Big Bang (was Re: Do any scientists believe in God?)

Subject: Re: Big Bang (was Re: Do any scientists believe in God?)
From: (William Shaw)
Date: 13 Mar 1995
Newsgroups: sci.physics,sci.skeptic,alt.atheism,alt.alien.visitors,alt.slack

Thomas S. Zemanian ( wrote:
: >
: > You should *both* send your $20 to the Reverend "Bob" Dobbs and
: > let either Himself or a duly ordained representative tell you
: > what to think.

: No way. I hold the jack or the bet's off. He's the one making the
: prediction, and I doubt it'll ever come to pass. Thus, if he or a third
: party holds the swag, then even if I'm right, I'm out twenty bucks
: indefinitely.

I will rot in Pinq for this, but I can settle it for you here and
now, for free. In 1997, one of you will be eaten by the other. The
bet will be forgotten, and the premise will have deteriorated into
your large colon. You will be on the toilet when the X-men arrive,
they will worship you for an hour and seven hours. You will be
unmasked as Undietic, your pipe will be broken, and your carcass
will lay unattended out in the street for three days.

After a time, you will be restored and Justified to your
UberMasters on the space craft.

Thus, you should exchange your twenty dollars so neither of you
has an advantage.

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