Rev. Nickie Deathchick's X-Day Drill Report

From: ( Rev. Nickie)
Date: Sat, 12 Jul 1997
Organization: DeathChick, Inc.

Well, I gotta tell you all, I was impressed this year. The Drill attendees
were a lot less annoying this year, and the ones who were annoying were
almost ENDEARING in thier annoying behavior. I'm not naming names....

But I will say that I had a great time hanging out with the likes of
Wandarer and Myrkury and The King of Fucking Slack Bill T. Miller and Sean
the Bartender 4 "Bob" and Suzie the Floozy and the Lurkers of alt.slack
village and every other damn person I am forgetting to mention.

In fact, the only people who annoyed me are the ones who DIDN'T talk to me
and scared me with their lack of mirth. You know who you are.

The musical performances were unsurpassable. The renditions of "You Rang"
and "Kill 'Bob'" were insanely wonderful. And I am damn glad I have Steve
Slack's tapes, because he like fuckin' ROCKED OUT, MAN! The Slack Floyd
Jehova Hates Phred stuff was, um, very sincere. Unfortunately, that other
band that was there, called "Zurround", I think, were really aliens trying
to freak me out, I think.

And about the Last Supper - I know I got picked, but it was REALLY NOT
FIXED!!! I had this feeling I would be in it, I think it was just "Bob's"

The most fun thing of all was the oil wrestling, I think. Miss Sakamoto is
truly Superior, having triumphed over me. Being the referee was great -
but I think Pastor Craig will never forgive me for officiating the match
he lost. He'd probably still be talking on 90.1 OR KILL ME if Jesus and I
hadn't insisted he shut the fuck up already.

Anyway, I can truly say that I hope I see most of you again very soon.
Everone come to the Austin devival in September. Details to follow....

Your little fluffy bunny of love,
-Rev. Nickie

*you have been blessed by a communication from*
-----Rev. Nickie the Hated
"My way is superior to ALL OTHERS"


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