Ban Dihydrogen Monoxide a Muslim Plot

Subject: Re: Ban Dihydrogen Monoxide a Muslim Plot
From: Dennis McClain-Furmanski <>
Date: 27 Dec 1994

Sigmund the Sea-Monster (mrl6a@viper.cs.Virginia.EDU) wrote:

: (Walter Roberson) writes:
: >Could you remind me again how the Islamic Fundamentalists' plans
: >differ from those of the Christian Fundamentalists to destroy the
: >West with a Christian Theocracy that strangles the West? I thought

: The Moslems offer a flat-rate charge for the entire period of
: domination, whereas the Christians charge on a per-incident of
: suppression basis.

Islamic fundies kill others so they can get to Heaven.

Christian fundies kill others because they're not converted and so not going
to get to Heaven.

SubGenii kill "Bob" so they can have fun, and their undies are Heaven.

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