X-Day @ Brushwood, Skyclad Before "Bob" -- from: cuthulu@prysm.net (aramchek)

Date: Tue, 08 Jul 1997
Organization: Radar Labs 23

Before I get started describing the X-Day Drill, I'd like to thank
several entities for their contributions:

1) Thank you Myrkury for all that wonderful meat! I've never cooked for
so many people before, but it went well thanks to you. For all those who
missed it this year, fuzzy plans are in place for next year to cook a WHOLE
FRIGGIN' COW out there! Or maybe a goat. We're having trouble deciding,
because it would be preferable to ritually slaughter the animal on site and
apparently there are some arcane state laws involved. Or maybe we'll just kill
and eat some of those pagans who fucking pound their drums all night long;
there's a big enough pot there for them.

2) Dave Lynch -- thanks for being such a great road companion. The bread
and the music were most appreciated. We only had one disagreement about
whether Thrak Attack is pure wanking or music, but what the hell.

3) Dynasor. You de man. Thanks for selflessly sacrificing your own slack
to bring so many people to and from the site, and for all the other things you
did for people, most of whom will never even know it was your eldritch hand
that made it possible. If your reward was Selena, though, you got a great
deal! What a woman!

4) Ivan Stang, and all the Dallas church staff -- excellent job.

5) Lou -- thanks for the WL and other necessary BBQ items. The charcoal
you brought saved the day Saturday, because we would have run out without it.
And the fluid was vital to set the pagan altars on fire.

As I write this, the sound of the road is still reverberating through my
skull; it feels like the wanga-wanga-wanga-wanga of a nitrous buzz, only it
doesn't stop. From Shreveport to Brushwood is 1,200 miles, and I accomplished
it in two days each way. It's fourteen hours to Louisville, KY, and another 10
to Brushwood. Thanks to "Bob," I wasn't stopped once; if I had been, I would
have gone straight to jail. Truly "Bob" takes care of his own.

Dave, the Amish Yeti, and I arrived at the Drill Thursday evening, and
hastily pitched camp in "alt.slack village." I hung about with RevLurch, Myrk,
and Dyna around the truly equipped tent and fire for awhile. I thought I was
going top be the only "redneck" there, but I was glad to see that Lurch has
probably forgotten more about woodcraft than I'll ever know. I use redneck in
a good sense, and not the pejorative.

The weather was good enough Thursday that we got settled in and had some
fun. Amateur night in the pavilion was excellent, makeshift drums, moog
sounds, paths to frenzy through vintage doktor antimusik. I think it was

About that time, I also met Miss Sakamoto, Spike Jonez, QPM, Pope Phred,
and many others for the first time. Miss Sakamoto is all that with a side of
fries; a true yeti uberfemme, makes my foot gland scream for some yeti
sexhurt. QPM is the iron spikes at the end of a cat-o-nine tails combined with
the delicate petals of a candied rose; I still have trouble connecting him to
his posts, but fuck it, he's a great guy. I think it was about this time too
that I discovered I am Wandarer's grandfather; thanks for giving the old man
some sound editing tips. St. Andrew and Pope Phred were great, and if you
didn't get their tapes, it's still not too late; they aren't kidding when they
call it Instant Classics. Modemac was not what I expected at all; he seemed a
bit shy, but later it was great to see him fully involved in the frenzied
worship rites. Popess Lil is a treat; if I lived in Seattle, I'd be bugging
her every day to come over and visit and shoot the shit. Pee Kitty and Uni are
yeti commando rangers down in Florida; I admire their crusade and chutzpa.
Bill T. Miller is everything he's hyped to be; he is the King of All Slack. I
spent most of my time with Myrk cooking, and he's tremendous; I hereby dub
thee the Yetitalian Stallion, and you yeti babes should be thankful he was on
his best behavior, or you'd be giving mutant birth to his old-world spawn
about now. Dyna is the Death Cheese and looks great in a dress. Selena is a
babe in the woods, a wonderful innocent, and an example of how we should all
approach life. Pastor Craig isn't as ugly as I am; he was very funny and
knowledgeable about Brushwood politics. I met many more wonderful Yeti, and I
enjoyed the fuck out of each and every one of you. Usually when I go to a
festival, convention or whatever, there's always a handful of people for whom
I'm instantly filled with hate and loathing, but not at Brushwood.

I think I may have seemed shy to some of you. Normally, I'm a pretty
quiet guy who likes a lot of time alone. That's because I am just about the
only stone-cold Subgenius Freak where I live. Whenever I express my ideas in
public, I'm derided and scorned by the Bible Belt conformist mediocretins, and
that wears a guy down after a while. It was somewhat of a shock to be around
so many uberfreaks for a change -- a very pleasant shock, like going from the
hot tub into the cold pool and back again. Even though I was a long way from
Shreveport, I felt more at home at Brushwood than I do in my town.

I'm still very tired from the trip, and don't feel like going into all of
the events. I'll chime in as others post about them. It's time now to unpack
and clean, then a shower, then I'm firing up the grill and dedicating the fire
and smoke to the spirit of X-Day! I was really inspired by the occasion, and
got lots of great ideas. I'll be making a shitload of doktor musick tapes from
the ideas I stole.

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From: TheCharlie <NOSPAMcharliec@cybernex.net>

David F Lynch wrote:

> Incidentally, when all of you look at my photos on Subsite, keep in mind that
> I look absolutely nothing like that anymore. I cut off all my hair and shaved
> my beard.

Ah.. good thing you mentioned it. I'll fix that.
[File: Run C:\Adobe\Pshop\Pshop.exe]

> So far people have said it makes me look younger, more adult,
> smarter, more serious, older, and not insane.

... I don't think so... (tee hee)

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