Looking through the original Book of the SubGenius (orange cover), I discovered that there was a misprint in the Dateline for Dominance. The dates 1996 and 1998 were REVERSED. Now this could very well be merely a misprint. But we cannot ignore the possibility that this is a new PROPHECY REVEALED. It could be that Dobbs , in his infinite stupidity, wrote the WRONG DATE on one of those moldy pizza napkins or motel receipts. But because "Bob" is such a lucky sonofabitch, the ineptitude of the publisher worked out in Dobbs' favor, correcting this important flaw in the Prophecies. I cannot claim this is a fact; it is merely a theory. Dare you take the chance? The shit is hitting the fan, brothers & sisters. The newly saved are leaving our devivals in droves. We may well pass our goal of a million new memberships by Friday. I predict that the Big One is coming. The signs are in the sky and burning cursed scars of land lay ahead like your rotting carcass stretched across the asphalt, slowly cooking on the hot sticky asphalt of Route 666. July 5, 1996. Minutes away, yet a slow agonizing eternity for the unsaved. The Church is in a turmoil. We must SAVE SOULS like madmen. The clock is Ticking.


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