skin: I'm working on a webpage, really.. but I don't have graphical tools.. and I'm not a design genius anyhow..
dr_zach: will someone please kill me then?
Absent: thanks again Shinpath
EyeRend: The ties break the camels back, dave
P-Lil gives Cuthulu an appreciative hug for lending his coat
BBQ_Skin: Well.. Saturday and Sunday weren't too bad, were they?
*** Mode change "+o RevBro_VT" on #subgenius by ChanServ
cuthulu: stang -- Felt Like? FELT LIKE!?!?!?!? I AM A FUCKING GHODDDD!!!!!!!
dr_zach: no not the originals I got a whole buttload of them from abs.
dr_zach: Just trying to figure out where to fit them.
Friday-j: Hi Bro
RevBro_VT: Cool, my /topic is still up there...
EyeRend: BBQ> There's a permanence with the web in what you put on it that may well serve you.
TheCharlie: Hey Kevan.. how'd you like the aging treatment?
BBQ_Skin: I didn't have a jacket, just a couple long-sleeved shirts, which I wore simultaneously.
P-Lil: The return trip was... trippy.
*** crazykey ( has joined channel #subgenius
dr_zach: I have a lamp post I'm planning on having some people pop out of one side of the lamp post at random intervals.
dr_zach: I have a nhgh page.
RevBro_VT: Hola all...
cuthulu: charlie -- 'sokay
P-Lil: "Bob's Big Boy", right on I-80....
Revrock: hello
Stang: My mind is giving me trouble tonight. I've got the radio show dubbing on one wall and the videos dubbing on another wall and perhaps I should turn down the volume on BOTH.
BBQ_Skin: EyeRend: True. I have copies of all my Usenet posts which I'm preparing to edit for web "publicatoin".bR?
Friday-j: Let's all eat at the Subb Shop!
dr_zach: With a bunch of skulls saying "we had the girl we had the diamonds we had it all!"
shinpath: Stangz on overload!!!
dr_zach: "Vere ist you nheeghee?"
BBQ_Skin: Charlie: What's the name of my clean-shaven pic?
TheCharlie: Just 'sokay ... hell.. I'll have t do it AGAIN! add some wrinkles/glasses..
Friday-j watches Stang fry his brain on electroporn
P-Lil: Stang: Only if you don't put on your headphones to listen to something different still.
RevBro_VT: Did WanDarer kill UNC with those RealAudio clips?
TheCharlie: Dave.. Lynch3 I think.. hold on..
cuthulu: stang has a cool looking pecker
shinpath: The Porn exchange went well this year
EyeRend: BBQ> The INCREDIBLE DIFFERNCE between USENET ASSHOLES who simply urinate on your posts and a web page where YOU CONTROL CONTENT is a very pleasant one.
Absent: P-lil=Ive passed that SAME "bob's " every time Ive gone to a Sub-event.
cuthulu: i wish my pecker looked that cool
Revrock: lol
BBQ_Skin: I have TCLynch and TCLynch4, as well as TCSak&Lynch
dr_zach: I'm listening to part three of the xday real audio. My wife has some weird movie on tv as I type in here.
Friday-j: Cuthulu - Just tattoo some white dots on it
Stang: I am on overload. I went through the Saturday videotapes frame by frame to pull exactly just the most complimentary naked shots.
shinpath: Smuggled an Annabelle Chong video past nip customs
P-Lil: Cuthulu: Good road grub.
BBQ_Skin: Possibly. But OTOH, I have a Usenet scat fetish.
EyeRend: RevBro> It's a limited time offer - it'll be trimmed to "Best of"
crazykey: Stang=HTML PRO
P-Lil: I got my paystub.
BBQ_Skin: _are_ there any compilmentary naked shots of me?
Friday-j: Stang - Me bending over for the soap while you wash my neck, right?
shinpath: Or me?
TheCharlie: Dave. sorry it is TCLynchNew
RevBro_VT: Not Stangie nekkid butt shots AGAIN!
TheCharlie: Sven you are in there.. in the hot tub..
P-Lil: I'
*** dr_zach is now known as Dr_Zach
BBQ_Skin: TCLynchNew. Right, I'll have to look for that one.
Friday-j admires the nekkid butt of Stang and SOMEONE ELSE and EVERYONE ELSE
BBQ_Skin: Are they all going up on the web?
P-Lil: I'll confess. I didn't hottub or get baptised because I hadn't shaved my tummy.
shinpath: With Emmanuelle!!!
cuthulu: i only got nekkid in the hot tub that one cold night
Stang: Friday, you're just gonna have to GUESS what I'm gonna do to THOSE shots with my new Photoshop skills. Eh eh eh. "Separated at birth" indeed.
Annna: Speaking of father claims to have posted a .jpg. Did anyone see it? Author being, of course.
TheCharlie: Sven.. Yes! You seem to have eye trouble..
Friday-j: P-Lil - I didn't shave mine either. No prob with "Bob"!
cuthulu: i haven't
Revrock: not me
cuthulu: when did he post it?
Dr_Zach: what did it LOOK like annna
*** dudelove ( has joined channel #subgenius
EyeRend: nor i
Annna: I don't know. I think it was a pie.
shinpath: Yes my third eye won't open
cuthulu: my pubes are still growing back
Revrock: a pie?
Friday-j: Stang - Don't do anything BAD unless it's GOOD
RevBro_VT: EyeRend: I know, but after I read the message I couldn't get on the site, the whole UNC site was down.
Annna: He won't give me a straight answer.
Friday-j: Hi dude
Revrock: hmmmmm
BBQ_Skin: It was probably a picture of YOU, NAKED!
cuthulu: DAD!
Revrock: lol
Dr_Zach: I'm afraid to show up to any subgenius revival cuz I don't wanna rant. Stang might put me up there just so people will kill me.
Dr_Zach: My rants are more like rambles.
Stang: I had so much fun at the Drill that my right nut finally dropped. FINALLY descended after 43 years. My voice dropped two octaves and I have to shave 3 times a day now.
Annna: I'm never naked. My clothes are painted on.
EyeRend: It was hard to get in there
BBQ_Skin: Zach: PLENTY of people didn't rant at the drill.
P-Lil: Friday: Yeah, but mine wasn't responding to the RELAXER.
Friday-j: Zach - I don't rant either. It's OK. We'll forgive you.
Revrock: my clothes are naile don...
dudelove: Hello Friday-J
BBQ_Skin: I ranted, but my rant was STUPID. So it's OK.
cuthulu: i didn't rant on stage
Friday-j: Stang - I was there when it happened wasn't I?
cuthulu: butr i ranted plenty off stage
EyeRend: BBQ> I thought you were quite good!
BBQ_Skin: I didn't make a coherent point.
Absent: I choke out on the verbal rants...I get some good spontaneous ones that I practice on customers at the carryout, however
P-Lil: Dave: It was NOT stupid. I edited it out because someone was screaching into the microphone at EXACTLY the same time. Honest.
Dr_Zach: I'm more of an ivangelical SubGenius. I'm not enough into the HATE shit to be appealing on stage.
Stang: Friday, I was hoping you wouldn't notice.
ChrisLee: i only ranted off in the alt.slack village
EyeRend: BBQ> That's one of the reasons WHY it was good
BBQ_Skin: I didn't know you edited it out.
Revrock: I love to hate...
Friday-j: Stang - Everyone for two miles around heard your voice go Dooooowwwnnnnn
RevBro_VT: No one can see me nekkid without going though an complex ritual, the last person who didn't spontaniously combusted.
BBQ_Skin: I didn't say it wasn't GOOD.. I just said it was STUPID.
BBQ_Skin: You don't have to HATE to rant!
Revrock: true
Annna: Okay, hey, here's the title (forgot that I set it up so we're CC'd all our posts) Miracle head of "Bob" on Rev. Annna's pie! [Dobbspie.jpg 1/1}
Friday-j: Now if everyone who sees me naked would just send "Bob" $1, wed be all set!
Stang: Friday... as you know, my voice wasn't the only thing that did that. But ... well ahem.
EyeRend: BBQ> "You can take that in a good way or a bad way".
Annna: Oh, it's just the pie. Big deal.
shinpath: How about those fireworks handlers, the guys who dodged bottle rockets?
P-Lil: Chris: Ah, but what sweet ranting it was. Pitty about the pause button sticking.
BBQ_Skin: EyeRend: Exactly.
crazykey: you mean you don't have to rant to HATE--slack rules all
Friday-j: Stang - You silver tongued devil you.
P-Lil: PIE!
ChrisLee: shucks
Dr_Zach: I want to do something with the pic of Legume holding Bob on his shoulders.
EyeRend: : )
Stang: I must admit, I have never seen a higher Hate level at any SubGenius gathering, not since Dobbs was shot in 84 anyway.
Revrock: I wanna pie!!!!
BBQ_Skin: CrazyKey: Both. Either.
P-Lil: "School built on Sweet Potato Pie"--gee, that's a headline!
Friday-j: We needs LOTS of fireworks next year to please Mrs. Stang!
cuthulu: hah!
shinpath: HATE!!!!!
Absent: I wqs a firworks dodger and a catapult builder.
EyeRend: Papa Jo's "Hasty Hate Rehearsal"!
cuthulu: i predict televised executions sponsored by your local gas company
Stang: Friday, I'm still trying to get those slivers out of my tongue.
Friday-j: HATE!
Annna: It's my first actual pie. I mean, I've made chocolate cream before, but this is my first with a real filling.
Revrock: I build good mortars....
BBQ_Skin: There _was_ a lot of hate out there. I was surprised.
Friday-j hands Stang the tweezers
ChrisLee: i was a squirtgun squirter
Dr_Zach: BRB
EyeRend: Revrock - was that YOU WITH THE HAIRSPRAY CANNON!!!!!
cuthulu: it was sheer hate for the conspiracy
Friday-j: That's what you get for trying to suck all the money out of me the HARD WAY
Drider: praise HATE!
shinpath: "Bob" whupped it, I hate it, that settles it!!!
Stang: *plink* OUCH!!! *plink* OUCH!
Revrock: no, i wasn't at the drill
cuthulu: foir the normals, pinks and glorps
TheCharlie: Let's bow our heads for the late Mrs. Zach..
cuthulu: finally let out after years of being bottled up
Absent: Rev. Jim o'Detroit Built the Potato/greased waterballon gun.
Revrock: I built the mortar for the volcano at the atlanta devival..
*** BoyHowdy ( has joined channel #subgenius
dudelove: I wasn't at the drill either
Friday-j hands Stang the oral analgesic
*** Signoff: franz (Leaving)
crazykey: con=bad hate for con=good
cuthulu: "Yes, sir. No, ma'am. Yes, I'll be a good drone"
BBQ_Skin: Let's put it this way, I hate, but it doesn't manifest itself as murderous rage most of the time.
Dr_Zach: back
Friday-j: "Bob" whupped it out, I sat on it, that settles it!
P-Lil mumbles gobbledegook for Mrs. Zach--while talking to 911
BBQ_Skin: Just a simmering desire to FUCK THEM UP.
shinpath: This is trippy
Friday-j: Praise RevRock!
crazykey: hehe
Stang: The Crucifixion seemed to be a real cathartic thing for many people. They were letting out years of hate on poor Jesus.
crazykey: yeah
Revrock: Im working on a 6" mortar to deliver a very large explosion.....
Nully: What else is jesus for?
P-Lil: "Bob" squeezed it out, I wiped it up, that's the LAST FUCKING STRAW.
Absent: I love to hate NAZIs.
*** IgnrntBls ( has joined channel #subgenius
Dr_Zach: I'm saving the nuclear "cat in a microwave" hate for the REAL X-DAY.
IgnrntBls: allo allo allo
BBQ_Skin: I didn't pay much attention to it. I wasn't traumatized by Christianity or anything.
BoyHowdy: Christ didn't die on the cross
Annna: I've got carbide cannons. Cannon? Is that still the plural?
IgnrntBls: I'm back
Friday-j: allo verra
Stang: St.@ndrew also ranted up a REALLY intense hate vibe (of the "right" kind if you know what I mean ) 0-- I'm listening to it right now.
P-Lil: Did anyone get the shot of me drawing the smiley face on Jesus' stomach?
IgnrntBls: But I'm leaving
*** Signoff: IgnrntBls (Leaving)
EyeRend: cannoli is the plural annna
P-Lil: Stang: &reux was incredible.
Friday-j: Nazis are such snappy dressers though!
RevBro_VT: There is a place that is selling different sizes of carbide cannons now...
BBQ_Skin: I like Cannoli.
*** Signoff: Drider (Leaving)
Dr_Zach: Whoever I'm listening to right now, he's not ranting he's rambling.
BBQ_Skin: You don't have to be a Nazi to have good taste!
Annna: Yeah, at least Nazis kept their shoes polished.
Revrock: true
EyeRend: nazis are people too!
Stang: P-Lil -- I just heard your Cross Dresser Brag on the tapes -- missed it during actual Show. Great to have that on tape!
Absent: Agreed!and the Stooges wouldn't have looked half as cool wothout their Nazi Regalia
shinpath: I HATE NAZIS, but thier clothes, well..
*** EyeRend is now known as Albericht
BBQ_Skin: You can be evil and still have groovy duds.
Friday-j: But Nazis also taste good
shinpath: Big closeout sale back in 1945
Annna: Dave: That's what the movies have taught me.
BBQ_Skin: It's not just that they were evil that sadomasochists like to dress like Nazis. They genuinely looked NEAT.
P-Lil: Stang: You'd have to do some hideous editing before that gets played on the air. Save it for one of the X-Rated Internet Hour Of Slack episodes.
Stang: Those Nazis did have excellent fashion sense. Sort of like Catholic hierarchites.
Absent: I LOVE their CARS
*** Albericht is now known as Wandarer
BBQ_Skin: I don't know, the Catholics didn't have TIGHT CLOTHES like the Nazis did.
cuthulu: did he bleed? he bled
shinpath: The SS were the DKNY but the Volksturm were K-mart
Annna: I'm saving up for one of those Jesuit dresses. Although the jesuits don't call 'em dresses, probably.
cuthulu: machines are gonna fail ..... and the system's gonna fail
Wandarer: Und all I vanted to do was zing "Melancholy Beebie"!
Friday-j: Anyone see "Berlin Correspondent"? The head Nazi in that wore a REALLY TIGHT uniform ... so groovy ...
Absent: The Nazis also had the sadistic camp wpmen with the German Shepards...
BBQ_Skin: I would've stuck with "Melon Collie Lassie".
P-Lil: "Yeah, we had a Nazi for a slave back before the War. One day he stopped pickin' cotton and started PERSECUTING THE NEIGHBORS. So we had to flog him out in the noonday sun...."
Revrock: most nazi's are TIGHT hehehe
Wandarer: LOL
BoyHowdy: the 3 stooges represent the 3 parts of government; the congress, the judiciary and the presidency
cuthulu: yeah, where were OUR sadistic camp women with german shepherds?
Stang: P-Lil -- I'm making X-rated and PG-rated versions. Actually I make 4 or 5 dubs of the cuss-holding tape, and then erase the cusses from the master for the regular stations. Wandarer will get the X-rated show for instance. And the Canadian stations can play cusswords.
shinpath: I must go, but I look forward to the updated Web page! Thanx EVERYONE !!!!
BBQ_Skin: Howdy: Which one is MOE?
BBQ_Skin: See ya, Sven!
Friday-j: Stang was my German shepherd on a LEASH
dudelove: BoyHowdy: which branch is which?
shinpath: SAYONA$RA
Revrock: see ya
Friday-j: bye
BoyHowdy: curly is the congress
P-Lil: But yeah, the Nazis won their independence, but they had to move away, see.
ChrisLee: night
BoyHowdy: Moe is the presidency
Annna: I bid you a fondue.
Wandarer: STANG> Way to go
BBQ_Skin: Umm.. Larry is the supreme court?
P-Lil: ByE Sven!
BoyHowdy: yep
Absent: there are FIVE stooges...Ron,dave, IGgy, scott, james.
Stang: There are some pretty disturbing Hate Rants on these tapes. Joe Mama, as always... but Groovy G's Confederacy thing -- MAN!! That's hard core. And Legume's Martin Luther King rip was frightening.
Dr_Zach: now I'm listening to st. andrew from chicago.
ChrisLee: and Zeppo and Gummo
BBQ_Skin: I LOVED the MLK rip!
Absent: SHEMP is the president.
P-Lil starts banging her head against the desk
Friday-j: Stang - Good HATE is good HATE!
P-Lil: I gotta get this OVER WITH.
Dr_Zach: How do you convert real audio into wave files?
dudelove: Joe DiRota!
Wandarer: They went to Antarctica & found out in their genetic experiments that the master race was comprised of aborted fetuses that look like aged pixies
cuthulu: jeez ... i must be far gone because i thought all the hate rants at the drill were rather tame
BoyHowdy: I can find the greouch marx manifesto...
crazykey: i need those rants
BBQ_Skin: There were some very disturbing rants, that's for sure. If we play our cards right we could get people to think we're an evil death cult.
P-Lil: Hey, now, MLK always sounds great. All we did was update it a bit.
Friday-j: More rants "Bob"!
Absent: We arent?
Stang: Lynch -- on the radio show, instead I'm running a RADIO version of the MLK Legume thing, whiuch he did with Strange, which has poatriotic music in the bg.
RevBro_VT: The Italians had snappy uniforms too, look what happened to them...
Friday-j: BBQ - We AREN'T?
Wandarer: The CSA one _ WE ALL PROMISED - "Kill one human a day - every day - till X day!"
BBQ_Skin: Stang: Cool!
P-Lil: I didn't catch all the names--Strange is Legume's lookalike, right?
Dr_Zach: CSA heard that earlier today.
Absent: yup
BoyHowdy: Groucho represented the totalitarianism of communism
P-Lil: And Reverend X is the Jesus Stunt Clone?
dudelove: Wanderer: isn't that a little extreme?
Absent: lil-yup
cuthulu: not extreme enough
BBQ_Skin: Dudelove: We're an extremist religion.
P-Lil: I didn't promise SHIT.
Wandarer: DL> Sure is - it's SCARY MAHN SCARY!!!
cuthulu: if i could i wouldn;t even wait for the x-ists
Friday-j has been kicking pregnant humans in the stomach and making them abort on the spot!
BBQ_Skin: I did, but I LIED!
Nully: They're only human. Put them out of their misery
cuthulu: i'd just destroy humnanity now
Dr_Zach: who was it that compared ivangelical to what was it? Holocaustal?
Wandarer: DZ> "XACTLY.
BBQ_Skin: Cuthulu: We're talking practical goals.
cuthulu: but i'd do it quick
dudelove: You dudes are crazy
crazykey: hmmm
cuthulu: at least with the x-ists we'll be able to drag it out
Wandarer: I'm an Ivangelical leader of holocaustals
TheCharlie: Papa Joe Mama
cuthulu: make it slow and painful
Absent: Aborigigeddonnal
BBQ_Skin: We're not crazy, we're.. INSPIRED.
Nully: there are plenty of them.
Stang: I still maintain that most Pinks can be used. I think killing them is wasteful. It's just my Puritanical upbringing.
Wandarer: Kill them but let me do the talkin'.
P-Lil: I've been taking groups of seven on three-hour cruises every weekend. Fortunately the insurance company has been very understanding.
Dr_Zach: I liked that one. More labels. Just what we needed.
Friday-j: I kicked one pregpink and TRIPLETS came out, so I took two days off.
Friday-j: Pinks are edible ... that's about all that can be said for them.
Absent: But STANG...what about the Hate?
BBQ_Skin: I prefer the proverbial "fate worse than death".
Wandarer: I'm a benevolent dictator type
Absent: HEH
MMidget: Pinks are BARELY edible...
Nully: Eat the Pinks, eliminate the waste
Dr_Zach: Hold your hate in! Save it for X-Day!
dudelove: All this talk about nazis and hate, shit! You don't know what your talking about, your just trying to be cool!
Revrock: i eat pinks all the time
Dr_Zach: Don't ejaculate prematurely.
P-Lil: Stang: Maybe they can be used--I mean, their scalps, when properly treated, are softer than mink....
BBQ_Skin: Practice your hate! Don't let it atrophy before X-day!
Nully: There's plenty of hate to go around
BBQ_Skin: We're through being cool.
Revrock: i agree
Absent: Ive heard the only really good part of a pink is the flesh on the side of the hand beneath the pinky
BBQ_Skin: Ejaculate ALL THE TIME!
Friday-j: Eliminate the ninnies and the PINKS!
TheCharlie: being cool is old
Stang: My Hate Crystal is whispering to me... it's channeling and focusing my Hate.
BBQ_Skin: Spank the pink who tries to drive you nuts!
Dr_Zach: We all have reservations for those saucers dear friends but it don't mean yer gonna get a seat.
DokV: being cool is BORING
Wandarer: Pinkinninys MUST DIE!
Friday-j: We don't want to be cool. We just want everyone else to be STONE COLD DEAD!
Annna: Ooh, hey, you guys! My father's here and he's going to talk to you! So...uh...stop swearing for a couple minutes.
*** Annna is now known as Bennnn
Wandarer: No I LUVS the Pinkininnies!
Stang: The testicles of aborted human fetii are my favorite. Fetus nads are EXPENSIVE though.
dudelove: Hate Crystals? Are you guys new age?
BBQ_Skin: Does your father not swear?
Friday-j spanks the pink - "Oooooooo!"
*** Beav (aidan@ has joined channel #subgenius
cuthulu: anna's dad can unh unh suck my dick
*** Mode change "+o Beav" on #subgenius by ChanServ
crazykey: hehe
Beav: hello Revrock
Absent: NOt trying to be cool. Im Not cool. I brought up nazis because the one on ALT.SLACK is emailing me.
Revrock: hi beav
cuthulu: ]i was doing all right on a saturday night
BBQ_Skin: Not like THAT. The Pinks don't deserve the corporal treatment.
Stang: WANDARER!!! That WORD! My god.
cuthulu: i was smoking and drinking everything in sight
Friday-j gets out her prized Shit Crystal
cuthulu: somebodey musta saw
BBQ_Skin: Bennnn, why do YOU do the n thing?
Beav: hows it going
cuthulu: cause they rang johnny law
Nully: My pagannut friend gave me an "om" ring. Upside down it's mo. What part of gov't is that again?
Wandarer: Like that? I LUVS THE PINKININNIES!
Bennnn: Howdy. This is Anna's father. Now tell me exactly what kind of foolishness have you been filling her head with?
cuthulu: and they put mew in the back of a black and white car
Beav says hello to all.
BBQ_Skin: Moe is the executive branch.
crazykey: hehehe
ChrisLee: good wholesome foolishness
BBQ_Skin: The best kind of foolishness!
Bennnn: BBQ: N thing? Is that something like doing the nasty?
BBQ_Skin: ALL GRAIN foolishness!
Revrock: just hang on and try to keep up, beav
MMidget: Eating pinks always give me the shits.. not the kind that feels good, but the kind that gushes from the nether hole into the toilet and splatters back up on you, with a fetid odor of death. And also your asshole itches for about an hour afterwards, and you've got no choice. You must scratch.
Friday-j: Bennn - Annna is a lovely lady and we have filled her only with our DEMON SEED.
BBQ_Skin: No, it's you calling yourself "Bennnnnnn".
Nully: I don't think I can war that either
dudelove: Bennn, they've been talking about nazis and killing none stop!
*** BoyHowdy has left channel #subgenius
Dr_Zach: I hope there's gonna be a couple OVERWOMYN on X-Day. I hate being on top all the time.
Beav: not a problem
BBQ_Skin: One thing about eating pinks, they won't turn your turds green.
Stang: I have a dream that one day men will be judged not by the color of their sins, but by the contents of their wallets -- Legume
P-Lil: Take nobody seriously except for BBQ_Skin.
*** IgnrntBls ( has joined channel #subgenius
IgnrntBls: back yet again
BBQ_Skin: Good advice, Lil.
Bennnn: I'm getting confused. Exactly how many conversations are going on here? Ooooh, my head . . . .
Friday-j: If I become an Overwomyn, no one will notice - I already have a giant white head and multiple penii
BBQ_Skin: Bennn: Only one, but it's the BIG ONE.
Wandarer: Where little black boys and little black girls will walk hand in hand together into the meatgrinder M Legume K
Revrock: yep
Friday-j: Stang - What color are YOUR sins?
cuthulu: and huge hooters
IgnrntBls: allo yetis
TheCharlie: Bennnn .. there's probably as many conversations as there are people..
dudelove: Bennnn: just one
crazykey: surf daddy-o surf
BBQ_Skin: It's OK, Bennnn. I'll be your SPIRIT GUIDE.
cuthulu: don't forgot the ravishing hooters
Stang: Friday, I have to admit, those penii of yours liked to scare me out of my Dobbs boxers.
Wandarer: Mines mauve
P-Lil: Friday: I thought you were Overwymyn all the time.
DokV: I'm convinced the Dobbsheads on the station wagon floated me through US Customs
Friday-j: Stang - That's the idea ... heh heh heh!
BBQ_Skin: What about the Switch Overwymyn?
Wandarer: Secret DObbsHeadMan!
P-Lil: <--- OverThang
Bennnn: BBQ: I've always wanted a spirit guide. Do you do raft trips?
Stang: I think we ought to give thus dudelove dude's address to the Squeeters.
Dr_Zach: Oh god here comes the sacrifice.
Beav: jfdjl
BBQ_Skin: Raft trips.. Hmmm... are you carrying any sharp objects on you?
crazykey: hehehe
IgnrntBls: So, ummm. . .hi
*** Signoff: shinpath (Write error to shinpath[], closing link)
BBQ_Skin: We can't let them into the raft, you know.
Friday-j: So cruelStang! So hateful! I like it!
dudelove: Stang: what's a squeeter?
Friday-j volunteers to be the raft
Bennnn: BBQ: Is that some kind of physical reference? I don't want no bad language.
BBQ_Skin: Bennnn: No. No innuendoes here.
Stang: The Squeeters are the SubGeniuses that really do kill people.
*** Wandarer is now known as Schikelgruber
Stang: Naw just kidding. Heh. Heh.
P-Lil: Stang: Noooooooo.
IgnrntBls: I wanna be a squeeter!!!!!!!!!!
BBQ_Skin: I'm talkikng like if you carry sharp objects into the raft you'll puncture it.
Friday-j: We need more Squeeters for X-Day!
dudelove: He says he's kidding, but can we be so sure?
*** RevMyke (~email@ has joined channel #SubGenius
Bennnn: BBQ: Cool! An intelligible statement!
IgnrntBls: I'll squeet all OVER your ass
Nully: We'll all be Squeeters come X-day
Friday-j: Ignrnt - Well then go KILL SOMEONE and send the tape to the Sacred PO Box!
P-Lil: Squeeter is whut squeeter does.
DokV: p-lil: hehe
Beav: I must go all ...see you later.
Beav: bye
RevMyke: Greetings
Revrock: see ya beav
Stang: I maintain that we don't HAVE to kill ANYBODY... we don't have to do ANYTHING before X-Day, except STAY ALIVE. That's the one thing we really must do.
Schikelgrub heil!
BBQ_Skin: Bennn: Actually, we're all intelligible, but it takes a while to figure out exactly WHAT it is we're talking about.
*** Beav has left channel #subgenius
MMidget: dudelove: come on, just take everything Stang says at face value. We all do...
Friday-j: bye beav
ChrisLee: i dropped my squeeter, but i reattached it again
cuthulu: i'm ouuta here for awhile too
cuthulu: later
*** Signoff: cuthulu (Leaving)
Bennnn: Bye, Beave. Who's Beave?
Dr_Zach: I'm a pacifist for Bob.
BBQ_Skin: It took me two years before this Church made a dang bit of sense.
*** Schikelgruber is now known as EyeRend
IgnrntBls: No, I want to be the shadow under the bed, that kills with no warning, no one knowuing I was there
P-Lil: Stang: And pay $30. And be awake at 7 fucking A.M.
dudelove: This is getting crazier by the minute
Bennnn: Bye, Cuthulu. Who's Cuthulu? Does he know he misspelllllls his name?
RevMyke: With "Bob" from day one
Dr_Zach: of course.
MMidget: What happens to SubGs who die before XDay?
ChrisLee: funny
BBQ_Skin: Cuthulu knows all too well. He's just this guy.
P-Lil: You know, you guys are making only a BIT less demands of me than my JOB does.
Stang: Zach -- it's gonan cost you a lot to have us not kill you.
Revrock: i didn't know there was a such thing
Friday-j: MMidget - They go to SubGenius Heaven and we'll see them there!
RevMyke: took me 3 years to find him after the first time
TheCharlie: dudelove.. what did you expect coming in here?
P-Lil: And that's both a disgrace and a portent.
Dr_Zach: Like I said, Stanger. I'm good at ducking.
BBQ_Skin: Lil- we must not be doing enough! The cult should demand al your time and energy!
IgnrntBls: I wanna be a NINJA subgenius
EyeRend: The ones that haven't paid their thirty bucks go to Bobratory
Bennnn: Can I change my name too? Can I be Genghis? Betcha didn't know I channel Genghis Khan.
crazykey: i'm a pink head stompin gut hari-kari-in saw-blade for "Bob"
MMidget: Friday: which SubGenius heaven? And why do they get to get there first?
BBQ_Skin: Bennn: You can be anyone you want to this time around.
Revrock: dudelove must not be a sub
BBQ_Skin: Rock: Dudelove is more than you know.
RevMyke: so.. wheres the so called ChanOps
dudelove: TheCharlie: Half the Flavor, Twice the Slack?
IgnrntBls: I go Seppuku for Dobbs!
RevMyke: the Regulars...
Revrock: really?
Bennnn: BBQ: Oh, no, you misunderstand. I don't pretend to be Genghis Khan. That would be dishonest.
Nully: Revrock: gee, ya think?
P-Lil: Look, you don't HAVE to pay money to go to SubGenius Heaven. But you won't get onto the Xist's ON-RAMP that way--you'll take the TOLL ROAD ALL THE WAY.
Friday-j: MMidget - Because they die first silly! But they miss out on the pleasure saucers and Planet X - poor things ...
BBQ_Skin: Chanops? That''s my favourite breakfast cereal!
Stang: I wish there was a way to charge lurkers to listen to us plot the deaths of millions. And all like that.
Dr_Zach: When was the last time you saw Dobbs at a SubGenius gathering? 1984?
Revrock: lol
BBQ_Skin: Pretense? There's no pretense in this church!
Bennnn: Hey, this must be what it's like to be insane!
Friday-j: "Along the trail of knives, a thousand miles or so ..."
BBQ_Skin: Bennn: No. When you're insane you HAVE to be like this. We're like this because we WANT to be.
P-Lil: And I think pretty much EVERYONE here is tired of paying their tolls.
EyeRend: <Wuzx> type /server 7000 to join the best
EyeRend: server ever and join #House
IgnrntBls: I'[ve been in sane. . .Nice Clubs, there. . .
EyeRend: hmmmm
BBQ_Skin: Eyerend: IRC spammers. Doncha hate 'em?
Bennnn: BBQ: Hokay.
EyeRend: I hat that shit
Friday-j: I got that wuzx thing too!
EyeRend: HATE!
Nully: Insanity... I kinda miss it
Friday-j: Spam in HERE too?
Nully: It was really fun for a while
BBQ_Skin: This is, if anything, BEYOND SANITY.
Revrock: i hate SPAM!!!!
IgnrntBls: Inject Spam Juice into their Bloodsrteams!!!
RevBro_VT: Stangie: Did you get my E-Mail about the 21C article about Rev. Shirley and the short story?
Stang: My wife has been NUTS since the Drill. She has developed a taste for SHEER EYE WATERING HEDONISM.
IgnrntBls: See how they like it!!!!
BBQ_Skin: Theorem: Any sufficiently advanced logic is indistinguishable from dada.
Revrock: spam rules only on white bread
RevMyke: Frop it if you got it
Friday-j hands someone else another taste
BBQ_Skin: This explains the Church fairly well, I think.
ChrisLee: mmmmmmm.... hedonism
Stang: How am I gonna satisfy my wife after she's been exposed to the X-Day Drill?
Dr_Zach: yes but has Someone Else paid her thirty dollars yet?
EyeRend: Stang> SOmeone Else is TOPS.
P-Lil: Stang: Uh, she *did* tender her money unto Jesus, yes?
Friday-j: Stang - May I help?
dudelove: Is it possible to set your server while inside a chat session?
ChrisLee: anothe X-Drill?
BBQ_Skin: Zach: Someone Else is paid for, thanks to the generosity of many.
Bennnn: Well, guys, it's been fun, but I have to go put out the poodles. They're on fire.
BBQ_Skin: Dudelove: Try /server.
EyeRend: That's right BBQ & THE REST OF THE FAMILY TOO!
Friday-j: Someone else has been SAVED thanks to the Sunday morning offertory!
Dr_Zach: taht's what I'm listening to right now.
BBQ_Skin: Bennn: Have fun!
RevMyke: why do you hate just to hate
ChrisLee: do they mind?
Absent: A fall drill at Brushwood?
*** Bennnn is now known as Annna
Annna: Sorry about that.
Friday-j: bye bennn
Dr_Zach: I have to have a reason to hate.
BBQ_Skin: It's OK! We love insanity!
EyeRend: letter bennnaaannnaaa fana fo fana
TheCharlie: Annnna that's OK. Is he going to make you sign off now?
BBQ_Skin: I straightened your dad RIGHT out, Annna.
Annna: He's not insane!
P-Lil: Let's see, three of us women will give someone else total body massages, chocolates, a bit of wine, and a head full of THINGS TO DO TO YOU WHEN YOU GET BACK FROM KINKO'S.
Friday-j: X-Day Drill 2.5 in Austin New Year's Eve?
Annna: I'm not signing off!
Annna: He just had to go buy stuff.
Dr_Zach: Running out of cigarettes is a reason for me to hate, but I have to have a reason.
BBQ_Skin: Annna: We confused him.
Friday-j: P-Lil - Sounds good!
Annna: I figured you would
MMidget: I remember the days when Spam was thought of not as the "overturned tractor-trailer full of human excrement on the Information Superhighway", but rather as a divine foodstuff worthy of creating a sacreligion for...
BBQ_Skin: Zach: The PINKS are the reason. They're always there and always handy.
Stang: The only reason a SubGenius needs to Hate, is because he or she has "Bob" in his or her life, and THEY DON'T. For that we can and must HATE THEM!!!
Stang: Just like any good religion.
IgnrntBls: Why would anyone EVER come BACK from Kinko's????
RevMyke: should I save all the 'serious' shit for Email?... the "Legal" stuff?
dudelove: BBQ_Skin, I have a friend who is on AOL, could this person got to the WWW, get on an open chat line and then set channel, could they get here?
Dr_Zach: Pinks aren't worth hating unless they are within visual range.
IgnrntBls: That's the greatest Show on earth, rught there baby!
Absent: WHy not just sell them "bob"?
BBQ_Skin: Dudelove: That could be... tricky... I'm not an IRC ex spurt.
Dr_Zach: Even then I feel like I'm stooping down to their level when I hate a wastoid pinko.
Annna: I'm sure glad I was logging. He didn't embarras anybody?
Stang: Huh what? Somebody trying to talk serious shit in THIS mess?
P-Lil: Ignrnt: Well, once I had a large copy job get utterly fucked up....
BBQ_Skin: Myke: we do "serious shit" on alt.slack as well.
P-Lil: Annna: I think he caught on just nicely.
BBQ_Skin: Stang: Everything we DO is serious! Sheesh!
RevMyke: Ha...
RevMyke: heheheh Im ROTh.. an all
Dr_Zach: ...Stang saying he's out of hate? Am I listening to the right ra shit?
Friday-j seriously tickles Stang's "xylophone"
Revrock: Im very serious when i fuck with the scientologists here in atlanta
Annna: Oh, good. He's a swell guy, he just isn't sure about this online business.
Dr_Zach: okay time for part four. brb
BBQ_Skin: Yes. This should be our institutional goal. We should supplant the Scientologists.
P-Lil: I return to the office tomorrow.
Absent: LAst night, fiur lost Christian children wandered into my Gas station in their car...they nneded directions, which I provided while sipping coffee from a Dobbs cup all the while...
RevMyke: cause the rock man gott 'em... and there butts just dropped
P-Lil: I doubt I will like what I see.
Stang: Zach, you'd have trouble mustering Hate if you had Friday on the left, Susie on the right, and 10 fropsticks lined up for you to "test."
P-Lil: But I will have ammo to fight back with.
ChrisLee: oi! Jackie Chan is on Letterman Tues., and Primus is on Conan O'Brien Wed.
EyeRend: We need pure rainwater.
RevBro_VT: RevRock: Screw Atlanta, If you want to fuck with Clams, come to Clearwater!!
BBQ_Skin: Primus! Wednesday! I'll have to check that out.
IgnrntBls: PRIMUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Revrock: i post ppretty pics of BOB and Hubbard
dudelove: RevBro_VT: clams?
RevDick: yes! primus and jackie chan!
P-Lil: Let's see, eight hours of work. Eight hours of Drill recordings, at least.
BBQ_Skin: Last time I saw them on TV Les was wearing an Uncle Floyd suit.
IgnrntBls: Conan must be really way cooler than i thought
ChrisLee: check your local listings
Absent: I then Instructed them as to who got them lost, and to whop gave them directions home...
TheCharlie: well.. time for me to go.. see y'all next week..
BBQ_Skin: Ignrnt- they were on Conan before. So were King Crimson.
Absent: And Tlod them of "BoB"
BBQ_Skin: See ya, Charlie!
Friday-j: bye charlie
EyeRend: Later char!
*** Signoff: TheCharlie (Leaving)
P-Lil: Bye Charlie! Take care dude!
Stang: Legume has admitted to me that he too has little to HATE. The Church has made us rich and brought us sex-crazed good Yeti women. We don't have to serve the Man. Our Hate is more abstract now.
RevDick: im listenin to the new primus cd...theres a song called "Bob's" party time lounge!!
Dr_Zach: Stang that sounds like a lot more fun then running around going "hate everything"
P-Lil: I fucking MISS you all.
RevMyke: Santanna / BlueMiracle /Rusted Root at merryweather.. backstage open to SubGenii... Merryweather post. MD
IgnrntBls: New Primus? It'as already out?
RevMyke: anyone interested?
BBQ_Skin: Stang: Minister to the po'buckers! Watch TV! Keep the hate STRONG and FRESH in your mind!
RevDick: yup
Nully: I finally sent in my $30. I call it X-day insurance
Friday-j: But the sex-craxed BAD Yeti women are more SLIPPERY
IgnrntBls: Woo Hoo!!!!!
P-Lil: "My hate is of such a sublime and stratified nature that it almost seems blasphemy to feel it. Almost."
DokV: we miss fucking you, too, P-Lil
Stang: Zach, with that attitude, you're never gonna get any squid.
DokV: er
RevDick: its called "The Brown Album"
dudelove: RevMike, I know where that is!
BBQ_Skin: Hate must NEVER be undifferentiated.
Absent: Did anyone notice...HAWKWIND;Brushwood August 30th!!
RevDick: was out on the 8th
Revrock: there are NO FUCKING YETI WOMEN IN ATLANTA!!!!!!
IgnrntBls: Who needs squiod when we got YOU STANG!!!!
BBQ_Skin: Absent: They keep posting that to the Floyd group.
EyeRend: What about Suzie?
Friday-j misses P-Lil ... damn sight on her rifle is busted
RevMyke: You gotta be with 'us' tho...
ChrisLee: The Brown Album is pretty good
BBQ_Skin: I've seen one of the space-rock bands there. They're pretty good.
Absent: There are no yeti women in ohiio.
P-Lil: Absent: Yeah, but Lemmy won't be with the group....
IgnrntBls: Dick--Is good?
Absent: (NW OHIO)
BBQ_Skin: Yeti women are more subtle in their ways.
RevBro_VT: I have been working up a good HATE rant...
Dr_Zach: "do not drop the brown turds. They're bad."
Revrock: she's my co-host, so she dosen't count.....
ChrisLee: i'm gonna see Devo soon!
Friday-j: Stang is rather like a squid expecially when OILED
Absent: THere still good.
P-Lil: Friday: Pbbbbbbt. If you want a piece of my meat you'll have to do better than that.
Absent: They're still good
IgnrntBls: Are we not men? we are Devo!!
RevDick: very...funky and brown, sorta like shit
Stang: Don't "rub it in," Friday!
ChrisLee: with Rev. Mutha Leyaun! Ooooh la la!
EyeRend: RevRock> i remembered that & so the Q
DokV: how many Yeti women in AK?
MMidget: Bullshit... there's plenty of Yeti women everywhere... most of them just don't know it yet. That's what/why I hate.
IgnrntBls: Revdick--Better than Punchbowl??
Stang: I confess that Friday and Susie whupped my ass and I went down, in that oil rassling match.
Friday-j: P-Lil - Your meat is too sweet to eat and "Bob" stands at your right side. You're safe by me.
BBQ_Skin: Anyway, if we're to gain the notoriety befitting a cult, it's my considered opinion that human sacrifice is needed.
DokV: how many women?
RevDick: much better than punchbowl
Friday-j rubs Stang ... and rubs ... and rubs ...
IgnrntBls: Great!!!!!
P-Lil: Stang: I got GREAT photos of the wrasslin' too.
BBQ_Skin: It's just supply and demand.
dudelove: Oil Wraslin? Now your talking!
P-Lil: Wasted a whole fucking roll that way.
Revrock: hehe
Stang: My favorite scene in the videos so far -- besides the Crucifixion: Nickie vs. Sakamoto.
EyeRend: One human a day, every day, till x day
Friday-j: Susie hogged Stang during the match but I got to play with him a LOT afterward
RevDick: One of the songs is called "Bob's" Party Time Lounge - get it just for that song
ChrisLee: P-lil we need to swap photos
BBQ_Skin: All the FAMOUS cults have had people DIE for them. Nobody's been stupid enough to DIE for the church yet.
Absent: BBQ thats why I Started the "Martyr Legume" campaign.
BBQ_Skin: Stang: Yes, that was GREAT!
IgnrntBls: I'm gettinhg it cause it's primus!!!
RevDick: right on
BBQ_Skin: No, if someone's going to die it just as well ought to be someone STUPID AND WORTHLESS, so we can DENY IT TOTALLY.
P-Lil: Chris: I need to do a lot of shit. I haven't even finished the Drill Diaries!
Nully: But we're stupid enough to kill for it.
Revrock: I heard about JESUS THE DEFILER....
RevBro_VT: You need to sacrifice someone who doesn't regenerate next time, that's the problem with them Jesii...
Dr_Zach: Bob was dumb enough to die for this church several times.
Annna: Maybe someone could FAKE their death for this church.
ChrisLee: oh yeah
IgnrntBls: Primus Sucks!
Friday-j: Dudelove - Oil wrestling, squid wrestling, hate wrestling & Nazi wrestling!
BBQ_Skin: "Bob" doesn't count.
BBQ_Skin: Annna: Legume already faked his death.
Stang: I got hogged in general in that rasslin' match. I'LL GET YOU NEXT TIME, FRIDAY JONES!!!
Stang: I'LL GET YOU!!
EyeRend: Legume died - that's right! & CAME BACK TO LIFE!
RevDick: no one else likes primus
Absent: Annnnnnnna.Legume already did.
BBQ_Skin: The death, according to religious rules in general, has to be suspicious.
Annna: Well, I mean REALLY fake their death.
P-Lil: Fortunately the drive back to Joliet is relatively non-eventful, save for the "Bob's Big Boy".
BBQ_Skin: Primus sucks!
dudelove: Friday-J cool beans!
Dr_Zach: Maybe that's my problem with hate. I'm just not stupid enough to kill yet.
Annna: I mean, hideous public death from persecution.
Dr_Zach: I'll drink more and kill more blood cells that should do it.
IgnrntBls: What a bunch of Bastards!!
IgnrntBls: Los Bastardos!
IgnrntBls: woo hoo!
P-Lil: "I'll admit they beat me last time, but they had the Nut Clamp--and I only had one nut!"
BBQ_Skin: You just called me a bastard, didn't you?
Stang: What's really cool in this Church is when the Self-Hating Homosexual Jewish Black Nazis get in flame wars with the liberal conservatives.
P-Lil: Sounded good in audio too.
Friday-j contemplates getting Stang in a THIGH LOCK and making him SQUEAL LIKE A PINK!
BBQ_Skin: Yeah. That's always fun.
RevDick: "Bob's" Party Time Lounge
RevDick: Glad you came, glad you're here
RevDick: Have some champagne, imported beer
IgnrntBls: No, I called Primus bastards
RevDick: Dig down in your dirt bag
RevDick: And roll us out a spleef
RevDick: Been erect now for thirteen days
RevDick: And i came to get relief
RevDick: At "Bob's" party timesorry bout that
Stang: Friday Jones: I challenge you to "INFINITE WHEEL" followed by "ORAL ATTACK!"
P-Lil: Friday: Let me get you the audio of the wrestling match. In case you ever, well, start feeling *lonely*....
Absent: Gotta go calls....
RevDick: arggh
Friday-j: Black Nazis look GREAT in SS gear
IgnrntBls: Thriteen year erections. . .You could put an eye out!!!
dudelove: Friday-J, the best is when you lean over them and fish hook their nose and SKEWWWWLLLL!
Annna: Bye, Absent.
EyeRend: I like debates on network tv where Pat Buchanan represents the right & George Will the left - yeah, THAT"S accurate.
P-Lil: Friday: Stang's coming on to you again.
crazykey: fj and is are ticklin my foot gland
BBQ_Skin: Stang is a chaste old man.
Friday-j: Stang - I can overcome you in three stances! Your penis has not grown by a foot only by 11 inches!
Absent: There was a black nazi skinhead in toledo....
Dr_Zach: BBQ I repented and quit my job and have slacked off now I gotta pay my bills.
DokV: we broke down 3 times on the way from the Drill, put it all back together with a roll of TAPE we found left under the hood
Friday-j: Absent - Is that a limerick?
Dr_Zach: That Shit Don't Work.
IgnrntBls: ooeeeoooeeeeoooooo
RevBro_VT: "Bob" provides!
Stang: Friday -- So! You will enjoy it until you die! I will deplete all 19 stances in Janor time!
RevMyke: Your doing it wrong Dr_Zach You should know how its done
Dr_Zach: Bob ain't providin shit.
IgnrntBls: BoB's pipe runneth over!
Absent: No...He's a local o' Howard
Friday-j: Stang - My Infinite Tongue will shatter your Squid Thrust!
Revrock: he sure ain't providing women, thets for sure..
crazykey: wow
Stang: I'm PINK! I'm PINK!
IgnrntBls: My middle Penis has a Dobb's head-shaped tumor. . .
Friday-j: Stang (sluuuurrrpppp)
Dr_Zach: I don't have a problem with women. Least not yet. Money that's what I'm havin problems with.
Annna: Ooh! More relatives! Wanna talk to my sister?
Absent: REvrock...not enough to go around, thats for sure.
Friday-j keeps Stang tight within her tongues
Revrock: not here
*** Modemac ( has joined channel #subgenius
Friday-j: MODEMAC!
IgnrntBls: It's a Prophet. . .
RevBro_VT: Annnna: Can we corrupt her too?!?
Stang: Hail Modemac!
Modemac: PRAISE Everyone!
dudelove: Hello modemac!
Absent: Bye all...
IgnrntBls: Eh!!! Modemac.
Friday-j embraces Modemac, leaves Stang abandoned in a pool of saliva
Revrock: hi mac
Friday-j: bye absent
Absent: bye modemac
Dr_Zach: Prophet? PROFITS!!
crazykey: the INFINITE TONGUE rules
P-Lil: I want to superimpose IRC chat text on top of a Chinese kung-fu movie one day.
Annna: VT: Yeah, you probably could. She's corruptable.
BBQ_Skin: MOney.. women.. what about SLACK?
ChrisLee: aloha!
Stang: DAMN! Upstaged by Modemac again. What have I done.
P-Lil: Modemac!!!
BBQ_Skin: That would be VERY profound.
Modemac does...THINGS...with Friday.
Absent: bye Friday-j
Friday-j sits in Modemac's lap
*** Absent has left channel #subgenius
Annna: She's just newly ordained.
Stang: I let Modemac on stage ONCE and suddenly he's getting TOP BILLING and all the CHICKS.
RevDick: Alla you mac people: get hotline at and come to
IgnrntBls: A Profitic Dobbs-head Penis tumor???
BBQ_Skin: Modemac, ye warst cool at the drill.
P-Lil: I want to superimpose IRC chat text on top of a Chinese kung-fu movie one day.
Modemac: Fellow Mutants! I have received a VISION of X-Day!!!
dudelove: Absent is absent, I guess...
Friday-j shows Modemac her Flying Fourth Lip Stance
crazykey: gogogo
BBQ_Skin: Lil- that would work..
DokV will pledge more women, even Yeti wimmen, for X-Day. I'm ON it.
RevDick: really? please tell
RevBro_VT: Annna: Damn then she's already been corrupted...
RevMyke: Bob Loves you Dug
Friday-j: P-Lil - I suggest "Sex And Zen" as the HK film.
BBQ_Skin: Who are we corrupting?
Annna: Not really. She only joined because I told her to.
Annna: She hasn't read much scripture.
IgnrntBls: Allo?
Modemac: "Bob" visited me in a daydream, and I saw WHAT MIGHT HAPPEN ON THE GREAT DAY.
dudelove: Friday-J wasn't that Tracy Lords finishing move?
BBQ_Skin: Maybe SHE can kill herself for "Bob"!
MMidget: Annnna: will she corrupt us in return?
crazykey: what?
RevDick: whats that Modemac?
P-Lil: Friday: Can we get a version in Chinese, no subtitles?
ChrisLee: Sex and Zen is a good HK flick
Stang: Modemac -- GOOD! We need ideas!
Annna: I'll ask. She says she'll try.
IgnrntBls: hihih
Dr_Zach: Legume stole from my speech! "I HAVE A DREAM!" I wrote that!!
Friday-j: Dude - No that was "Sue Everyone Go Legit Stance"
Modemac: BBQ: Thanks, though I made an utter fool of myself...
P-Lil: Friday: I'll get the titler.
Friday-j: The tittler?
BBQ_Skin: Nobody's completely comprehended sciprture yet. Not least Dobbs.
MMidget: Tit-ler...
*** Annna is now known as Mmmatie
BBQ_Skin: Modemac: I made a BIGGER fool of myself!
dudelove: Friday-J: oh of course, how silly of me!
Mmmatie: Hi everyone.
BBQ_Skin: No good! Make it Nnnnatie and you've got a deal!
Friday-j: On the great day we will ALL SLEEP THROUGH X-DAY
EyeRend: Mode> THE VISION?
IgnrntBls: I like traffic lights
BBQ_Skin: Matie: We need HUMAN SACRIFICE FOR "BOB". Will you do it?
DokV: Annna: so what? my 'friends' only joined because i put tape players under their pillows.
MMidget: Multiple M's kick ass.
Modemac: Now, you understand that the vision I saw MIGHT not be what will actually happen. None of those stories and movies with "prophecies" in them never talk about the X-Factor that mucks 'em all up...
IgnrntBls: I like traffic lights
Dr_Zach: I'm gonna have a massive hangover on xday
Stang: I say Modemac and Lynch are HEROIC! Courageous first time nude ranters.
Friday-j practices her Hopping Foot Gland Stance on Beast and Pudd'n
ChrisLee: say- how are we getting on the Xist ships anyways? matter transference beams?
BBQ_Skin: Hah! Next time I'm bringing a SCRIPT!
Mmmatie: I just finished listening to Jesus Christ Superstar and now I feel like burning things.
Modemac: ...In my vision, the SubGenii had gathered at Brushwood once again to celebrate X-Day...
Friday-j: ChrisLee - Rowboats.
EyeRend chickened out cuz he didn't have a rant prepared
BBQ_Skin: Yes, killing for "Bob" is even BETTER!
Nully: BBQ: AMEN
P-Lil: Modemac: Oh, you're making me WEEP.
ChrisLee: rowboats?!? i did not expect that
IgnrntBls: Andrew Fucking lLoyd Weber?????????
Friday-j hangs onto Modemac's every word ... and dick
Modemac: ...and about 17 hours before X-Day in our time, there was an announcement: The Saucers Had Been Sighted!
EyeRend: go mode go
Stang: Friday, I'm getting VERY jealous.
BBQ_Skin: Joe Newman should do a song called "I Just want to KILL FOR 'BOB'".
Mmmatie: I like pie
dudelove: BBQ_Skin: killing for "Bob?"
Dr_Zach: Sighted in Dallas.
Friday-j: Priase the Saucers!
P-Lil: I miss Susie. I miss her lipstick.
EyeRend: praise the bob
Stang: Lynch -- there IS a song of that name.
RevBro_VT: Only kill PINKS or Bobbies...
Modemac: VISIONS of the Carnage and the Mass Destruction were relayed to us on TV monitors!
Mmmatie: Especially Blackberry pie
BBQ_Skin: Dudelove: HELL, YEAH! It'll get us the public relations boon this cult needs!
EyeRend: praise the monitors
Stang: Modemac -- so far so good.
BBQ_Skin: Stang: Who done it?
Friday-j licks her lips and tastes Susie ... and someone else ... and the Rabbi ...
Friday-j: Modemac - GO ON!
Dr_Zach: brb goota start part five
RevDick: heh
Modemac: (But the "Bobbies" said that the scenes of carnage just looked like stock footage from Hollywood movies...)
Stang: Skin: A guy who died.
MMidget: Don't kill Bobbies!!! Until the church is done with them anyway.
Friday-j: P-Lil - WHAT!
Mmmatie: When Annna was four she ran around naked all the time.
IgnrntBls: OOm
dudelove: bbq_skin: that's crazy.
Mmmatie: Really.
Friday-j hands P-Lil the lipstick
EyeRend: praise stock footage from hollywood movies!
BBQ_Skin: Mmmatie: We ran around naked all the time at the drill.
Stang: Modemac : yes yes... go on... holywood out takes, yes..
Modemac: The assembled mutants cheered as they saw their great cities being leveled...
ChrisLee hands P-Lil the fropstick
RevBro_VT: Annna needs to run around nekkid now...
IgnrntBls: My life is stock footage from an Ed Wood Movie. . .
P-Lil: Friday: My poor little heart is BREAKING, and you're busy licking things on people.
Mmmatie: We have no pictures of her with clothes on from then.
BBQ_Skin: Dudelove: Of COURSE it's crazy! We're an insane mind-control cult! We're SUPPOSED to be fucking mad!
IgnrntBls: I think It was Orgy of the Dead
P-Lil: Friday: In other words, MAKE ROOM.
BBQ_Skin: Mmmatie: Post them to alt.binaries.slack.
Mmmatie: She's going to murder me.
Stang: Cities leveled, yes..
Friday-j hands P-Lil some Crazy Glue, goes back to licking Modemac
EyeRend: Yes the vision the movies the MOVIES
BBQ_Skin: Lick my decals off, baby!
Modemac: ...And during the Saturday night celebration, something happened. Above the music of the Doktorbands, a new sound began to emerge...
Nully: Mmmatie: murder is good
RevBro_VT: My life is an Ed Wood, Jr. movie, and Stangie is my Bela...
P-Lil takes ChrisLee's fropstick and inhales deeply
Mmmatie: Not murdering ME!
ChrisLee licks Crazy Glue, suddenly realizes his erros
Stang: (Oh SHIT Modemac overheard us!)
Friday-j: Cities in FLAMES! Everybody DEAD!
BBQ_Skin: If she kills you, make her say she did it for "Bob".
BBQ_Skin: Stang is your Bela Fleck?
IgnrntBls: Squeeky Dobbs!!!!!
Nully: Then we'll really get press
Mmmatie: I want to be a martyr when I grow up.
dudelove: BBQ_Skin: Well, I might be a little off myself, BUT I DON"T GOING AROUND ADVOCATING KILLING PEOPLE!
P-Lil sets down the crazy glue, begins to lick--and realizes it's MODEMAC.
P-Lil: It's a GUY.
Friday-j hands P-Lil a Susie Squishie to lick
Mmmatie: Too bad I can
EyeRend: yes the noise modemac the noise
Mmmatie: 't grow up
BBQ_Skin: I'm not advocating killing anyone. I'll deny everything.
ChrisLee: Stang is my Squeecky Fromme
Modemac: this point my vision became hazy, as if perhaps the room was filling with smoke, or perhaps a mental haze was permeating my brain.
IgnrntBls: dudelove--It's murder only in the strictest Legal sense. . .
Stang: Cliff hanger. SHit.
BBQ_Skin: Understand I'm only looking at this in the most pragmatic sense.
Friday-j takes the frop AWAY from Modemac
crazykey: I predict that this GREAT WISE RELIGION will have 10,000 new followers in the next 24 months!!!!
Dr_Zach: sorry Modemac. I must have farted during your dream.
Friday-j: The sound of one tit clapping?
EyeRend: praise mental smoke hazy brains!
DokV: dudelove is a ringer
RevDick sniffs the air...something smells like shit
P-Lil: No offence, Modemac, I am sure you taste just fine...
dudelove: IgnrntBIs: that's a new one on me!
Nully: IgnrntBls: Is killing a different species murder? Or is it hunting?
MMidget: Mmmatie: who WANTS to grow up?
Modemac: IT WAS THE SOUND OF THE ARRIVING SAUCERS! The Xists had arrived at last! We looked up, and the SAUCERS had indeed arrived!
IgnrntBls: Philosophically, It's akin to squashing a fly. . .
Dr_Zach: well subsite's dead for me at this moment that sucks
ChrisLee: Huzzah!
EyeRend: PRAISE Bob!
Friday-j: PRAISE "BOB"!!!!!!!!
Mmmatie: I don'
Stang: No, that wasn't it. Whew.
Modemac: At which point, the sound rose to a crescendo, there was a great flash, and everything went dark...
Mmmatie: Bloody keyboard
BBQ_Skin: Compared to what went on at the drill, this is quite tame. You should know that, dudelove.
dudelove: DokV: why would I be a ringer?
EyeRend: yes DARK....
Stang: (suspenseful drum roll)
Mmmatie: I don't want to be fifteen forever
P-Lil: Can I make the sound with a guitar and a rack of really cheap pedals?
IgnrntBls: Nully--It's Recreation. As Long as it's Homo Sapiens
Friday-j: Everything went dark as my ENTIRE BODY was sucked into the pussy of the Sex Goddess!
IgnrntBls: Anything else is immoral
Dr_Zach: dark flash?
ChrisLee: suspenseful wah-wah pedal
EyeRend: uhuhuhhuhuhu......
Mmmatie: I'm not going to have any fun on the saucers
Modemac: ...and at this point, "Bob" appeared!
BBQ_Skin: Mmmatie: Try the TIME RAYS. Or the REALLY far-out PILS.
Stang: Modemac the suspense is killing me!
RevDick: waahhhwahhhwoowahhh
Friday-j: "BOB"!
dudelove: Friday_J: now that's more like it!
MMidget: Mmmatie: Well, you can let your age increase, but don't grow UP--grow FORWARD!
EyeRend: HAIL BOB!
Nully: Everyone is going to have fun on the saucers
IgnrntBls: Grow Ana!!!!
BBQ_Skin: Mmmatie: It's OK, because the saucers can age you or de-age you to any chronology you like!
P-Lil: (Jeez, Modemac IS good....)
Nully: 15 yr olds especially
IgnrntBls: Go Greek!
Friday-j bows before "Bob"
EyeRend: !!!!!!!!
Mmmatie: I'm taller than Hitler
ChrisLee: i'm having fun just thinking about the saucers
EyeRend: Say it isn't so!
IgnrntBls: Especially, Nully
Friday-j KILLS "BOB"
RevBro_VT: You only have 12 months left.
DokV: c'mon "dudelove"?!? i couldn't be lamer/cornier/sadder/pinker than that if I were PAID.
IgnrntBls: Everybody Wang chung in my ASSS!
Dr_Zach: sorry. I farted and Bob died.
EyeRend: Did we get onto the saucers brother?!?!?!
Mmmatie: Paul Simon too, but who isn't?
Modemac: The assembled mutants were shocked and aghast, but it was so. "Bob" had been killed, RIGHT AT THE TIME OF THE ARRIVAL OF THE SAUCERS!
BBQ_Skin: OK.. so "Bob" is dead. Big deal.
P-Lil: The saucers, yeah, that'd be kind of neat if they showed up on X-Day, NOW WOULDN'T IT YOU FAITHLESS BASTARDS?!?!
Friday-j: Screw the rest - do _I_ get on the saucer Modemac?
BBQ_Skin: Deal's still on, royt?
Modemac: EyeRend: That's the problem. I DON'T KNOW. My vision failed me at that moment...
DokV: IgnrntBls: GOOD! KEEP them there!
EyeRend: !!!!!!!
RevMyke: Text leaches
Friday-j: Now we must renegotiate the Contract - WITHOUT "BOB"'S STUPIDITY TO GUIDE US!
Stang: This ALWAYS happens. I knew it. Cliffhanger.
EyeRend: AND WHAT ABOUT BOB!?!?!?!?!?
RevBro_VT: Someone get "Bob" a StickUp, he's starting to smell again!
dudelove: DocV: You're one sad dude if yoy think speaking out against killing people is lame.
BBQ_Skin: Hell, I wouldn't be suprrised if it'd been one of US who did it.
P-Lil: Only 100 seats. And I know *I* am getting onboard!!!
BBQ_Skin: We have learned well. Many among us are divinely stupid.
ChrisLee: I'm just hoping to be allowed to carry Friday's luggage onto the saucers for her.
Modemac: ...HOWEVER, a voice in my subconscious tells me something about robot clones being "left behind" to infiltrate the CON and destroy them...
Dr_Zach: Okay so Bob dies and the Saucers leave without us?? WHAT PIECE OF SHIT VISION IS THAT?
Nully: dudelove, you in the right cult?
Mmmatie: Annna baked an apple pie and the head of "Bob" appeared on it.
BBQ_Skin: Modemac: More cunning than that.
*** leninmao ( has joined channel #subgenius
Friday-j: ChrisLee - I was going to skin you out and make you my luggage!
*** Mode change "+o leninmao" on #subgenius by Revrock
Modemac: Zach: I DON'T KNOW if the Saucers left without us.
EyeRend: yes infiltrate annihilate destroy yes
*** Mode change "-oo leninmao Revrock" on #subgenius by ChanServ
Modemac: The vision didn't get that far...and also...
ChrisLee: Tan me good!
Friday-j buckles ChrisLee
RevBro_VT: Praise Annna, and Apple "Bob"head pie!
*** Revrock has left channel #subgenius
DokV: dudelove: DON'T CALL ME "DUDE"
*** Revrock ( has joined channel #subgenius
*** Mode change "+o Revrock" on #subgenius by ChanServ
BBQ_Skin: We shall have gen-u-ine MEAT PUPPETS branched off from our consciousness, uncognizant of our our transfigured selves, to act as agents of JHVH's wrath until our natural extinguishment.
Mmmatie: I like pie
Dr_Zach: I like pi
EyeRend: They got STANG this year - WILL IT BE BOB NEXT YEAR???
Friday-j: I like meat pie
Mmmatie: Oh yes, pi too
IgnrntBls: I prefer Tau
Stang: Modemac, we ran into this same snag in the screenplay, too. It keeps popping up in prophecy -- this 'wild card' event. It was not included in the Napkin Scrolls.
BBQ_Skin: The puppets may not even be aware of their own divinity!
dudelove: DocV: you're just going along with the crowd, getting swept up in mob mentality. That's lame in my book.
Mmmatie: pi is my lucky number
MMidget: After the saucers leave, I'm gonna hack MWOWM and give myself superuser privileges
BBQ_Skin: My lucky number is fifty-three.
Friday-j: Stang - It's the napkin you have misfiled under "Kleenex", drawer 22, folder #9. Go check.
BBQ_Skin: This is the most insidious thing about Mwowm. with Mwowm, EVERYONE is a sysadmin!
RevBro_VT: Mmmatie: Are you PiR^2, or 2PiR?
Modemac: For all I know, it may be that the Saucers will indeed take us...BUT WE MAY NOT EVEN REALIZE IT.
leninmao: my lucky number is 69
Mmmatie: BBQ: Annna says your name is dave
RevMyke: You are the ones who will fry...
Stang: BBQ -- you are correct. For all we know, X-Day happened, we all lived a thousand years, got bored, and took a drug which made us think X Day HADN'T happened. Just for something different.
BBQ_Skin: Matie: My name _is_ Dave.
Friday-j: I will not fry I will BASTE
Stang: And the drug lasts a human lifetime.
ChrisLee: my lucky number is "skippy:
P-Lil: BBQ: Yeah, but all the files have chmod 444 set on them.
RevMyke: yes you will whench
IgnrntBls: Then We don't need to pay our thirty Bucks!!!!!!
RevBro_VT: Egad! Don't tell me this is the pleasure saucers!
MMidget: I suspect I'm currently a disembodied nervous system being fed sensory data by the X-ists, right now
Mmmatie: VT: brush up on your geometry
EyeRend: Yes we did to have it happen then we did yes uhuh yea
RevMyke: The viel of ognorance hovers
RevMyke: near
*** Desertrose ( has joined channel #subgenius
RevMyke: BobDamnIT
Mmmatie: BBQ: then why are you BBQ?
Friday-j wants higher quality sensory data fed into her naked nervous system
Stang: I'll admit we do have this little problem of knowing just what's "real" on the Escape Vessels and what's not.
P-Lil: Quick, Doktor, he's overdosing. He needs to be PURGED of the drug!
Modemac: Sorry not to respond to the comments re: my Drill appearance. I was too busy being possessed by the spirit of "Bob."
BBQ_Skin: For all we know, we could simply be subtle CLONES left by our evil genius selves to torment the Pinks yet uncognizant of our intrinsic kinship with the saucer people. WE could be the X-ists.
Dr_Zach: Time control my friends. We go back in time, find ourselves and kick ourselves in the ass before we take our own drugs that make us forget it already happened are you confused yet you soon will be.
Friday-j: I wonder if I can sit in Modemac's and Stang's laps simultaneously?
Revrock: hi rose
RevBro_VT: Mmmatie: I don't do Euclidian, I'm dealing with N-Dimentions!
P-Lil: Stick this needle full of progesterone into his medulla oblongata! It's the only way to SAVE him!
Friday-j: hi rose
*** Mode change "+v Desertrose" on #subgenius by Revrock
EyeRend: FJ> They do it in all the time
Stang: Modemac -- Friday is just trying to get us to fight over her.
MMidget: Stang: "we do"? present tense?? Ivan, ARE WE ON THE VESSELS RIGHT NOW?
BBQ_Skin: If we forgot it happened, we probably did it on PURPOSE. I'm not going to be breaking the seals left by David Lynch IV.
Mmmatie: Has anyone ever noticed how underappreciated beverages are
Friday-j: EyeRend - I'm not quite a teen though
BBQ_Skin: I like water!
Revrock: i have
Revrock: i do too
Stang: Mmidget, we MIGHT be on the vessels right now. If so, it's TOO fucking realistic.
Friday-j: Stang - I'll wrestle you for Modemac!
IgnrntBls: Hey, well, I think I'd better go. . .
Mmmatie: I like water, but rootbeer is better
P-Lil watches Friday get a foot in each of their laps--but she can't sit down.
ChrisLee: i enjoy a good beverage every now and then
RevBro_VT: How do we know this Stangie is the REAL Stangie?!?
IgnrntBls: I think I'm the beverage here.
Modemac: After the Drill, Stang, I know there's no need to fight. I'll just wait until X-Day and then my saucer will have at your saucer.
Mmmatie: NOW AND THEN? that
BBQ_Skin: I think I was Ruptured the very second death stopped bothering me. In my youth I was in fact _not_ a perfect immortal slack being.
IgnrntBls: Bye all!
Revrock: see ya
EyeRend: Later IB
Mmmatie: 's what I was talking about
Friday-j: A foot in each lap? Nay, there is MUCH MORE than a foot in each lap! At least three feet!
dudelove: Bye ignrntBis
BBQ_Skin: Rootbeer is good. We have root bear downstairs.
*** Signoff: IgnrntBls (Leaving)
BBQ_Skin: Uh.. how about six inches?
Friday-j: bye ib
Revrock: of?
MMidget: It's possible that the foam has already gone straight to our brains...
P-Lil: You see, folks, we'll be conjuring up holograms of each other's ships and we'll get to BLOW THEM UP OVER AND OVER AGAIN.
Revrock: agreed
Dr_Zach: I believe that we will each have our own saucer. No worry or care about how many seats there are, but how many SAUCERS there are.
P-Lil: Or we can blow them up and then PRETEND we killed them.
RevMyke: Idiots..
ChrisLee: i blow you up good
BBQ_Skin: The saucers would be like a GIANT GAME OF DOOM?
Modemac: BBQ, P-Lil...thanks for the kind words, though I'll never live up to the hype you gave me at the Drill...
RevMyke: Pinkest server on the net.. you should know better
Mmmatie: KILL
RevDick: i blow you good
Friday-j: I will KILL STANG AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN on the Saucers. I will BATHE in his ENTRAILS. And - he'll ENJOY IT!
BBQ_Skin: Do you think the Saucers are actually GOING anywhere?
ChrisLee: like bumper saucers>
ChrisLee: ?
P-Lil: BBQ: If that's what you WANT.
RevBro_VT: Q: After X-DAy, what do we do with the left over HATE?
BBQ_Skin: Live up? You've ALREADY lived up to your hype, man!
DokV: who has Mac/ircle/FACE??
P-Lil: VT: We'll SUCK ON IT.
Nully: KILL
Friday-j: RevBro - It runs the engines.
RevDick: feed it to the dog?
Dr_Zach: A: take out Jupiter.
Stang: Friday, my mouth is watering just thinking about it.
BBQ_Skin: Bro: We'll use it to feed to our earth meat shells to torment the Pinks with!
MMidget: Was I alone in finding a whole load of SubGenius correlations in the movie "Contact"?
P-Lil: There's no such thing as left-over hate, because the hate is incarnate.
crazykey: subg is the mind-control cult we have been looking for all our lives
Friday-j: Stang - Both my mouths are watering
EyeRend: I want to get MY Saucer in the Grand Galacticals. A '59 Chevy type - or a Strawhat model if she'll do 0 to light speed in one nanofrop
RevDick: use the souls of the pinks and bobbies for energy
P-Lil: DokV: Here.
Revrock: firday-can I bathe in YOUR entrails???
Nully: I want a saucer with plenty of company in it
BBQ_Skin: I have no concern for the aesthetics of my saucer.
Friday-j hands around the bathtub of entrails
BBQ_Skin: For all I care it could be a Coke can. Or something from Hentai sci-fi.
Revrock: thanks
Modemac: And also: Aaarrrrrgh. I think all of the outdoor photos I took at the Drill were overexposed.
DokV: P-Lil: got yers already :)
Nully: Sex gods, goddesses, the whole nine
EyeRend: Drag Saucerin'
Stang: Jesus just came in for tapes. He says "Preregister for the next Drill NOW so we can put out a Fist." And He says He does NOT forgive you for what you did to Him on the cross... AGAIN.
Dr_Zach: I ain't gonna let nobody else sit in my saucer. I'm gonna fuckin kick everyone else off and go it on my own, unless YOU pay ME thirty bucks! :P
BBQ_Skin: I didn't take pictures. Too busy.
P-Lil: DokV: Do I have yours though? :)
Mmmatie: Jesus wouldn
BBQ_Skin: We don't need his forgiveness, we have "Bob"'s excuse.
Mmmatie: 'Damn keyboard!
Friday-j: Stang - What's the preregistration discount?
P-Lil: Stang: I'm not ASKING for Jesus' forgiveness. NEVER AGAIN.
EyeRend: He's Jesus he has to forgive us tell 'em Wandarer said so
BBQ_Skin: I'll visit the other saucers. We all live on little planets, y'know.
RevBro_VT: What if the saucers are really just one saucer that exists on multiple dimentions, making it look as though they are descreat and seperate.
Mmmatie: Jesus wouldn't let me join without a letter from my Mom.
ChrisLee: Stangie... when should i send you my wallet in exchange for Official Sanctioned Drill Videotapes?
Stang: Friday -- we're raising the price he says.
Mmmatie: Mean old Jesus!
Modemac: If Jesus can't even save himself from a bunch of net.geeks, he must REALLY be a wimp!
EyeRend: So long as they do 0 to light in a nanofrop I'm fine
BBQ_Skin: My mom wouldn't let me join without a letter from Jesus.
Revrock: JESUS IS A DEFILER!!!!!
P-Lil: Stang: You tell that HOLLYWOOD AGENT of a Jesus that he was lucky I didn't really hate HIM, because I was just having fun with the stickjew.
Friday-j twists the nails in Jesus' wounds
Dr_Zach: EyeRend Jesus had to forgive when he was working for THEM. He works for Bob now.
BBQ_Skin: I'm going to have.. a BEVERAGE!
Stang: I have 5 VHS tapes.
EyeRend: DZ> It's in his contract
P-Lil: Next time it won't be idle play.
Mmmatie: Yeah!
Stang: Rock -- how did you know Jesus is a defiler??
DokV: Annna: how old?
EyeRend: Stang> VHS is GREAT for audio, huh?
Nully: Idol play?
dudelove: I thought Jesus died a long time ago.
Mmmatie: Beverages, Beverages, Beveragess!
Friday-j: Dude - Jesus works for the SubGenius foundation
dudelove: That's crazy
Modemac: Issa good thing no one got any pictures of my fling with Susie...
Nully: Idol play -- and Jesus on the altar
MMidget: Mmmmmmmatie: are you a beveragess?
RevBro_VT: But "Bob"damn-it Jesus keeps coming back, like an unwanted kitten!
Mmmatie: DokV: I'm not Annna, She's a better typer
Dr_Zach: Jesus died and it took him three whole days to come back to life. Bob comes back faster than that so you can KILL him more often.
dudelove: Does Jesus do good work?
Friday-j: Modemac - Did you see that the trailer was wired for video?
P-Lil: Modemac: Yeah, because I got PHOTOSHOP.
Nully: Depends on how well he's paid
DokV: mmmatie: sore'y
Friday-j: Dude - Sure does, sells T-shirts for "Bob" like the Devil was on his ass!
P-Lil: Jesus had PRACTICE in resurrection this time around. He knew what was coming.
Dr_Zach: Ever seen the movie Groundhog Day with Bill Murray? That's Bob's life.
MMidget: I think I'd enjoy having the Devil on my ass.
Nully: P-Lil- yeah he should be better at it by no
P-Lil: That doesn't make him less of a bastard though.
BBQ_Skin: Jesus sure dies well, at least!
Friday-j sits in Stang's lap but leaves both feet in Modemac's
Stang: Jesus is reading over my shoulder. You are being Watched by the Lord.
BBQ_Skin: Ioss mitlait da felt dos funker uts stik reis stits klowits!
Mmmatie: I know someone who claims to be the antichrist
dudelove: The next thing you know, you'll be saying that I can call Jesus on some 900 number!
P-Lil: He's MORE a bastard now than he was when "Bob" first met him.
Modemac: Trailer wired for video? NOW I'm in trouble...
BBQ_Skin: Jesus is an OK guy. He shouldn't die so much, though.
Stang: Stang bounces Friday up and down.
EyeRend gives a goodnatured moon to the onlooking Jesus
Nully: What? Jesus can't type for himself
P-Lil: Stang: You tell that HOLLYWOOD AGENT of a Jesus that he was lucky I didn't really hate HIM, because I was just having fun with the stickjew. *REPEAT*
Modemac: P-Lil: Maybe you can show me how to make the fancier Photoshop effects work. I'm only just getting used to it.
P-Lil: Next time it won't be idle play. *REPEAT*
BBQ_Skin: +++
BBQ_Skin: OK
Stang: Modemac, if that fucking trailer was wired for video, we're ALL in BIG trouble!
BBQ_Skin: Dammit!
Friday-j: Dude - 900-990-5085 ext 324!
MMidget: The SCARY thing about the REAL Antichrist is that EVEN S/HE/IT doesn't know that it's HIM/HER/IT.
RevBro_VT: You would think Jesus would get bored with the whole Crucifixion-Resurrection trick...
P-Lil: Modemac: Sure, but I'm still playing with version 4.0, seeing what we can do with it.
EyeRend: Stang & Mode, don't worry bout the wired trailer - the saucer crashed right outside
dudelove: I had to ask.
P-Lil: VT: He is bored with it. Ask him.
Nully: Hey, I'm not bored with it yet
Mmmatie: Tell Jesus it's none of his business if I'm underage.
Friday-j bounces up and down on Stang
*** Signoff: BBQ_Skin (Leaving)
Modemac: I'm having enough trouble trying to figure out some of the cooler stuff, like putting a neon glow around objects and text, or adding a "metallic" look.
Stang: Jesus wants to know who Mmmattie is.
Mmmatie: Matie Truwe
dudelove: Now he has a email address, this is too weird!
RevBro_VT: Mmmatie is Annnna's sister...
Stang: Jesus recognizes the name.
Friday-j: Dude - Jesus can forgive all your sins for $50.
MMidget: Mmmatie: true enough, when Traci Lords was your age, she was already doing Friday Jones impressions for the camera.
Stang: Mom's permission!
crazykey: dudelove=queer troll???
RevDick: anybody want a pic of my saucer on a test fly?
Friday-j: Modemac - Do you ahve the Alien Skin plug-ins for Photoshop?
Revrock: stang- Is jesus there???
EyeRend: RD> C'mon down!
Mmmatie: Jesus remembers all. No hard feelings, Christboy
Nully: Dude- I can forgive your sins for $40
dudelove: crazykey: I think you're projecting
crazykey: thanks
Stang: Rock - He is here.
Modemac: Friday: I don't know, I'm still getting used to the basics.
RevBro_VT: Anybody see my late "Bob"heads in a.b.s?
*** diane (deee@ has joined channel #subgenius
Friday-j gets out the projector, screens the trailer "hidden camera" videos - whew!
DokV: when i lived in Joliet, nearly everybody who tried to join my pre-Phred clench were quite well-underage
ChrisLee: I wanna see the Drill "Bloopers" reel!
Friday-j: Jesus - Can we crucify you NEKKID next time?
dudelove: Nully, that's a good price, comparitively speaking, by why would I want my sins forgiven?
RevDick: how well underage?
ChrisLee: pre-Phred! that's funny
DokV: revdick: tender
Mmmatie: Crusify him upside-down
Modemac: I want the next crucifixion to be directed by Martin Scorsese.
Stang: Jesus IS a defiler. Legume wrote "DEFILER" on His forehead with a big marker on Sunday morning -- service station attendeants all over ohio saw that Mark.
RevDick: mmm...tender meat
Revrock: hehehehe
Nully: Well, for an extra $20 you can worship me like the goddess I am, and then I'll explain it all to you
MMidget: dudelove: if you're gonna troll, you need to do it full time...
EyeRend: Maybe we can summon the shade of Peckinpah to direct it instead
Friday-j: Stang - So THAT'S why he didn't grope me goodbye!
DokV: my second favorite call: "Does this have anything to do with DRUGS?"
Stang: I KNOW they're gonna want to crucify ME next year.
Friday-j has always wanted to nail Stang
RevMyke: Did I hear pre Registration Discount?
Revrock: I wanna be crucified!!!
leninmao: no the next crucefixtion should be directed by John Woo
Nully: Stang, I want to crucify you this year
RevDick: they want to, and probably will.
P-Lil: Stang: Crucifixion? I think we can be more original with you....
*** BBQ_Skin ( has joined channel #subgenius
Modemac: Not to worry, Stang, the saucers will get you before they crucify you.
P-Lil: Heh heh.
dudelove: Nully: that's also a good price, but I'm not shopping for that right now
*** diane has left channel #subgenius
BBQ_Skin: Back.
Nully: Well, you don't know what your missing. And can't until you send me $#
Dr_Zach: sushi??
Friday-j: Wong Jing should direct the crucifixion! With flying effects!
EyeRend: WE can sacrifice another woodland creature instead
dudelove: MMidget: why do you think I'm trolling?
MMidget: I wanna be crucified upside-down.
Stang: Well, I didn't like that HANGMAN'S NOOSE that Ed Strange was making at the 7 am Drill
ChrisLee: Wong Jing? whose that?
DokV: do i have to buy something to convert my SubG-related answering machine death threats to RealAudio?
BBQ_Skin: Dude: Look, we're on to you, at least I am, and have been for hours.
*Modemac* You guys have had 18 years to gather alien destruction stock footage. That's gotta be at least a couple of hours' worth of video right there...
Mmmatie: You know who I think is really good looking? Steve Buscemi.
Friday-j: Wong Jing directed "Chinese Torture Chamber Story"
ChrisLee: i don't know that one
Mmmatie: Is he a member?
P-Lil: We'll just have Spike Jonez start dancing really fast out in the brush, we'll have another sacrifice in no time.
Stang: Modemac, I do indeed have such reels of footage.
P-Lil: I touched that mouse, you know.
Modemac: DokV: No, you just need the RealAudio converter. You can get it at WanDarer's Web site.
Mmmatie: Can I buy him a membership if I don't know his address?
BBQ_Skin: Two words: "Pastor Craig".
ChrisLee: you TOUCHED the mouse!
EyeRend: P-Lil so did i I conducted it's soul to the xists
DokV: modemac: nifty, thx
Friday-j touches her mouse
RevBro_VT: How about the guy who did "Bride with White Hair?"
P-Lil: I touched the mouse with my fingers, trying to lift it from the ground.
P-Lil: It was STUCK.
MMidget: Dude: Damn right. My partner wants to send you to jail right now, but I think you deserve one last chance to 'fess up.
*** dudelove is now known as uglyking
ChrisLee: we'll have to cut P-lil's head off to check for rabies
MMidget: Good cop/bad cop is cool.
Modemac: Anyone remember the 'Wonder Woman' TV episode that had a 'news broadcast' of a battle between a flying saucer and a bunch of cops?
Friday-j: UGLY!
P-Lil: ChrisLee: No need.
Friday-j kisses uglyking
uglyking: Exposed by the evil weather criminal!
BBQ_Skin: I don't remember Wonder Woman at all.
ChrisLee: Bride with White Hair i know by reputation
BBQ_Skin: Craig: It was in your /whois info all along!
ChrisLee: Brigette Lin, right?
uglyking: Hello Friday-J
Stang: Craig, ya fooled me. Darn ya!
RevDick: duh
P-Lil: Good bust.
Friday-j: I dont' want to crucify Brigitte Lin Ching-Hsia! She's a babe!
Modemac: 'Wonder Woman' with Lynda Carter. The WWII series, and the 'modern day' series. Oy!
EyeRend: Back in the UK eh Manlover?
leninmao: Who has a good bust ?????
P-Lil: Craig: I'm including the post-wrestling match interview on my tape.
Friday-j: Ugly - Gonna send that $1 anyway?
uglyking: Next time I'll be more careful...
*** Desertrose has left channel #subgenius
ChrisLee: I like that there Brigette Lin
Modemac: Friday's got a good bust.
Stang: Pastor Craig, I want to congratulate you on your excellent performance as leader of the Ugly Parade!
P-Lil: You get to follow Stang's admission of defeat.
Nully: ugly: I'm glad nobody can actually be that pink
Friday-j: I have several in fact on my shelf.
Modemac: P-Lil's not bad either.
uglyking: P-lil, thanx!
BBQ_Skin: Jawohl! Be glad I played along for so long!
EyeRend: Praise Friday J's bust!
MMidget: Nully: fooled you! there's many that are PINKER
P-Lil: Modemac: Not according to QPM, though.
*** Mmmatie is now known as Annna
BBQ_Skin: All women at the drill had fine fine Yeti busts.
uglyking: Stang: I didn't lead the ugly parade, you did!
P-Lil: Heh. I stomped QPM good. And Tay cheered.
uglyking: It was all in modemac's report
BBQ_Skin: P-Lil: Somebody doesn't like you. Big fuckin' deal.
Annna: I finally drove that little scum monkey away from the computer.
Modemac: Hell, I just remembered. HERE'S a news broadcast that really has to be seen to be believed: the climax of the TV movie 'Special Bulletin.'
RevBro_VT: Praise Friday's bust!
Stang: What's the name of this server we're on? Jesus wants to get on downstairs. Is it ""?
ChrisLee: Stomp QPM once for me
Friday-j: True, Stang _was_ at the front of the parade with the camcorder
BBQ_Skin: Stang: Yes.
Revrock: it is
Modemac: P-Lil: QPM was tripping on acid anyways.
Stang: I don't even know what IP address I'm on.
BBQ_Skin: Modemac: While posting, too? Well, I wouldn't be surprised..
Modemac: will work.
P-Lil: Oh, QPM *likes* me, but next time I'm wearing my dildo harness.
uglyking: I apparently wasn't at the drill
ChrisLee: *I* had to drive QPM and Tay home
EyeRend: Fall before the majesty of the supple flesh jewel breast
BBQ_Skin: I'm disturbed that he did _not_ insult me.
P-Lil: I was just putting it off by not putting it on this time.
Modemac: If you weren't at the drill, that means YOU got a bleeding head!
Annna: Oh, hey, Uglyking. When'd you get here?
Friday-j bows down to her own breasts, nearly suffocates!
ChrisLee: I played funk and klezmer music the whole way to bug him
uglyking: ChrisLee, you have my sympathy
Stang: Which one was "Tay"?
P-Lil: ChrisLee: I know, and I hope it wasn't that bad.
BBQ_Skin: Klezmer? Didn't Zorn do a Klezmer album?
RevBro_VT: P-Lil: Make it a one of the chrome spiked dildos...
P-Lil: ChrisLee: Know can klezmer bug anyone?
BBQ_Skin: Tay was the naked one.
MMidget: I did. I got a bleeding head. Fucking forehead acne...
leninmao: well this was fun but must be off to slack off at work now
EyeRend: Was plastic surgery yet performed on the Noseless Head of Arnold Palmer?
ChrisLee: no, he passed out and slept for seven hours
P-Lil: Oh wait, QPM, oh, yes.... *nods wisely*
Modemac: There were lots of naked ones there...
Annna: My head's not bleeding.
Friday-j: bye lenin
uglyking: Annna, I was dudelove for the last 2 hours!
Annna: Oh. Huh.
Nully: P-Lil: Where can you get one of those?
EyeRend: later you magnificent commie bastard!
Friday-j thinsk Craig is dudelove ALL THE TIME ...
P-Lil: Nully: One of those what?
Annna: I'm going to have to tie my family up the next time I'm on IRC. Darn little keyboard hogs.
Stang: The Head is still noseless.
Nully: P-Lil: Chrome spiked dildos
Friday-j: The Nose is still headless!
Nully: I could really use one
P-Lil: What's that one... "Klezmer For the 21st Century"? That was GROOBI.
BBQ_Skin: I think this Church could use more tying up.
BBQ_Skin: And flogging. Flogging's nice.
Revrock: i agree
Modemac: Ask Friday about that, it's her specialty.
Annna: Yeah, well. Pop can escape from a straitjacket.
Stang: Jesus is now trying to "get on" via my wife's machine. Someone else is out PARTYING again with NICKIE while WE WORK.
Friday-j: I almost flogged Stang but he submitted
*** Signoff: leninmao (Your Mother Was A Hamster, And Your Father Smelt Of Elderberries)
RevBro_VT: I like the New Orleans Klezmer All-Stars...
P-Lil: Nully: Er, good question. I was thinking about a huge silicon job modeled after a pagoda, only twirlier....
Annna: We need more computers here.
EyeRend: Stang> We he be banned from launching for losing his nostrils?
BBQ_Skin: Friday: Should've flogged him ANYWAY. Just to SHOW HIM.
Friday-j: Stang - Can I party with someone else while you work?
ChrisLee: huh? did Zorn rilly do klezmer?
uglyking: BBQ_Skin: if you thought "tay's" rant was good, I'd had to hear what you thought a bad one was.
Nully: Twirlier... hum... that's got possibilities
Modemac: ugly: That's easy. My rant.
ChrisLee: did Tay rant?
BBQ_Skin: Modemac: More than one of us holds interest in those forbidden arts..
P-Lil: Chris: Did you hear that "Klezmer For the 21st Century" album?
BBQ_Skin: Craig: Ah, let's leave matters of taste out of it..
Revrock: Modemac- I was told your rant was great...
ChrisLee: Lil- nope
Annna: Ugly:I saw that picture The Charlie posted. You're not ugly at all, you big liar.
BBQ_Skin: Chris: I wouldn't be surprised. He's done everything else.
Friday-j zones out
Nully: I just got "Bon Jovi does Klezmer" Surprisingly good
BBQ_Skin: Cuneiform has a lot of Klezmer albums, for some reason.
ChrisLee: the only klezmer i have now is Klezmatics and some Ithzak Perlman
uglyking: ChrisLee, allegedly Tay put a rant on alt.slack on why she was a vacuous snob
Revrock slaps friday "wake up!!!!!"
P-Lil: Splat on, Friday.
ChrisLee: oh yeah, i saw that. yawn
Modemac: Everyone seems to have told a lot of things about me. Someone even said that I was carrying some Happy Cigarettes on me, and they wanted to trade me some stuff for them...
Stang: Criag, some of the pictures I have of you beg to be Gooed -- facially distorted. You WILL be ugly when I get through with you.
Nully: Sid Barret and Syd Vicious do Klezmer
BBQ_Skin: And Sid James!!!!!
Modemac: ...they kept dropping hints for five minutes before I finally figured out what they were referring to. Brilliant detective that I am, NOT...
MMidget: And Sid Caesar
BBQ_Skin: Stang: Make him PRETTY!
EyeRend brings smelling salts to Friday
P-Lil: Modemac: Oh hell, you were HOLDING OUT, I knew it!
RevBro_VT: Some of 'Little Jack Melody' is klezmer inspired...
Annna: BBQ: Do you want a copy of this album?
BBQ_Skin: Annna: YES.
Dr_Zach: PRAISE Little Jack Melody!!
EyeRend: Klezmer Inferno Disco
Stang: Friday is snoring... hmmm... let's see if PLUGGING HER MOUTH will stop it...
Annna: How badly? It cost me a buck, I could just GIVE you the damn thing.
BBQ_Skin: Annna: I can dub you many things.
Nully: The new Primus is Klezmer
uglyking directs annna to for the book of ugly
Nully: Look for it on Conan
BBQ_Skin: I'd like it pretty damn badly.
Friday-j: Zzzzzz (gurgle glub gag)
RevBro_VT: I'm going to see Little Jack Melody in a couple of weeks, PRABOB!
EyeRend: Stang> Why aren't you thinking OF PLUGGING SOMETHING ELSE AT THIS MOMENT?
P-Lil: Shit, Cuthulu's gone, isn't he?
BBQ_Skin: There was an article.. in the AP.. about how people on alt.conspiracy thinkt he mars landing is a conspiracy. Slow news day, huh?
Dr_Zach: where are they playing now?
Revrock sets Friday on fire...
BBQ_Skin: Kev split for a bit.
ChrisLee: jackie chan's new movie is klezmer
Annna: Well, hmm...suppose I could just bubble-wrap it and shove it in a flat-rate envelope.
Friday-j snores at BOTH ENDS AT ONCE
P-Lil: My web page DISAPPEARED.
Revrock: BURN, BABY..BURN!!!!!
Stang: SomeTHING else??? NOW you're talkin' Eyre!@
BBQ_Skin: Annna: That would be quite neat.
EyeRend knows of more than two orifices
Modemac pokes Friday when she doesn't expect it.
BBQ_Skin: Do eyes count as orifices?
Annna: It's a medeocre album, but I have no taste.
ChrisLee: p-lil- it's always in the last place you look
uglyking: Anna: if you met me in person you would probbly say the same thing and then run off chasing the nearest hair farmer.
Friday-j wakes up
P-Lil: I think someone else is still annoyed the Prairie Squid was named after her, you know.
BBQ_Skin: I just want it for the Pink Floyd cover.
Stang: Friday, I'm on to your tricks. Okay... "Second Dick Stance"!
Revrock: about time, friday
Friday-j: Your sexual brutality has traumantized me for life.
Annna: Ugly: hair farmer?
Stang: "Third Dick Stance!"
BBQ_Skin: I like collecting odd covers.
EyeRend: Here Friday - DRINK THIS! It'll....REFRESH you....
Friday-j: Goodbye cruel channel, I go now to throw myself into the river
MMidget: Lynch: Eyes don't count, except for empty sockets. Skin pores don't count either.
Modemac: Sounds like you have to go to bed, Friday...
BBQ_Skin: I just got a copy of the Pink Floyd disco cover album.
BBQ_Skin: Nostrils?
P-Lil: ChrisLee: I mean it--it's nowhere to be found in the server's whole directory structure.
Friday-j assumes the Fourth Lip Stance
Stang: "Fourth Dick Stance!"
Nully: Eyes can very easily be made to count
EyeRend: Pink Floyd Klezmer!
Dr_Zach: REvBro, where is LJM playing?
Friday-j: "Ninth Toe Stance"!
RevDick: wow....i got three people on this hotline thing that want to be ordained
RevDick: righ tnow
Stang: "The Hydra Heads Proffer the Plums and Withdraw Them!"
BBQ_Skin: Well, man, give them the dallas address!
uglyking: Annna: some guy trying to be cool by growing his hair long.
RevDick: i am
EyeRend: Wandarer spreads goofer dust all around Friday who falls into an erotic trance
RevDick: damn...more comin in!!
Friday-j: Don't make me use the Infinite Tongue Stance! I will pleasure you without mercy until it is the best that you ahve ever had!
Nully: Stang: I sent in my suckermoney. How long before my ordination?
BBQ_Skin: Friday isn't _always_ in an erotic trance?
RevDick: 6 people
EyeRend: Now's the time me buckos!
Dr_Zach: keep em cumin
Annna: Ugly: Oh. Huh. Must be an East Coast thing. Here everyone's shaved.
Friday-j: "The Gilded Lily Releases Its Nectar And Four Bees"
Stang: AIAIE!! It is the the pleasure of mercy I have ever had!
MMidget: uglyking: growing my hair long got ME laid...
Revrock: really?
EyeRend: She's ready!
BBQ_Skin: Mmmidget: Really? Didn't do a damn thing for me.
Modemac: occurs to me that if "Bob" really IS slain at the last minute, he might heave a tape-recorded message or something to be played on the event of his death.
Friday-j: "The Rearing Dragon Enters Its Cave"
EyeRend: Get the camera's rollin'
Stang: Nully, always allow 6 to 8 weeks for delivery. But usually it's about 4 weeks.
BBQ_Skin: I cut it all off.
Annna: I had REALLY long hair...cut it when it started falling out.
P-Lil: "It is the pleasure of mercy I have ever had!" Great dialog....
Stang: We have to let checks clear.
EyeRend: Tell the abpe guys I'll be late tonight, I'm filmin' Friday!
P-Lil: The action's kinda slow though.
uglyking: MMidget: good for you. However I have MPB so it wouldn't be the same thing.
ChrisLee: "Bob's" living will?!?
BBQ_Skin: Modemac: He does, but it's just a tape of him singing "Daisy". King of disappointing, really.
Annna: I've got about 1/4 of it left. Hair loss sucks.
Nully: Oh... you wanted a check? I just sent in a few pounds of flesh
Stang: Friday: "The Neanderthal Upholds the Collapsing Mineshaft While the Tyrannosaurus Carries the Girl Outside!"
Friday-j: "I will conquer you with my eternal flesh!"
EyeRend: European Version!
MMidget: Annna: want me to send you some of my spare locks?
BBQ_Skin: Uglyking: You should have MPD instead of MPB.
P-Lil: Annna: Have you also started growing more Yetilike in size and bulk?
Stang: "The Giant Tarantual Attacks the Midwestern Town!"
EyeRend: Take sixty!
Revrock: I have
Friday-j: "The Morlock Flies On The Time Machine To London And Boards The Carriage!"
Nully: I have
uglyking: BBQ_Skin: my MOTV character has that...
Revrock: I have giant tarantulas!!!!!!!!!
Stang: "The Saucer Men Clone Themselves as the Townspeople!"
Annna: P-lil: Nope. I'm just getting scarier-looking.
EyeRend: 'Bedknobs and Dildos"
Nully: And I'm growing hair in the most interesting places
Stang: I will defeat you Friday Jones!
BBQ_Skin: MOTV? Man or TransVestite?
Friday-j: "The Flying Monitor Lizard Interacts With The Rear Projection!"
Nully: Proof of my Yeti descent, I guess
Friday-j: I will make this the most endless fountain!
EyeRend: "IN through the Out Door"
Revrock: it is
*** ChrisLee is now known as CL-away
BBQ_Skin: When did we get to Led Zeppelin?
uglyking: BBQ_Skin: Masquarade Of The Vampyres
Modemac: "Electric Ladyland"
Friday-j: "The Well-Greased Fist Passes The Fifth Sphincter"
BBQ_Skin: "Mekanik Destruktiw Kommandoh"
Nully: Mac - SUCKED
*** EyeRend is now known as EmperorJones
P-Lil: Annna: Just checking. I have a friend who started losing hair when she left high school and also GREW. Not fat, mostly muscle actually.
Stang: Friday Jones I will get the best of you yet! "The Lilliputians Use the 9 Battering Rams on Rapunzel!"
EmperorJone Uhuhuhuhuhun
uglyking: BBQ_Skin: but I could see the other interpretation
Stang: Friday Jones! Now I will use "Rodan's Flying Rig Breaking!"

(Stang disconnected temporarily)

*** Topic for #subgenius: Half the Flavor, Twice the Slack!
*** Topic for #subgenius set by RevBro_VT on Saturday, July 12, 1997 11:22:03pm
#subgenius: Stang1 BBQ_Skin @Revrock Modemac RevMyke uglyking crazykey @RevBro_VT MMidget Dr_Zach P-Lil +Stang Nully DokV Annna Friday-j EyeRend CL-away @RevDick
*** #subgenius :End of /NAMES list.
-ChanServ- Ban list STAYS as it is.. anyone caught unbanning unless authorized by Speedo or Loki loses ops for good.. no grace this time. (Got that Geiger?)
*** Mode is +tnl 999
*** Channel created at Sunday, July 13, 1997 6:21:37pm
Friday-j kisses Modemac goodnight wile Stang licks his shoes clean
P-Lil: Nully: It's experimental. *shrug* Could happen.
Friday-j: Stang! I have utterly defeated you!
P-Lil: Bye Modemac. *hugs*
EyeRend: DZ> I see's you has de vision
Revrock: IS THAT YOU, JESUS???
uglyking: Stereo Stangs!
Modemac: Welcome to RealAudio, Zach.
Stang1: Friday! I'm .... PINK.... (sigh)
MMidget: Annna: I say the same thing when I'm not wearing pants...
Modemac: Night all. Lil, Friday, etc.
BBQ_Skin: I'm trying to get the entire "Theusz Hamtaahk" trilogy to fit on one 110 minute tape.
Nully: Then I am experiencing the effects. In extreme
BBQ_Skin: I don't own any pants!
Friday-j kisses Stang on the cheek
P-Lil: Zach: I'm happy for you, but spare me the bit about the come in the pants, OK?
EyeRend: RealAudio really IS KEWL.
BBQ_Skin: The ones you saw at the drill are hallucinations!
Friday-j: Stang - Did you get booted out?
Modemac: RealAudio HAS SOLD OUT TO THE CON. Dammit.
Annna: Damn it. My head's not bleeding. Can we still worship it?
Nully: mac- it was nice to meet ya. i enjoyed your drill accounts
Revrock: we can, anna
EyeRend: Mode - I hear you but we showed 'em
Dr_Zach: Now if Palace could just use ra files I'd be all set.
Stang1: Go ahead and attach the leash again, Friday. I will take my punishment.
P-Lil: Annna: We can try wrapping your head in Squid--that might reduce swelling.
BBQ_Skin: We are here to exploit the CON. By any means necessary.
Nully: Annna: If it's big enough
Friday-j worship sthe non-bleeding head - it's so BAD!
Modemac: Nully: Thank you, a lot.
Annna: It's size 7 3/4. That's pretty big.
Friday-j ties the leash around the cute spotted dick she's so fond of
*** Signoff: Modemac (Leaving)
BBQ_Skin: Is that Mike Enlow?
Nully: And who said it's not the size that counts.
Annna: It's bigger than a toaster! Well, an average toaster.
uglyking: Friday_j: Micheal Jackson's?
P-Lil: Who's Mike Enlow?
Friday-j: Stang - Have you "introduced" someone else to the Morlock suit yet? Answer truthfully or I pull the whip!
BBQ_Skin: But it is bigger than a La Bamba's burrito?
P-Lil: Annna: How about some tension cords?
Friday-j: Ugly - No, Stang's spotted dick
uglyking: Is Mike Enlow the wimp who's been spamming alt.slack?
Annna: How about 'em? As glasses straps?
Dr_Zach: Can you convert a ra file back to a wave with this thing?
Friday-j pulls the whip HARD
BBQ_Skin: Uglykind: Yes. The spotted dick.
Annna: What is it about alt.slack recently? everyone talks of spam, but I can't see any.
MMidget: Glass straps? YEEEE-OW!
RevDick: im spotted
P-Lil: Mike Enlow is just a pissant trying to get S.P.U.T.U.M. to do something rash.
BBQ_Skin: Annna: You'reusing ZIPPO.
Friday-j: Isn't spotted dick a British food?
BBQ_Skin: Zippo has NO spam.
Nully: Can I legally get acess to my FBI file?
EyeRend: Folks I gotta go do a new hour of slack in realaudio & truespeech & psychicstench. The Blessings of the "Bob" be upon you all.
Stang1: Please Friday... don't pull the whip! Leave the striped dick alone... PLEASE!
Dr_Zach: fuck enlow. Can this program convert ra's to waves?
Friday-j: Annna - the "literary spammer" is sending 1000's of messages a day!
Annna: Oh. Hey, cool. Thanks, Dave.
*** CL-away is now known as ChrisLee
Friday-j: Bye Eye!
BBQ_Skin: No problem.
Nully: I know I have one... I'd like to know what's iin it
*** Signoff: Stang (Write error to Stang[], closing link)
ChrisLee: what did i miss?
Annna has blundered into yet another great deal.
MMidget: How much does Zippo cost for access to the porn groups?
*** Booger (help-me-pl@ has joined channel #subgenius
Friday-j: Stang - Now, tell the committee the truth - did you smoke of the Pipe before or after "Bob"?
Stang1: Wandarer-- I SALOOOT YE!!
BBQ_Skin: Mmmidget: I think it's $20 a year for all froups.
Booger: guess rlabs is down
ChrisLee: heya booger
*** Beav (aidan@ has joined channel #subgenius
*** Mode change "+o Beav" on #subgenius by ChanServ
BBQ_Skin: Devival's over here tonight.
Booger: hey stang was Sexicutioner at the drill this year?
Annna: Don't finger'll never get him unstuck.
BBQ_Skin: I think Rlabs is being phased out.
uglyking: Annna: someone has been posting 10000 one line messages to alt.slack. They usually get cancelled so they don't show up on all servers. My erols account doesn't get them but the cpcn account does.
Stang1: What... another Stang -- the forme mer -- closed down finally?
Dr_Zach: a.b.s. is about to be inundated with ra files.
Booger: hey chris. i think i mailed you about the other tapes
ChrisLee: should i have the pepperoni pizza or the supreme?
Friday-j: Booger - Don't think so, he did Roswell instead
P-Lil: Heh. I nailed Enlow's ISP Friday night.
Revrock: wb beav
Stang1: The former me I mean? Oh forget it.
BBQ_Skin: Too bad, because some people _have_ left the group because of the vertical spam.
Friday-j sits in the laps of the two Stangs!
Beav: hi Revrock.
Booger: roswell: aaah. great. i'm gonna have to bug him myself
Dr_Zach: Once you can spot the spam it's no big deal you mark it read before you view it. simple.
Revrock: hi beav
Nully: I just read the Enlow web page. Haven't laughed so hard in a loooong time
ChrisLee: heya Stang- did you find a bottle of Homer Brew
ChrisLee: ?
MMidget: I always timeout trying to get new headers for alt.slack... stupid college news server...
Beav: Sorry all but my date just showed up..
Beav: I have to go
Friday-j: Bye beav
Stang1: Friday -- right -- The Sexicutioner went to Roswell, as did Jesus's other girlfriend, Demonica -- Demonica sez that Sexy and Sleazy P Martini attempted molestation of her while they were reained in at a motel room! Cool!
*** cuth_bot (cuthulu@ has joined channel #subgenius
BBQ_Skin: Usenet is under heavy weather.
Beav: see you all later
RevMyke: ya'couln't nail a tire with a 2x4
BBQ_Skin: Kev!
Revrock: see ya
Friday-j: Reamed in at a hotel?!?
cuth_bot: sex money bob guns kill hate
Annna: Whup! I gotta go. Passed the three-hour mark. I'll just be reading my log file and possibly killing my sister.
cuth_bot: under heavy manners
Booger: Sleazy (Don) went t oo?!
BBQ_Skin: Roswell. Bah. Wrong track.
P-Lil: Bye Annna! *hugs*
Beav waves goobye to all and says have a good night
Booger: were they both in costume or somthing?
Friday-j: bye annna
cuth_bot: later annnnna
Nully: bye annna
*** Annna has left channel #subgenius
Revrock: see ya annna
MMidget: I remember back in April 93, when Canter & Siegal first opened the Spam floodgates...
cuth_bot: hey pastor craig .... there goes your teen girl :)
*** Beav has left channel #subgenius
Booger: hey chrislee! did you ever mail me back about those tapes?
*** cuth_bot is now known as cuthulu
uglyking: Here's an idea for a future IRC session. Everyone gets the same porn tape, we start it at the same time with no sound and do cyber MST3k
Stang1: Jesus couldn't get on said it wouldn't work with Homer.
ChrisLee: booger- i don't know... did I?
BBQ_Skin: OK, you send us the porno, Craig.
uglyking: cuth_bot: you don't say?
cuthulu: what a pink ugly idea
Friday-j: Ugly - Wait three months and we can probably show the movie on the channel!
cuthulu: i hate porn vids
P-Lil: Stang: No ircLE on that machine?
Booger: uglyking: on efnet they do mst'ings of bad movies on sci-fi channel
Nully: what good is it being Jesus if you can't even log on?
uglyking: BBQ_Skin: rent it for the night silly!
Booger: chris: remember Meeeeee?
ChrisLee: booger- any trade is fine by me, as long as i get some Manson b4 Jul7 25th OR KILL ME!
BBQ_Skin: Uglyking: It'd have to be a REALLY popular porno, then.
ChrisLee: i remember you John, settle down
Booger: just ckecking... why jul25th?
Friday-j: "Hidden Obsessions"?
Booger: "interview with a viabrator"
ChrisLee: alleged date
Friday-j: "Hootermania" with Gregory Dark directing would go voer well with THIS crowd
Booger: aaah the aformentioned girl. got it
Stang1: Howl Robins and Puzzling Evidence will sometimes pick some bad movie that on on cable, and gear their live radio show to that movie... I've got a couple of videotapes where it's their soundtrack.
Booger: no nono "Deep Throat"
*** Myrkury ( has joined channel #subgenius
*** Mode change "+o Myrkury" on #subgenius by ChanServ
*** Mode change "-o Myrkury" on #subgenius by Myrkury
BBQ_Skin: Myrk! Hail Myrk and his ribs!
Myrkury: Hullo
P-Lil: Friday: Well, maybe not Hootermania, but any early Dark Bros. stuff would work....
Friday-j: Hal Myrk!
P-Lil: Hey Myrk!
uglyking: It would have to be a really good one or a really bad on.
Stang1: Evil Clown Mykury!
Booger: "Deep Throat" the only pporn where the soundtrack has LYRICS. its AMAZING
Friday-j: P-Lil - Maybe some Rinse Dream?
BBQ_Skin: Really bad is the best.
Myrkury: Lets not talk about ribs, hootermania, that sounds good
Booger: lets talk about F-j's hooters.
BBQ_Skin: You can see their ribs WAY too much in them flicks.
MMidget: Booger: not true. Also there's Cagney & Stacey.
Friday-j unties the whip from Stang's dick
Booger: lets talk about stang's hooters
BBQ_Skin: Talk about them? Why, just last week we was staring at 'em..
P-Lil: Friday: I'm still nostalgic over New Wave Hookers, no matter the ages of the stars therein.
Stang1: I sure would like to recruit Rinse Dream toi the Church.
uglyking: Cafe Flesh is really talky, might not work as well
Friday-j: Stang has the most darling nipples, and they erect so nicely
Stang1: WHEW.
Friday-j: Rinse Dream directs X-Day!
Revrock: lol
Myrkury: distribute pamphlet #1 to houses of ill repute throughout the land!
uglyking: P-lil: which new wave hookers had Traci Lords?
Booger: MMidget: havnt seen that one. i just remmeber cracking up hearing the hippies sing "juuuuust relax those muscles.... and once you hit that spooooooot...."
Friday-j: Ugly - The first one
BBQ_Skin: My tape deck up here keeps eating 'em.
Booger: i think NWH 5 had it
ChrisLee: i've got that Lords movei
ChrisLee: moviwe
ChrisLee: movie
Booger: but NWH with chasey lain. SPOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
ChrisLee: got it that time
Booger: you have that chris? send that to me instead of the horror stuff
uglyking: Friday: odd, its available now with Ginger Lynn on the cover...
MMidget: Booger: well, the lyrics to Cagney and Stacey just go "Cagney... and Stacey..." The action's not very good either.
ChrisLee: but Booger... that would be .... illegal!
Friday-j: Ugly - They cut Traci out of the currently available version.
uglyking: Friday: oh!
P-Lil: I got them on Zip disks and hard drives all over the works. No problem.
Booger: Illegal? GASP! but what about "feebles" ?! WE'RE CRIMINALS!! NOO!!!
Stang1: Must... flip... tape...
ChrisLee: i also got "Tracy Dick", but that is is for Lords
Myrkury: theres that lousy euro with the 19 year old traci, I LOVE YOU TRACY
MMidget: I got some vidcaps of NWH 1 off recently...
Friday-j: Stang - Time for me to go. Will you miss me?
ChrisLee: or "dick tracy" whatever it is called
Booger: there is only like 2 traci movies
cuthulu: they're on you again on ampf dave
Stang1: I have the Friday Lords "Bug Porn" tapes for trade.
Booger: yeah "I LOVE YOU TRACY" was one of them
P-Lil: But she's LEGAL. I mean, *now* she's legal....
BBQ_Skin: Hah! What thread, Kev?
cuthulu: golden earring
*** stella ( has joined channel #subgenius
Stang1: OOPS, Friday's still here! Just kidding about those tapes Hon!
MMidget: Lil: Now she's LEGIT too... damn shame
Booger: i have the "chris lee with a goat" tapes
BBQ_Skin: Oh, I'll have to check the Golden Earring thread.
Myrkury: just traded for a golden earring bootleg
BBQ_Skin: You know, that twat from the Keanu Reeves group newgrouped it.
Stang1: Don't worry Friday, I blurred out Legume.
Myrkury: where's that thread?
ChrisLee: at least the goat was of legal age
P-Lil: Jeez, I remember seeing Traci Lords back when I was young enough to be that curious in mere PICTURES....
Friday-j: I'm gonna go masturbate with both hands. Bye everyone.
*** Signoff: EyeRend (Write error to EyeRend[], closing link)
BBQ_Skin: Have fun!
P-Lil: And I never realized we were practically THE SAME FUCKING AGE.
Stang1: YOW!!!!
Booger: oh i was like 6 when i got into porn
cuthulu: yeah, caro
P-Lil: Bye Friday! *hugs*
cuthulu: she newgrouped it without any discussion
Stang1: Friday. Whew. Mmm.
cuthulu: pissed a lot of people off with it
Friday-j: Bye ChrisLee, feel free to send me $5 for the last two issues of PARTS.
cuthulu: because she was told not too
ChrisLee: okey dokey
Stang1: Friday has great Parts.
Friday-j: Bye P-Lil, bye everyone else, bye uglyking
Booger: who's leaving?
BBQ_Skin: Figures. She's fucked in the head.
*** Revrock has set the topic on channel #subgenius to **Subgenius Devival in progress...ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!**
uglyking: bye
Booger: hey friday say bye to me!
Myrkury: bye
Stang1: Nice... CLEAN parts.
BBQ_Skin: And then they spammed an announcement.. fucking a.
MMidget: Now that I'm old enough that I don't have to steal porn, I don't even feel like getting it. In stores, I mean.
Friday-j: bye booger
Booger: thankya.
BBQ_Skin: Mmmmm.. know what you mean.
Booger: heres that peice of feces i owe ya
Stang1: Ahhhhheh... henh... henh...
uglyking: I use a mail order place
Myrkury: I fish my porn out of garbage cans
cuthulu: i'm listening to my new rave/disco bob songs
Friday-j: Be sure I'll be thinking of you as I shave my bearded clam Stang.
Stang1: (heavy breathing)
BBQ_Skin: One word: the net.
cuthulu: stang will be getting a tape soon
Myrkury: always find good stuff in garbage cans
Dr_Zach: Man I love this!!
cuthulu: it's very rave
Booger: that fucker has teeth...
P-Lil: It takes more profoundly deformed pornography to catch my interest these days.
Booger: i just want any porn.
*** Signoff: stella (Remote Kill by NickServ (You failed to IDENTIFY yourself.))
Friday-j kisses Stang goodbye on the third nostril
BBQ_Skin: Yes. Boring porn won't cut it.
Stang1: (VERY heavy breathing)
Booger: chasey lain #1. redheads too. please
cuthulu: poor stella
uglyking: They have interesting catalogs
P-Lil: Either that, or pictures of Suzie Bright--or any ten Yetidochs.
BBQ_Skin: Always having software goofs.
Friday-j runs her tongue around Stang's ear\
Booger: i want "the pig fucking" movie!
Nully: Time for me to head off as well.
Dr_Zach: Does anyone know if ra's can be converted into waves?
BBQ_Skin: I don't.
Stang1: *BROIINNgggg!
MMidget: I download hundreds of megs of porn a week, and throw most of it out because it's so DAMN AVERAGE...
Friday-j bites Stang's navel
Myrkury: early 70s "loops" I want to get a compilation of those things
cuthulu: yeah they could be
cuthulu: but why?
BBQ_Skin: Yes, I'm about to turn into a pumpkin..
cuthulu: the sound would still be ra quality
Myrkury: for purely scientific reasons of course
Stang1: DHKJJYTyurt$%^%^$1!!]
Friday-j: Next week you get to send ME off with a bang Stangums!
BBQ_Skin: Myrk: Try, uh, Something Weird video?
Friday-j: Bye Myrk
Nully: It was nice to see y'all. Thank you dfor making my first irc devival so very special
Revrock: WHAT MOVIE, myrk?
Booger: MMidget: never go to usenet. crap crap crap
Myrkury: bye Friday
ChrisLee: heya Friday- i'll swap you my alleged zine Quijibo for your real zine?
Stang1: *BLAT!!!*
Friday-j hands Stang a towel
BBQ_Skin: No prob.
Dr_Zach: Cuz I can more easily mix stuff with this ra thing, then make waves out of it and put it in the subpalace
Myrkury: remember "loops"
Stang1: Whhhooooooooaaaaaa.
P-Lil: Bye Nully!
Friday-j: ChrisLee - A deal! Send it out!
BBQ_Skin: The web bugs me. And I don't like IRC anyway.
cuthulu: the stark fist a mere ZINE!
Friday-j: bye all
Dr_Zach: palace doesn't use ra yet.
cuthulu: ??
Myrkury: just little four minuite hardcore scenes?
cuthulu: what !!???
ChrisLee: unless you already got the shareware version
Myrkury: 8mm
Stang1: *pant pant*
uglyking: I think Ashlyn Gere is cool
*** Signoff: Friday-j (Read error to Friday-j[]: Connection reset by peer)
MMidget: Booger: free free free! A few ng's are pretty good...
*** Signoff: Nully (Read error to Nully[]: EOF from client)
BBQ_Skin: You can find some good stuff on there if you look.
Stang1: AH SHE'S GONE. Ok I can get the PICS out now. Now taking bids.
Revrock: lol
crazykey: $5
cuthulu: speaking of which, I FINALLY GOT MY STARK FIST!
uglyking: Savanna was cool but she snuffed herself
BBQ_Skin: It's not the most effective medium for it, but you can find some good stuff.
cuthulu: whooopppppeeeeee!
MMidget: $4
P-Lil: Chris.
BBQ_Skin: I didn't get my Stark Fist.
cuthulu: and it's great!
Dr_Zach: $1
BBQ_Skin: $0
cuthulu: i put it on my wife's catholic shrine to mary
Booger: VERY few Ng's are good
P-Lil: Do you want to trade for your shareware Quijibos?
cuthulu: she hasn't noticed yet
Dr_Zach: $-5
ChrisLee: i like that Friday Jones- she seems like a fine upstanding young lady
MMidget: Savannah was killed by her own pinkness.
Revrock: but she was cute...
Myrkury: anyone have any guesses as to how many anal scenes a porn star can do before having to visit the Butt Surgeon for a hemmorhoid trim?
Booger: hey where's my subG pack? isent that mail to jesus and got no reply
Stang1: BBQ -- gripe to jesus. He is the Mailing List keeper.
BBQ_Skin: I like alt.slack. is good for laughing at people.
RevBro_VT: You owe me $20.00...
ChrisLee: huh? sure sure trade is fine
cuthulu: 3
P-Lil: Friday is sweet. Too bad we didn't get much of a chance to DO THINGS at the Drill.
BBQ_Skin: Stang: Royt.
P-Lil: Then again, with that voice....
MMidget: Dumb as a post, and about as active in bed, but yeah, cute.
uglyking: MMidget, maybe she was killed by not knowing "Bob" in a pink world?
cuthulu: oh, shut up about your voice, it was sexy dammit!
P-Lil: Midget: HEY.
Myrkury: I finally got most of the smokey smell outta myself
P-Lil: Chris: Your terms. Whatcha WANT?
ChrisLee: my terms?!?
ChrisLee: har har har
Revrock: I gotta hear P-LIL'S voice....
Booger: savannah is living and is 900 pounds watching "ready set.. cook" on the tv food network while eating frappichino ice cream bars
ChrisLee: shit- i'd love copies of some of your audtapes....
Myrkury: omeyn
BBQ_Skin: OK. I go now.
uglyking: Booger, and giving Elvis a backrub
BBQ_Skin: Bye bye.
cuthulu: later dave
DokV: Do things.
Myrkury: bye d
*** Signoff: BBQ_Skin (Leaving)
ChrisLee: that's kinda weighted in favor of me as far as a trade goes, but i'llmake it up to you
Booger: ask chris for "meet the feebles"
P-Lil: Cuthulu: It sounded like BEA ARTHUR at the bottom of a mineshaft gradually being filled with pea gravel bouncing off the walls.
Stang1: My van broke down twice, in two different ways, before we even got out the Brushwood driveway. Nonetheless our trip home went okay. I got to see Jesus's parents house. His parents are named Joseph and Eve, no shit.
Myrkury: you can get a smokeachino at this place on staten island
crazykey: wow
Myrkury: didn't go in there though
cuthulu: ha!
Myrkury: its a cigar club
Myrkury: its just beyond me what a smokeachino could be
P-Lil: Myrk: The smoky smell was the cool part. Ah, that campground smell, unsullied by DEEP or dirty drawers....
Booger: its a crack pipe club
uglyking: So what are some of you peoples favorite porno stars
Myrkury: LOL
Myrkury: DEET
uglyking: ?
RevMyke: Myrk
Stang1: We stayed at Sterno's house in Little Rock and visited the health food store of Dr. Snavely Eklund, BEANS, which is now a GIGANTIC HEALTH FOOD SUPERMARKET.
ChrisLee: Amy Yip
cuthulu: my favorite porn star is newt gingrich
P-Lil: Oh well, sorry, still thinking about Bea Arthur's mineshaft.
Booger: UglyKing: chasey lain. asis carerra, jeanna fine
Revrock: mine too!!!
Myrkury: Champagne (early 80s)
Booger: and BEA AUTHAR
Stang1: There sure is some weird religious TV on late at night in Kentucky and Tennessee.
crazykey: I liked the eleven stances of friday and friday's infinite tongue
MMidget: I think Racquel Darrian has a nice vagina.
Revrock: lol
Booger: i liked "linda lovelace does a dog"
Stang1: Kitten Natividad is the PERFECT WOMAN I guess.
uglyking: cuthulu: newt gingrich never carried a five star porno movie
P-Lil: Gah, didn't we get this out of our systems around the campfires at the DRILL?
Myrkury: in his back pocket he does
cuthulu: newt gingrich was made for SIX stars
Booger: i think Racquel Darrian's vagina clamps down and dosnt let go untill you buy her a rolex and a ferarri
Myrkury: okay
ChrisLee: Anita Mui is the perfect woman, but she would never do porn
cuthulu: porn is so damn dull
P-Lil: I've got 15 minutes of Steve Slack playing The Fuck Song on that Yamaha sampling keyboard of his...
MMidget: Booger: why would I want her to let go?
crazykey: i popped off on Cristy Canyon more than once . . . shit
Booger: the girl from gwar is #1. what i wouldnt do to her
Myrkury: does BOB drive a Four door luxury car like a real estate salesman or a sportster?
cuthulu: you gotta really tweak it in photoshop to even make it halfway interesting
uglyking: cuthulu: so are regular movies
ChrisLee: P-Lil is that the BFR remix version?
Booger: MMidget: 2 words. human lamprey
cuthulu: no, regular movies aren't dull, some of 'em anyway
DokV: eek
cuthulu: they have a plot and some acting etc
MMidget: Give me a GENUINE lamprey, and now you're talkin'...
*** sexyman ( has joined channel #subgenius
Booger: good regular movies? like what?
Myrkury: Kev, porn may be dull.. but peoples' reactions to it, THAT is fun
uglyking: Christy Canyon has carried several five stars
P-Lil: ChrisLee: BFR? Big Fucking Retard?
sexyman: hi
Booger: remember little oral annie?
cuthulu: porn reactions are lame too
P-Lil: If that's the case, yes.
ChrisLee: NOOOOOOO! Betsy!
ChrisLee: Fucking!
cuthulu: why watch it on video or in mags?
Myrkury: heh
cuthulu: hell, do the damn stuff
ChrisLee: Ross!
cuthulu: much more fun
Myrkury: I met gwar girl
cuthulu: even the reactions are better
Myrkury: so did my wife though
ChrisLee: you lousy punk
Revrock: mee too
Booger: i met gwar woman too. nice person.
crazykey: porn is only good for porn
uglyking: Betsy rulez!
P-Lil: Chris: OH, you mean the one with the anatomically correct Marilyn Manson doll! Never caught her name! :/
Booger: excuse mefor not being CUTE
MMidget: Porn reactions are cool when people realize they know the people on screen in everyday life...
Stang1: PlIl -- the feral joker chick with the doll is named Betsy Ross.
Myrkury: betsey fucking ross
Booger: marilyn manson... BAH. too normal guy
cuthulu: come on women's faces, and on their tits, as they lap your mighty cock with their tongue, telling you what a macho stud you are and how much they love having their pussy puounded into bloody, swollen messes
cuthulu: whoopie
crazykey: ok
Myrkury: gee kev, ever though about directing?
P-Lil: Cuthulu: You're good. I think Harlequin is looking for writers....
MMidget: Mmmm... bloody swollen mess...
P-Lil: Stang: I'm up to speed on that now.
uglyking: cuthulu there are plenty of cliches in normal movies
DokV: that Manson doll just wouldn't burn, what was it made out of?
Booger: porn gets me depressed. half way into it: "THIS IS GREAT THIS IS SO COOL THIS..... will never happen to me"
cuthulu: a porn movie is nothing but cliches
Myrkury: porn feeds my wife's ego, she say "I can fake it better than that"
ChrisLee: I'd choose a good Godzilla movie over porn any day
cuthulu: the porn industry does not reward creatitivity
ChrisLee: except Saturday
uglyking: lol
Myrkury: godzilla is porn
ChrisLee: uh-huh
crazykey: remember-porn has alot of pink in it so watch out
Dr_Zach: I'd choose reading a good book over porn any day.
cuthulu: godzilla is good porn
Booger: gimme your porn andill give you those mst3k godzilla ones chris
Stang1: My idea of pornography is the destruction scenes in movies like Independence Day and The Day After.
ChrisLee: Booger just wants porn and cartoons
crazykey: yeah
Booger: good porn is the learning channel. why just yesterday they were showing a vasectomy
RevBro_VT: I'd like to see and porn Godzilla movie Damnit!
Myrkury: pornographic novels sold in a dank corner of every pharmacy
P-Lil: Even I get bored at watching just boinga-boinga-boinga. It takes so much frappie and liquids to get me to watch it that you may as well lock me in the trunk of a car and drive down a bumpy road--I'll like it all the same.
cuthulu: pronography is nonexistant
Booger: hey! cartoon porn
P-Lil: PRON!
P-Lil: Good stuff.
cuthulu: now, if there were some tapes released of Dahmer in action ......
Myrkury: porn flakes
uglyking: Haven't seen cartoon porno
ChrisLee: who is your fave pron star?
RevBro_VT: Frosted porn flakes...
cuthulu: jeffrey dahmer
Booger: ive said it before, chasey lain!
P-Lil: Anyone got a list of Jeffrey Dahmer's pick-up lines?
Myrkury: mmmm porn flakes and milk
cuthulu: not potn star, pron star!
uglyking: Say it LOUD!
Booger: prawn song
Myrkury: the redhead on sailor moon
P-Lil: I want to see how much Pastor Craig wants to pay to get the list.
Booger: RedHeads
Booger drools
uglyking: P-lil: list of what?
P-Lil: Anyone got a list of Jeffrey Dahmer's pick-up lines?
Myrkury: scalp anyone and viola, redhead
Booger: no i dont
DokV: yes, i used to watch the Day After bomb scene alone on repeat on 2-story video projection at my shady Colombian relatives' house near Miami, when i was too young to go out
uglyking: Why would I want that? They wouldn't work because I'm ugly and straight.
cuthulu: not me
cuthulu: hmmm here's an idea for a porn movie
Stang1: Well, I think I'm gonna leave you studs here comparing dick numbers. It's time for tape flipping and beddy bye or cereal eating and Photoshop uglifying, or something.
cuthulu: this woman is shave bare all over,
cuthulu: no hair anywhere
RevDick: les here it
Stang1: It's been wonderful.
P-Lil: Craig: Sure they'd work, you just have to tweak thyem a little.
cuthulu: then they coat her in crisco
Dr_Zach: later stanger
cuthulu: and finalkly
P-Lil: Stang: Have fun.
Revrock: se ya stang
RevDick: hey stang
Myrkury: well, maybe if you could brainwash em sucessfully they could go out and recruit female snack items Craig
cuthulu: she gets two dicks in the ass, two in her pussy, and another two in her mouth
RevDick: get hotline and join us at
Stang1: 'Seriously, it was GREAT seeing ya'll at the Drill. It was the most pleasantest hate-filled thang.
cuthulu: wait, it's been done
crazykey: show xday stuff on the subsite soon! please
Dr_Zach: think I'm heading out too. Been playing with the real audio thing the last half hour anyway.
Myrkury: g'night stinky
Booger: i liked shaved women. like demi morre.
DokV: hothothotline
RevDick: hehe
uglyking: Myrkury: snack items?
Dr_Zach: might as well pull outta here. Gonna throw all this on abs and see if anyone else can actually hear this shit.
Myrkury: demi moore is banging leonardo decaprio
DokV: i like shaved women, as unlike demi moore as possible
RevDick: its better than IRC
Myrkury: snack items?
Booger: does anyone know where i can get sys7.6 from an FTP site?

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