Messing With Texas May 2005

We went to teX-Day to await the saucers, or to PRACTICE awaiting the saucers, and that was lots of fun and a WONDERFUL BREAK FROM THIS FUCKING KEYBOARD. For a whole week my hands didn't hurt.

teX-Day was held at a ranch near Austin. But we flew to Dallas/Fort Worth Airport and from there went to Stang Ranch in Dead Branch County to see my dad, brother, sister, nieces, nephews, and their cows, dogs, goats, ants, and bull-nettle. Thence we drove down to Bastrop area by way of Austin in my nephew's car, which is festooned with decals for bands he's in (The Pink Bandits and Left Standing). I kept my hair hidden under my hat because Texas is now a State of Laws and if you look like you might drink the cops will pull you over. I don't drink to speak of but I really hate being pulled over and having my SubGenius Swag Stash searched because then I have to use that "Mad Magazine, Officer" line and I am SICK OF IT!!

In Austin we stayed with Colonel Sphinx Drummond, and we visited THAT's new house, procuring some new THAT-shots in the process.

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Dirt Road Rage

-Don't Fence Me In

-Setting Nature Right

-A Great Composition

-Poo Beetle

-Monster Goat



-Concrete Gorilla

-Bulldada Nettle

-Chinese Shirt
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