X-Day Drill homebrew

From: clbundy@indy.net (Christopher Lee)
Subject: Date: Wed, 9 Jul 1997 11:56:03 +1000
Organization: Church of Homer Simpson, Boddhisvta

Well, it's a mute point now, but here's a list of the homebrew i brought to
the Drill. People asked me what the various numbers were, and I... "forgot",
yeah.... I had them all written down... but I must have misplaced that. Oh
well. Search your memories real hard, and recall, through the haze of the
Drill, what number was on your bottlecap.


Disinfects as it intoxicates
Fun for the whole family
For Internal use only
Alcohol should not be served to minors other than for purposes of seduction
Brewed under the Yeti Purity Law of 40 Million BX

#7 "Bob's Slacktime Raspberry Pilsener" RASPBERRY PILSNER (Actually, you
were QUITE fortunate to get one on these, as they were supremely good and
doled out only to the most Slackful.

#8 "Pumpkin King Porter" A PUMPKIN PORTER (well, duh)

#9 "Saint Harpo's Xist-Mas Ale" WINTER SEASONAL

#10 "Saggitarius Stout" IMPERIAL STOUT


#12 "Absolutely Fabulous Ale" ENGLISH BITTER

#13 "Henry K. Duff's Private Reserve" HONEY BROWN ALE This, and #12, were
the ones that were SO EXCITED to be drunk at X-Drill that they spontaneously
SPEWED over everyone's hands. It was out of love, I assure you.

#14 "Shub-Niggaruth's Subjugator" DOPPELBOCK The Beer That Enslaved

#15 "Bobtoberfest" MARZEN I've actually got a case of this
aging until October, so if'n anyone wants to invite me to a party...

#16 "Fool's Gold" GOLDEN PILSNER

#17 "Groundskeeper Willie's Scotchtoberfest" SCOTCHTOBERFEST A style
which I invented- good drinking!

#18 "Moon Man Brew" CANADIAN LAGER

#19 "Bob's Breakfast Beer" LIGHT LAGER Actually, I brought a whole case
of this one, compared to 3-8 of all the others, but I don't think anyone was
allowed any except Rev. Mutha Leyaun and I... oh, a couple might have
slipped through our grasps, but very few. This brew was proof that LIGHT
beers can be oh so good...

#20 "Connie's Night Out" BELGIAN WHITE ALE Everyone who tried this
thought it was supremely good, so I will likely have a whole case of this
next year.

#21 "Elixer of Kali" INDIA PALE ALE

#23 "Emperor Norton's Esteemed Ale" DARK STEAM ALE This beer was brewed
using ritualistic beer magick, most of which I can not reveal here. It was
brewed specifically for X-Drill, and there was a full case present. It is my
23rd batch of homebrew, and it was brewed on 5-23, under a full moon and a
planetary conjunction. Many gods and extended duration personal saviors, such
as "Bob", Homer Simpson, Kali, Cthuhlu, Shub-Niggaruth, King Gambinus,
Godzilla, and Groucho Marx, were called upon to bless the brew. It was then
bottled a month later, on the 23rd. It was rich in pure Slack goodness.

Anyways, mucho thanks to everyone who drank beer and extended their
compliments, and especially thanks to those who spontaneously offered me
Rev. Christopher Lee, Perfected Knight of the Frinkahedron,
Church of Homer Simpson, Boddhisvta, semi-proud clench of Church ofthe SubGenius

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