To: Jesus Devilacqua (
Subject: Re: you bastard

I can't wait to see you on X-Day, you dirty hippie capitalist. You are ruining the church. I will put and end to your meddling. Don't think your pet fatboy Legume can stop me. I have a black belt in Karate. I'll kick his ass and then I'll screw his girlfriends right in front of him. I'd screw your girlfriend too, but you are obviously a flaming queer.

I guess I'd better wear rubber gloves to the X-Day Drill so I don't catch your filthy AIDS.

I hat your guts

Sgt Fury


JESUS responds:

>Why you dirty Mutha Fucka,
>AIDS is only the begining of your worries:

>Once you stick your dick into my butt
>right then and there you'll be MY slut.

>I'll fuck you though the day and into the night.
I'll stick hot pepper up your hole to make your ass get tight.

>And I'll cum in your ass while it's still burning hot
My cum will shoot out your nose like a load of slimy snot

>When I'm done with you I'll do your mama from the back
and still you'll beg for my hippie hair on your ugly homo back.

>I'm the capitalist pig that's gonna fuck your bleeding sore
Then I'll sell you to the Bobbies like a mother fuckin whore.

>Oh yes Sgt Fury I'll make you suck and suck and suck my dick.
You'll be livin off cum shakes with a side of greasy shit.

>And when your finally dieing, I'll laugh when you cry and shout
I'll bury you alive in the ground with your ass still stickin out

>And every fuckin day before I go to the chapel to give mass I'll whip out my AIDS infested dick and fuck your rotting ass.

>See you there!


Rev. J.C. "Steve"
Business Manager, Sleazy Promoter
The SubGenius Foundation, Inc.
Send $1.00 for more information on this fast growing cult! PO Box 140306 Dallas, TX 75214
Fax: (214)320-1561

Art by Rev. Sarita Crocker

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