Even the Stangmobile. We only had to stop for repairs twice on the way home from the Drill.


The sound recordings on my cassette deck, the High 8 video from my handheld cam and the intermittent old handycam-through-VHS-deck ALL CAME OUT GREAT!! The sound quality from the High 8 camera in particular is ASTOUNDINGLY clear. The Crucifixion, for instance, why, it sounds as if you are STILL THERE spitting on a real, live Jesus. What little I've heard from the Wotan music tapes sounds unearthly clear. Praise my son Ydnax for loaning me the camera. Praise Bill T. Miller, Wandarer, Steve Slack, BJ and his pal, and St.@ndrew for all the audio techno help.

Jesus's toe healed, my car healed just enough, someone else and I still have our antivirginity; but BEST OF ALL the gear and the tapes all survived.

Seeing as how the turnout was thrice last years', WE MADE PRETTY GOOD $$$, PRAISE THAT MAN "BOB!" Swag sales were excellent.

Slack-wise, we "organizers" (snicker) couldn't have been happier with the way everything turned out. I was impressed with and proud of all the new and old SubGenii and ranters that we met and recorded for the first time.

Just so you know.

It's gonna take quite a while for me to log and scan and edit and broadcast and dub the hours of media and megs of pics. I'm starting today, now that we've unpacked, celebrated, and made the bank deposit. First I shall read alt.slack and scan a.b.s. and see what others have said.

This is gonna be REAL DAMN FUN!!!

I also have to haul ass on the Steve Jackson SubGenius game art. But I will try to get an Hour of Slack mixed by tonight, and get at least a few best-of pics up on a.b.s. and/or SubSITE within a couple of days. I understand that Wandarer has posted vast chunks of sound on a.b.s. in Real Audio already...? And TheCharlie's pics are probably already up somewhere. WHATEVER!

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