So How Was the DRILL?

From: (Patrick McGuirk)

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KEY666 <> wrote:
> Well, how was the X-DAY DRILL? As I at here in good ol' Sowf
>Care-oh-Lahna wishing I was there, I realized just how hard GOOD SLACK is

Good Slack is soft and kinda mushy, at least the kind you get at X-Day.

I was so dazed by the hours upon hours of driving on Friday that by time I
got there my mind had already started its holiday without me. so much so
that I couldn't figure out where to sign-in or pitch camp.

Some people might ask who the hell I am; truth is I didn't talk to anyone
but Jesus (briefly about money) and Lynch (who looked at me like I was on
crack so I stopped talking and continued meandering about aimlessly).
Lynch: IRC is dull only if you are not being offensive enough; the key is
to ignore all that grammar BS and really piss em off. Talking about
Disney's frozen head-on-a-stick in #disney is a sure fire hit.

Instead of talking to my fellow SubGenii, I decided to observe them
networking, politely joke around, exchange money for crap, and talk about
computers as I got blind drunk on whiskey. But most of the time I devoted
to using a military issued mirror to blind people from across the
campsite. If only I had a large funnel with me perhaps I could have
captured a view pagan souls with it.

The pagans, incidentally, were very cool people - when my friend decided
he'd rather give his money to the bartender than to Jesus, he spent alot
time with the dancing naked bonfire people and their ceaseless drums.

Bug bites were hellish tho! I got two right on my balls! It's fun
itchin 'em - so I won't complain.

I dunno if anyone else went into town at all; I ate lunch there Saturday,
locals seemed to be kinda cautious of us once we mentioned we were campin
at Brushwood. The bartender told us that the locals fear the place and
won't ever go there.

To Sum up: slack? yeah there was Slack. Bobbies? yeah there were
bobbies, I was probably considered one myself. "Bob" - no there was no
"Bob", not unless he left two miniscule bites on my nads. The reason to
attend next year: All the obvious reasons AND To see Arnold Palmer's nose

St. Patrick the Shiney


From: "Dr. Ginsu" <>

Didn't you get sick of looking at Stang, who seems perpetually joined
to the Ife of Friday Jones, for all those hours upon hours of driving on

Just curious, I would be.

Dr. Ginsu


From: (IrRev. Friday Jones)

But driving on me offers such nice SCENERY - and all those interesting CURVES.


From: (Rev. Ivan Stang)

YES INDEEDY! But then there's the overheating problem -- if you slow down
on Friday for HALF A SECOND, your cooling system overheats and fluid spews
out all over the place, and you just SHUT DOWN. So you HAVE to GO LIKE MAD
on her, just LAY ON THE GAS, full speed ahead, no brakes, refueling while
moving, and Dobbs help those who get in the way.

GINSU! You FINALLY made it to Stage One, after a RECORD STRUGGLE, longer
than it takes most HUMANS. I would hope that you'd be in more of a hurry to
move on to Phase Four by now. "Why are you still carrying her?"

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