Cultural Literacy

From: (Gilmore)
Date: 27 Mar 1995

fud ( wrote:
>I'll start the "cultured" and "intellectual" test.

>1. Who were the Hittites?

Buddy Holly's old band, right, before he went solo?

>2. Tell us something about Charlemagne.

I belch a lot if I get drunk on it, but otherwise it's okay.

>3. Contrast the city-states of Athens and Rome.

One is in Georgia, the other isn't (I don't think it is anyway). And no good bands have ever come from Rome.

>4. Why is the U.S. dollar losing value?

All it needs is a good P.R. campaign. I'm sure if "Bob" wanted the dollar to be the world's hip, swingin' currency, it'd be worth at least $1.75.

>5. Trace the atomic theory of matter all the way from
DDemocrites to the present.

The what theory of matter? Isn't that some weird Catholic doctrine?

>6. What killed Mozart?

He's DEAD?!

>7. Explain the "Bing Bang" theory of the origin of the universe.

Hit song by Gladys Knight and the Pips in 1959, which also explains the origin of the universe.

>8. Why is it so difficult to find a cure for HIV infections?

They're just so small. I mean, like, you know.

>9. How was the feudal system in England different from that in France?

It was much harder for the French to get rid of, because as we all know, they were handicapped by speaking in a foreign language all the time.

>10. Give some examples of satirical humor. Don't leave out Voltaire
aand Jonathan Swift. Be sure that your answer is *really* funny.


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