a SEXHURT experience

By Adam Trent Phillips <bb099@cleveland.Freenet.Edu>
Date: 15 Nov 1994

After a night of cheep sex with a hot transvestite, I jacked myself
off to sleep. The TeeVee was on- CNN I think. After a few seconds of
PINKnewz floating into my ears, I heard a voice in my head yell

"Let them have LAUNCH with their HEADS"

What this a message from B0B, or that fifth of Scotch I knocked off
that night ? All I know for sure is that my Johnson rod hurt that morning
from coming 6 times the previous day.

A.TRENT PHILLIPS |"Don't force me to act as your judge and jury, Duke, I don't
aka | believe in the death penalty. I _am_ the
Death Penalty"
WHITE ROOK | --The Shadow

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