HToMC Defeats saucers, drills at 7am

From: (Wayne Aiken)
Date: 12 Jul 1997 04:10:14 GMT

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Holy Temple of Mass Consumption
PO Box 30904
Raleigh, NC 27622

X-DAY DRILL - 1997

HToMC did finally make it to the very last X-Day Drill held at the Brushwood
Folklore Center in Sherman, NY, over the July 4-6. And, it was extra special,
being the *very last* opportunity before the real flying saucers arrive on
July 5, 1998, to rescue the dues-paid SubGenii from the destruction of the
earth, and take them off to unknown adventures aboard their pleasure saucers.

And, a true test from Dobbs it was, from the grueling trip there and back
(THANKS Rev. Lurch!!), to the cold and wet nights in a fucked-up tent and
relatively unmowed and primitive conditions. Even the Doktorbands were shut
down far too early in the night... But all that failed to stop pure SLACK
from flowing... Special events included the mass pee-in, baptisms by Rev.
K'taden Legume, hot-oil wrestling, the Ugly Parade (which throughly confused
the pagan campers...they never quite figured out what to think about all
those 'subgeniuses' raising hell...), devival services with inspirational
messages from Ivan Stang, Papa Joe Mama, Susie the Floozie, gut-wrenching
anti-music from Steve Slack, Rev. Dynasoar, the King of ALL Slack Bill T.
Miller, with special appearances by Rev. Modemac, Popess Lillith, Rev.
Groovy G, Jehovah Hates Phred, and tons more. Start planning NOW for next
year's X-Day, which will be the REAL THING! This one doubled last year's
attendance, with just about everyone making it for the 7am drill!

Greets to: Rev. Lurch, Dynasoar, Tor, Myrkury, Rev. Biscuit, Pope Phred,
$aint @ndrew, Rev David Lynch, Rev. Pee Kitty and the Unibomber, the Shining
Path of Least Resistance, Modemac, Stang, Jesus, Susie, Legume (send him
all your spare bullets!), QPM, Rev. Groovy G, Papa Joe Mama, Bill Miller,
whatshername with the Marilyn Manson doll, Irrev. Friday Jones, Popess Lillith,
the crew of 90.5 FM playing all-Dobbs Radio 24 hours a day, and other people
that I met for the first time (and anyone I might have left out).

For next year's event, contact:

The SubGenius Foundation (Also see important info in the latest
PO Box 140306 Interim Update #45, vol. 17 for the
Dallas, TX 75214 very latest church news, info on Heaven's Gate, plus other freaks)

| Reno, NV
| 89513 USA
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Fear Not.
Spread the Word.

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Tim McVeigh's Favorite Comics

*** A-Bomb #14 - Hot issue, with the ludicrously-large super-tits as the main
theme. Includes a "furry" scene, another with a miracle breast-enlarger,
rotten sukiyaki kept in a refrigerator too long, until it grows penises and
rapes anyone who comes close to the fridge. A fun issue, better
than the last couple. Venus Comics.

**** A-Bomb #15 - One of the exceptionally hot issues in this series.
In "Passionate Immortality", a couple of nuns who strip and go at it,
draw a priest into the action for some 3-some action. Far from being a
sin, they trn out to be angels, sent down as a reward. Also, some very
wild drawings in this one. Venus Comics.

** A-Bomb #16 - This may be the last issue of A-Bomb for a while. In it, a
preview of Not-Ninja High School, a fairly hot story with men sexually
enhanced by technology, who go on a testosterone rampage with every woman in
town, and its up to the girl team must stop them. Plus, another episode of
"Burma 1942", with the woman reporter being tortured by the japanese officer
to reveal the secret US base. Not my favorite storyline. Venus Comics.

*** Bondage Fairies #4 - the new series, as wild and explicit as ever.
The two fairies draw out the murderer of several insects, only to be caught
and sexually humiliated by a huge crayfish. They get their revenge, though,
Bobbitt-style. For a comic, nothing is left to the imagination. Eros Comix.

** Bondage Fairies #5 - The fairies "come out" of the artwork to be
assistants to the BF artist, who is, naturally, a total pervert. The
fairies proceed to play with his drawing equipment, and make a total mess
of things. Amusing, and a fair amount of explicit action, but not much
of a story. Eros Comix.

*** Crypt of Dawn vol. 2 - Dark, creepy stories much like the older Cry for
Dawn series, one of which is illustrated by Linsner himself. Includes
"Five Minutes of my Life" by John Finnegan, "The Fool of the Web" by
Patricia Breen, "Mother Instinct" by Ronald Russell Roach, which is a
preview to the upcoming Armageddonquest comic, and "Losing Touch", a
surreal pice by David Mack, creator of Kabuki. Sirius Entertainment Inc.

***** Dawn #5 - Everybody Dies - A final battle forms between the legions of
angels and demons, with Darrian Ashoka standing aside. During the battle,
the great Horned God appears and kills them all-- and Dawn, who appears
after it, reveals Darrian's metaphysical role, as the lord of the hunt and
her own counterpart as the goddess of birth and rebirth, in a neverending
cycle. Great artwork together with a heavy story. Sirius

**** Dork #4 - Comics by Evan Dorkin. Includes larger ones like the Murder
Family, the Eltingville Comic book, science-fiction, fantasy, horror and
role-playing club, plus lots of the little small Milk-and-Cheese-ish
strips that unleash equal amounts of mayhem and satire. And, they're all
full of the extreme and screwed up characters that make his comics so
chaotic and fun. Write Evan at PO Box 060380, Staten Island, NY 10306
or Slave Labor Graphics

**** Eightball #18 - Showing the human side of angst and disappointment,
this issue contains the final chapter of "Ghost World". When its time for
one of the girls to take an entrance exam and go across the country to
college, the other naturally wants to follow. However, when she flunks it,
she decides to get on a bus, move to another town, and start a new life as
a completely different person, in total disgust over her current life.
"Black Nylon" is the tale of a washed-up superhero who gets bit acting
parts and contends with young competition. Plus, the extra "Modern
Cartoonist", a harsh and philosophical look at cartoons. Fantagraphics.

***** Flaming Carrot Comics - Annual #1 - Special giant edition on the
15th anniversary of Flaming Carrot. FC himself goes off on another wild
adventure with lusty women, parties, a miniature Abe Lincoln, and a huge
criminal gang out to kill him- who he gets first by killing them one by
one with garbage. Plus, another story with The Strangler, another one of
the Mysterymen, who must subdue another superhero who has gone off the
deep end and gone on a rampage. Great stories- and Bob Burden certainly
hasn't lost his touch that made FC a classic. Dark Horse Comics

*** Hate #23 - Buddy and Lisa's relationship breaks down even further, as
Lisa has an affair with Joel, Buddy's sister's ex-husband, father to her two
brats, and total stupid sleaze. In typical fashion, Buddy makes a jerk of
himself over his own lack of attraction to Lisa and infatuation with a married
woman. Also, as a bonus, Doofus and Henry Hotchkiss, the roughneck bumpkins,
go on the road with a sleazy carnival. Fantagraphics Books.

*** Hate #24 - Lisa starts getting bitchy and psychotic again, and goes
through yet another round of depression and psychotherapy. However, Lisa
finally goes off the deep end with her emotional outbursts, while her
therapist who puts her on Prozac and excuses her behavior. All this comes
out during a "joint session" where Buddy call bullshit on the whole deal.
In the end, the vicious cycle returns.. Also, another "Doofus". Fantagraphics

**** Hate #25 - Lisa finally moves out on Buddy, suddenly. Buddy is then
torn between finally not having to deal with her and having the house to
himself, and all torn up over wondering where she is and why she left.
He finally finds her, with a crewcut and tattoo, living at her weird goth
friends' moms apartment, where they finally make their peace. Fantagraphics.

**** Hate #27 - Buddy's life is turned completely upside-down, when Stinky
and Butch, Buddy's friend and brother, go shooting and Stinky kills himself.
Butch freaks out and goes into hiding. Meanwhile, the neighborhood losers
invade Buddy's mom's house and try to turn it into a drug factory, pissing
off Buddy and getting him in trouble with his mother. Finally, he's had
enough, buys out Jay's half of the business, and prepares to move in. Also
comics by Peter Bagge, Ariel Bordeaux, Dame Darcy, and R. Crumb- this comic
is turning into a big meeting place. Great Doofus page too. Fantagraphics.

*** Johnny the Dead Maniac #6 - After finally dying, he goes to heaven,
where Johnny causes utter chaos among the otherwise blissed-out people there.
Then, when he's sent to hell, he finds out that he served a cosmis purpose
on earth- of "flushing" the pent-up psychic bullshit, so he's sent back to
earth to live again. This, of course, just infuriates him more, because he
can't stand people's obsessions with trivial things. Slave Labor Graphics

*** Johnny the Homocidal Maniac #7 - Fresh back from hell, Johnny meets and
dispatches a fan, finally disconnects with his girlfriend whom he tried to
kill, and finds a new controlling character to take the place of the
doughboys. All the angst, plus some serious jabs at the gothic/vampire
wannabees- what they might get might not be what they expect if they had to
*actually* live it as Johnny does. Interesting. Slave Labor Graphics

*** Naughty Bits #20 - Bitchy Bitch is on vacation, so this follows one of her
co-workers, Sylvia, the woman with the heart-shaped head. Office work is
pure hell for her too, which she deals with by spending every night and
weekend at new-age/spiritual seminars and courses- none of which help her
very much. At work, Marcie the fundamentalist freaks out when they hire a
wiccan as a temp. In all, its one strange and wacked-out week. Fantagraphics.

*** Purity Plotte #10 - actually, "Dirty" Plotte by Julie Doucet - After a
short bit going through a couple of her dreams (interesting, but nowhere near
as wild as my last couple), we see her little adventure of moving from
Montreal to NYC- a true story- where she stays with her new boyfriend.
Everyone who's ever lived in a dumpy little apartment can relate to it; in
this chapter, everything's going nice for her. Drawn & Quarterly

**** The System #3 - All of the elements come together, often violently, and
finally, justice seems to reign. Protestors disrupt and stop the subway; the
terrorist is killed when the drunken conductor slams his subway train into
it; the patient gets well and is released; the cop finds the stripper killer
who gets killed; the corrupt policeman is arrested. But, the old bum and his
dog find the bomb, which is accidentally activated... Wild, ironic ending.

**** Sunglasses After Dark #6 - After waking up in the morgue, Sonja releases
the full fury of her hatred as she goes to a final confrontation with the evil
televangelist Catherine Wheele. The force of the battle releases the spirits
of Wheele's victims, who distract her long enough for Sonja to finish her off.
Unfortunately, her friend Claude had his mind shattered as Wheele's last
victim, and Sonja must end his life peacefully. Wild story by Nancy Collins.

**** Trailer Trash #8 - Everybody's dumping all their problems on Harvey,
the hillbilly bastard. First, Billy Dalton tells the sordid story of his
family, with his slut mother, the creep she married for money, and how he
turned into a pervert and molested him. After taking all that he can stand
of that household, Harvey picks up a girl he once worked with, who proceeds
to unload her unhappy marriage on him, then leaves. More degradation and
human trash in one comic than I've seen in quite a while. Fantagraphics

*** Vamperotics #20 - Luxura has her own night club, where she dances for
the men, hypnotizing them while she picks out one to feed upon, and ravishes
him to ecstacy on-stage; while everyone else only sees her dancing. She
also takes care to pick only the scumbags who deserve their horrible fate.
Also, in "vampire quest", two x-files type agents begin a search for vampires,
in order to use them as hardy astronauts for the colonization of Mars.
Some hot drawings in the "nude" edition. Brainstorm Comics.

*** Vamperotica #24 - "Badlands" story set in the wild west, where Luxura
hunts the killer of one of her clan, in a "fair hunt" with no magic or
vampire abilities used. Despite treachery and cheating, she defeats the
evil vampire with the help of the ghost town's sheriff-- the daughter of
the previous sheriff, who also fell victim to the evil vampire/murderer.
Probably not much difference between the "nude" edition and regular- nice
cover, though. Brainstorm Comics.

***** Zero Zero #12 - Sep/Oct 96 - Great collection of stories, many from
artists in between their own comics. With contiuing series: "Crumple" by Dave
Cooper, and "The Chuckling Whatsit" by Richard Sala. Also, graphic and
gross shorts "Boots the Bear" by Pirinen, and "Death" by Max Andersson.
Plus, more stories and artwork- back cover ban Dan Clowes. Fantagraphics.

***** Zero Zero #13 - Nov/Dec 96 - Skip Williamson takes on the heavy topic
of mankind's tendency toward violence and control. Also, continuing stories
"Fuzz & Pluck" by Ted Stearn, as the two turn to a meditating monkey to help
them starve enough to remove their convict collars, "Homunculus: The Eunuch's
Tale" by Mack White, and "The Chuckling Whatsit" by Richard Sala, and
"Crumple" by Dave Cooper. Plus, new stories by Dave Collier, Sam Henderson,
and more. Absolutely the best collection of alternative artists, with
continuing stories and lots of new stuff each issue. Fantagraphics.

**** Zero Zero #15 - March 97 - Joe Sacco's "Christmas with Karadzic", where
3 reporters make their way across Bosnia for an interview with the war
criminal Karazdic; Dave Cooper's "Crumple" takes a weird and mutated turn
in this serial; a bloody and painful chapter 14 of Richard Sala's "The
Chuckling Whatsit", plus lots of other strips and stories by Dave Collier,
henriette valium ad many others. Fantagraphics.

***** Zero Zero # 17 - June 97 - Wild shorts "Pez & Mengele" by Max Andersson,
"Duck" by Renee French, and "The Bad Boys" by J.R. Williams. Plus, in the
ongoing series, "Crumple" by Dave Cooper, gets wilder and weirder as it goes.
The lecherous Zev gets them both beaten up by a feminist gang, so they both
go to a strip bar, for *more* trouble. Lots of weird sexual devices too.
Michael Dougan's true story "Double-Booked", of a cartoonists worst nightmare,
and "The Chuckling Whatsit" by Richard Sala unravels part of the mystery and
leads up to a possibly violent conclusion. All of it is GREAT. Fantagraphics.


sonic strangeness

Little Green Zine - Feb. 1997 - Official news of the Little Green Men band,
in the NJ/NY area. They've since split up after their last show at CBGB's,
and reformed with new guitar & drums. For schedules, check their website
at: or email
Free demos and stickers at every show, plus neat t-shirts. Little Green Men,
PO Box 4246 Dunellen, NJ 08812

Vendetta #2 - Newsletter of the Vendetta Syndicate, announcing their new
cassette, "East Side Story". I haven't heard it, but they tout this as
*real* "gangster" music, not gansta-rap, but songs about the *original*
gangs. Songs like "Mafia Man", "Sworn in Blood", etc. sound intriguing.
Tapes are $5 cash to Vendetta Syndicate, 708 51st St., Baltimore MD 21224
and is also available in local Baltimore record stores.

The Racoon Tapes Catalog - Great compilations of rare and fun material.
Includes lots of Negativland, including mixtapes from their KPFA shows.
Also, Flo & Eddie, Zappa, rare cartoons and tv ads, the Residents, EBN, plus
videos also. Many of these are available through Mofo Outreach Ministry,
For current list, write: Bob Nelson, 75 Hale St. #1, Beverly, MA 01915

Mofo Outreach Ministry, source of the wildest, weirdest tape exchange in
the universe, has MOVED. Yes, the old address in Reno is very bad to write
to and should be ignored, please! Instead, we recommend you make note of
our new address and write to us at:

PO Box 21104 The catalog and all tapes are still
Seattle, WA available! We are still growing,
98111-3104 USA but now in a different place!

Opulence! - The official zine and music sampler tapes from the WEFestival,
a 7-day independent film, unsigned band, microbrew, and zine festival
held each year in late May each year in Wilmington NC. In fact, I was all
set up to spend Memorial Day weekend there when the *#*&$& power-that-be at
work decided *not* to have their end of semester break, dashing all hopes of
seeing this outrageous festival that I've heard great things about and have
been waiting all year to see. Next year *will* be different. The zine
features tons of pictures of people and bands all along Wilmington's
historic waterfront district. They're also a source for tapes and CDs from
a lot of small bands all over the country and local bands like Inkpot
Monkey and Pandora's Lunchbox; they put out a sampler tape roughly
quarterly- only $3 or tape trade. Opulence!/WEFestival info at
PO Box 2071, Wilmington NC 28402-2071

A couple of new releases from Throwrug Records - PO Box 579100, Chicago IL
60657-9100; or call 773-327-1989

The Velour Motel - "Wolcott" - This 4-piece band from Chicago plays a
mixture of bittersweet ballads, not like Morrisey' whine, but more like the
Velvet Underground's moody angst, mostly over relationships. Mike Armstrong,
on vocals, creates a very dreamy, ethereal sound, with flowing organ
undertones, but still within the pop genre. "Gold" was a particularly catchy
tune, with a nice melody. Approaching the cry-in-your-beer brand of
lternative, its also a nice CD to mellow out to. The Velour Motel has played
live on WZRD, and will be touring this summer.

The Great Brain - "Algorithm" - More on the harder distorted rock side,
this album nicely mixes a Tool/Helmet-influenced thrash sound with Suicidal
Tendencies-style quirky lyrics, for high-energy songs with offbeat melody.
Very addictive, even in the slower intros and instrumentals. This one made
it into my frequently-played pile, and this band would be great to see live.
Contact The Great Brain at: POB 5467, Evanston, IL 60204,


OBE-KOF Orgy of Noise WWW Site!

wacko weirdo alien orgy samplefest industroid
freak-out subversive experimental noise rock trip!
(more samples, Stick, electronix, and more SEX)

Industrial blues slack sludge hardcore
punk heap of noise rock subversion!
("Live" altar ego of OBE...even more Slack)


Send $10 for OBE/KOF "open your ears" CD (2 CD lengths in 1!)

Bill T. Miller (RevDOK BTM)
Extraterrestrial Records
Box 221 Boston, MA 02123 USA
God was created
-------------------------------------------------------- by someone on acid
happy comming down

OJ as told by Dr. Seuss

I did not kill my lovely wife
I did not slash her with a knife
I did not bonk her on the head
I did not know that she was dead

I stayed at home that fateful night
I took a cab, then took a flight
The bag I had was just for me
My bag! My bag! Hey, leave it be.

When I came home I had a gash
My hand was cut from broken glass
I cut my hand on broken glass
A broken glass did cause the gash

I have nothing yet to hide
My friend, he took me for a ride

Did you take this person's life?
Did you do it with a knife?

I did not do it with a knife
I did not, could not kill my wife
I did not do this awful crime
I could not, would not anytime

Did you hit her from above?
Did you drop this bloody glove?

I did not hit her from above
I cannot even wear that glove
I did not do it with a knife
I did not, could not kill my wife
I did not do this awful crime
I could not, would not anytime

And now I'm free, I can return
To my house for which I yearn
And to my family whom I love
Hey now I'm free...Give back my glove!

(Hal Phillips <>)


Teach Your Child About Politics

by Joseph Sobran

Because I write about politics, people are forever asking me the best way to
teach children how our system of government works. I tell them that they can
give their own children a basic civics course right in their own homes.

In my own experience as a father, I have discovered several simple devices
that can illustrate to a child's mind the principles on which the modern state
deals with its citizens. You may find them helpful, too.

For example, I used to play the simple card game WAR with my son. After a
while, when he thoroughly understood that the higher ranking cards beat the
lower ranking ones, I created a new game I called GOVERNMENT. In this game,
I was Government, and I won every trick, regardless of who had the better card.
My boy soon lost interest in my new game, but I like to think it taught him a
valuable lesson for later in life.

When your child is a little older, you can teach him about our tax system in a
way that is easy to grasp. Offer him, say, $10 to mow the lawn. When he has
mowed it and asks to be paid, withhold $5 and explain that this is income tax.
Give $1 to his younger brother, and tell him that this is "fair". Also,
explain that you need the other $4 yourself to cover the administrative costs
of dividing the money. When he cries, tell him he is being "selfish" and
"greedy". Later in life he will thank you.

Make as many rules as possible. Leave the reasons for them obscure. Enforce
them arbitrarily. Accuse your child of breaking rules you have never told him
about. Keep him anxious that he may be violating commands you haven't yet
issued. Instill in him the feeling that rules are utterly irrational. This
will prepare him for living under democratic government.

When your child has matured sufficiently to understand how the judicial system
works, set a bedtime for him and then send him to bed an hour early. When he
tearfully accuses you of breaking the rules, explain that you made the rules
and you can interpret them in any way that seems appropriate to you, according
to changing conditions. This will prepare him for the Supreme Court's concept
of the U.S. Constitution as a "living document".

Promise often to take him to the movies or the zoo, and then, at the appointed
hour, recline in an easy chair with a newspaper and tell him you have changed
your plans. When he screams, "But you promised!", explain to him that it was
a campaign promise.

Every now and then, without warning, slap your child. Then explain that this
is defense. Tell him that you must be vigilant at all times to stop any
potential enemy before he gets big enough to hurt you. This, too, your child
will appreciate, not right at that moment, maybe, but later in life.

At times your child will naturally express discontent with your methods. He
may even give voice to a petulant wish that he lived with another family. To
forestall and minimize this reaction, tell him how lucky he is to be with you
the most loving and indulgent parent in the world, and recount lurid stories
of the cruelties of other parents. This will make him loyal to you and, later,
receptive to schoolroom claims that the America of the postmodern welfare
state is still the best and freest country on Earth.

This brings me to the most important child-rearing technique of all: lying.
Lie to your child constantly. Teach him that words mean nothing - or rather
that the meanings of words are continually "evolving", and may be tomorrow
the opposite of what they are today.

Some readers may object that this is a poor way to raise a child. A few may
even call it child abuse. But that's the whole point: Child abuse is the best
preparation for adult life under our form of GOVERNMENT.

\ check out
the journal of \
THE CHURCH OF \ The oBliviosiTeR
EUTHANASIA \ 1326-15th St. E.
\ Saskatoon, SK S7N 0R9
Send $3 donation for #4 or SASE for \
catalog to the Church of Euthanasia \ $2 or trade fnord
PO Box 261, Somerville, MA 02143 \ \ /----------------------------
\ /
---------------------------------------------- now in 2nd Printing

The Book Your Church Doesn't Want You To Read

The Consumer Protection Guide to Religion.

Get Real...Get Educated...Get Literate...before you spend one more Sunday
in church or one more cent on a TV Evangelist--- read The Book!

The anthology that covers it all... Authors include Steve allen, Thomas
Paine, Gerald Larue, Dr. Robert Eisenman, Joseph Campbell & Jordan Maxwell

Order Now-- Call to use your credit card or mail a check or money order
for $24.95 to:
M.Ed. Marketing
PO Box 28550, San Diego, CA 92198


Whores of Goddess Scientists


Daemonolatriea 696

Biannual Black Journal of Magickal Chaos,
Occult Rebellion and Art for Babalon

Daemonolatriea 696 (1&2) is the Game Itself! Each is a 40+ page comprehensive
workbook of specific Magickal Practices we dare you to try! Confront your own
Gods & Demons personally and make them serve Your True Will! Each D696
contains the Complete Ads Listings, including over 100 Web Addresses & 300 ads
& worldwide contact addresses of Occult, Revolutionary, Anarchic, Sacred,
Satanick & Activist organizations of All philosophical stripes. Each has 6
sample pages of A797, more than 100 Sigils & Symbols of Classical Demon-Spirits
& many Polycultural Mantras, Invo-Evocations, Conjurations, Adorations, &
Magickal Tools for Personal Occult Exploration. Each is an Unbelievable
Supernatural Assault on limitations of any kind in the realms of the Spiritual,
Sexual, and Individual expressions of Humankinds Infinite Possibilities.

Correspondence, Donations, or Questions to:

Revs. Cheryl & Adtrian Cain
1800 Market St., #47
San Francisco, CA 94102 USA


Z I N E - M A N I A

ACMTC - "The Army that Sheds No Blood", the Aggressive Christianity Missions
Training Corps is, as the name implies, a band of hardcore fundamentalist
missionaries. They print tracts by the ton, predictably bashing homosexuals,
abortion, drug use, etc. as "satanic". But, they do have tons of great
CLIP ART! And, their rants are sufficiently hysterical as to be quality
lurid entertainment in their own right. Haven't had enough HELLFIRE in your
diet? They can supply all you'd ever need. PO Box 90, Berino NM 88024
Check their website at:

Amsterdam Chronicle - Vol. 1 #3 - A look inside Amsterdam, written by
expatriate Americans who have been there for several years. Many people
visit the Netherlands because of their tolerance and enlightened views of
personal responsiblity, allowing "coffeehouses" where you can freely buy
and smoke marijuana, legalized prostitution, etc. But, for those who see
real underside of it, all isn't exactly the way the tourist guides claim.
Despite their allegedly tolerant attitudes, this book exposes hostility
toward immigrants thats driving people out and away. Even the coffee
houses themselves often treat their customers like dirt, as detailed in
several incidents involving the "best", according to High Times. In all,
this is a hard look inside the Dutch culture, which isn't available anywhere
else. Read this before you travel. US $5, 6 issues $25 Grace & Michael
Hogan, Kanaalstraat 66-Huis, 1054 XK Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Badger Books - source for scholarly books on the history of religions, and
selected literary classics, plus some contemporary and avante-garde books.
This short catalog (or update?) has extensive excerpts and reviews of the
books, with interesting filler stories. For info or to order: 201-434-7113
Current free catalog: Badger Books, 134 Mercer St., Jersey City NJ 07302

The Book Tree Catalog - Another alternative book source, this one heavily
covers metaphysics, religious controversy, alternate spiritiality, and tons
of material on UFOs and conspiracies- from the Masons and Illuminati to
The New World Order and Oklahoma City. A truly impressive collection
representing just about every facet of conspiracy and esoteric books out
there. The Book Tree c/o M.Ed. Marketing, PO Box 28550, San Diego, CA 92198

Bueno - Vol. VI #4 - Small zine for promoting foreign language learning,
this one promoting Spanish. They also sell books, computer programs, and
learning aids (which is their main business) but the zine also serves as
a networking tool for other spanish-speaking zines and services. The
zine itself also has lessons and tips on spanish, including slang. $10
for 4 quarterly issues to: In One Ear Publications, 29481 Manzanita Dr.
Campo, CA 91906-1128

Comic Buyer's Guide - Like a lot of people, I got a sample of this in the
mail. It's a BIG, huge newspaper-print-type guide to cartoons and comic
books, doing to them what Factsheet 5 does for zines, including listings of
comic book conventions. Naturally, there's a fairly heavy emphasis on
DC/Marvel style superhero comics, but the "Indie" issue covers a lot of the
Cry For Dawn/Razor/Shia/vampire type magazines. Although it doesn't delve
nearly into the Fantagraphics/Slave Labor/Aeon type of "alternative" comics,
nor does it cover self-published comics, it is a great place to look for the
more mainstream ones, particularly if you collect particular issues or are
in the business. 20 issues $14.95 700 E. State St., Iola, WI 54945-9984

Derogatory Reference #82 - Arthur Hlavaty's ongoing journal of his books,
work, and life in general, focusing primarily on his passion for literature.
Like so many of us, he's fallen for the technology, and actually liking and
using it, despite the initial resistance. I read a fair amount of SciFi,
but not nearly as much as Arthur, who knows far more about new books and the
authors than I ever will- and every issue of DR has tons of reviews of a wide
range of books. He's disappointed with Franken's "Rush Limbaugh is a Big Fat
Idiot", but liked Oliver Sacks' "An Anthropologist on Mars." General talk
includes current politics, and the recent loss of Leary and others. $1,
published 4 times/year, Arthur Hlavaty, 206 Valentine St., Yonkers NY
10704-4861, email version free:

Derogatory Reference #84 - More of Arthur Hlavaty's literary adventures and
miscellaneous real-life details. He details Philcon, where he and his wife
Bernadette Bosky were on several panels, in addition to the regular schmoozing
and socializing at these events. Also, more on word processor wars (I prefer
Word), and tons of book reviews. I wish I had more time to read- my "to read"
stack just doesn't go down fast enough. He critizes John Clute's latest,
"Look at the Evidence", and tons of other smaller reviews. For the hardcore
literary sf fan, keep up with this zine. $1, published 4 times/year,
Arthur Hlavaty, 206 Valentine St., Yonkers N 10704-4861

Devil Boy Comix #3 - Sex Death Issue - Hardboiled comics and stories, very
graphic violence mixed with explicit sex and nudity, which is this issue's
specialty. All of them are designed to make you cringe, and the short
stories are quite good. Fans of extreme, gory and violent shock comics
should get this one and Hungry Maggot, if you get any at all. Look for more
from these people, and send a SASE for their catalog.
V.Blast, 4742 42nd Ave. SW #354, Seattle, WA 98116 [age statement!]

The Drug Policy Foundation - is hosting the 11th International Conference
on Drug Policy Reform (i.e. getting rid of the "war on drugs" crap) on
October 15-18 in New Orleans. No longer limited to the hemp store crowd,
the legalization debate is finally making its way into the mainstream.
For info on the conference and the organization, write: Drug Policy
Foundation, 4455 Connecticut Ave. NW, Suite B-500, Washington DC 20008
(202) 537-5005

Factsheet 5 #61 - Crammed full with over 2000 reviews and tons of ads, its
still the #1 resource for keeping up with the zine culture, even though
its slipping back to probably 3 issues per year. Features in this one
include "The Secret of My Success" with interviews by Jim Goad (Answer Me!),
Paul Lukas, Pagan Kennedy, Advid Greenberger, Jen Angel and others, on
their experiences and what it takes to make a truly successful zine (and
profitable!). Also, articles on ex-zine publishers, gossip on who's doing
what new projects, and lots more. Indispensible- and I always see lots of
things here that I've never heard anywhere else. 6 issues for $20 (cheap!)
Factsheet Five Subscriptions, PO Box 170099, SF CA 94117-0099

FIJActivist Vol 8 No. 4 - The official magazine of the Fully Informed Jury
Association. The feature story is on the Laura Kriho cas in Gilpin County,
Colorado. She was convicted of failing to inform the court of her opinions
on irrational anti-drug laws. Of course, the government, which stacks juries
to make sure that nobody who disagrees with the government will be seated,
simply can't have that. The case is being appealed, and if it stands, the
entire jury system will be set back to the 17th century where jurors could
be punished for failing to deliver verdicts that the government doesn't like.
Laura's defense fund, a worthy cause, is: Laura Kriho Legal Defense Fund
c/o Paul Grant, Box 1272, Parker CO 80134 (303) 841-9649. The rest of the
newsletter details actions all over the country. FIJA may be contacted at:
PO Box 59, Helmville MT 59843 (406) 793-5550. Membership is $25/year.
Also check out:
and the Jury Power Page at

Funny Pages - June 1997 - Humor zine, with all the latest bad jokes.
Nothing is too outrageous, politically incorrect, or offensive to make it
here, and the JonBenet jokes are great; easily on par with the tasteless
jokes about the shuttle tragedy. Also includes all sort of funny lists,
revenge tactics by George Hayduke, double entendres, and random silliness.
$2, 12 issues for $15. Send all of your bad, silly, and subversive jokes
to: Funny Pages, PO box 317025, Dayton OH 45437
Check it out with a FREE sample issue with SASE. "Funny Pages is guaranteed
to gross out your sister" according to Joe Bob Briggs.

Giants and Little People #8 - this is the LAST issue of this zine. Basically,
it explores both ends of a popular genre in movies, cartoons, books, and all
media- extremes in size, both big and small. It has tons of examples, from
the recent Coors commericals with huge giants partying among the mountains,
plus a big section on famous midget wrestlers. I'd never considered just how
widespread these themes were before seeing tons of examples here. Bob Nelson
will continue producing Raccoon Times, but is dropping this one. Back issues
are available for $1.50. Bob Nelson, 75 Hale St. #1, Beverly, MA 01915

Interesting!, the zine of totally miscellaneous but interesting things,
is smaller, more compact, easier to hold, and, hopefully, will be back
regularly after a series of moves/job changes. An issue costs $1.00 in
cash or stamps (please, no checks) to: Interesting! c/o Rich Sagall
747 South 3rd St. #3, Philadelphia, PA 19147-3324 (+50 cents Can/Mex)
Back issues available for $3 for 1,$5/2,$7/3,$9/4

JND Pseudo Zine - a bit more organized than previous "issues", its still
the basic format. Its basically the current compilation of separate topics
that James is currently interested in or corresponding with others, and it
includes ongoing debates and discussions on various philosophical and
religious topics, including a lot from the libertarian perspective (which I
do agree with); book/zine/music/movie reviews, ads, catalogs, etc., plus
some generally interesting thing, such as an account of Sasquatch in rural
California, and some original thoughts on the whole "punk" zine. Lots of
contacts and ordering info. A ton of pages, so at least $1 is recommended
to defray costs: James N. Dawson, PO Box 613, Redwood Valley CA 95470

KiT Zine #6.5 - A small, interim release of apparently a much bigger zine.
The author is into the small/self-produced music scene, from a christian
perspective, but also enjoys other music, and is more than fair in reviewing
many other different music sources and events. Lots of zine reviews too.
$1 or stamps to: KiT Zine/Thinking Man Studios/J.D. Harvey, 27 E. Central
Ave. R5, Paoli, PA 19301

Laissez Faire Books - June 1997 - World's largest selection of books on
liberty. Among volumes detailing how government intervention makes many
problems worse instead of better, this issue features "Enviro-Capitalists:
Doing Good While Doing Well" by Terry Anderson and Donald Leal, which
details why and how private individuals do far better at preserving nature
than bureaucrats ever will, and "Facts Not Fear" by Michael Sanera and
Jane Shaw, on how to counter the "green" mythology and fear-mongering thats
fed to children in government schools. The entire catalog has hundreds of
books on many subjects, reviews online at:
Laissez Faire Books - 938 Howard St., #202, San Francisco CA 94103

Liberty Tree - vol XI No. 1 - Tons of books for the modern, politically
incorrect patriot. [the anti-govt quote on one of Tim McVeigh's t-shirts,
actually used against him in court was from none other than Thomas Jefferson.
The Founders must be turning in their graves fast enough to be used as power
sources] Books detailing the principles this country was founded upon and
why, as well as detailed expose's of how disastrously far we've left that
original vision and sunk into tyranny. A great selection of philosophical
and libertarian books, social commentary, plus home schooling. Complete
list at order line 800-927-8733
Liberty Tree, 134 98th Ave. Oakland, CA 94603-1004

Loompanics Unlimited - By now, most people are familiar with probably the
most outragous, First Amendment-envelope-pushing book catalog in the world.
With books on how to commit armed robbery, build explosives, beat polygraphs
and more, they are a natural target of people like Sen. Diane Feinstein and
others who really don't care about freedom. A current sampler catalog
lists selections of particular interest to libertarians, including books on
self sufficiency, homesteading, living cheaply, exposing the corruption of
the government & police, conspiracies, and lots more. Great books, although
you might want to use a PO box or maildrop. Loompanics Unlimited, PO 1167
Port Townshend, WA 98368

Lost Armadillos In Heat - #14 - After Austin's own poet was beaten out
of a spoken-word Grammy by Hillary Clinton, LAIH was shocked back to life.
As ever, its a celebration of all people and all things Texan, and especially
the scene in Austin, of which the incredibly small portion that I've seen of
it in the past couple of years, is matched only by bigger towns like SF
and NYC. Lots of music stuff, although they didn't mention the recent
Survival Research Labs show. But, the expose on Gumby and his horse Pokey's
sex scandal more than made up for it. $10 for 4 (yearly) to Lost Armadillos
1113 W. 31st, Austin TX 78705 or:

MALOK - sent me some wild mail-art, plus an interesting little collage/art
pamphlet, "Fuck Dirge". Thanks a bunch for this!!!- it really made our day.
Much slack goes out to: Rev. Malok, PO Box 41, Waukau, WI 54980

Mongoloid Moose #28 - Oct. 96 - Roadtrip adventures with Scott and the
MM bunch. Scott didn't work the Miss America Pageant this year; is it worth
it to miss the bimbos? Instead, they do to Montreal to shoot a vampire rock
video, and hit the town with some very strange B/D characters. [Montreal *is*
a blast...] Plus, more info, and an Uncle Al column cracking on the "French"
language and culture in Quebec. Its fun to keep with the ongoing adventures.
$1, trade, or perverse sexual favors. c/o Scott Wilson, PO Box 642, Bloomfield
NJ 07003;,

Mongoloid Moose #29 - The election-eve issue is red-hot with misadventures
and rants; Major Stress takes on the militant anti-smoking police, which is
enought to make any freedom-loving person want to *start* smoking; Uncle Al
takes on the stupid IQ and MMPI personality tests, and Scott himself takes
aim at the stupid "Macarena" dance that is foisted upon people at wedding
receptions (I'd add to that "the Conga" and every other silly stunt that all
too many of those "DJ"s use to intimidate *everyone*, willing or not, to
join in-- fer crissakes, some might just want to chill out with friends...)
Plus, 101 alternate letter endings, and the Big Wall O'Zines! $1/trade,
Scott Wilson, PO Box 642, Bloomfield NJ 07003

Mongoloid Moose #31 - The approach of the millenium/apocalypse is the theme
of this issue- with Headlines for the Apocalypse (how all the popular magazines
and shows would display it), sacriligious candies and novelties, and Uncle Al's
analysis of the 4004BC "millenium" coming up in Oct. 23, 1997. All this
layered between the usual surreal adventures, Major Stress on death (keep him!)
the Mystical Wall O'Zines, and the names of the 101 Dalmations, and more.
$1/trade, Scott Wilson, PO Box 642, Bloomfield NJ 07003

Mongoloid Moose #32- Valentines issue - Scott is all mushy over V-Day, and
of his adventure trying out an Ethiopian restaurant, in addition to "101
Excuses Not to go out on a Date" for those less timid when this day rolls
around. Doug has finally scored a girlfriend, and there's lots of other
cartoons and bits about this holiday and relationships. Uncle Al, on the
other hand, give some great original tips on how to torment telemarketers.
And, of course, the BIG wall o'Zines. $1/trade, Scott Wilson, PO Box 642,
Bloomfield NJ 07003

NCSE Reports - News, resources, and articles for people fighting the
creationists, their nonsensical anti-science mentality, and their push to
put their blatantly religious material in public schools. This issue
recognizes the recent deaths of Carl Sagan and Mary Leakey, with news on
the defeat of the proposed creationist museum "Genesis Park" in Kentucky.
Also, disturbing analysis of how the US Dept. of Education is dumbing down
educational standards. Membership in NCSE is $25/year, which gets 6 issues
of the reports, plus the more technical Creation/Evolution. These people are
a real bee in ICR's bonnet, and highly recommended. NCSE, PO Box 9477,
Berkeley, CA 94709-0477

The Obliviositer - Issue #10100 - All cartoon zine- in this one True Army
Tales resumes, where he gets shoved from one screwed-up shit job to another,
in typical disorganized army fashion (Canadian..apparently they're all the
same for enlisted grunts) Also, the beginning of the Gen-X Suicide strip
by Yul Tolbert, and cartoons by Adam Larson and Shawn Fehrenbach. Lots of
comics, cheap! and much fun for $2 each or 6/$10. Also get the Mind's Eye
Comics catalog- lots of self-published works. Tim Brown
1326-15th St. E., Saskatoon, SK S7N 0R9

Prometheus Books - Spring/Summer 97 catalog - Tons of ammo for undoing
myth and propaganda from all sides. This issue focuses on the right-wing
religious scumbags who are trying to turn the US into a theocracy.
"James Dobson's War on America" by Gil alexander-Moegerle takes a
chilling look at the popular family values guru and talk show host, and
his war against civil liberties and his plan for America. "Evangelicals
at the Ballot Box" by Albert J. Menendez looks at the power and political
influence of groups like the Christian Coalition in influencing blocs of
voters. "The Most Dangerous Man in America?" by Robert Boston looks at
Pat Robertson, who is actively fighting to take control of the courts and
congress. The catalog also has tons of books taking a hard look at religion,
UFOs, the paranormal, silly beliefs and claims of all sorts, current
events, politics, and more. 800-421-0351 Prometheus Books
59 John Glenn Drive, Amherst, NY 14228-2197

Psycho Carnival #6 - Thick zine of comics and stories. Includes the comic
"Destiny of Idiotica", about a planet inhabited by and ruled by dumbasses
(any resemblences to Earth are purely coincidental), "Master", a story of
conflict and survival in a futuristic PC/puritan tyranny, "Tales from the
Psycho Ward", plus lots of other short stories and comics. All of it is
fun, and a bit too rude for the kids [actually, the way *we* like them].
Good blend of absurdity and vulgarity. Psycho Carnival, 304 Main St.
Aurora, IN 47001

Raccoon Times #4 - Fanzine that explores comics, books, and all things
"furry", that is, with anthropomorphized animal characters. Includes lots
of pictures and panels from this cartoon genre. Also includes articles
on how to do your own zine, movie reviews from Frank Ochieng (also on Bob's
blues radio show), zine review, and furry fiction. Also ask for the
Raccoon Tapes Catalog. He is also looking for furry art; draw Rac Coony!
$1 from Bob Nelson, 75 Hale St., Apt. 1, Beverly MA 01915
Bob is no longer producing "NegativFan"; it has been resurrected as
NegativFanboyLand, $1 from Don-O, PO Box 5681, Santa Monica, CA 90409

Raccoon Times #6 - Not much furry news in this issue, but lots of other
things, like info on Bob's other (now defunct) zines like Giants and Little
People, Negativfanboyland (in the zine reviews), plus info on the numerous
tapes that Bob distributes, many of them available through Mofo. In
conjunction with this, there's a big article on Flo & Eddie, who once played
with The Turtles, Zappa, and their own independent records. All but
forgotten now, this is their complete history; Bob has *tons* of their
material on his tapes. Also, cool places to visit in Toronto, trivia,
Oscar predictions, and info/pleas from Jay Harber. $1.50 US (2/$2)
Bob Nelson, 75 Hale St. #1, Beverly MA 01915

Racoon Times #7 - A lot of review, bunches of zines, plus music also,
from blues to new-wave and punk. [also suggest: lastest Luscious Jackson
and Sneaker Pimps] The mascot Rac-Cooney shows up a lot in Bob's original
drawings, plus lots of real info and stories on raccoons. I don't live far
enough in the county -yet- to have to deal with them... And, articles
exploring the lack of imagination in Hollywood, with endless sequels and
recycled TV programs; and a look at recently cancelled shows which had been
running for years. [and Bob, you're *far* too nice to those telemarketing
slimeballs] $1.50 US, 2 for $2, foreign $2, 2/3$ to: Bob Nelson,
75 Hale St. #1, Beverly MA 01915

Rhubarb T-Shirts - large collection of offensive t-shirts, guaranteed to
seriously offend fundamantalists and prudes (so beware! if you buy)
A sense of humor is definitely required, as some of these hit pretty hard
below the belt. Definitely worth checking out, plus they have email
newsletters available from:, and a website dlsplaying
their shirts at: Send stamp for print
catalog at: PO Box 30326, Philadelphia PA 19103

Skeptical Inquirer, Vol. 20 #6 - The only cops in the metaphysical block,
which is sorely needed due to the proliferation of "1-900 psychic", and
blocks of TV shows uncritically portraying speculation as fact. [Maybe
the spirit of advertising has just caught up...] And, the general public
is dumbing down so far in science, that they'd probably never again be
able to create those neat TVs and VCRs that they depend on for those very
shows. This issue proposes a commitment to reverse that [rotsa ruck!],
along with debunking other anti-science, like the Judas Priest trial where
it was contended that subliminal messages could cause someone to commit
suicide. Single issue $4.95, 1 year (6) for $32.50. Box 703, Amherst NY
14226-0703 1-800-634-1610

Skeptical Inquirer, Vol. 21 No. 3 - A look at the real threats that asteroids
pose to the earth, as opposed to the recent batch of asteroid movies, that
border on pseudoscience. Also, a look at collective delusions, and the
relationship between phenomena like the panic caused by the "War of the Worlds"
broadcast, and Virgin Mary sightings, plus numerous other mass panics. In
"Skepticism and Politics", Barry Fagan examines the principles of skepticism
as applied to political thought, and shows how politically active skeptics
have few good choices, all libertarian-oriented. Single issue $4.95, 1 yr (6)
$32.50. Box 703, Amherst NY 14226-0703; 1-800-634-1610

Small Publisher - May 1997 - Medium-sized newspaper-type magazine, on tips
and resources for small publishers. Although a lot of it seems geared more
toward people who publish self-help, childrens book, etc., with advice and
products to help marketing them, there are also lots of good leads for
print shops for your zine/comic, as there's a fair bit of overlap. Not much
on the actual nuts and bolts of copying/binding, etc., but some good info on
how to advertise and market, if you're trying to make it a real business.
6 issues $10, Nigel Maxey, Box 1620, Pineville, WV 24874

Snuff It #4 - The official journal of the Church of Euthanasia, and they're
really getting cranked up. Projects and street actions include a billboard
for a suicide *assistance* hotline (too bad the phone company wouldnt
activate the number), campaigning at the Democratic convention to elect the
Unabomber as president, having a church meeting at the Rainbow gathering,
and totally disrupting Operation Rescue protests at abortion clinics, with
a barrage of rants, huge banners, attention-getting signs ("Eat a Queer
Fetus for Jesus") and explicit language. The journal also has lots of
essays on overpopulation, advocacy of contraception/abortion/non-breeding,
plus they have tons of great buttons and stickers. $3 donation for #4 or
SASE for catalog: Church of Euthanasia, PO Box 261, Somerville MA 02143

^^^^^^ [GET THIS ONE!!]---

Spleen Zine #8/9/10 - Hardcore-outlook, with tons of artwork, cartoons, and
collages, with images and text on familiar subjects (piercing culture, drug
use, sexual devices and toys, and a generally irreverent to outright
blasphemous attitude) Small but interesting articles also cover things that
I've heard of, but haven't seen in detail. One issue had an "El Topo" movie
review (that I *must* see); another had an account of GG Allin's last show
which, although its old, is an account that I haven't seen before.
Definitely non-PC, and a lot of fun stuff for $1. Also send art and other
submissions to: Lair of the Spleen, PO Box 30905, Tuscon, AZ 85751

Survivor Vol. 8 #5 - Features a great essay on how the "invisible hand" of the
free market -not centralized bureaucrats making plans, but vast numbers of
individuals all working for their own self-interest- is responsible for the
"plenty" that exists in this society. Also, and equally important, is the
Declaration of the Independence of Cyberspace, by John Perry Barlow. Tons
and tons of great, hard-hitting political cartoons, and other political
analysis; also tons of great ads and contact info for alternative culture
and self reliance.; stuff from conspiracy fringes, to SubG and fun stuff too.
$2 sugg. donation, 24 issues (2 years) for $20 to: Evans, 11-14 45 Avenue
Long Island City, NY 11101-5154

Tail Spins #27 & 28 - Huge source for independent music, professionally
printed and resembling Factsheet 5. A bazillion ads for every indie release
imagineable, plus a big FS5-like review section. They also review live
performances, zines, and take submissions on various aspects of alternative
culture. #27 also has articles on Bigfoot, a day at the shooting range,
Rev. Jim Jones; #28 has articles on poltergeists and haunted houses, doctors
who performed once-popular frontal lobotomies, Titanic trivia, freaks at
work, oddball protesters at the 96 Democratic convention, and more. Music
interviews and show reviews too, with Buck Ormsb of the Wailers and The
Misfits show in #27, interview with Dave Dictor of Millions of Dead Cops in
#28. Plus lots of smaller reviews of live shows all over the country. Its
a big zine, and anyone who shops for independent music or makes it, would
probably want a copy of it- and would definitely want to advertise here.
Wild covers, too. Great deal at $3, $4 Can/Mex, $5 worldwide. subs $15/22/30
for 6 issues. PO Box 1860, Evanston, IL 60204

The Twilight Zine #7 - featuring the Alien Diaries, a true tale of abduction
and servitude to a bunch of stupid aliens. Also includes rants, the cartoon
adventures of Citizen 9-Ball, birthday party psychotronic movies, Booger
Bear and other cartoons, and more strange articles. Lots of guest art and
articles too. A nice mix of just about every genre in here. Put on your
aluminum-foil hat and send a dollar or two to: wilight Zine c/o Andrew,
PO Box 85581, Tuscon AZ 85754-5581

The ULC News - Volum XXXV Issue 2 - Official newsletter of the Universal
Life Church, run by Kirby Hensley, who will ordain absolutely anyone who
promises to uphold the principles of religious freedom, and "Do What's
Right" in your own opinion. And, these ordinations are 100% legal and carry
every bit as much weight as any other "church" out there. This issue has
details Rev. Hensley's new "Universal Order", where he questions whether
modern churches or governments have "the answer". Also, lost of special
ordinations and degrees that you can order. Newsletter $5/yr-quarterly
Universal Life Church, 601 3rd St. Modesto, CA 95351 - and get ordained
*online* at

University of Chocolate City, Grassroots University - Forbidden knowledge
about human energy systems, inherent rights, and the evolution of
consciousness of consciousness. He's selling his book, "An Enpsychlopedia
of the Sleight-of-Hand Called...Money", and seems to be pushing a new,
non-debt-based monetary system that sounds like lots of local micro-currencies
springing up. Gerald DeCosta, 800-307-7782, c/o 95 E. Wayne Ave. #208,
Silver Spring 1, Maryland Zip Exempt

V2 - So just what *is* the deal with those alien stickers with the cross on
them, that are popping up all over the place? The main point is that if any
"aliens" are guilty of doing even half of the bad stuff that some people say,
they certainly shouldn't be glorified. Instead of cute little humanoids like
ET or "Close Encounters", maybe "Independence Day" is a bit closer to what a
real first contact would be like. And, instead of bringing messages of
universal peace and love, creatures with that level of technical ability
could just as easily conduct a smash-and-grab operation with impunity. Even
the "anti"-UFO hucksterism is a bit much too. When you think if slanty
alien faces, JUST SAY NO! V2, Box 911, Stanwood, WA 98292

What Now #1 - journal of anti-art, semiotics, and discordianism, containing
an complete, internal parody of the parody! Lots of mind-altering art,
collages, and utter bizarreness. Very chaotic and strange, as it should be.
Also, the zine Deadcow News takes it a step further, throwing snips of
weird news and other cultural debris into the mix. Guaranteed to elevate
one's consciousness, then tear it down and stomp on it. Send zines, sacred
items, anti-art and all things miscellaneous to: Pussy Galore's Flying Circus
c/o David X, 3691 Ontario St. East, Montreal Quebec H1W 1S1 Canada

Zapruder Headsnap #9 - Journal of modern cynicism and cultural nihilism-
brought about by that single instant when all of the sweetness and light
and trust is swept away, leaving only the realization that all we can do is
deal with the BS while everything goes to hell. This is the Disgust and
Evasion issue, with alternate looks at modern life, from Scientology
recruiters, to a trip to Nevada's sleazy and run-down, legal cathouse, the
Mustang Ranch, to the Clinton Inauguration celebration, to Mardi Gras, and
other adventures. Things look quite different once you gain the ability to
see the true degradation that "normal" people unthinkingly wallow in, and
these articles say a helluva lot of things that even I find myself thinking
in many occasions. $3/issue, send cash, checks, beaver shots to:
537 Jones St. #2074, SF CA 94102

The Zocalo - Zine for Babylon 5 fans - Complete info on Babylon 5 conventions,
including info about the actors and their appearances at various cons, plot
synopsis and commentary, and fan club contacts. This is also available
electronically; send your first name, state/country, and e-mail address to: Published weekly, totally free.

Holy Freaks:

Kill City Graphics #4 - by Rev. Dave Mitchell. He's finally retired the
Headlines dobbsian zine, but he's still making trouble. This issue of
Funtime Comics is the latest collection of Dave's cartoons, taking well-
deserved jabs at both the popular *and* the alternative cultures, from
Matt Groening to Family Circus, to the whole tattoo/piercing scene.
And, how better to expose the dangers of commericalization than as a Pink
trap separating us from "Bob"? Also has the "Useless Squad" from Charles
Treadwell/Outside comics. A lot of fun for $1 cash or trade- Dave Mitchell,
PO Box 5094, Winter Park FL 32793-5094

QUIJIBO #1- The Best Homer Simpson Praisin', Beer Brewing and Drinking, TV
Watchin', SubGenius Zine Ever! Just $2 to: QUIJIBO, 18 W. Main, Apt. X,
Greenfield, IN, 46140

So What? #13 - All of the favorites, such as Bil Keane *Must* Die, Celebrity
Corpse Update, a new, separate issue of Crazy Christian Conspiracy Comics,
plus more. This is a real personal issue, with testimonials of Rev. Groovy
G's having to grow up under the thumb of fundamentalist cult-brainwashed
parents, reviews of the great (dammit, I missed it) X-Day Drill on the last
5th of July at a festival in Sherman NY; local fundamentalist antics and
Charleton Heston's simliar antics. Lots of rants on especially deserving
institutions such as Richmond radio, insipid comic strips, AND lots of SubG
related material too, including Fellow Freaks. Support the THEMUS ministry
with a $1 donation to: so what? PO Box 378, Richmond VA 23218

So What? #14 - Onward to a new TV season; an analysis of great new shows,
highlighting on SPACE GHOST Coast to Coast [I also recommended: 2 Stupid Dogs,
Dexter, MTV's "Daria", and The Tick...except for B5, the only other shows I
watch are cartoons...except for the WWII channel] Also, favorite features
include Spotlight on Heston (don't forget his election to NRA-VP while
openly trashing the 2nd...) Crazy Christian Conspiracy Comics details the
metaphysics behind the Halloween vs. Christmas war (yay Halloween!!), plus
more on Halloween hypocrisy, Fellow Freaks, and part 4 of "Why I Hate
Blockbuster [Lackluster?] Video", and lots of bodies in the Celebrity
Corpse Update. Mucho slack. $1 to: so what? PO Box 378, Richmond VA 23218

So What? #15 - How We Spent Our X-Mas special issue - Of course, being a
video-glorifying ministry, a large amount of time was spent watching the
Sacred Tube, and they had a guide from the prudish "Parent's Television
Council" to compare- naturally, if they hated it, it's definitely worth
watching. Plus, enduring the holidays, with the *real* history of the
event, versus the predictable cheesy way even the newspaper comics give their
"greetings". I specially liked the *large* "Bil Keane Must Die" analysis of
terminally sappy "Family Circus" comic. More rants, plus Movie mayhem,
23 Watch, and Celebrity Corpse Update with Morey Amsterdam, Tiny Tim, Carl
Sagan, and others. End-times manual for couch potatos - only $1!!!
so what? PO box 378, Richmond, VA 23218

So What? #16 - New, enlarged format, up to 20 pages now, but still a bargain
at just a buck. All of the favorites are here; TV rants & raves, Bil Keane
Must Die!- stinging analysis of "Family Circus", What's on the Tube?, Fellow
Freaks, and the Celebrity Corpse Update; Allen Ginsberg and Jack Nance (lead
character in "Eraserhead") lead the list. There's also lots more of the
articles and rants that really hit the mark. From stupid and inconsiderate
corporate co-workers, to demented "Where in Hell is Carmen Sandiego" game, to
one of Rev. Groovy G's "Salvation Through Slack" sermons, and many more. Plus,
lots of info on the upcoming X-Day Drill in Sherwood, NY on July 4-6, and the
relationship of THEMUS with the right Rev. Dr. K'taden Legume. Definitely
subscribe to this one. Issues are only $1, back issues available
THEMUS/So what? PO Box 378, Richmond, VA 23218

[You're missing the GREAT graphics in the text-only HToMC!!!]

GREAT stuff rom the Terror Australis Clench! The Church of the SubGenius
is, after all, a worldwide phenomenon, striking the Conspiracy from ALL
nations and directions. From down-under comes: Slacktower - the journal
of the End-Times, full of divine comics, conspiracy expose's (Coca-Cola),
absolutely everything you need and want to know about the CotSubG, slack
tracts. Jam-packed full of "Bob"'s gory truth for modern man in word and
art, editted by the High Priestess Rashauni Archaeopterix. Also included is
the underground comix magazine "PoX"- full of satirical, dobbsian parodies
to match any anywhere, plus a huge, great send-up of Chick comics and the whole
paranoid culture. Made by Carol Wood and Susan Butcher, its one of the few
truly slack underground comics in that part of the world. ($2.50, and well
worth it). Send "love" offerings to: PO Box 528, Gosnells WA 6110, Australia.

Vision Temple - Wicked Nasty Info Report #4 - Rev. Carey goes all-out with
the zine format, with articles (the rise and fall of Elvis, time experiments),
letters, ads for other offbeat publications, a fairly professional-looking
press release for X-Day. But, by far, the biggest focus is on the various
self-produced and distributed music. In addition to its may different print
publications, Vision Temple is involved in many compilation tape projects, and
solicits participation in a number of experimental tapes. Available are
"Octavius #9701", "Chewing Foil" (which I like a lot!), "Armed Moustache 96"
and many more. Also make sure to get a copy of the Hometaper's Contact List,
for tons of DIY music and experimental tapes. Tape fans should also get on
MoFo's list. Vision Temple, PO Box 594, Arcata, CA 95518;;

[--who, by the way, *didn't* make it to the X-Day Drill,
because he's working on a fishing boat off Alaska...or so I heard]

$ "Bob" sold it, I bought it, AND THAT SETTLES IT!!! $
$ The Church of the SubGenius is an order of Scoffers and $
$ Blasphemers, dedicated to Total Slack, delving into $
$ Mockery Science, Sadofuturistics, Megaphysics, $
$ Scatalography, Schizophreniatrics, Morealism, $
$ Sarcastrophy, Cynisacreligion, Apocolyprionomy, $
$ ESPectorationalism, HypnoPediatrics, Subliminalism, $
$ Satyriology, DistoUtopianity, Sardonicology, $
$ Fasciestiouism, Ridiculophagy, and Miscellatheistic $
$ Theology. Send $1 for more information! $
$ P.O.Box 140306 Dallas, TX 75214 $

TAILSPINS #28 available now in record stores |
everywhere! Features include Poltergeists, | SAVE THE PLANET
Lobotomies, Dave Dictor of MDC, the | KILL YOURSELF
Irretrievable Titanic, Freaks, At Work & |
Over 210 music/print reviews | THANK YOU FOR
#27--Bigfoot, Nicholas 'Do Gas Huffer, At |
the Shooting Range, Boys Life & over 280 | EAT PEOPLE
music/live/print reviews | NOT ANIMALS
#26--Pegboy, Stiff Little Fingers, Steve | HONK IF YOU NEED
Turner, Stalked in England & over 270 | AN ABORTION
music/print reviews |
all issues $3.00 ppd U.S. | I'M A PARASITE
$4 Can/Mex - $5 World |
check/money orders/ | TEACH
well concealed cash to: | MASTURBATION
Tail Spins - POB 1860 | GOD IS COMING
Evanston, IL 60204 USA | STICK OUT YOUR TONGUE |
-----------------------------------------------' FOR JESUS
Shatter the Myths! |
| Stickers - Buttons - T-Shirts - Music
SURVIVOR NEWSLETTER | Posters - Zines - Queerness
$20 - 24 issues of info-packed, | For a catalog send SASE to
survival/political/practical info | The Church of Euthanasia
| PO box 261, Somerville MA 02143
Thomas J. Evans, 11-15 45 Avenue |
Long Island City, NY 11101-5154 |


Online Outrageousness

In The Teeth of the Wind - Memoirs of a Libertarian Lawyer

Sample chapters of his book available in diskette form. Tales of a
lawyer who tells what the justice system is *really* like, from IRS
agents who try to destroy a business, how our country treats veterans,
the Socialist Insecurity System, and more. A tough view from the
inside of our corrupt-to-the-core "justice" system.



Info, clips, art, more at:


Biology is Destiny!


Mail order brides! Large international selection, mostly swamped by the
stampede of single women trying to escape the former Communist Bloc.
Can't say I blame them. Site has pictures and descriptions, although they
do charge for contact info.


Stroud's Consummate Internet Applications

Tons of great 16-bit and 32-bit Internet applications for Windows.
(also check TUCOWS). Tons of utilities for web developers, and users
of nearly any Internet services.


Visit Psycho Dave's Dark and Scary Place, your one-stop
web page for loads of links and info on subjects related to
underground stuff and forbidden info.

Browse through my place to find:

* Atheist and secular sites on the Web
* Kooky Kristians and Fascist Fundys
* Kooky KKK, Nazi, and Aryan screwballs
* Great gross-out graphics
* New Age Weirdo web sites
**NEW** Info on bombs, hacking, subversion
**NEW** Info on censorship, privacy, ect.
**NEW** Links to Subversive magazines
**NEW** Links to Fascist TV Evangelists
* Info on the evil Church of Scientology and its Net censorship
* Bob Larson info
* Sacastic and subversive humor
* Neat underground music
* bizarre, weird, and kooky stuff
* Weird one-of-a-kind videos for sale!

________ ___ __ ___ | Email:
/___/ /__ \ / / /__/ / / |
/ ___/ \/ /__ / / /__/ | Visit Psycho Dave's Dark
/_____________/___D__A__V__E__ | And Scary Place


Humor Archive

Long selection of good stuff, including the classic "Top 10 Reasons Why
Beer is Better than Jesus", 100 Ways to confuse your roommate, and more.


Pilgrim Press announces the publication of its first online serial, IN SOME
UNRELATED LAND, a novel with art on the World Wide Web written by Martha

IN SOME UNRELATED LAND is Berkeley, California, where twenty two year old
Jane Brandt moves after her parents die in an accident. With few friends and
no money, Jane tries to set up a new life: she gets a trial job working for a
new-age publisher in his basement, moves into a communal house, and divides
her wages among rent, beer, and drugs. IN SOME UNRELATED LAND chronicles one
summer in Jane's life, a time of unusual liaisons and hand-to-mouth living --
it is the freefall of someone waiting for "real" life to begin.


AfterNoon Magazine

AfterNoon is an international WWW magazine of art and literature,
part of the Motley Focus Locus. Art, poetry, fiction, plays, reviews,
essays, film. Includes a letters section and an electronic art gallery.
Open submission policy. Editors: Stephen Williamson
(, William Timberman (

Features articles such as: "The Future Of Our Discontents,"
on Ridley Scott's film "Blade Runner." Also poetry by Sylvan Moe,
Joe Wrobel and others, as well as essays, plays, stories, works in
progress, etc.

Motley Focus Locus


Spike Speaks

This is Spike Gillespie, a woman, who writes a weekly column on women's
issues for Prodigy. Some of her work has also appeared in Playboy, GQ,
Cosmopolitan, and more. She isn't afraid to say what she thinks, much to
the chagrin of her family and others, and some of her rants are on-target.


The Dobbs Web Watcher, the Official Left Coast Site of The Church
of The Subgenius, announces its Burning Man Late Edition with
special news reports from Hal Robins, Burning Man gossip from
Dr. Howland Owll, and photographs by Correspondent L. Jim

The Dobbs Web Watcher will be found at


Smurfs In Hell

Archive of deviant and subversive material, including Hillary Clinton's
"Just Say Heil" program for our country's youths, Drunks Against Mad
Mothers, and more. Guaranteed to be offensive and entertaining.


Horror Posters Online

Pics of actual movie posters from horror/scifi movies. Great selection,
with hundreds of posters.


Doom WAD Yellow Pages

Yellow Pages-like listing of DOOM sites, with WADs, add-ons, and links
to other pages. Includes descriptions and reviews of their levels.


Babylon 5 Wallpaper/Icons/Sounds

Update the schemes in your Win95/NT system with these brand-new
icons, wallpaper (also usable in Win 3.1), fonts, and icons.

Babylon 5 Technical Manual
In the new HTML online format:

Comprehensive Link List for Babylon 5



Zero, the meta-"religion" based on a symthesis of religion and
atheism, dedicated to upholding the idea that Man is God, has a
mailing list and website for discussing and exploring ideas in
Magick, Art, Science, Philosophy, or Mathematics. It also
includes an interesting section on "Memetic Math".

To join the Zero Mailing List, please send an e-mail message
to with "subscribe zero" as the text.


Target Practice!

Lots of general and specialized targets. Files available in CGM or BMP
graphics. Sarah Brady is wrong; "gun control" actually means hitting
your target.





Exploring the seamier side of the underground culture...going far
beyond the limits of even "normal" tattooing/piercing, to the truly
bizarre and extreme.

To order a VHS copy of "SEX BLOOD & MUTILATION" (1995, 40 min.) send a
check or money order for $20 ppd to: J.W. Linhart Jr, 151 First Ave. #77,
New York, NY 10003. Be sure to enclose an "over 21" age statement.


Makes for Good Reading! $1

Oh, sure, we probably could have approached
some well known authors or publishers for
their opinion, but when it comes right down
to it, who would *you* rather interview?

c/o Scott Wilson, PO Box 642, Bloomfield NJ 07003


Hey! If you're reading the ASCII text version, you're missing out
on the great artwork by:

Jerry Collins Dave Kocher
111 Victor Circle NW -AND- 4506 Darcie Dr.
Atlanta, GA 30314-2125 Erie, PA 16506

-AND- GAK <--[great to meet you at Dragon*Con!!!]
PO Box 21144
Philadelphia PA 19114-0344

They do great stuff for zines!!!!

Holy Temple of Mass Consumption
PO Box 30904
Raleigh, NC 27622


Holy Temple of Mass $ atheist#304 $ "My used underwear
Consumption! $ $ is legal tender in
PO Box 30904 $ Warning: I hoard pennies $ 28 countries!"
Raleigh, NC 27622 $ BBS: (919) 954-5028 $ --"Bob"

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