X-Day -1 Year!

From: curtopia@unlimited.net (CrazyCurt)
Date: Sat, 05 Jul 1997

I quit drinking like 3 years ago. I get to have as much beer
as I want X-Day. I have a year to go. I must get to Dallas. I must
drink with Stang, we will drink again, one last time, at 7:00 am,
imbibing the souls of smitten pinks lying beneath our boots and the
smell of smokeless powder drifting dreamily through the air amidst the
rubble of a Taco Bell. Tumbleweeds and bleeding heads spinning in
dust devils surrounding the wrecked city will gather and dance about
the monolithic remnants of downtown eddifaces to finance. Hasta la
rasta, senior fascista, .357 magnum mellodrama making up games with
marijuana ain't never going back to Tijuana.

Anyone know where the big shlameel will actually be in '98?
Anyone going? Anyone someone? Grrrooooooooooo!!!!! The universe is
always D minor.

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