The Latest in Communication

From: gvds@MATIES.SUN.AC.ZA (Gian Van der Spuy)
Date: Mon, 9 Jan 1995

Van is having a drink in the bar with a couple of businessmen from the UK and USA when there's a beeping sound from his right. He turns and sees the Englishman speaking into his little finger with his thumb in his ear. After giving a few instructions to his finger he says goodbye and returns to the business of consuming his beer. Van, intrigued, demands an explanation and the Englishman tells him that this is the latest in communication technology: a cellular phone built into his finger and thumb. Shortly thereafter there is another beeping, this time from Van's left, and he finds the American speaking, apparently to no-one. When this conversation ends Van again requires an explanation and is informed that this is the VERY latest in communication technology: the cellular phone's microphone is embedded in the fellow's lip and the speaker in his ear. A little while later all three are happily drinking when Van lets go an obnoxiously loud staccato fart. When he sees his two companions staring at him in supprise he smiles benignly and says: "No, it's all right, I was just sending a fax, man."

Gian van der Spuy
University of Stellenbosch
South Africa

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