All Northern European Aryans Unite This Summer in Frankenunterstadt (Summer School)

From: (Modemac)
Date: Mon, 24 Apr 1995 22:22:46 GMT

[NOTE from Modemac: Y'know, I honestly can't tell if this is satire or not! I THINK it's meant in a humorous vein, but some of the crap posted by these "my skin has less pigment then yours therefore I am superior" folks is so outrageous, you can't tell the difference. "Girls must wear bra"???]

[ Article crossposted from alt.revisionism ] [ Author was Profesor Heinrich Staeckelpuffendorf ] [ Posted on 24 Apr 1995 12:57:31 GMT ]

Aryan friends of Northern Europe (Batavarian Tribe members, Canninefate tribe Members, Frisians, Saxons, Anglons, Gallons, Celtics and Prussians)

This summer we have a gathering as usual in Frankenunterstadt. The Aryan Summer School will be entirely directed towards the elimination of the imposed North American Aryan claims. There are white mixed races in Northern America, who claim they are of pure Aryan blood, but are in fact of mixed type blood.

*This is proven by my collegue Prof Dr Oberkleidung*.

Workshops (you are entitled to participate in maximum 4):

(1) The Real Aryan is not American but European/Egyptian; (2) Why Did Europe Sent Away Its Criminals and Perverts To The `New
(3) Canninefates, the Real Heritage of Aryan Culture? (4) Why Batavarians are born liars.
(5) American Militias and low IQ.
(6) Hitler was a vegetarian and a homosexual, why deny it? (7) The Lesbian subconsciousness of Eva Braun. (8) Why Did National Socialist have problem with Orgasm (in
collaboration with Dr Joseph Reich, grandson of Dr Wilhelm reich who wrote: Fascism and Orgasm Disturbances)
(9) Hitler and Mussolini: The Eternal Contradiction. (10) National Socialism and National Liberalism, the eternal Twins.

We will have a mass rally and the end of the summerschool. Don't forget your caps and uniforms. Girls must wear bra. Boys must wear heavy underwear. We will camp, so take your army-knifes with you.

Our Declaration to the World Press will be (something like): All Pure Aryans Unite With Each Other *and* With the Pure Tribes Of Red and Black Origins in the Northern Americas.

Further detail: my secretary, Fraulein Kriechenhaut. You know the fax and phone number.

Special Guest Star: PYRAMID, of alt.politics.white-power....

I look forward to meeting you all!!!

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