'frop research

By randolph s vance <rsvanc00@mik.uky.edu>
Date: Dec 1, 1994

Doing my own experiments in 'frop research, I have discovered
the purpose and function. 'frop wakes up the parts of the brain that
tell it it is receiving subliminal signals. Why else does music
seem different when you listen to it? Commercials, Television, Newspapers,
Billboards when you're driving. You SEE THE MESSAGES THE CON SENDS

It's kind of like the movie "They Live", except it's 'frop that
lets you see the messages the Con sends, instead of glasses.
("Bob" himself has a pair of those glasses, he helped design the
formula that allows him to see the aliens and their messages
for himself, rather than unknowingly. "Bob" also wrote the movie
and gave it to his friend John Carpenter to make.)

(Actually, the formula that goes into the making of those special
glasses involves 'frop. The rest of the formula is kept a strict
secret, for security matters. Like in "Up in Smoke", when they made
a van out of Marijuana.)

The messages are there. "Bob" has shown you how to see them. It's
up to you to determine how you ACT on them!

This rant was printed on 100% recyclable phosphor.

Saint Locnar / Randolph S. Vance / RSVANC00@mik.uky.edu (NeXT Mail)
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