I killed "Bob" on New Year's Eve (repost)

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The Human Trash Compactor
Glint Man
Kool-Aid Ninja
Nerf Master
The Velcro Warrior
Hang Man
Scarf Boy
Scissor Man
The Ostrich Avenger
Hitler the Plumber
Concave Man
Towel Guy, Righter of Wrongs
The Human Lampshade
Inspector #17
The Descrambler
The Perforator
Blender Boy
Butane Master
Fork Boy
Hick Boy
The Hayseed Warrior
The Human Firehose
Lysol Master
The Tree
Living Eraser
Peach Man
Recurve Man
Beached Whale
Sofa Master
Raisin Nacho
The Original Froot Loop
The Scrubbing Bubble
Remote Control Man
Charcoal Guy
Pommegranite Man
The Human Carrot
Garage Warrior
Drip Man
Yak Master
Ziploc Boy
The Flying Cartographer
Shasta Man
Blue Guy
Lightbulb Guy
Barrel Master
The Living Milk Dud
The Thing From Beneath My Sock Drawer
Toenail Monster
Salad Guy
The Permanent MarkerMaster
Shower Nozzle Man
The Coppertone Warrior
Soap on a Roper
Keegan the Farting Cat
Banannadon the Yellow Dinosaur
Reflecto the Bouncy Guy
Darwin of the Deadly Dustbuster
Staple Man
The Stamp Licker
Loon the Indefatiguable
Paper Cut Man
Alluminum Man, Rust-Proof and out to get YOU The Odor-Eater, Look Out He's Hungry
Godzilla the Cow, "Don't Make Me Sit On You!" Living Childproof Lid, He'll Annoy the Hell Out You The Human Gumdrop, He always bounces Back Cork Man
Lernean Guy, "C'Mon, Decapitate Me . . . " Belch Master, At Home on the Richter Scale Tye Dyer, Don't mess With Him
...and more.


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