Sub-Jesus Sighted Surfacing on Alt.Slack

Date: 8 Jul 1997

*pause to cathch breath*

hello, drill attendees, non-attendees, effendis, netlurkers, S.P.U.T.U.M.
warrior-priests, and all other Witlesses to That Which is Slack

The Reverend Charles, the (soon to be retitled due to recent Temple
promotion) "Mopar-Drivin' Jesus", has renounced "passively consuming" alt.
slack after the mind-jarring recalibrations brought about by the Secrets
of the Drill.

together to create a miracle of Slack, a small temporary nation of
surreality, a state of PLAY, and a Crucifixion scene so well crafted in
the name of Chaos that it made the last bit of Irish Catholic Mind Control
Implants(tm) shrivel and die screaming in my brainpan. Yes friends, even
when I seemed most reserved, even furtive at the Drill my mind was doing
7-second 1/4 miles on a dragstrip slick with Slack. It was running on the
octane-boost of Brain Wash (not a softdrink, but an abrasivedrink) soda,
it clears the varnish of those dendrite cylinder walls and SAVES YOU
MONEY. It was taking in the beauty and the bulldadarific symbolism of our
very essences, it was wondering what the hell happened to my microphone
for a brief time (more about that later), it was occasionally offline to
save energy, AND IT WAS AWAKE.
I finally could CLEALY SEE THE PERFECT PLAN, for I had not only paid for
it, I had also driven pilgrimage-style for 12 hours in my cramped
econobox MitsuMopar hybrid "car", fasted (purely by accident) on food and
sleep, and expected nothing but a GOOD TIME. Shitfire on a clear night,
boy I'll tell ya what I had the BEST FUCKIN' TIME I'VE HAD IN FOUR FUCKIN'
YEARS, and the feelin' still ain't gone from me yet. I can't belive that
about this time last year I was gettin' ready to try to make my mind
accept The Lies and get back in the box for good this time, seek out some
"work", exhibit "maturity", and take things seriously (and try to make
sense fnord). Rediscovering "Bob" last August was part of a series of
transformative events that touched me for better and for worse. The X-day
Drill, complete with a Naked Baptism, set me straight in many a way.

Whew, well I'd love to stay and rant, but there's smoke puring out the
back of my Mac Color Classic (I'm accepting donations for a Power PC)
which tells me she's had enough SubData for her pink circuits today.

Love to all of you, even the insecure guy who felt it necessary to debunk
our Doktrine, I finally understand why we are.

All for Slack and Slack for All!

Rev. Charles Perdurabonobonanda
1st-rate Jesus Substitute (3 out of 5 Bobbies say yes!)
Hi-C of the Temple of Arcane Delights
Rev. Charles | "Too much is always better than not enough. | But sometimes it's almost as bad."

Thanx to Paul for use of the account!

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