Xdrill from the View of a Heretic (BJ Price)

Fear and Loathing in Sherman, N.Y....Pagans frop and Amish..

From: "BJ Price (absent)" <Absent@Glasscity.net>

They get to pick and choose freely. weve got them outnumbered. no matter
what the odds, at least at X-drill, there just werent many females. the
sigh that rang over the valley tyhat day rang collectively from the
hearts of many of us, Im sure. We can only hope they soon make a
stronger presence.

I remember meeting an english didgeridooist name Liam...A fine fellow,
indeed...I remember the group of us, mike and becky and charles...St.
Guiswaldo,(spelling?) an Indonesian Subgenius from Ft. Worth...the Pope
Of Ann Arbor, whose name I have lost,
and several others(includingreverend android) staying up all night and
getting punchy at the gruple Dome...Waiting for the REAL X-day
anniversary...SInging our best mockeries of the worst metal too stay
awake...Finaly mmaking firebombs out of things and blowing them up in
the fire...doing anything to wake the camp...noone cared...

I still recall disliking hate, even as a joke...

more to come in the Saturdayreport...must go for now...thanks for
reading this post..email me if we met and I forgot to metion you...email
me if I did.I dont think I met anyone(with a very few exceptions) I dont
wish to encounter again...overall, the good vibes blew me away, I gotta
go next year too. Get In touch, folks.

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