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********** ANOTHER new school in the Avidyana!
Where ignorance is a virtue! ************


In traditional schools you can get the 'no-mind' experience (Skt. 'a-citta' or 'a-smrti'), but in the Dozen School you can get the 'no-method' experience (Skt. 'a-upaya'). That's right. Fresh from your beginner's training at some rigorous 'zen center' or 'yoga ashram' you enter the Dozen School with your diligent practice of sitting, chanting or working. You then begin to apply the Dozen Training and WHOOSH! no more method!

* Suddenly you don't know the difference between sitting and not-sitting.

* Suddenly you aren't sure when your chanting begins and ends.

* Suddenly you wonder whether you are working or playing!

No, this isn't CONfusion, but INfusion, directly into experience itself! The mind doesn't disappear, it just ceases to be the obstacle you thought that it was!


How does the Dozen School of Avidyana work? Where does it come from and where is it going? How long will it take you to lose your method? How much does it cost?

WHOA! So many questions, are you sure you haven't already *been* through the Dozen School(tm)? Well, let's take these beauties one at a time.


* How does the Dozen School of Avidyana work?

The Avidyana (Ignorance Vehicle) is the alternative to the Little (Hina), Big (Maha), Diamond (Vajra) and any other lofty transport schemes. It is composed of many schools, including:

The Path of the Laze
The Maya Yoga Ashram
The Hun-tun School of Taoist Magick
The Order of Kaos Under Satan (TOKUS)
The Dallun and Nigris schools of Tantric Monasticism

and now, the new Dozen School(tm)!

"Dozen" is a Japanese word which literally means the "Way of Absorption" ("Do" or "Way", and "zen" or "absorption"). The school by the same name teaches an approach in which discipline is not the primary aspect of the practice, thus one's very life can become one's practice.

It is also said that the method's name is a clever pun between the English and Japanese languages, indicating how easy it is by retaining the nickname of the "Way of Sleeping" ("dozing"). Many Dozen Masters say that this is actually a koan (Chin. "kung-an" or "public record of the utterance of Masters") which holds a key to understanding the Dozen Method(tm) itself!

There are also rumors that there is some astrological or Christian meaning to the name of the Dozen School, but this is as yet unconfirmed.

* Where does it come from and where is it going?

The Dozen School is said to have originated in China (as so many Japanese things do!). It was a practice called "tao-ch'an", and developed out of the habits of lazy ch'an buddhist monks who either found what they sought in their practices or got burned out and discovered a more powerful (and therefore dangerous!) method.

>From China it became assimilated with the seventh of the eight folds in the
8-Fold Path of Buddhism, though many Dozen Masters have said that it is not specifically a Buddhist school. As "right mindfulness" (Pali "samma-sati"), it found its way into the Japanese culture and therefore came under the scrutiny of the buddhist community at large as the foundation of a school all unto its own (originally without a name).

The founder of this mysterious school had difficulty keeping students, since every accepted applicant to whom the Dozen Training(tm) was given became enlightened immediately and, seeing the emptiness (Skt. "sunyata") of both teacher and method, vanished. The founder argues that these Dozen Masters have joined the Buddhist Immortals, yet it is difficult to accept this, since there does not appear to be a record of Immortals except in relation to the Confucians and Taoists.

However, recognizing the style and quality which has made the Avidyana schools famous (and infamous!), Dozen was accepted as part of the curriculum with the hopes that it will gain greater exposure and renown.

Where is it headed? Well, this is a mystery which you can know only through enrollment. Some Dozen Masters say that it leads nowhere (or now- here), and some warn that it is not for the beginner and that youngsters should begin with traditional systems.

* How long will it take you to lose your method?

We guarantee nothing. Or your money back. We simply CANNOT predict how fast the Dozen Method(tm) works!

* How much does it cost?

In the tradition of Avidyana, there is absolutely NO CHARGE for enrollment in the Dozen School. Once your application is accepted you are welcome to come and study at the Mudo (Jap. 'No Hall') with the founder of the school and the rest of the Dozen Masters. Since each applicant has been living for many years, each is considered a Master by virtue of having practiced extensively, yet perhaps without key understandings. For this reason every member of the Dozen is considered a Dozen Master.

Your time with the school (as with your means of support, living space, food, etc.) are your responsibility. The Dozen School is not a monastery after all! You may be given advice in these matters by other Dozen Masters, yet ultimately the entire practice rests upon your capable shoulders.


So if you find that zazen no longer fulfills or just isn't getting you where you know you need to be (presumably HERE)...

If your mantra has become an empty recitation of powerless words...

If your pilgrim path has led you into complete disorientation...

If your hermetic spells just don't have the ZING that they used to...

Remember Avidyana, and its new DOZEN SCHOOL(tm)!

Why strive and struggle to achieve satchitananda when you can have avidyanda? Discover how ignorance really IS bliss, from the schools that made it famous, Avidyana!!!

(Dozen, Dozen Method, Dozen Technique and Dozen School are all used with permission from the founder. Avidyana and 'avidyananda' are the property of the Avidyana and specifically the Hun-tun School of Taoist Magick. Use of any of the above is forbidden without the expressed, written permission of these agents. Void where prohibited by law. Reg. Us. Pat. Off. Do not remove this label under penalties unimaginable by the human species.) (c) 1994, Hsi Wang Mu.

For more information about all of the schools and teachings contained herein, you can contact one of the only authorized Avidyana Agents within cyberspace or elsewhere at:

Hsi Wang Mu
Special Agent, Chang Tao-ling Division, Avidyana Corporation Worldwide

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