JonBenet Is No Longer Here

From: (IrRev. Friday Jones)
Newsgroups: alt.tasteless,alt.slack
Subject: Re: JonBenet Is No Longer Here
Date: 10 Jul 1997 16:44:57 GMT

> JonBenet wrote:
> >
> > I feel very bad that I did not get a single message on the half year
> > anniversery of my demise. After all the pleasure that I brought to you
> > people, one could assume that someone would have asked how things were
> > going. But no!

JB! Saw you (or at least your decomposing CORPSE) at the SubGenius X-Day
Drill ... you were truly the Last Dish at the Last Supper. Sorry I didn't
get to molest you but I had a delicate body-painting job to do later on
and I wanted to be rested up.

See ya in Heaven!


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