X-day Drill/parasitic infestations of the colon from: Myrk@voicenet.com (Myrkury)

Date: Mon, 07 Jul 1997

Organization: Steel Toad

Whee! just recovered conciousness after returning last night from the
drill. I must say that the Allagash forest of Maine is quite lovely this
time of year. Though I must say I was very dissdapointed with attendance.
However, on the wayt back from the drill we decided to stop at this quaint
little gathering of methodists in Sherman, New York. Craig, Mike and I
(N.B. Craig did the driving, PRAISE CRAIG, and well he drives so serenely
and sedately and all around properly I suspected for a moment he'd been
replaced with a Disney animatronic. But if you ever need to get a ride and
your thought process is along the lines of who is least likely to orphan my
children, go with Craig.) arrived on Thursday and quickly killed the
remaining methodists and got on the horn to Stang (why it always seems
possible to communicate with Stang by sitting on a cow's head I don't know.
One of theses days I'll send in the $400.00 for the secreats of the SG
metaphone operation. Until then I guess I'll just slave away for AT&T.
Well Stang agreed that the drill up in Maine sucked and decided to come
down to Sherman with the rest of Connie's clit zombies.

So Thursday night passed (I don't really remember much just meeting lots of
folk I had only known by correspondence). My main recollection is that
everyone was more than I expected (in a good and slackful sort of way.)
Other than that I just went to bed early. Friday morning I woke up bright
and cheerful, several hours later this would haunt me as a few hearty souls
who had been up all night nearly sussed out that I was a pink infiltrator
by virtue of my early to bed early to rise mentality. blah blah blah (I'm
still pretty tired.)

Anyway, giving up on a chronological structure, Friday rained all day and
so did the weather. I spent most of my time with what one might call the
redneckslackfuxs up in the woods. Even among Yeti, there are only a few
hearty souls who actually LIKE camping in the rain. Fortunately I am among
them, also fortunately among them are the folks who had functioning grills.
After that I remember cooking, lots of cooking. When not cooking I
remember being in a hot tub with Yeti who cooked. Or watching music that
cooked.Even did a little watching of Pagans stewing.

On Saturday the wheel of Karma swung round (especially after that dick
hardening and skull shattering four hours of David Lynch/Weather Villian
torturing) and the sky belched forth 1950s style wholesome familly weather.
There was blood and guts and rasslin. There was BBQin' and nekkid
sunbathin' There was tasty trail mix that didn't have too many of those
sesame seed rat turd like crunchies. There was all sorts of ranting and

What blew my mind, made me wanna come back for more, In fact made me wanna
making trips into town to go to the ATM machine for more twenties as I
could not get enough of the sticky in the pants feeling of throwing money
at Jesus, Stang, Legume, Poppa Joe Momma, and numerous other charlatans and
snake oil extuders. By Saturday evening I had emptied out my checking
account and evn my wife's IRA. But it wasn't enough. Thank god the church
had the foresight to bring along a representative of Mitsui Bank and Trust
(being godless nips they stay open through the weekend) so that I could
mortgage my home for additional dollars to exchange for the illusion of
slack. Though I must say that I do think it was a tad exploitative of
Stang and co., who doubled the price of illusory slack when they saw that
everyone's car was so crowded that there would be little room for extra
trues slack (illusory slack takes up a lot less space.) Anyway, we did all
sorts of stuff (read one of the more organized Yeti's post if you want to
know what actually did or might have did happen.

One last note of caution.. Anyone who ate the ribs, I just got off the
phone with Rev. Psych's mom, who told me the poor boy had left his worm
medication at home. I strongly suggest that you get hold of 2 grams of
chloroquine and take it with milk before going to bed.

Rev Myrkury

P.S. BOB works in mysterious ways. I get home last night to find that
there is a clench meeting going on RIGHT IN MY HOUSE!! Some of Philly's
less fortunate Yeti had called my wife up to see if they could come over to
watch the cable TV in my absecne (I generally don't allow fellow church
members anywhere near my home unless I've got the silverware safely
stashed.) But PRAISE BOB!! They had converted my wife in my absence!!!
So rather than coming home and going immediately to bed and sleeping for 30
hours, we had a little mini philly devival right here on Hell St.

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