"Slackers" v. "DoNothings"

Subject: Re: "Slackers" v. "DoNothings"
From: Michael Townsend <mtownsend@interramp.com>
Date: Thu, 16 Feb 1995

In article <1995Feb11.180135.28449@lafn.org>, ac118@lafn.org (Matthew
Carey) wrote:

>: This is getting very obnoxious. Someone with a valid P.O. box
>: ought to start up a church for DoNothings so that they'll get the hades
>: out of my face. O-god brilliant, paying thirty bucks to DO NOTHING.
>: Maybe I'll get a p.o. with the money I just got for doing nothing. That
>: would be perfect.

It's not the people who ARE "slackers," it's the people who INTERPRET what
slackers are. I thought Linklater defined the term very well as "people
who live inside their own head," people pretty much out of touch with all
semblances of "reality" other than the one they keep dreaming about. The
Walking Somnambulax as Janor Hypercleets once put it (he was talking about
PINKS at the time).

But doesn't necessarily mean slackers don't "do" anything. You're
thinking of the archaic "couch potatoes." First off, most slackers have
jobs -- someone's got to work all the video store night-shifts and dream
about becoming the next Tarantino. Or maybe it's somebody chained to his
free college net access 21 hours a day and dreaming about becoming the
next NENSLO. That's "doing" something, man.

However,the relative level of Slack in any such individual is completely
unrelated to all that. Like the movie so amply illustrated, a slacker may
be awash in Conspiracy programming, or totally surfin' the plane. You've
just got to whiff each soul on its own merits and stop being so
judgemental, so duped by media tags.
The hell with it.
Nobody sends tapes to

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